Signs and Miracles

Supernatural signs are a method God has used throughout history to know Him and to bring His children to conversion. It is a way God speaks to us or to incite our hearts to believe and come to Him. Yet, Jesus once said:


Matthew 12:39

“An evil and unfaithful generation seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it except the sign of Jonah the prophet.”


Yet still, Our Lady says:


March 25, 1990

“…God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many things which can only help you to understand that you must change the direction of your life…”


St. James Church in Medjugorje


St. James Church in Medjugorje – Taken on July 3, 1986, during the 6:40 p.m. apparition. Pilgrims experienced the miracle of the sun during the time this picture was taken, though the camera does not actually capture the scene. Among the pilgrims was the first large American group to travel to Medjugorje. The Blue Army Fatima group chartered a plane, bringing a group of 200 pilgrims to Medjugorje. Little information was known about Medjugorje due to communist suppression. Many on the group were shocked to see an abundant number of signs, such as the sun spinning, a host over the top of it, the Cross on Cross Mountain with a back drop of rainbow colors, and many more, as well as personal signs. The action of God clearly wanted this group touched, and several Medjugorje lefts were birthed from this one trip. Among the pilgrims was the founder of Caritas and his family, who took the above picture, and who in the future would become known as “A Friend of Medjugorje.”


Signs and Miracles

Supernatural signs have changed the course of history many times. Medjugorje’s magnitude is such that it has changed and is changing not only history, but the present and the future course of the world, dramatically, even more so. There were many signs and miracles that manifested publicly in the beginning years of the apparitions in Medjugorje. There are still many people who still witness these signs today…

Signs and Miracles


What Does Our Lady Say Of Signs?

In the beginning years of the apparitions, the visionaries often asked Our Lady about different signs witnessed by them and others. Read here some of Our Lady’s responses.

Signs, What Our Lady Says of Them?


Mysterious Rosaries

Two months before the apparitions began, Vicka, along with her brother and sisters, found two old Rosaries that had mysteriously placed on the trailer they were using to haul firewood.

The Mysterious Rosaries


Mirjana’s Watch

On June 25, 1981, Mirjana asked Our Lady for a sign to that other people would believe that they were seeing Our Lady. Our Lady smiled. After the apparition, Mirjana noticed that the time on her watch went backwards.

Mirjana’s Watch

Rosaries Turning Gold

Rosaries turning gold is a miracle that a multitude of people have seen happened.

Rosaries Turning Gold


The word MIR in Croatian means peace. One day all the villagers present in Medjugorje saw the word MIR written in the sky.


The Spinning Sun

One of the most talked about signs in regard to the apparitions of Medjugorje is the spinning sun.

The Spinning Sun

Signs Witnessed on Cross Mountain

The Cross disappearing, and then a silhouette of Our Lady appearing, and the turning of the Cross are a few of the different signs witnessed on Cross Mountain.

The signs on Cross Mountain

Other Signs

There have been many other miraculous signs witnessed through the years, such as a fire on the mountain that didn’t consume anything and an beautiful event that was witnessed by all those present during an apparition on Apparition Hill one night.

Other Signs


Our Response to the Signs of the Time

God gives us signs and miracles as gifts to draw us closer to Him. It is important though to be balanced in how one approaches these signs. They are to be used to draw us to conversion.

Our Response to the Signs of the Time

What the Visionaries have said about healings

Read what the visionaries have shared about different physical healings they know about.

What the Visionaries have said about Healings

Vicka’s Healing

Vicka suffered greatly from a brain tumor for many years. Six months before she was healed, Vicka wrote about her healing.

Vicka’s Healing

Testimonies of Physical Healings

Some of the documented medically cures that have been reported and handed over to the parish of St. James are listed here.

Testimonies of Physical Healings

Spiritual Healings

Physically cures are not the only type of healings that Our Lady has brought about in Medjugorje. Even more numerous are the spiritual healings, the healings of the heart.

Spiritual Healings

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3 thoughts on “Signs and Miracles”

  1. I find it fascinating that the Medjugorje apparitions have been ongoing for over 30 years, with millions of pilgrims visiting the site each year. The signs and miracles reported by the visionaries are truly amazing and provide proof of the authenticity of these apparitions. I believe that these events are a sign of God’s love and care for humanity, and a reminder of the importance of faith in our lives.

  2. I find it fascinating how Medjugorje apparitions are often accompanied by miraculous signs and wonders. As someone who has followed the events at Medjugorje for many years, I have seen firsthand the incredible healings and other miracles that have occurred there. It’s humbling to think that the Blessed Mother is still working miracles in our world today, and it’s a reminder that our faith is not just a set of beliefs, but a living, breathing reality that can change our lives.

  3. City: KwaZulu-Natal
    Country: South Africa
    Extremely intrigued with the evidence & witnessing of work of Jesus Christ.

    Please email me links to more recent occurances & appearances of God.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards
    Sagran reddy
    +82 040 2688

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