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Important: Downloading and Printing
The Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM
Requires Proper Preparation


The buttons below provide the entire Medjugorje.com site in printed form – a complete Encyclopedia of the Medjugorje apparitions of the Virgin Mary. It is very important, however, that before you move ahead to download the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM that you read all of the information that follows.


Download Options

You have three options for obtaining the full Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM:


Option 1 – Download the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM with one click and one file. See the large button below that reads, “Download Entire Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM (Very Large File Size).


Option 2 – Download the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM by each individual “Volume.” See the smaller buttons below labeled by “Volume,” numbers 1-16.


Option 3 – Purchase a professionally hardbound set of the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM through Caritas. We are currently in contact with a few companies about producing hardbound versions of these Encyclopedias that you will be able to order as a complete set, just as with any encyclopedia set. A high quality, hardbound version will be more durable and last much longer than an unbound copy. The more orders we receive, the better the price we can negotiate. It is possible that the professionally bound set will cost less than printing it yourself. If you would like information on the hardbound version of the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM, please leave your contact information using the link below, and we will get back to you as soon as we have specific details on pricing.


Contact Caritas about the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM by visiting here: Contact Us


Note: You should download the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM even if you intend to purchase a hardbound version.


File Size

The Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM is extensive, and therefore the size of the files you will download will be VERY LARGE.


Option 1 – Entire Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM as one download: The file size for a one-click download is 6.71 GIGABYTES. This is a very large file that will take some time to download.


Option 2 – Entire Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM downloaded in multiple volumes: The file sizes of the individual volume downloads are not near as large as the single click download, but they are still large. The smaller buttons below show the file size for the download of each volume.


If You Print the Medjugorje Encyclopedia TM Yourself,
You Need to Consider…


Paper, Ink/Toner & Time

Paper: The Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM totals to more than 12,800 pages (as of September 1, 2017). Depending upon the type of paper you use, this could mean you will need about 30 or more reams of paper to print it yourself. This is a stack of paper more than six feet tall. It is very important to print the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM on high quality paper. Do not use any paper that contains acid. Paper containing acid will yellow and deteriorate. You need archival quality paper for this to last for centuries. Higher quality paper will cost more, but it is well worth the expense.


Ink/toner: You will need a lot of ink/toner. The pictures in the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM are a very important part of entering into the writings. Therefore, printing in color is overwhelmingly preferred to black and white. The amount of ink/toner you will use depends upon your specific printer and and capacity of ink cartridges you purchase. Your ink/toner cartridges should have a label stating an approximate number of pages you should be able to print with one cartridge. Using those numbers, you should be able to roughly estimate the amount of ink you will need based on the total number of pages you will print. The calculation would be:


Number of pages in the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM DIVIDED BY Number of pages you can print with one ink cartridge.


For example: The current version of the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM (as of September 2017) is approximately 12,800 pages long. If the ink cartridges you use can print approximately 500 pages before running out, your caculation for the approximate number of ink cartridges would be:


12,800 pages long / 500 pages per cartridge = 26 cartridges needed (approximately) to print the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM


Time: You will need a lot of time to print 12,800 pages. You may want to print the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM in sections by setting aside a certain amount of time each day to devote to printing.


If You Have a Third Party
Print the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM For You,
You Need to Consider…


Price and Paper

Price: If you take your downloaded files to a company to complete the print job for you, make sure you get a quote from them first. Some businesses may surprise you with what they charge for full color printing. Do your homework up front to find the best pricing.


Paper: It is very important to print the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM on high quality paper. Do not use any paper that contains acid. Paper containing acid will yellow and deteriorate. You need archival quality paper for this to last for centuries. Higher quality paper will cost more, but it is well worth the expense. As stated above, get a firm cost quote before you commit to the job.


Introduction to Medjugorje
Approx. File Size:
1,077 Pages, 551 MB

Approx. File Size:
159 Pages, 105 MB

Approx. File Size:
618 Pages, 330 MB

Approx. File Size:
521 Pages, 342 MB

Approx. File Size:
1,497 Pages, 758 MB

Approx. File Size:
1,221 Pages, 690 MB

Approx. File Size:
1,997 Pages, 1.05 GB

Approx. File Size:
690 Pages, 464 MB

Approx. File Size:
1068 Pages, 517 MB

Approx. File Size:
950 Pages, 490 MB

Approx. File Size:
657 Pages, 333 MB

Approx. File Size:
1014 Pages, 476 MB

Approx. File Size:
708 Pages, 362 MB

A Friend of Medjugorje
Approx. File Size:
328 Pages, 189 MB

Caritas of Birmingham
Approx. File Size:
115 Pages, 70 MB

Community of Caritas
Approx. File Size:
191 Pages, 134 MB

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