Signs – What does Our Lady say of them

Signs – What does Our Lady say of them


Normally Caritas says very little about the signs connected with Medjugorje. We do not wish to overemphasize them; yet, at the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that they continue to take place.

Indeed, while Marija was in America in 1988-89, preceding an apparition, a sign appeared which lasted one and one half hours. This sign was three rainbows which appeared in the sky on January 20, 1989, a rainless, winter day when rainbows do not appear. One rainbow stretched from horizon to horizon. Underneath it was an upside down rainbow, inverted with its two ends connected to the rainbow stretching to the horizons. The third rainbow was a normal rainbow with the second one touching the top of the third with its upside down top. Everyone present saw this and many captured this on film.



This picture shows only two of the three rainbows that were seen out in the Field at Caritas in Alabama during Marija’s stay in 1988-89. For one and a half hours before Our Lady appeared to Marija that day, the pilgrims gazed up in the sky at the rainbows. Here you can only see one normal rainbow with another inverted rainbow touching the top of the first one. There was a third one above these two, stretching from one horizon to another.

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After receiving several reliable reports that in May, 1989, many people saw a sign in Medjugorje, we were able to find out the following information:

On Friday, May 12, 1989, after the evening Mass, people claim to have seen all sorts of signs on the Mountain of the Cross and also on the other side of Apparition Mountain. These signs have also been seen from other towns around Medjugorje, especially from Ljubuski. An American pilgrim reports:

“First I saw a big star, and from this big star came out twelve smaller stars that formed a circle. The twelve stars then formed a cross, then the letter ‘M’; then other little stars appeared to form the word ‘MIR.’ It lasted about five minutes.”


Caritas can only validate that the above sign was seen by different reliable sources which reported this to us from Medjugorje. To understand more fully, we give you the words of Our Lady below.

Thursday, October 22, 1981:

In response to the question, “Is the whiteness of the cross a supernatural phenomenon?” Our Lady said:

“Yes, I confirm it.”

After many people saw the Cross on Mt. Krizevac transform itself into a light, then into a silhouette of the Virgin:

“All of these signs are designed to strengthen your faith until I leave you the visible and permanent sign.”

Wednesday, October 28, 1981:

In response to the question, “Were you there at Krizevac yesterday for half an hour?” Our Lady said:

“Yes, didn’t you see me?”

At the site of the first apparition, hundreds of the villagers saw a fire which burned without consuming anything. That evening, Our Lady tells the visionaries:

“The fire seen by the faithful was of a supernatural character. It is one of the signs, a forerunner of the great sign.”

November, 22, 1981,

Our Lady explains the cross, the heart, and the sun which are seen during an apparition to the visionaries.

“These are the signs of salvation: the cross is a sign of mercy, just like the heart. The sun is the source of light, which enlightens us.”

Again, a shining silhouette takes the place of the cross on Krizevac. The visionaries asked the Blessed Virgin if it was She.

“Why do you ask me, my angels? Have you not seen me? The world must find salvation while there is time. Let it pray with fervor. May it have the spirit of faith.”

April 22, 1982,

Concerning the luminous signs seen at the Cross on Krizevac:

“They are signs of God and not of natural phenomena. ‘S’ and ‘T’ are signs of salvation.”

August 6, 1982

That night, after the apparition, two luminary signs in the form of rays of light were displayed on the Cross at Krizevac and on the Church. Ivan and a group of young people had been praying on the Hill of Apparitions. Before the sign appeared, Our Lady said:

“Now, I am going to give you a sign in order to strengthen your faith.”

Many members of the prayer group saw this sign.

February 15, 1984 – The villagers noticed an icy wind that evening.

“The wind is my sign. I will come in the wind. When the wind blows, know that I am with you. You have learned that the cross represents Christ; it is a sign of Him. It is the same for the Crucifix you have in your home. For me, it is not the same. When it is cold, you come to church; you want to offer everything to God. I am, then, with you. I am with you in the wind. Do not be afraid.”

July 16, 1984,

After speaking about the parish, Our Lady adds:

“…Also, do not be afraid; in the future, there will be signs concerning sinners, unbelievers, alcoholics, and young people. They will accept me again.”

Signs serve as an impulse for conversion. Our Lady said:

May 2, 1982

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time…”


The seriousness of these apparitions, and of so many supernatural signs is thus explained. God is trying to communicate, to reach us to save man from his present course of destroying himself.

Friend of Medjugojre

From the Caritas Newsletter
June 1989, pg. 3-5



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5 thoughts on “Signs – What does Our Lady say of them”

  1. City: Gilman
    State: IL.
    Country: United States
    I was reading bout the sign in the sky of the three rainbows preceding the apparitions in the Americas in 88-89. I have several pictures of a very similar sign that took place on Christmas eve morning 2022 i would like to share with you. What email address could i send these to for you to view?

  2. TRUTH Spoken! God-Willing, by the end of this year, after moving 4 hours away from Caritas Community in Birmingham AL, we’ll visit! Holy Spirit guide Us with Our Warrior Queen and Mother- Mary with St. Michael/Legions of Angels and Our Guardian Angels!! God BLESS you ALL!

  3. TRUTH Spoken! God-Willing, by the end of this year, after moving 4 hours away from Caritas Community in Birmingham AL, well visit! Holy Spirit guide Us with Our Warrior Queen and Mother- Mary with St. Michael/Legions of Angels and Our Guardian Angels!! God BLESS you ALL!

  4. Michael John Hebert

    Dear Caritas, You surprised me by reading my past letter. Friend of Medjugorje, you’re very deft at peeling back each layer of the devil’s deception, going ever deeper into the truth about the ongoing war against satan.Our Lady of Medjugorje, as you remind us, is here to call the world back to her son. Many Shepherds have forgotten the purpose of God using “His Chosen People” to teach us about “His Wonderful Love”. Too often we hear about the end of the world, forgetting the Israelite’s constantly needed reconciliation with God.The Bible tells us, It’s only that “Generation which refuses to heed God’s rebuke” which brings about the end of days. Are we them?It could’ve been the Jews, those many times, written of in the Bible, but they repented and turned back, before it was too late.With Our Lady, we must persist in reminding ourselves of this, and why Our Lady, has hope while connecting God’s coming rebukes, to the reason for them.The 5 Stones Will Prevail, David had only 1

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