Never In History

Never In History

July 19, 2018 A.D.


Our Lady has revealed many things through a Friend of Medjugorje. What you are about to enter into is one more of many things Our Lady has not only inspired through him, but has shown to him. There has been no major news coming out of Medjugorje for years, in regards to major events or happenings that Our Lady has released through Her apparitions. Yet, within the messages of Our Lady, a Friend of Medjugorje continuously is shown deep revelations concerning Our Lady’s apparitions that are not known or stated by anyone else in the world. Does this sound like an overstatement? You will not think so after you read this latest epistle to you. It is the most important news concerning Medjugorje in years. When you read the following prophetic writing, you will feel it is truth in your heart. You will feel the joy and excitement of what Our Lady revealed to a Friend of Medjugorje’s heart that he writes to you. Enter into this epistle only after serious prayer. Go to feedback at the bottom – your testimony may help someone else.

— Caritas of Birmingham

Never In History

By a Friend of Medjugorje

The following was originally written by a Friend of Medjugorje in regards to Our Lady’s July 2, 2018 message. Pray to the Holy Spirit before reading, that you will receive insights into this message that will give you a greater understanding of all that Our Lady is saying.

July 2, 2018

“Dear children, I am the mother of all of you and, therefore, do not be afraid because I hear your prayers. I know that you seek me and that is why I am praying to my Son for you, my Son who is united with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit—the Paraclete—my Son who leads souls to the Kingdom from where He came, the Kingdom of peace and light. My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good. You, with pure and simple souls comprehend—even if sometimes you do not understand the words—and within yourselves you feel what the truth is. My children, do not lose the truth and true life so as to follow the false one. By life in truth, the Kingdom of Heaven enters into your hearts, and that is the Kingdom of peace, love and harmony. Then, my children, there will not be the selfishness which distances you from my Son. There will be love and understanding for your neighbors. Because, remember, again I repeat to you, to pray also means to love others, your neighbors, and to give yourself to them. Love and give in my Son, and then He will work in you and for you. My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity. Thank you, apostles of my love.”

Our Lady revealed something profound in Her message of July 2, 2018. When you read the specific sentence you may say, “What’s so profound about those words?” Her eight words are easily glided over. One will understand them, but not grasp their profoundness. They are not just profound, they are very profound. The eight words Our Lady said today:

“…I am the Mother of all of you…”

Now that you’ve read the introduction about the profoundness of Our Lady’s words and read the message itself, was it a let down? Why? Some of the most significant things Our Lady says are simple but very profound and sometimes can be put in a class as super profound. “I am the Mother of all of you…” is super profound. This is why She puts it in the first line of Her message. Our Lady said today that even you who are the closest to Her, the pure ones and simple ones, do not fully comprehend Her words. Our Lady said today:

“…You, with pure and simple souls comprehend—even if sometimes you do not understand the words—and within yourself you feel what the truth is…”

Our Lady’s messages are a deep, a very deep well that gives fresh, clear, spring water. Because of the depth of the well, drawing up the water takes great effort before one can taste its cool refreshment. But when we begin to walk with Our Lady, She helps draw up from the well the water which She gives to you. Our Lady says:

October 2, 2014

“…Drink out of my hands. My hands are offering to you my Son who is the spring of clear water…”

This is Our Lady’s messages. They go way beyond what you read. Our Lady’s messages are genius, in that they are given loosely and simply to give maximum room for Our Lady to speak to you personally, or as a group, or to everyone. The same message can address a multitude of situations, circumstances, and needs differently. Every day. Every month. Every year. This is why Our Lady says of Her simple words today:

“…even if sometimes you do not understand the words…” yet, “…you feel what the truth is…”

Most people have not fully understood Our Lady’s actions, words and plans. Many believe they understand, but they are drawing from the top of the water, instead of going deep into the well, down past the water line, into the depth where the coolest, purest, most refreshing water springs from. Our Lady is offering from Her hands, “my Son who is the spring.” What follows is drawn from that deepest depths of Her messages.

Three New Proclamations Concerning the Future—
A Great Manifestation

All Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, those of other beliefs and nonbelievers will cross the lines dividing them, beginning a unity of mankind such as the world has not experienced, united under one Mother. Her words, Her messages, will unite all languages under Her mantle of Motherhood.

