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20 Years of Apparitions

20 Years of Apparitions

The following is an excerpt from 20 Years of Apparitions, which was written by A Friend of Medjugorje for the 20th anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions in Medjugorje. This writing continues to be requested from all over the world. At the end of this, you can click download the entire book.


by a Friend of Medjugorje


Never ever in Church history has an event of such magnitude taken place


To state that the Medjugorje Apparitions are historic is to minimize them. They are beyond an event. They are a happening of which very few comprehend their depth and scope. They stretch across the millenniums all the way back to when Adam walked the earth and will affect the world until the last man walking the Earth draws his final breath. Yet still, their impact will go beyond man’s time and will have effects that will last forever. An extraordinary moment of time in which we live now that will span into eternity. It is a time we are privileged to live in and is not unlike walking with Moses and the parting of the Red Sea, leading his people; Noah entering the Ark and man being saved; Christ walking the Earth — great events in the history of man which, in essence, affected all the future. In Our Lady’s own words and actions She proves it to be so.


What Our Lady has said and done:

“I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world.” April 4, 1985


Our Lady has appeared every single day for 20 years! Over 10,000 apparitions with the visionaries being together or separate.


“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards I will not appear any more on this earth.” May 2, 1982


These three things have never happened in Church history.

1. Messages as never in history since man’s beginning.
2. Apparitions every day for 20 years.
3. The last apparitions on earth.


What are we to make of this? How should we understand and try to comprehend these events? First, we must grasp that it is a gift to the world which cannot be fathomed in its greatness. Our Lady said:


July 25, 1992

“Thank God for the gift of my being with you, because I am telling you: this is a great grace.”


However, to even begin to approach it, to even superficially penetrate the mysteries contained in Our Lady’s daily appearances, we must step back — literally go back in time — to see what events preceded, paralleled, and came after June 24, 1981 and the first apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje. This history is the light of the Shining Star which is daily among us in “our particular” time.


On August 2, 1492, the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, Christopher Columbus ordered all his men to go on board the ships and prepare to set sail from Spain in hopes of discovering a new land. He consecrated his voyage to Our Lady. The ships left port before sunrise the following morning. He set a time limit and prayed to Our Lady that if he did not spot land by October 12th, which was the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, he would turn back. The day Christopher Columbus caught sight of the new land, that would come to be known as America, was exactly on October 12th, Our Lady’s feast day.1 Thirty-nine years later, in 1531, nine million Aztec Indians converted from their pagan religion and human sacrifice in front of Our Lady’s Image, the Tilma of Guadalupe.2


Forty years later on October 7, 1571, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the mighty Turkish fleet towered over by comparison the much smaller Christian fleet. Defeat was imminent, and with the fleet destroyed, nothing stood between the Turks and the conquest of all of Europe. Pope Pius V desperately launched a crusade to unite all of Christendom in praying Rosaries.3 Meanwhile, with no chance of defeating the Turks, the Christian fleet attacked the Turks. With the battle cry “Long Live Mary!,” twenty-four year old Admiral Giovanni Andrea Doria went head long into battle. When he realized he had lost and with it, all of Europe, he suddenly ran into his cabin, flung himself on the floor in front of an Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, pleading and begging Her help.4 At that very moment, the winda suddenly changed and the Turks were thrown into chaos. As the desperate battle raged on, the Pope in Rome saw a vision of Mary spreading Her mantle over the Catholic soldiers and sailors. With all odds against the Christians, they instead inflicted total defeat upon the Turks and saved Europe from the Turks’ conquest.5


One hundred twelve years later, in 1683, the Turks were at it again. Europe faced conquest and destruction by a gigantic army of 250,000 Turks who had already besieged Vienna. Jan Sobieski headed a mere 30,000 Polish soldiers to confront the 250,000 strong. With nine Turks to one, Pope Innocent XI knew defeat was inevitable, and Europe would be conquered. He called on all of Europe to pray to Our Lady. Every Polish soldier placed on himself a medal of Mary and launched an attack against the Turks on September 12, the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary. They entered the battle with the battle cry, “Jesus, Mary help, help us! Be at our side!” The Polish soldiers received a miraculous victory, and Europe was saved by Our Lady.6


One hundred twenty-six years later, 1809, Napoleon imprisoned Pope Pius VII. From prison, the Pontiff organized a campaign of prayer throughout Europe to Mary, Holy Mother of Christians. Napoleon began to lose power and finally formally abdicated the very day the Pontiff returned to Rome in triumph.7


Seventy-six years later, on October 13, 1884, the future Fatima date, Pope Leo XIII, a great advocate of the Rosary, falls stricken to the floor as if dead. But rather he was having a vision of the great showdown coming between God and satan. Exactly thirty-three years later, the length of Jesus’ life, to the day, on October 13, 1917, there appeared in Fatima the miracle of the sun, and at the same period, the communist take over in Russia.8


Twenty-one years later, 1938, shortly before World War II, Sr. Lucy sees out her window, along with millions across Europe, as well as people in the United States, a great light illuminating the night sky from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. It was a secret from Our Lady that Lucy was foretold. “Know that when the sky is illuminated, a larger and greater war will take place.”9 Hitler began his march soon after. About three years later, Japan’s attack on the United States actually brought a reversed result of what they were hoping in that it drew the United States into the war, and thereby doomed Hitler and the Axis powers. Our Lady’s hand is shown by the dates Japan thought “they” were choosing to attack, December 8, 1941, the Feast Day of the United States of America’s patron, the Immaculate Conception. The United States, by being drawn into war through being attacked, ultimately brought about the defeat of a satanic war, as Sr. Lucy of Fatima described World War II in the early 1990’s. Japan announced their unconditional surrender to end the war, again a big sign, on the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, August 15, 1945.10


On the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16, 1945, in a place called “trinity site,” the very first atomic bomb was tested.11 This ties to Fatima in that Our Lady had appeared as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in one of the Fatima apparitions. In Hiroshima, four Jesuit priests prayed the Rosary and Fatima prayers only one mile away from ground zero when the first atomic bomb was exploded. Their lives were spared. The name of their church, Our Lady’s Assumption, would be the date of Japan’s surrender and defeat.12


Our Lady’s protective pace seems to increase as we approach the millennium. Ten years later, again Our Lady leaves traces of Her path by dates of events that match Her intervention and is clearly shown on the Anniversary of Fatima, May 13, 1955; Russia suddenly pulls out of Austria, strange indeed, as it was a vitally strategic country they had seized after World War II. What happened? Well over a million people had been praying the Rosary for seven years to Our Lady for the departure of enemy soldiers.13


Five years later, again beginning on the eve of the Anniversary of Fatima, October 12–13, with the ever present awareness of nuclear annihilation, one million people prayed the Rosary at Fatima overnight in the cold rain. They prayed because Our Lady needs Rosaries for Her plans to succeed. That very night, October 12-13, the top secret Russian atomic bomb new long range missile, capable of threatening the stability of world peace blew up. Gathered around the site were the Soviet’s best scientists in Russia, the leaders of their aggressive program. The number of Soviet scientists who were killed? A total of three hundred! It was a huge set back, sending their atomic missile program backwards for years.14


