Vicka’s Healing


It is a well-known, documented medical fact that Vicka Ivankovic has been plagued by suffering for several years. She is said to have had a brain tumor that caused severe headaches, coma state periods, nausea, etc. for years. However, on September 25, 1988, the pain stopped. Vicka wrote about her healing six months before it happened. Her following letter explains.


Vicka’s interview during the filming of Caritas’ “The Lasting Sign” documentary. A Friend of Medjugorje worked and guided a whole team production to produce the best film documentary ever done on Medjugorje. Vicka was interviewed by Martin Sheen. This interview took place just three months before Vicka would be miraculously healed.

Bijakovici – February 4, 1988

Fr. Janko,

That which I promised to you – a ceasing of pains; September 25, 1988. Only under the seal of confession. My greeting to you! Your little sister.


Fr. Janko Bubalo wrote the following on the bottom of Vicka’s letter:

Received – Fr. Janko Bubalo, February 4, 1988

This statement was sealed in an envelope and delivered on February 4, 1988 with the instructions to be opened on September 25, 1988.


Witnesses: 1. Fr. Janko Bubalo

2. Fr. Vinko Orgicevic

3. Fr. Luca Susac.

Father Janko Bubalo, along with the other 2 witnesses, received a letter from Vicka dated February 4, 1988 and were told to open the letter on September 25, 1988. When the letter was opened, Vicka stopped having pains – just as it was stated in the letter. The president of the new commission assigned to study Medjugorje was present when the priests opened their letter. It was no coincidence that Bishop Komarica was there.

Vicka’s healing has to be of significance in helping prove the commission that the apparitions are indeed real and true. The letter was sealed for six months in three different places.1

1. “Caritas Newsletter” – October/November 1988

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  1. I remember seeing in a 1968 Catholic Almanac a list of 1968 milestones. They were proud to list a special strategy meeting / Marriage with the marxists and Catholics. Many Catholics are products of that educational twistedness. Even the pope seems to be pushing new world of disorder. Visit today to the college of Notre Dame, they sell a book of saints by Daniel Elsberg many listed reject Christ but are social justice heros presented as saints with saint francis. Polosi is soft-possessed and being used as a demonic Catholic example driving young Catholics and Protestants away from the church. Many say we are nearly at the end and it is unsafe for Christian’s. I agree! What is after Trump? Revenge purge! See Why does this website tell all Christian move to South Texas now?

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