In this extraordinary special moment of world history, a portal from Heaven has opened up, allowing the Virgin Mary to descend upon the earth and geographically designate a village; a place called Medjugorje; a favored physical place to export from Heaven, words with such power behind them that they cross over all boundaries of peoples across the whole world. What will be birthed as a result? A moment of awe; a starburst of grace for the world, bringing all the earth to a glorious moment; a realization in the heart of man, of a Heavenly Mother, who dwells upon the earth. Not only is this coming, but the manifestation of the Holy Virgin Mary’s Motherhood will become a known reality to all cultures and all peoples of the earth. It will impel the whole world to rise up and establish what is now established only in Heaven—Our Lady’s Queenship upon the earth.

The 5th Glorious Mystery Fulfilled in Heaven Will Be Fulfilled on Earth

Our Lady has been crowned in Heaven, as contemplated in the 5th Glorious Mystery of the Rosary. All the earth—people of different faiths, as well as people with little to no faith—will cry out with joy and astonishment to Heaven with a new understanding, an illumination that they have a Heavenly Mother, who has been given to them and to all people, by God, their Heavenly Father. This Mother who is also a Queen, unknown to many and not understood by many who do know Her, will have a great new efficacy, a power to dispense graces for any and all matters that a Mother would need for the sake of saving Her children. This will be a new chapter in the history of the world—a first in Christendom. This new time coming will reveal secrets still locked away, hidden from man in public revelation, but at the right time, will be brought to light, in this Time of Mary, through the private revelation of Our Lady’s words—the messages from Medjugorje. It is Our Lady who tells us these messages are a never-before-first; this is new, a happening that is a profound moment for Heaven, for earth, and for man. It is Our Lady who said this when She said April 4, 1985:

“I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world.”

The above words distinguish themselves—self-evident to what they mean—words of private revelation, explaining the moment of time we are in, in public revelation. Parts of Scripture hold meaning that cannot always be understood until events begin to unfold. Our Lady is here, now, and you are to find the true reason She is coming. Our Lady’s Medjugorje apparitions are a Biblical visitation right out of the Book of Revelation, that through some of the symbolism and allegorical writing, describe the vision to John the Apostle that could never before in history be understood, until now. Even now, very few can understand this truth, but can feel it is truth.

Our Lady said on July 2, 2018:

“…You, with pure and simple souls comprehend—even if sometimes you do not understand the words—and within yourselves you feel what the truth is…”

Our Lady said on January 25, 1997:

“…This time is my time…”

Our Lady said on November 25, 1993:

“…I invite you now in this time, like never before, to prepare for the coming of Jesus…”

Our Lady said on June 25, 1993:

“…these times are particular…”

We are living in a particular moment of a manifestation from Heaven that will alter the earth, purifying it as in Noah’s time. Because of the great many sins that have amassed, the earth today is due a radical change on par with the first flood. Soon, in this time, you will see a radical change of the earth, a flood of such proportion that will exceed what happened in the days of Noah; a flood in our day. The whole world is about to be awashed of its errors in order to return to Truth. A Tsunami will sweep the world clean. The mighty wall, flooding the earth, will be by the hand of the Holy Virgin Mary, the hand that you will drink from. What will it be? What will come is a flood of graces the world has never seen nor will ever see afterwards. Our Lady said:

February 25, 1995

“…live with love the messages I give and… transmit them to the whole world, so that a river of love flows to people who are full of hatred and without peace…”

Her words are storm clouds forming across the world. When the clouds burst open and everyone sees Her words for what they are, they will see Our Lady for What She is. A great triumph, the triumph of the Queen Mother over the devil in proportion to what the Bible says in Genesis 3:15, when God speaks to the devil. God said to the serpent:

“I will put enmities between you and the
woman, and thy seed and her seed. She
shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in
wait for Her heel.”
Genesis 3:15

It is the “Woman” of Genesis 3:15,
The “Woman,” called so by Her  Son at the
wedding feast of Cana,
Who when dying on the Cross said to Her
“Woman, behold Thy Son,” and
In Revelation 12, “A great sign appeared in
the sky, a Woman
clothed with the sun… and on Her head a
crown of twelve stars.”

The world, for now, does not want to realize Our Lady’s words because it calls for a radical change from the world’s direction, and is frightening for the world. Do you have the strength to realize what Our Lady is saying in Her messages?