Two years later, 1962, 600,000 Brazilian women take to the streets with weapons in hand to confront a communist takeover of their country. Their victory was secured and Our Lady saved their country, threatened by Communists, by the weapons they carried — the Rosary.15 Twelve years later, 1974, Fatima’s country, Portugal, suffered a communist military coup, taking over the government. The bishops responded immediately by reconsecrating their country to Mary. Reminiscent of the Bible story of Nineveh calling the people to repent, the people flocked to Fatima to repent of their sins and pray the Rosary.16 After a great deal of reparation, remarkably, the communists were ousted without a blood bath. Seven years later, Fatima’s anniversary, May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II is shot. He said he felt the presence of Mary. Later he tells his assassin that one hand fired the bullet and another hand guided it. His would be killer admitted he was stunned that he was not able to kill him and said he would have, had he not been shoved with superhuman force.17 Secret Service was never able to verify that anyone shoved the assassin. Not much more than a month later, June 24, 1981, the Virgin Mary appears in Medjugorje. Marija Lunetti, one of the visionaries, in the early days asked about the Pope being shot shortly before. Our Lady tells her that “This is my Pope. It was difficult for him to be elected.” The previous Pope, John Paul I, died thirty days after his election, paving the way for John Paul II’s pontificate.


A little over a month later, August 2, 1981, Our Lady gives, in Medjugorje, a message revealing a remarkable event which is about to happen. Our Lady states:


“A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between My Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


Nuclear Bomb Explosion

The above picture appeared in Newsweek magazine the week of June 12, 1989. Remarkably the photo when shot, captured, as one can see, Our Lady with Her Crucified Son. We placed the smaller photo in the corner and highlighted the images. The magazine story was in regard to the atom bomb and made no mention of the images and apparently were unnoticed by them. The main photograph is original, as it appeared publicly in Newsweek and has no enhancements. The images clearly speak that man does not have the capability to manage himself with such power without God governing him from self-annihilation. It is very easy to trace God’s management program in regard to these bombs. Our Lady’s activities through Her Son has repeatedly saved the world from nuclear annihilation. But the images also tell more of our future which you will discover as you continue reading these writings.


Pope Leo saw 100 years given to satan. The showdown Pope Leo saw began when Our Lady came to town ninety-seven years later for the battle that was about to unfold, not high noon but 6:40 p.m. everyday. Ten months later, again on the anniversary of Fatima, May 13, 1982, which was also the first anniversary of the Holy Father being shot, Our Lady told the visionaries of Medjugorje, concerning the assassination attempt on the life of John Paul II:


“His enemies have wanted to kill him, but I protected him.”


Approximately two years later, Our Lady has Her 1000th apparition in Medjugorje. It is the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 1984. Our Lady announces a special message:


“Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has already been realized.”


What was it that Our Lady in Medjugorje was revealing that “all of Heaven’s angels were rejoicing” with Her about? Earlier on that same day, March 25, 1984, the Holy Father, with the Bishops of the world, consecrated the world, including Russia, to Mary’s Immaculate Heart!18. Sr. Lucy, the visionary of Fatima, perhaps through an apparition of Our Lady, said that Our Lady’s request was fulfilled by this consecration and that God had accepted it19 — a clear tie of Fatima and Medjugorje.


A little over a month later, the reoccurring mystical date of May 13, 1984, gathers one of the largest crowds ever in Fatima to pray for peace. A monument in Washington D.C. states that “the object of every war is a more perfect peace.” The Rosary and praying for peace, resulted, that same day in an explosion at Severomorsk naval base in the Soviet Union, in which two-thirds of all the missile stock piled were destroyed. The missiles supplied armaments for the most powerful naval fleet Russia had, the North Fleet. In addition, the gigantic explosion destroyed workshops which maintained the missiles and also killed hundreds of scientists and technicians, crippling the communist’s abilities to advance their aggression to take over the world.20


Less than three years later, Our Lady begins Her monthly message to the world from Medjugorje on January 25, 1987. She reveals the magnitude of Her plan, telling us that God wants to use us! “I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind.” Fourteen months later, on February 25, 1988, Our Lady says to Marija, the Medjugorje visionary who receives the 25th message which is a message for all to be taken individually, to “sacrifice your lives for the salvation of the world.” A few days later, on the eve of May 13, 1988, tens of thousands again prayed the Rosary at Fatima. Again remarkably, another mysterious explosion destroyed the only factory the Soviets had to manufacture the rocket engine for their deadly SS-24’s, long range missiles in which each carried 10 nuclear bombs. Again, another huge set back for the Soviets.21


Approximately three days later, Saddam Hussein is warring in Kuwait. Later in the middle to end of January 1991, he began blowing up oil wells, setting them ablaze. Scientists warned the world that the consequences ecologically were so grave that the smoke alone could put us into an ice age, clouding the sunlight, preventing it from reaching the planet Earth. Astoundingly on January 25, 1991, the same moment Saddam was blowing up oil wells, Our Lady revealed satan’s intentions to destroy the planet. Our Lady told us we must pray to protect ourselves through prayer and to grasp the Rosary because it can work miracles in the “world” and in our lives. People did and Our Lady saved our world from disaster. The United States became potently aggressive to end the war and surmounted a tremendous effort, quickly averting the foretold ecological disaster by throwing a total military and civilian resource effort into putting out the oil well fires raging out of control.22


Seven months later, July 25, 1991, Our Lady told us in Her 25th message that peace was being threatened in a special way, and She was seeking renewed fasting and prayer. She told us to grasp the seriousness of the situation. What would happen would depend upon us. She pleaded for us to pray and fast seriously as in the first days of Her coming.


July 25, 1991

“At this time, peace is threatened in a special way and I am seeking from you to renew fasting and prayer in your families. Dear children, I desire you to grasp the seriousness of the situation and that much of what will happen depends on your prayers…..I am inviting you to begin to pray and fast seriously as in the first days of my coming.”


Meanwhile, approximately three weeks later, the war with the Serbs and Croatians was brewing up and, as we now know, caused great suffering. However, the real threat to the world was what was happening in Russia. The communist were losing their grip in Russia. Gorbachev was moving Russia away from the hold satan has had on Russia for over seven decades. It was August 19, 1991, the date of Fatima’s August apparition, and the communist rose up in a force in Moscow to take back control. The coup ended three days later, on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, August 22nd. Gorbachev, that very day, shut down the agency which was responsible for making people disappear for simply believing in God or speaking against communism. Moscow’s headquarters of the K.G.B. was closed.23 So much was this secret police agency dreaded and feared that it could be described as satan’s head. These events were so tied to Our Lady’s plans and Her squashing the serpent’s head that She said in Medjugorje three days later, on August 25, 1991:


“I invite you to prayer, now as never before when my plan has begun to be realized…I invite you to renunciation for nine days so that with your help everything I wanted to realize through the secrets I began in Fatima may be fulfilled.”


