Why Would I Want To Go To Medjugorje?

Cross Mountain Medjugorje

Cross Mountain in Medjugorje.

Three thousand people became Christian on Pentecost in Jerusalem.


All of these 3,000 were alive as Jews or pagans while Jesus walked the earth just weeks before.  Does not reason tell us of the bitterness in the sweetness of their conversion, that they missed the great time of grace of personally seeing and following Jesus while He walked the earth?  In some spiritual sense, Our Lady walks the earth as She did two thousand years ago.  Marija has physically received kisses from Our Lady, the Virgin Mary.  Ivanka has held Our Lady’s hands.  She has physically hugged Her.  Our Lady has been here daily, thousands of times, since 1981.  


Our Lady said on August 25, 1993:

“…Read Sacred Scripture, live it, and pray to understand the signs of the time.  This is a special time…”


And on June 25, 1991:

“…If you pray, God will help you discover the true reason for my coming.  Therefore, little children, pray and read the Sacred Scriptures so that through my coming you discover the message in Sacred Scripture for you…”


When we listen to the visionaries, we hear Jakov say Our Lady is a great sign; we hear Vicka say She goes back up into the sky; we hear Mirjana say a woman, a mother, a friend; we hear Ivan say that on the mountain She leaves in the light of the cross which is as bright as the sun; we hear Marija say She has twelve stars about Her head, so bright that they can’t be described adequately; we hear Ivanka was told by Our Lady, “I thank you for giving your life to allow other life,” because Ivanka had just given birth to a child. Can it not then be said that to do what Our Lady asks in the above message, to read Sacred Scripture, is to discover why She is coming? The messages that we hear through the visionaries of Medjugorje – is this not John’s same message two thousand years ago when he writes of our present time? Do we hear John’s writings of Revelation Chapter 12 when we hear of a great sign; when we read Her going back to Heaven in the sky; when we read about a woman; when we read She is clothed with the sun; when we read on Her head a crown of twelve stars; when we read “She was with Child”?  Our Lady says to us Herself:


March 25, 1990

“…As I bore Jesus in my womb, so also, dear children, do I wish to bear you unto holiness…”


In essence, She is coming to give birth, as in the first apparitions. She was with baby Jesus; She was with Child. All these are exact words of the Holy Bible which are the exact descriptions by the Medjugorje visionaries of Our Lady when She comes.


“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth.” Revelation 12:1-2


I Dont Have to Go To Medjugorje

“I Don’t Have To Go To Medjugorje” 

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For centuries, man waited for such a time. Man has had to wonder and be mystified by such an extraordinary time whenever he reads Revelation Chapter 12. St. Louis De Montfort wrote four hundred years ago, he longed for the time we are living now. He wrote of a time when Mary would be made known as never before; a time waited for by Heaven itself; that men, who would be apostles of the latter time, would be placed in charge over the impious; a time in which Her children would be purified as the children of Levi through tribulation; a time, which he ends his ecstatic writings saying, “I long for it. I wait, I wait…” Matthew 13:16-17 states:


“But blest are your eyes because they see and blest are your ears because they hear. I assure you many a prophet and many a saint longed to see what you see but did not see it, to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”


To experience Medjugorje is to experience the book of Revelation. It is important to go with good direction. Without solid insights and direction, you cannot simply “go to Medjugorje,” for there are many distractions which will lessen your grace; that is always the plan of darkness. Therefore, to pilgrimage to Medjugorje, one should go with solid direction. Caritas has the most experience in seeing that you are spiritually benefited. We are not travel agents; we guide as missionaries — it is our life! It is the Caritas way! Our Lady said:


February 25, 1995

“…I invite you to become missionaries of my messages…”


In short, our life commitment is to introduce you to Our Lady’s plans to save the world, to show and explain to you Our Lady’s plans and how you fit in. It is absolutely safe to travel to Medjugorje, and we expect all our trips to book up to full capacity, so go to Medjugorje to have an encounter with Love Itself, in a place chosen to be a fountain of this grace of the Father’s love. Then you, too, can be a transporter of this extraordinary grace to the rest of the world! To be in the village while Our Lady appears is a great opportunity, one so great that whatever one needs to do to go, one should. It will be sad for so great an opportunity to pass without having that grace. If you think “I can reject this call,” because one may think it originates with us here at Caritas, do not be deceived! It is Our Lady’s call. The graces being afforded to us at present are enormous.


Our Lady told Jelena on May 16, 1987:

“…Dear children, when God calls men, it is really a great thing.  Think about how it would be sad to let pass those opportunities that God allows without taking them…”


Friend of Medjugorje

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