January 25, 1995

“…Pray to have strength to realize what I am telling you…”

If Our Lady’s messages are dismissible because there are so many, and they are too “plain,” why do you need strength just to realize what She is saying? Do you realize what Our Lady is here for? This Woman of the Bible is here to crush the head of the serpent. Genesis 3:15 comes into being—Her time—is in your time! The words of Our Lady, the message, is of greatness because of the power within them to transform the whole world. They cannot be viewed simply as private revelation. They hold a uniqueness to educate a world that has become Biblically illiterate through modernism, and thereby, no longer understands the Bible. Our Lady said:

October 25, 1988

“…my call that you live the messages which I am giving you is a daily one…pray that you may comprehend the greatness of this message which I am giving you…”

The first flood radically changed the earth. The effects of the messages of Our Lady are a first in the world, and will bring about a flood that will radically change the whole world.

Pause and contemplate the following four points:

  1. I wish to keep on giving messages
  2. As it has never been
  3. In the history of the world
  4. From the beginning of the world

Now you can reason, through prayer, that these four points are not your normal private revelation. All Our Lady’s messages will be put in a category all their own, whether the Church declares them super private revelation, elevated private revelation, extraordinary revelation or another name. None of these declarations would qualify accurately what Our Lady’s words actually are. This writing makes three clear proclamations for the future of the world:




First Proclamation:

The profound new efficacy, a new power on the earth for the Virgin Mary, exercising Her Motherhood to all Her children, will be a living way of reality in which one will perceive Her presence, actions, and protection, as never in the history of the Church from the beginning. Her presence will not dissipate, but will endure until the time when Jesus comes back at the end of the world. Our Lady stated:

“…I am…with you whenever you think of me…”October 2, 2015

“…I will not appear anymore on this earth.” May 2, 1982

Because through these apparitions of Medjugorje, we are given a completeness of all apparitions of Our Lady. There will no longer be a need for apparitions of the nature of Lourdes, Fatima, etc. Medjugorje is a stand alone, one-of-its-kind, the finality, as it completes the reason for Our Lady’s apparitions throughout history. We will have everything we will ever need through Medjugorje, of which is birthing Our Lady’s live new perceivable presence on earth.

Second Proclamation:

A great awakening will sweep across the people of the earth, bringing awareness of the Motherhood of Mary upon the earth—The 5th Glorious Mystery of the Rosary fulfilled on earth, the Coronation of Our Lady. God sends Our Lady here, now, to the earth to be crowned the Queen Mother by the whole world—through the hearts of the people.

“…God desires to convert ‘the entire world’ and to call it to salvation and to the way towards Himself, who is the beginning and the end of every being. In a special way, little children, from the depth of my heart, I call you all to open yourselves to this great grace that God gives you through my presence here…” June 25, 2007

Third Proclamation:

Belittled, ignored, scorned and rejected in the present, Our Lady’s words will be viewed in the future, not on the same level or category of private revelation, but rather the highest exalted place of private revelation; a new classification. Our Lady’s messages will be placed in the proper category, surpassing all of history’s private revelation combined. A sacred position. Our Lady’s messages of Medjugorje will hold the place of:

The Preface to the Bible.

All the angels and all the saints in Heaven combined, do not equal the depth of sanctity Our Lady achieved, yet, She is beneath God and leads us to Him. Likewise, all the secular and holy books filled with words throughout history combined do not equal the depth of wisdom and power within Our Lady’s messages. Therefore, Our Lady’s words are above all writings throughout history, yet, beneath the Scriptures. Our Lady’s words lead us to the Bible, just as Our Lady leads us to Her Son.

“…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world…” April 4, 1985

“…Pray that you may comprehend the greatness of this message.” October 25, 1988

How Will
These Three

What can we expect in regards to how the whole world will unite under Our Lady’s words? You can expect exactly what happened to you. When you meet someone you do not know and you find that you have both made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje or have followed Our Lady’s words, you immediately experience a kinship; your conversations mesh as if you’ve known each other as family. Have you noticed this? Yet, you’ve never met them and you feel with them what you do not feel with your own next door neighbor. Why is this? Because you are in the brotherhood of Our Lady’s Motherhood. You have the same Mother, the Heavenly Mother. This is a reality you can already experience now with strangers you meet who have followed Medjugorje and have accepted Our Lady as their Mother. It is what the whole of the earth will have; a spark of grace in each heart, resulting in the recognition of Our Lady as their Mother— not as in their natural earthly mother, but in the supernatural, a Mother who can do more for them than their natural, earthly mother.