Our Lady’s words spread as fire across the world and spurred everyone on to pray, especially the Rosary. As with so many battles from the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s, which won many victories, She showed miracles can also be achieved today, as was clearly beginning to be manifested in the historic events the world was watching in the twentieth century. The nine days of renunciation was answered by many. Some even felt the call to fast nine days on bread and water.


Less than four months later, again on a mystical significant date, tracing Our Lady’s handiwork through prayer, the presidents of the Republic of Russia voted to abolish the Soviet Union. The media, stupefied, could not explain it. Some even went as far as to say to themselves, “It’s miraculous!”, yet still tried to explain it in the political realm, when indeed its nature was not natural, rather supernatural for the date of the abolishment was December 8, 1991, the Feast of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception.24 Five days later, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Russian Parliament voted to form a non-communist commonwealth, while the world looked on stupefied, at that which should have mystified.25 Eighteen days later, on December 25, 1991, a clear sign from Our Lady Queen of Peace is given, displaying a gift the world was being given by God. Little Jesus’s birth brought liberation to man’s spirit, and on this day, Gorbachev ordered the communist Red Flag to be hauled down from the Kremlin, a clear action of liberation. One week later, on January 1, 1992, the Feast of the Mother of God, Russia becomes an independent country.26 Four months later, again on May 13, 1992, the Fatima date, prayer rises up for peace with still yet another result. The very next day a series of unexplained explosions detonated for hours at Soviet’s big naval base at Vladivostok where huge numbers of weapons were destroyed. So extensive was the explosions that 50,000 people were evacuated.27


It all comes to an end as it began, in Medjugorje. Nine months later, on the day designated by the Church recognizing Our Lady’s birthday, September 8, 1992, way up in the sky, a clear sign was given. It recalled the early days of Medjugorje during the 1980s when everyone saw the word “Mir” (the Croatian word for peace) supernaturally written across the sky. For on this later date, September 8, 1992 also in the Heavens, way up in the sky, the last communist Hammer & Sickle Soviet Flag was officially taken down from the Russian orbiting spacecraft, leaving only one symbol left up there — the name of the spacecraft itself…called “Mir” — Peace. The devil’s monumental defeat at the hands of Mary, unmistakenly traceable.28


Need to catch your breath…there’s more.


Still yet another clean up battle adds to the number, signifying another major event connected to the May 13th date that occurred in 1994. Rosaries were prayed around the world, people gathered together to assure peace in remembrance of Our Lady’s May 13th apparition in Fatima. The very next day on May 14, 1994, the Russian storage depot for the Soviet Pacific Fleet near Novonezhino blew high as the sky. So powerful, it was as an earthquake, literally shaking the ground sixty miles away. This was the fourth explosion, all connected to the destruction of Russian weaponry and all mystifyingly tied to four different May 13th’s in a ten year span.29 Evidently their foundation came from the May 13th shooting of Pope John Paul II on May “13” — “thirteen” years before in 1981! The wheel that goes around comes around — as you sow, so shall you reap. The devil struck the Holy Father, and his schemes to enslave the world through communism were destroyed. All these actions are to be marveled at and be in awe of through the actions of God. Everything you just read is prep for what Our Lady’s plans are in


Medjugorje. Medjugorje is much bigger than we can imagine — “It is” the plan for the salvation of the world.


All the preceding is history. What value is history if it is just a display of facts to fill our heads? All history must be defined in the light of God and His actions in man’s history. Man then, in his study of history will be elevated, incited to say as those who witnessed the early Christians defy the lions, who left the Colosseum affected by the miracles they witnessed, would shout, “Great is the God of the Christians.” Our seeing God’s hand in history, causes the same reaction of God’s greatness. Your reading the previous sentence is history the moment you finish the sentence. Your action of reading it is no longer in the present. Therefore, everything for you is in the future. All that comes to you in the next moment is future, clung to, only for a moment of time in the present, and then passed into personal history, just as world history. So what is its value? Nothing, if explained only from the world’s view, for in the end, what does it matter? But if history is viewed in the context of God and His Word applied, history becomes very important, for everything will pass into eternity.


History only has importance or value if it elevates man and that importance is not surpassed by anything one will ever do, for our personal history will come into review in the future. As a way of explanation, consider one man who paints for a living but with no thought or desire to elevate himself or those who see his art towards good or higher things. Regardless of his talent, if it is not being used for a higher purpose, it will not lead him to a future of peace. Another man, who also paints, has the desire that through his gift, he lead himself and others towards God, and his paintings reflect this aim in honoring God. Both have history they are creating, but only one man’s history is creating a future of peace for himself and others.


Every man who ever walked the Earth will receive a history test. It is his bridge from this life to the next. In the middle of that bridge stands Christ, the teacher, judging your life and all the history tests you have gone through. Behind him, at the end of the bridge, are three paths leading you to the place you chose by your own history (Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory). History, therefore, in this light will be your foremost thought, your whole attention. Most, on their death beds, reflect on their past lives in concern of what will be determined in the next. History is future. Decisions made in the future will affect your history. Therefore, decisions made in your history will affect your future. History will come back to you in the future even in the next life — in the judgement of the review of your life.


Interestingly, Our Lady tells us to reflect. Reflection per say has to do with the past. However, Our Lady says reflect in an opposite way because the decision for tomorrow will become the decision that made up yesterday. The future, therefore, is history waiting to be.


January 25, 1997

“Dear children! I invite you to reflect about your future. You are creating a new world without God, only with your own strength and that is why you are unsatisfied and without joy in your heart.”


The following paragraph, in order to be understood, should be read slowly in its entirety and then read several times over in order to grasp the ideas being presented. It would be beneficial to say a prayer to the Holy Spirit before you begin.


History cannot change once it is in the past. History can only be changed in the future while in the present. When decisions are made, they are almost always planned for, thought of, laid out for in the future. Most spontaneous decisions are made in the future because long before, we have allowed ourselves to be formed by certain habits or conditions which mentally or subconsciously emerge in a spontaneous decision — decisions which are influenced greatly by the way we have lived and the environment we have had in our past. In other words, the way we live in the present is the way we will make future decisions.


Our Lady is trying to intercept the present way we live on a daily basis in order to change history by changing the future. Who does not suffer from bad decisions of the past that in the present are giving us bad fruit to eat and basket loads of the same that must still be eaten in the future yet to come. Bad relationships, financial decisions, bad decisions in rearing our children come to us in sufferings that we have inherited in our present moment from our past history, by the decisions we had made. We will continue to suffer from future decisions or experience happiness and peace based on the bad or good decisions and changes we will make in the future. “O God, O God,” many cry out. “Where are you?” He is in the same place you put Him in your life five years before. Our Lady, in these twenty years of apparitions, has brought us hope. She, the Queen of Peace, comes to teach modern man how to obtain peace in his future. Therefore, how do I get rid of bad fruit, and how do I begin picking good fruit? It again begins with reflections. To change our situation, we must change our hearts. How?