Learning of this Motherhood, all will unite under Her mantle, drawn by and through Her words, a common thread weaving throughout all of mankind. The messages will eventually guide the whole world to come to the Heavenly Father and to Her Son. How? Our Lady, in Her wisdom, is covertly laying out many spiritual nets to capture the world for Her Son. In the second of the month messages, Our Lady has mentioned Jesus’ name extremely rarely over the past 28 years of giving the second of the month messages. Only 11 times does Our Lady say, “Jesus,” on the second of the month. Has Our Lady actually avoided using the name of Jesus when speaking of or to non-believers throughout the 336 second of the month messages [as of July 2, 2018]? Why? Because many Christians have given Jesus a bad name and so many non-believers do not want to hear anything about “your” Jesus. Our Lady cleverly approaches these souls, “motherly,” through your help, in order to be accepted. While Our Lady must proceed delicately with non-believers, careful in using Jesus’ name, She instead saturates them with the words, “my Son.” Over the same period of 28 years, in which She said Jesus’ name only eleven times, Our Lady has said, “my Son” an astounding four hundred sixty-five times! Just as important, in the second of the month messages, Our Lady has never tied “my Son” with “Jesus’” name. Not once! Whereas Our Lady has said in Her 25th of the month messages, “my Son Jesus” fifty-four times. Everything Our Lady says and does is calculated for the result of conversion of hearts to Her Son—Jesus.

What Our Lady says is incalculable in the power that She will bring into the whole world through “Her Son Jesus.” When this happens, Her words will then be seen and understood as a Golden Treasure from Heaven, united to Her Son, who is the Word. To illustrate this, what follows are verses from the beginning of the Book of John in the New Testament. Each Scripture verse from John is followed with a parallel statement that has been revealed through Our Lady’s messages. You will have to pray, digging deeper, to understand Who Our Lady is. Before continuing, pause and pray to Our Lady and the Holy Spirit to hear what God wishes for you to understand. Read all the verses and statements to where the fish sign <><, and then reread them very thoroughly again. You will see that you will grasp more and more each time you read and contemplate them. The Scripture passages are in bold lettering.

From the Book of John

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
with God,
And the Word was God.”
John 1:1

In the beginning, the third part of the Trinity
entered the New Wine Skin.

What came to be through him was life and this life
was the light of mankind.
John 1:3
And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. John 1:14

Out of One came the Flesh, Blood, and Bone of the
Word, the New Wine.

He was in the world
And the world came to be through him…
‘But his own people did not accept him.’
John 1:10–11

The most Sacred Vessel, above all things ever made by God throughout all of Heaven and all Creation, gave the beginning of the Man who was the Word. The Vessels’ own people have not recognized and accepted Her for Who She truly is. The time has arrived for Her to be accepted.

But to those who did accept him he gave power to
become children of God.
John 1:12

Through the Woman Vessel
Lowly man is lifted up to become children of God.

We saw his glory, the glory as of the Father’s only Son. John 1:14

And the Vessel was the Nurturer of the Word,
And thereby, for all mankind

[He, the Word was] Full of grace and truth. John 1:14

The Angel Gabriel announced to Mary

Hail—Full of Grace

In Hebrew, whatever follows “Hail” is the name of one being addressed. Gabriel, by the order of God, replaces Mary’s name with “Full of Grace,” the same words in John’s Gospel referring to Jesus (Full of Grace). In Hebrew culture, names or the changes of names mean something permanent. With Gabriel’s address, a permanent unique state is revealed.

The manifestation of Who Mary is, in truth, is on the brink
Of being revealed.
A Great Sign appeared in the sky, a Woman clothed with the sun
With the moon under Her feet.
And on Her head a crown of 12 stars
She was with Child…
Now—is—the moment of Mary.