December 25, 1997

“I desire that each of you reflect and carry peace in your heart and say: I want to put God in the first place in my life…I want the good for you and He (God) will respond with the good…good will come to dwell in the heart of each man…”


The salutation, Good-Bye, is the terminology people use today who are parting from each other. This word, however, evolved through changes made by history changers of the world. The term originated from the parting words, “God be with you.” Eventually it became the slang term, “God-beyou!” to finally Good-bye. Darkness never sleeps and is always erasing traces of God from man. Nevertheless, good is God. Peace is good. God is peace. Our Lady says:


February 25, 1991

“God is peace itself.”


If good is in the heart, then God is there. If God is there, peace is there. It comes from putting God in the first place in your life. By doing so, your future baskets of fruit will be good; good being peace, peace being God. Putting God in your heart. When God is in the heart you will remember even in departing greetings saying “God be with you.” Many, however, do not place God first in every decision and even as Christians have distance from God, just as the distance of “God be with you” to “goodbye.” All of which results in bad fruit that comes from a lack of peace in the heart. Our Lady says:


February 25, 1991

“…Decide for God because distance from God is the fruit of lack of peace in your hearts.”


However, that is not the history nor future that God wants of you, for Our Lady goes on in the same message and says:


February 25, 1991

“…Therefore, approach Him through your personal prayer and then live peace in your hearts, and in this way peace will flow from your hearts like a river into the whole world. Do not speak about peace, but make peace…”


Our history will have no future if we have no peace, and if we have no peace, we have no joy. Joy in the heart is a result of prayer, and prayer helps determine the fruit we pick. Who, therefore, is not happy with putting God in the first place in everything? And who is happy, who has not? Our Lady says:


December 25, 1998

“I call you to pray, pray, pray, because without prayer you do not have joy or peace or a future.”


Pray/joy; pray/peace; pray/future. “Pray” leads to a future. The only future one wants to look forward to is a good one. Therefore, goodness in the heart is having God dwelling in it and, therefore, peace results in joy, its fruit. Today’s man has many seemingly sublime obstacles that block God from being first in his life. Sports, pleasures, entertainments are but a fraction of things that are being chosen before prayer, before God.


However, peace cannot dwell where there is no love. All the prayer in the world cannot bring peace if there is no love. Recently a woman called our mission stating she had prayed for years, but still she was unable to receive peace. Having much experience with Our Lady’s messages, we knew what questions to ask, and she confessed she did not love her husband. Worse still, she said that he was a good husband, for the most part faultless.


Our Lady said:


January 25, 1996

“Live peace in your hearts and you will understand, dear children, that peace is the gift of God.”


Peace is a gift from God!! Jesus says love your enemies. He didn’t qualify on this or that condition. He just clearly said love your enemy. If peace is a gift, is it justice that God grant this gift to someone who does not love their husband?, and a good husband at that? A husband with whom she has raised several children into adulthood? Love is a decision. Our Lady said:


November 20, 1986

“Dear children, decide for love so that love prevails in all of you, but not human love, rather God’s love.”


Love is preferring another’s needs before your own. Love is not a feeling, it is an action. Not to love is selfish.


If it would be wrong for this woman not to love her enemy, it, therefore, is an utmost crime not to love one’s husband. How could God grant her peace? She was further questioned about her father, and as suspected, her poor relationship with her father carried over into the relationship with her husband. She had to forgive her father in a completeness before she could ever hope to love her husband. For only through forgiveness, one can experience love and only through love can one receive and experience the gift of peace.


January 25, 1996

“The fruit of peace is love and the fruit of love is forgiveness.”


We cannot love others or enemies for that matter, if we cannot love our spouse and those of our family. In the same message, Our Lady continues:


January 25, 1996

“…the fruit of love is forgiveness. I am with you and I will invite all of you, little children, that before all else forgive in the family and then you will be able to forgive others.”


We all can see how badly these words of Our Lady need to be put into action. But this is relating to our personal self, our family. It is just a small segment, small history, compared to the world. From the beginning of this writing, it was stated that the plans of Our Lady are way beyond historical in their impact for the past and future of man. But how can that be accepted when we see the intimacy Our Lady speaks to us as individuals. After all, atom bombs, nuclear threats and Our Lady squashing those threats are much larger on the scale of the world and its impact than our little surrounding world of daily life. The incredible aspect is that the “nuclear” is small play in the scope of Our Lady’s plans. One modern atomic blast can be compared to 40,040,000,000 lbs. of TNT. That would be 667,333 rail cars carrying 30 tons each in a train stretching over 6,300 miles. That is a lot of weight and a big picture to look at, to visualize. It is an impressive amount of TNT. But the comparison is more impressive, for the atomic bomb is very little, a small weight, a fraction, insignificant in comparison to even one rail car load of gun powder. However, to be equivalent in power of the bomb, it would take over a half of million rail cars of TNT!! More so, the atomic bomb is made up of very small insignificant atoms of which the splitting of a single tiny, tiny atom releases an unimaginable amount of energy force, resulting in an explosion of catastrophic proportions.


Hence, this is where the power is, in a little atom, and it reveals Our Lady’s plans. If She cares so much about Russia spreading its errors throughout the world, and its threats with the A bomb, how much more does She care for the world’s society that is exploding into a disaster? But She sees it not as a huge population of people, paralleling the full weight of TNT, but as the small unit the atom, the family, the small seemingly insignificant factor which makes up all society and little though it be, once split through disunity, divorce, strife, releases tremendous destruction to every part of society, killing or damaging severely the heart of the individual, just as a single atom being split releases a catastrophic destructive force.


Scroll up the page back to Our Lord and Our Lady in the atomic blast. Look, meditate on a real photograph of the atomic bomb; meditate on the supernatural image there. Why is Our Lady there? What is the message? Our Lady is speaking to you about you, your conversion, through this picture; your impact on the world, in that the threat that we are faced with decreases by you accepting conversion or increases by you rejecting it. Our Lady says:


March 25, 1990

“God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many other things which can only help you to understand that you must change the direction of your life.”


Life is not global; life is individual. Too much emphasis today is about the Global, the Global company, the Global planet, Globalization. With Globalization, we become hopeless, small, and the individual is insignificant. It is easy to say, “Why should I change. I can do nothing. Sure IBM or Dupont can do it, they are global.” None of these things inspire one to change. We can’t relate to the charities of a generous company, but we could to an individual such as Saint Francis. We can say, “I can relate to his good example. I am inspired to imitate one of his virtues.” By comparison, who could imitate a Catholic hospital as an individual — it is impossible. Our Lady is showing us the importance of the individual.


June, 1981

“I invite you. I need you. I chose you. You are important.”


“But how can I change the world?” we respond. It is by changing you, your little world — first your life. Each life is dear to Our Lady.


March 28, 1985

“Each individual is dear to my heart.”


It is the individual who will save the world through God’s grace. The world as a body is blind and mindless, traveling along aimlessly led by its instinct of greed, and wants, pomp and inordinate desires. It has no sensitivity of what sin it is drowning in. Our Lady wants to save the world, but not the way man thinks.