A New Chapter for the Woman

All People will Recognize Mary as Queen of the World

All Who will Accept Her as Mother will Recognize Her

and Will More Than Feel Her Presence in a Way of Mother

A Living Presence that Has Never Been Known in the

History of the World

Our Lady’s monthly words are now divided between two groups of believers—the 25th of the month believers who believe in God and the second of the month believers who believe in no God. Her words are to capture both groups. The second of the month messages for non-believers also include many of Our Lady’s followers as She addresses the non-belief that is found even in us Christians, because we no longer understand who God is. Our Lady has told us:

February 2, 2011

“…you even imagine God Himself according to yourselves, and not such as He really is …”

Therefore, one must understand the second of the month messages are also for us as believers, because we all have unbelief in us. Our Lady must school out of us many errors and misconceptions. With the three proclamations and what you have just read, you are now accountable to act. You must say yes or no to Our Lady. You cannot hold back. This is the moment. Not just a standard moment of man’s history, where history always repeats itself. We are entering a moment as none in history before us. New history is being entered into and many are drowsy or asleep. Others are indifferent. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing. Our Lady asked you a question just over three months ago:

March 2, 2018

“…Why do you not desire to see the signs?…”

Everything is laid out for you above. With 35 years of cognition in walking with Our Lady, being in Her presence in countless apparitions, over 200 pilgrimages to Medjugorje, praying and seeking to comprehend Her words and actions, offering my life, my family and that of the Community of Caritas and everything of ourselves for Her plans, and learning also from my failures, I give what is written with no lack of belief that what has been revealed here in these words will happen. It is all laid out for you to accept Our Lady in a whole new way. Our Lady will not accept your rejection of Her. She is persistent as She was when looking to Her Son to make the miracle happen at the Wedding Feast in Cana. Her Son told Her a nice “no” when saying, “O woman, what have you to do with me?” John 2:4 Most importantly, Jesus added with more of a polite “no,” “My hour has not yet come.” This gives a profound insight into Who His Mother is. He called Her not Mother, but “Woman,” revealing, yet, even more, Who She is. He moved up His Hour to begin working His miracles at Her request. A monumental moment that is very significant, for Jesus used this event to testify Who this Woman would be to all future generations, and especially when it would become Her own Hour.  Before Medjugorje, Our Lady’s hour had not yet come.  Once Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje, the Woman states: “This time is my time.” January 25, 1997 This is Our Lady’s Hour.

This writing is to help you understand Our Lady’s actions on earth today, just as what was written about Christ’s life on earth in letters to the Corinthians in Greece, to the Romans in Rome and other letters to the early Christians scattered throughout the known world. The signs that many do not desire to see are distinguishable if you open yourself to Our Lady’s words. Our Lady said:

October 2, 2014:

“…you thirst…my Son told me that I am the Mother of the ‘entire’ world. I ask of those of you who accept me as such to help me…for ‘all’ my children to accept me as a mother—so that I may lead them to the spring of the clear water…”

Our Lady’s plan is to stay very active upon the earth for those who accept Her and remain with Her. God is granting Her a special extraordinary presence on earth for when She no longer appears daily.

March 18, 1996

“… On this message… I desire for you to reflect a long time… My eyes and my heart will be here, even when I will no longer appear. Act in everything as I ask you…Do not reject from yourself the name of God, that you may not be rejected. Accept my messages that you may be accepted. Decide, my children, it is the time of decision…”

Our Lady referred to Her being glorified on earth through us upon the earth. From the Bedroom of Apparitions, Our Lady said on November 26, 1988:

“…If you pray for my intentions, I will be glorified through you. All of your prayers are going to help you through my hands.”

You are in a wondrous moment. If you let this new history pass you by, you will regret it with deep grief, wailing with tears from a wrenched heart.

August 25, 1997

“… now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”

You Will See Wondrous Happenings,
A Friend of Medjugorje

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Never In History by A Friend of Medjugorje

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“Never In History”
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If Our Lady’s messages are dismissible because there are so many, and they are too “plain,” why do you need strength just to realize what She is saying?  Do you realize what Our Lady is here for?  This Woman of the Bible is here to crush the head of the serpent.  Genesis 3:15 comes into being—Her time—is in your time!