February 17, 1984

“My children, pray! The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize in what sin it is sinking. It needs “your” prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger.”


Not the world’s prayer… your prayer as an individual. Just as all matter is made up by atoms, the focus of Our Lady’s plans is the individual heart, which makes up the family, which makes up the world. You, your conversion, will change the world, first by you changing the direction of your life. Conversion is that process. Our Lady has spoken of conversion in over 100 messages.c Many, however, want to convert the world. Many are ready to volunteer and answer the call because everyone else needs conversion. We must say instead, it is me who needs conversion. St. Francis was told to rebuild the church. He eventually came to the understanding it was the Universal Church. St. Francis did not go out finding faults and preaching the iniquities of man. No! St. Francis changed the world by changing himself. He knew the secret to changing the world was to change himself, to become holy, to walk in holiness. It will ripple out, as a small pebble thrown in the center of a pond, to the edge of society, even to those who are not even born as Saint Francis’ life displayed. His holiness is still converting and inspiring souls to change today. In review of the saints and their lives and how they changed society, it is the consequence of themselves changing and loving. You are the atom in your family. If you have no family, your state in life determines your family. It is what makes up the world. The individual is most significant because from it the whole is made. When the individual becomes insignificant the whole will oppress, will treat the individual insignificantly, will dominate man’s spirit, leading its inhabitants astray. Our Lady says:


July 30, 1987

“I want to save you and through you (atom of society) to save the whole world.”


We will never save the world if we can hardly wait to give Our Lady’s message to the next person. The messages’ weight falls upon us in their entirety, individually. Your family does not need you to convert them. They need for you to convert yourself. You will convert them through your conversion, not pious acts or preaching. You cannot leave Medjugorje saying, “I’ve had a conversion experience.” It is not a one time, born again experience. It is a daily event, lasting your whole lifetime.


July 17, 1989

“Conversion is a process which goes on through your entire life.”


Yes! Conversion in its beginning is profound, filled with grace, and Our Lady even says it is easy for those who desire it. But it is by God’s grace. Our Lady says:


January 23, 1986

Conversion will be easy for all who desire to accept it.”


Conversion, therefore, comes by grace with desire. It, therefore, is a gift.


December 25, 1989

“…I intercede for you to God for Him to give you the gift of the conversion of the heart.”


But if conversion is a gift, it will later be tested to prove your sincerity to put God first in your life. In the beginning of conversion, many are ready to conquer the world. They are strong, turn away from sin, etc. Somewhere along the way, one year, two years later you will have to struggle to keep conversion. The struggle is the process of God to purify you, to try your conversion to see if it is sincere or was just an euphoric decision made in the bath of graces that Medjugorje or by what graces Our Lady’s messages offered in the beginning. Sadly when the going gets tough, not all the tough keep going and they abandon the way.


June 25, 1992

“Dear children, today I am happy despite there still being some sadness in my heart for all those who began to take this path and then abandoned it.”


Why do people abandon it? One pilgrim to Medjugorje stated years later,


“My conversion was fed by changing my life. In the beginning, it was easy. Grace seemed to come unlimited in giving me strength and vision. Years later, step by step, Our Lady showed me more changes that must take place. Conversion grew to be difficult with obstacles in the way. Each had to be hurdled. Had She shown me in the beginning of my conversion all She would expect of me, I would not have had the strength for all of it being dumped on me at once. This, I believe, is the grace of accepting Our Lady’s invitation in the present moment. That is… the grace to walk with Her little by little to change.”


There are those who along the way, even step by step, reach what we call the comfort zone. “Yes, I’ll change,” but when it gets too uncomfortable, they quit and abandon the way. Medjugorje has many who have done so. Many have come and gone. Some even justify themselves not wanting to change by saying, “Oh, I don’t believe in the apparitions anymore,” thus rationalizing away necessary changes one must make. However, the walk must be steadfast and change must occur. The plan of Medjugorje is a plan of separation. We must first say to ourselves, “I must choose the right things in my life that lead to light not darkness.” Our Lady says:


March 14, 1985

“I am calling you to the light, which you should carry to all the people who are in darkness. People who are in darkness daily come into your homes. Dear children, give them the light.”


What are you doing to change other people’s lives who are in darkness? It is a grave mistake to think that just by praying you will change others. Going to daily mass, praying novenas amount to nothing in having your prayers answered if you persist in ways that you know are in error. Our Lady’s call to prayer is to get you praying enough that you may have strength enough to change your life. Do not think, “I am going to change. I have the strength.” Our Lady says:


January 25, 1995

“…pray to have the strength to realize what I am telling you.”


Our Lady didn’t say “strength to change your life.” First you must pray to have the strength just to “listen” to Her words. How much more prayer for strength will we need to act upon it and persevere in change: daily conversion. The individual’s importance to Her plans is what Our Lady’s call is about in changing the future of man in order to change his future history. We must walk in the light, not through self-righteousness, rather in the dutiful performance of our state in life — if you are a husband, you must strive toward perfection; if you are a wife, you must carry out your holy vocation with the joy of being the perfect wife, etc.. However, environment is also important. We must seal up all avenues of darkness coming into our homes. Our Lady said:


February 13, 1986

“Turn off the television and renounce various things that are of no value.”


Many would like to rationalize these words of Our Lady away, but Our Lady said them. Yes, it was during Lent, but it was meant to change the direction of your life. “Lent” was the incentive to “start” the change that Our Lady gave in this message. Can you say that darkness never comes into your home through the TV? One hundred percent of the time, even if regulated — what of commercials? You can say no darkness enters through the news into your home? You receive light from it one hundred percent of the time? Is this too much to ask? Remember these are Our Lady’s words. They say “turn off the television and renounce various things that are of no value.” Perhaps now we must recall Our Lady’s words which said, “pray to have the strength to ‘realize’ what I am telling you.” Now one can see how we do need strength just to listen and accept Our Lady’s words. There is more Our Lady wishes to tell you of the influence of the “world” that is to the detriment of the individual’s heart. Our Lady said:


April 17, 1986

“If you look at the programs, if you look at the newspapers, your heads are filled with news, then there is no longer any place for me in your hearts.”


So we begin to see that twenty years of apparitions are necessary because the task before Our Lady is much larger than destroying armaments. She comes to deliver Her children, Her people out of the clutches of darkness. It is much more complicated than destroying stored weapons satan wishes to make use of. He has gotten into our hearts; he has influenced every aspect of life. Our Lady must proceed delicately with such gentle sweetness so as not to be rejected, yes, even by Her children who find what She asks as too difficult. She comes in the name of God. She guides us so we will not reject God because She does not want us to be rejected.


March 18, 1996

“Do not reject from yourself the name of God, that you may not be rejected.”


Will Our Lady be appearing for forty years, to guide us out of the desert? Will we need that much purification before She leaves us as Moses finally accomplished bringing his people to the Promised Land? Yes!


Modern society has put man into slavery and we all need deliverance of some sort. It is strange, so much of Our Lady’s work in the twentieth century had to do with the spirit of communism and not once did Our Lady use the word. Yet She has spoken of materialism and warned us of the great danger of slavery which is the pit dug by satan to snare us.


June 25, 1989

“Pray because you are in great temptation and danger because the world and material goods lead you into slavery, satan is active in this plan.”


It is true, Our Lady has never publicly spoken of the dark spirit of communism, but She has mentioned the dark spirit of consumerism. Our Lady clearly associates the spirit of consumerism as a spirit of darkness that uses it to attract you, to kill your soul.


March 25, 1996

“In this time when due to the spirit of consumerism one forgets what it means to love and to cherish true values. I invite you again, little children, to put God in the first place in your life. Do not let satan attract you through material things but, little children, decide for God who is freedom and love. Choose life and not death of the soul…”


One father wrote to us:

“I thought when Our Lady said turn off the television, that She meant because of bad programming, but I have realized through Mother Mary’s protectiveness, that Her message equally means that the black box is the king voice in the world for promoting things of every material nature. How, therefore, could its nature be good?

Signed: A father who heeded Her voice
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The nature of Our Lady’s message is but one nature; love. Love, when offered to a people who do not deserve it, if they heed it and become good, they will be responded back to with good despite what they deserve.


In the Old Testament, God’s people were warned to stop their transgressions 177 times. One hundred seven times they ignored God’s call to repentance. Chastisements of famine, war, and captivity followed. But seventy of the times they repented and instead of chastising them, God blessed them. Our Lady’s twenty year call is just that. God wishes to bless you, bless your work, but you must choose him. You must put Him first in your life. Our Lady said:


May 25, 2001

“Little children, you work much but without God’s blessing.”


One man we know owns a chertd pit and sells chert. Every truck that comes in to load he says to God, “Thank you, my Lord! This is from you.” He is flourishing, his work gives every appearance of being blessed. Another man had a pit in the same region. He was stingy, counting every load by way of dollars and after seven or eight years closed. Was it in the dirt? or in the heart? All evidence shows it was in the blessing desired by the heart and to love and put God first.


These are but a few lessons of the many, many Our Lady has come over the twenty years to teach. It is as Marija says, “Our Lady’s messages are for today’s man to help him understand the Bible.” We, in modern society, live radically different than those who wrote the Bible. While the Word contains the fullness of Revelation, man has become too dark to follow it in fullness with the society that he has built. Our Lady’s call is back to the Holy Scriptures, back to what the Church teaches. Her messages are not the Bible, but are to lead us to the Bible. Ancient man did not deal with television, mass communication, internet, and computers. Nor did they travel at the speed of jets, which is twofold in including the pace of today’s retarded family life — going here, going there as well as a host of high tech sins, such as test tube babies and cloning, that affects everyone in the highest skyscrapers to country farms. Man today lives radically different, and our hearts need help. Our Lady is leading a spiritual revolution to bring in check and management the industrial and high tech revolution. God has given Her this period to accomplish this task. This is why this time is so extraordinary, unlike any in history and will effect all future men. Our Lady says, and clearly states whose time this is. Our Lady says:


January 25, 1997

“This time is my time.”


It is such a grace that we do not even realize the greatness of it, and that Our Lady, because we are so preoccupied with the world, has to intercede just so we may be able to understand how great Her being here is in “Her Time”. Our Lady says:


April 25, 1990

“I will pray for you and intercede for you before God that you understand the greatness of this gift which God is giving me that I can be with you.”


Think of it, well over 10,000 apparitions!e Our Lady has been on the Earth everyday for 20 years! All attention is on Her. Of man and of angels, She is the holiest creature that has ever existed. Marija says even the angels in all the apparitions never, even for but a moment, will take their eyes off of Her. Holding on to time with Our Lady is one of the greatest moments of their state of being in accompanying Her to Earth. We are in a time of grace because of Her. The Woman of Revelation, it is She whose presence upon the Earth is leading it to holiness. Her blessing leaves Her fragrance upon the Earth to bring about the springtime all of Heaven awaits.


October 25, 2000

“I desire to renew prayer with you and to call you to fast which I desire to offer to my Son Jesus for the coming of a new time — a time of spring…the Church is being renewed in the Spirit.”


She wishes to garden you into a flower to be a bouquet in Heaven for all eternity.


July 25, 1995

“I wish to make of you a most beautiful bouquet prepared for eternity.”


Man thinks this is an evil time. It was before June 24, 1981. It then began to change into a holy time. The Earth is being brought to renewal in holiness by you listening to Her whose holiness has made this time holy. The Earth hosting the Queen of Peace is being doused with holiness, even so much as to affect “time,” history.


January 2, 2000

“He has sent me among you because His love is great. At this great and ‘holy time’ in which you have entered…”


She needs you. She, who all the angels bow to and hold as the greatest honor to be in Her service, this Star of Heaven is before you begging you to help Her.


January 2, 2000

“Never as much as today, my heart is begging for your help! I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for.”


Reflect on who is begging you, pleading with you, and yes even “submitting” to your decision whether to follow Her way; the Queen of Peace.


November 25, 1987

“I desire each of you for myself, but God has given to all a freedom which I lovingly respect and humbly submit to.”


To know Our Lady is begging us and is submitting before our will is a little disconcerting when meditating upon the honor the angels hold to be able to be in the service of Mary. How the angels must cringe at us to see reluctance in us to change the direction of our lives, in regard to obstacles which we think are too hard, when, in fact, it is a privilege to do so because it is by direct request of our Queen. This is the time of grace, a great time, a holy time, a particular time unlike any other time.


June 25, 1993

“Dear children, these times are particular and therefore I am with you to love and protect you, to protect your hearts from satan and to bring you all closer to the Heart of My Son Jesus.”


Pope Leo saw the great power of satan amassed for 100 years. Our Lady announced its destruction; the time of grace to detonate his arsenal.


August 2, 1981

“A great struggle is ‘about’ to unfold between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


The devil is indeed free to act now that he is unchained. Our Lady says:


January 1, 2001

“Now that when satan is unchained.”


The struggle now enters the heart. We must pray from the heart, change from the heart, love with all our heart, and be marked in our heart by Our Lady’s messages of which are to change the world one by one — messages that cannot be rejected without rejecting the name of God — messages of which are so important Our Lady Herself says:


August 25, 1997

“God gives me this time as a gift to you, so that I may instruct and lead you on the path of salvation. Dear children, now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages.”


Our Lady’s messages will bring peace to our hearts, but at the same time agitates our peace if we reject them. Many accept the apparitions, but do not accept all of Her messages, disqualifying them, saying, yes Our Lady is appearing, but this message for this reason or that reason is not important. Our Lady speaks of these “many” people who do not accept what She is saying. She states with pristine clarity that they do not take her seriously. They, in fact, do not desire to understand Her messages. These people accept the apparitions but not all of the content.


June 25, 1991

“There are ‘many’ people who do not desire to understand my messages and to accept with seriousness what I am saying.”