* The above translation of Genesis 3:15 is from the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, translated by St. Jerome beginning in the year 382. satan has caused confusion over this verse in the Bible. Out of 10 Bible translations, three Catholic and seven Protestant, this verse was changed from “she” to “he” except for in two of the Bibles. For over 1000 years, St. Jerome’s translation, as shown above was the official text of the Church, used in the Roman Rite. While some scholarly work is of value; God gave the Bible to man, not to ‘modern’ scholars who with an attitude of superiority grant authority to themselves to be changers of Scripture. Genesis 3:15 is a perfect example of scholars invalidating and rationalizing the change of “she” to he will crush thy head…wait for his heel.” The argument scholars use in eliminating “she” is that St. Jerome translated from Hebrew and Greek to Latin, the language of the common man, and that it was a poor translation. Other scholars in the 15th century changed the pronoun to “he” because it was inclusive of both “he and she.” Today’s modern scholars, to be “more inclusive,” are inclined to say, “he or she.” Now there are scholars saying the proper translation is neither “he or she,” but rather “they.” If these scholars are so advanced in their intellect to gerrymander scripture, why did the Holy Spirit leave Genesis 3:15, as what was stated above, for more than 1000 years? In their arrogance, today’s scripture scholars, in essence, are stating that the Church was wrong for over ten centuries, centuries in which the Vulgate influenced the life of the Middle Ages, inspired the Renaissance with its art and architecture, as well as the life and culture of other centuries. This verse is about the Woman, the Holy Virgin Mary, and whether Jerome perfectly translated it from Hebrew and Greek to Latin or not, he (Jerome) had an oral understanding, very close in real time to the inspired writers, which gives even more credibility of knowing “Her” because of living within two or three or so lifetimes from the death of John (John died around the year 100 AD, Jerome was born in 347 AD). So serious was St. Jerome in working on this translation, that he translated the entire Bible within the cave of the Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem, over the course of 30 years. He wanted to surround himself with the holiness of that sacred place and be influenced by the “Word was made Flesh” as he prayed through his translation, whereas scholars do their work most often in rooms at sterile universities. That the Church has always held the tradition in seeing Our Lady in this Bible passage is self-evident by the many statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary with Her heel standing on the head of a serpent.

✝ Definition of “Preface”: something spoken as introductory to a discourse or written as introductory to a book or essay, intended to inform the hearer or reader of the main design, or in general, of whatever is necessary to the understanding of the discourse, book or essay.

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  1. Charles Bernadich

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    Everything I have just read now in this message is absolutely true to the point that I consider all of this to be a ” No Brainer ” !!!

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    I sort of understand the wholeness of our Heavenly Mother with our Heavenly Father Son and Holy Spirit… and will meditate on it for at least a while until fully flowing.

  3. Mary, Mother of God, be my Mother. Hold my hand and lead me to Your Son Jesus who is my brother. Mother help me to talk about You to people who don’t know You.

  4. Mary, Mother of God, be my Mother. Hold my hand and lead me to Your Son Jesus who is my brother. Mother help me to talk about You to people who don’t know You.

  5. I found this writing inspiring and hopeful because it says Our Lady will always be with us during these difficult times.  That’s what we need the most: God, through Mary the Mother of God.

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  8. M.Raphael Vantine

    Dearest Mother Mary, Please intercede with your spouse, the Holy Spirit, to enlighten us to more fully grasp  your words and messages to us, your little children. Help us then to be ready to be instruments in your hands bringing your Son Jesus to the world! Amen

  9. This is what ny spirit if 46 years has been waiting for. This message resonates. I have loved & adored Our Blessed Mother Full of Grace since I can remember. She has never failed me. I pray Our Lady is glorified in the hearts of all. I pray all of Gods children experiences her peace, love and grace. I pray that all if us will bow to our glorious mother in awe and wonder as she pours out her heart onto us mortal sinners who are not worthy. May she bring all sinners to repent abd humble themselves at the foot at the cross and shout Hail Mary Full Of Grace; forgive me! My heart is made pure by my mothers outpouring and made whole in Jesus mighty name. I love you Mary. Lead us to your son. In Jesus name Amen. To God be all the Glory. Your child in Christ; Les. I love you. 

  10. TThe first thing I did this morning to read this about Our Blessed Mother I have felt a longing within me for so long to re-consecrate myself once again to Her and through Her to Her Son  A beautiful reading that goes SO deep  Thank you and please pray for me  Margaret 

  11. ~~ For any member who is beset by doubts, we beseach you Our Blessed Mother to be their guide through the darkness back to the light of your Son. Please watch over our perserverence oi that we may all one day be reunited with you and the whole family of God in our Fathers house. Amen.