Man’s nature wants only the sweet cream. The apparitions are cream. What they ask of us costs, and Our Lady’s words indicate that many don’t wish to sweat, to pay the price. The apparitions and their sweetness brings the bitterness. But again, man does not want the bitter.


July 25, 1987

“Dear children, pray and accept all that God is offering you on a way which is bitter. But at the same time, God will reveal every sweetness to whomever begins to go on that way.”


We can’t pick and choose. We must take both that which is easy and that which is difficult, in all that we are given — a great gift of Our Lady coming. The gift of Our Lady is such that to whom much is given, much is expected, even having to answer to Our Lady. Answering to Jesus is one thing, but to answer to the Mother who is always figuring out how to let people into Heaven through the side windows is another thing.


February 6, 1986

“First of all you must accept the messages and then the others. You shall be answerable to me and to my Son, Jesus.”


In 20 years Our Lady has said some things that many did not want to hear — the price to promote certain messages is too costly. These ranged from the secrets, Our Lady’s Special Blessing, these being the last apparitions on earth, satan being unchained, to even being political for the sake of saving one’s position by not speaking too much about Our Lady’s apparitions. As with the early Christians, there can be a price for following Our Lady, and in 20 years, some find it politically good to betray aspects of what She is doing or saying.


January 25, 1991

“Thank you that you will not betray my presence here and I thank you because your response is serving God and peace.”


We should strive for good relationships with the authorities, but the early Christians chose the sword when they were told to betray the “Christ”. We cannot deny Our Lady’s words. We cannot minimize them. We cannot ignore them. We cannot compromise them. Our Lady’s words and Her actions are to ring from the mountain tops by our life as apostles who have been commissioned directly by Her.


October 25, 1993

“I invite you to become Apostles of love and goodness.”


March 25, 1998

“I desire that you become apostles of love.”


November 25, 1999

“Only through prayer will you become my apostles of peace in this world without peace.”


March 25, 1997

“Only through prayer you, too, can become true apostles of faith.”


Our Lady desires you to change your life and to become missionaries. Our Lady said on February 25, 1995:

“Today I invite you to become missionaries of my messages.”


The saints tell us the angels wish they could suffer as we, knowing how valuable it is when offered up in suffering for God. If this is the case, how they must look on as our guardians with sorrow for all of us who do not accept that which is before us. Equally grievous to them is our acceptance in measurements, according to our whims, rather than our accepting in fullness everything — sufferings, joy, sorrows, jubilation, crosses, delights — all are great opportunities and privileges that the angels can only wish of the opportunity.


May 16, 1987

“When God calls men, it is really a great thing. Think about how it would be sad to let pass those opportunities that God allows without taking them.”


Yes, Our Lady’s plans for our time are big. It has all the elements of the few greatest moments of man’s history. Nothing can compare to a plan that God sends his best from Heaven to give a holy anointing of daily benediction to nurse the sick world back to health. Fatima was thirteen apparitions. The Church has put it as by far the most phenomenal event of the twentieth century. Medjugorje is not yet understood, and if the Church holds this assessment of thirteen apparitions with this much significance, what will it view Medjugorje once the time of grace is grasped? Medjugorje is the event, a time given to Our Lady that has been in waiting for 2000 years, even foretold in Genesis, “the woman’s seed will crush the head of the serpent.” — one of the most displayed acts of God’s love, outside of Jesus’ life, in the history of man. You, as an individual, are chosen to be used in this plan. A plan so important, so big you cannot fathom how great your role is in God’s design. You can only pray to find out what your role is in God’s plan. It is the plan. It is a “great” plan for the salvation of mankind.


January 25, 1987

“Dear children, behold, also today I want to call you to start living a new life as of today. Dear children, I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design. Therefore, dear children, pray so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God’s plan is in your regard. I am with you in order that you may be able to bring it about in all its fullness. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Our Lady’s call is such an exalted call, to ignore it is a tragedy. Our Lady said on March 25, 1994:

“I desire, little children, that all of you who have felt the fragrance of holiness, through these messages which I am giving you, to carry it in this world, hungry for God and God’s love.”


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Through the years, many have written that the writings I have written end too abruptly. Is that the case? Or is it because to be fed Our Lady’s words and stopping anywhere is like stopping in the middle of an good meal. There is no good place to stop feeding when one is starving and, in this case it is no different. But you don’t have to stop eating. Consume Our Lady’s messages. Read them everyday. Put them into your life, and though your appetite will increase, the way to satisfy your hunger will be your daily nourishment of Our Lady’s messages

Friend of Medjugorje

Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


Of Interest To Our Friends of the Mission of the Community of Caritas


There has been an aggressive effort, by a few, to prejudice people, by false testimony, to be against the mission of Caritas here and the founder, Friend of Medjugorje. We are unfrayed by this but feel sorrow at the hatred and falsehoods leveled at us because of our responsibility in answering Our Lady’s call. As with all missions from God, persecution is part of the path. All the answers anyone needs will come in front of the Blessed Sacrament. It is there, with confidence, we encourage those who need any answers to go. We are expanding and growing, and the abundant harvest of fruit we are presently experiencing is being paralleled by an increase in persecutions, calumnies, etc. It is the walk of Christ, and where His words are proclaimed the strongest, one can expect the most antagonism. The saints teach the same. They convey: “The greater the impact the institution has on society, the more severe the attacks.” It is no secret that Our Lady’s messages through this mission and through the writing such as you have just read from a Friend of Medjugorje and his witness, have touched millions of people in its fourteen years. It has been stated that: “Accusations are always those best calculated in the culture of the day to damage the reputation of God’s work.” Saint Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits said, “The most common sins of the tongue are lying, false testimony, and detraction. As to the last one, it is a mortal sin to make known a serious fault which is not public in order to prejudice one’s neighbor’s reputation.” If, therefore, it is a mortal sin to expose true serious faults, how much more grave is the sin when spreading disinformation and falsehoods in order to destroy one’s reputation. Our Lady said on April 12, 1984:

“I beseech you to stop slanderingf and to pray for the unity of the parish!”


Our Lady said on April 25, 1988:

“Neither look to others nor slander them, but rather let your life be a testimony on the way of holiness.”


A Friend of Medjugorje explained in one of his writings:


“As Christians we must be guarded as well as suspect of those who we give our ear to in order for them to voice disparaging comments or accusations, for it is almost always done for the purpose of personal motives, many times disguised as “charitable gossip or concerned gossip” in order to sanitize slander as good. We, by listening, become a party to their crime. As too, it is a lack of faith in God, for He is big enough to handle every situation as Gamaliel said to the Sanhedrin two thousand years ago about the early Christians, “For if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God.” Acts 5:38–39.”


But perhaps Our Lady said it best on November 20, 1983:

“My children do not believe everything that people tell you. One must not because it weakens one’s faith.”


That, in essence, is satan’s goal in regard to our mission — that your faith be weakened in order not to read about Our Lady’s messages and be fed what you have just read. Darkness wishes to insulate you away from the words of Our Lady. A Friend of Medjugorje says:


“Our commitment is to the messages and our lives are devoted to make Our Lady more known and loved.”