  12. ” ..in the Brotherhood of Our Lady’s Motherhood”. A heartwarming statement. Through this writing, the pilgrimage I went with BVM, Christmas in the field 2017 and all the resources Caritas provides I know in my heart your work is of God. Praised be Jesus and Mary. I pray donations fullfill the needs of Our Mothers plans. God Bless the community and all of its followers.

    1. Charles Bernadich

      City: Shelby Township 48315
      State: Michigan
      Country: U.S.A.
      Have followed Medjugorje from the beginimg. All of it was true then and it is true now, and an absolute ” No Brainer ” !!!


  14. All I can say is THANK YOU MY BROTHER! You are the modern day NOAH’s ARK. And thank you for the great trip to Medjugorje it was so wonderful I want to go back again… I don’t know were I would be with out the community. Medjugorje is truly a internal spiritual experience if you’re thinking about going give everything you have to go. You won’t regret it. God be with all of you.

  15. Today’s major release was very beautiful. I thought it was very inspirational and set-up very well the future unveiling of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje and Illumination of Conscience. It is very clear that it came about as the fruit of much prayer and walking with Our Lady over many years. It was a joyful read and very well-written in its presentation. I feel it will bring many hearts to God.

  16. For me it has been,…for awhile now, a never hold back moment. By that I mean, while surrounded by protestants, Mormans and even Catholics that do not recognize Our Lady and the moment, Her moment, that we live in…there is no more time to hold back or speak softly. Speak boldly of Our Lady and Her presence, Her messages! Proclaiming from the roof tops! Because we will not be left unproved! God has given Her this time and ALL WILL acknowledge Her place in God’s plan. Reading this actually gives me peace for all those who haven’t heard…THEY WILL! While wrestling with many petitions for family, the world, myself…I have been asking, “What is the “magic” (probably bad word choice, but God knows my heart) prayer I need??? What has come to me over and over is this…”Thy Will be done and My Mother’s plans be fulfilled…100 FOLD!!” I can hardly wait to see how Her plan of salvation unfolds! And I pray and bind myself and my family to Her and Jesus. Make us holy! Make us yours!

  17. We can only pray… Our Mother has told us the truth. We can all feel the truth in our hearts. Her time is now! In this unbelieving world. God bless us all.

  18. God is the wisest of the wise. He truly knows what is best for us and I thank Jesus for reuniting God to us. I can’t imagine what it would have been like prior to his coming. All this wouldn’t have happened if Our Lady hadn’t allowed Jesus to become Man on that fateful night when the Angel asked her. Man is a creature of beliefs, habits and traditions taught from birth – inherited from the closest people around us – before your age of reason – (the day you realise you can decide for truth or lies). This will determine what you believe in all your life. We have the God given ability to change our mind, but something must happen to us to want this. This gift from God allowing us to choose is a blessing and a curse. Our Lady wants us to choose well not bad. If the Holy Trinity was a dictator then this will fail because of our habitual systems and our ability to choose. There are only two ways to change our belief system after the age of reason – A shock or 66 days of habitual repetition. Our Lady is about to unite the world because when Her Son gives us our much needed shock, as foretold in the 10 secrets we will look to her Words for guidance and inspiration. I look forward to this time and feel blessed beyond belief.

  19. Let love lead. God bless Our Lady’s work in Medjugorje, God bless Medjugorje, donations for ever in Jesus Christ name we pray Amen. Thank you Jesus Christ for the blessing Amen.

  20. Paul Brinckerhoff

    I felt it was very powerful to know that Our Blessed Mother has the way to lead us to Christ. That although we have a natural mother, the Blessed Mother extends her power as a Mother to provide us with enough grace to do what we have to do. Although I have my beliefs, they can be laden with errors, ways I rationalize, ways modern culture has gotten me to adopt convenience interpretations, such as “the Word of God” is too simple to be believed. I’m trying to be attentive to the messages of the Blessed Mother. The idea that a sign of the magnitude of the Flood at the time of Noah is scary. That the number of sins has accumulated so much, that the Blessed Mother and Our Lord have to intervene with a profound action is something I’ll try to pay attention to.

  21. So so right on target with the ” signs of the times”. A true clear dividing line between GOOD and evil. Those who have been to Medjugorje on pilgrimage know in there heart. All who go with a receptive and open heart will better know and understand the journey for all in our Triune God’s plan unfolding in His time.

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