Even Jesus being God, was still convicted by false testimony against Him. Therefore, one should realize the seriousness of the harm one can do to Our Lady’s work, not only by maligned or injurious talk, but also by listening to it as well. It is a pity, and we ask you to join in prayers with us for these individuals and bless them, that they may come to realize the mortal wrong that they are committing.


Endnotes and Footnotes, copyright, Caritas of Birmingham. For permission to use, contact Caritas of Birmingham, 205-672-2000.



a. Our Lady said on February 15, 1984 in Medjugorje:
“The wind is my sign. I will come in the wind. When the wind blows, know that I am with you. You have learned that the cross represents Christ; it is a sign of Him. It is the same for the Crucifix you have in your home. For me, it is not the same. When it is cold, you come to church; you want to offer everything to God. I am, then, with you. I am with you in the wind. Do not be afraid.”
b. It was almost 3:00 a.m., December 8, 1941 in Japan when the attack on Pearl Harbor began.
c. This section of “Twenty Years of Apparitions” was written and released for June 25, 2001.
d. For a greater explanation of Our Lady’s call in regard to television, read I See Far by a Friend of Medjugorje. Because of family members, turning off the T.V. may not be so simple. The above book is a compete spiritual guide in regard to Our Lady’s message about this medium and the walk in showing you the why’s and how’s about what to do. You may go to the Mission House located by the statue of St. Michael in Medjugorje to get this book or get it at our Mother House when you visit or travel through Alabama. You may also order by mail by calling 205-672-2000, ext. 315 or writing to Caritas of Birmingham, 100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive, Sterrett, AL 35147 USA.
e. Chert is a hard material formed in some Alabama soil which is used to build dirt roads.
f. Webster Dictionary defines slander/libel as the following: The utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation; a handbill esp. attacking or defaming someone; a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression; a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt; defamation of person by written or representational means.



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11 thoughts on “20 Years of Apparitions”

  1. Thanks to many so-called Christians and their leaders, the natural law of God-and our constitution-are all but overthrown in our country.We have the right-we have the DUTY-to replace this government (establishment).With the help of God and the guidance of His Blessed Mother-and enormous sacrifices-the Will of God will be done.

  2. Thanks to many so-called Christians and their leaders, the natural law of God-and our constitution-are all but overthrown in our country. We have the right-we have the DUTY-to replace this government (establishment). With the help of God and the guidance of His Blessed Mother-and enormous sacrifices-the Will of God will be done.

  3. Outrage, resentment, and anger directed at the church is the work the devil wants from fools that will take the bait. I find it interesting that before WWI&II, London was publishing Anti-Catholic books, like John Bull and today all over the internet the spirit of murder is dividing people for chaos. There was a time when the church had a credible leadership position but internally someone destroyed it by the scandals which is a rotten way to destroy the faith of the youth. I come to realize the Swiss guard is still on the job because the church was conquered by the Norman devils and Dante’s writings and the book the Golden Legend (Saint stories) reflect the fall. IF you are a true follower of Mary & Jesus, focus on your practice of devotion and learning the spiritual ‘TRUTHS” Jesus taught and died for while speaking the truth. Play the game, don’t let the game play you. The church is following orders, it is only the beginning of the narrow path and people need a way to find the light.

  4. Wonderful broadcast! I just ‘happened’ to stumble upon this! I believe I was led here by Our Lady. Yes, our shepherds are BLIND indeed! And if they are not totally blind, they lack the courage to stand for the truth of Christ in His Church! Much prayer is needed, and not just for our shepherds but for the Pope as well. We must pray for him every day for he is surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing. He vacillates at times between truth and lies. We don’t know what is going on in the Vatican, but it is obvious all is not good. Much prayer and sacrifice is needed for him and for our true shepherds. I say YES to God, to Christ Jesus, to Our Lady and to the Holy Father, but I say yes only when they profess the TRUTH of Christ in His Church. You are so correct, we MUST speak out, we MUST speak truth! We have an obligation to ‘correct’ falsehoods but IN LOVE! We will all stand before the mighty judge some day, woe to him that cooperates with evil, even from our shepherds.

  5. This was a wonderful presentation. It is really scary what is going on in our Catholic Church. I don’t understand why we are not hearing from the pulpit about what we need to hear about this election. I know they can’t say who we should vote for but, the things we should know about the issues. I hear so many people say that abortion, religious freedom and [abomination] doesn’t matter. Many Catholics and practicing Christians I know are voting for Hillary. I just don’t understand it, it’s really sad. Like Mary said “pray, pray, pray” for our country. Thank you for such an eye opener, God Bless Caritas and a Friend of Medjugorje. Love and prayers to all.

  6. You don’t know how I wish Radio Wave were listened to by everyone! A lot of people don’t know it even exists! I pass it on to others, but that doesn’t guarantee they will listen to it. The messages are clear, we are in imminent danger and need to open our hearts to listen to the words of Our Lady to prepare us for Her Son. I pray everyday, not only for my own family and children, but for the conversion of all souls. May God be merciful unto us.

  7. Mmmnnnn; Great info! It really gets me thinking and praying. I no longer support my Bishop because I don’t think he is always true to our faith. I was in two diocese that were bankrupt by [abominables]. I do give to Catholic school and other Catholic churches in area though. I try to do the 5 stones Our Lady gave us but don’t always succeed. Since going to Medjugorje twice now I try to pray more. I realized I can’t judge others but pray saying I only have opinions based on what I have learned in Catholic schools. Even when I say Our Father and get to the “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,” I can’t really judge but ask God to, if my opinions are right. I always give my grandkids gold and silver coins for birthday and Christmas. They have real value and hope Trump can stop the government from taking our grand kids money to spend on themselves. I pray for one nation under God and in God we trust as before. Look at Venezuela’s leaders’ riches.

  8. Mario Moro Fecchio

    Once again I ask kindly to the Friend of Medjugorje to speak in an clear way for people of languages other than English. It is not so dificult! And the matter deserves to be understood for all people interested! I suggest for example, that He should speak like the man in the begining that says “No one can serve two masters…” That is clearly understood!Mario M. [email protected]

  9. Awesome show!!! How can so many be so blind? An arch bishop saying that???!!! How can one who strives to pray from the heart be so blind and so hurtful? We must pray much more for our shepherds.

  10. I would be careful of your high praise of Donald Trump. It appears that moral character is not something you consider of high importance. Infidelities, putting down the marginalized and poor, the handicapped, multiple bankruptcies, an extreme pattern of not paying debts, narcissistic, ego maniac etc all are disgraceful at best. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t believe our Lord would consider this a good human being to lead the Free World. Only, love, compassion and mercy will show the world how Jesus is still alive today among our people. I happen to live in the county that is Trump’s second home. There are many stories written up how he has destroyed small businesses in our area by not paying final balances or dragging things out in the court system for years. This is not a man of Christ. He has flip-flopped on almost any topic or says he’s joking. Jesus Christ would not find any of this remotely funny. Please do your research on this man.A friend in Christ,John

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