Our Lady’s Special Blessing

The “Special Blessing” of Our Lady of Medjugorje


“A Blessing to Help Save the World”

What would you think if someone told you that God would give a gift, a special gift, which gives you the grace to bless others in the name of the Virgin Mary? This blessing is powerful enough to convert atheists, to heal the soul, or to bring family members back to the Church. Once you receive this blessing with which to bless others, you will retain it for the rest of your life! This is exactly what has happened.


The “Special Blessing” given by Our Lady in Medjugorje, is an incredible gift and powerful aid for conversions. Our Lady’s Special Blessing is accepted and eagerly used by many, rejected by a small few, and unknown to too many souls who could receive grace from it or help the conversions of others by its use. The introductory paragraph above is taken from a Friend of Medjugorje’s short book, “A Blessing to Help Save the World,” which he first published in 1991. His close relationship with Medjugorje visionary, Marija (Pavlovic) Lunetti, to whom the revelation of the Special Blessing was given, and his desire to understand the Special Blessing led him to in-depth conversations with Marija, through which, along with much prayer, he gained a deeper understanding about the Special Blessing, Our Lady’s desire for its use, and how it should be used. What follows below is the conclusion of his short book, “A Blessing to Help Save the World,” to provide you with a more complete understanding of this powerful gift for our current times and the future. This short book has spread around the world and many have testified to the grace of conversion that came into their lives once this Special Blessing had been received in their daily prayer life. Our Lady said this about the Special Blessing. The more belief you have in it, the greater the power of the blessing. In this time of grace, God is giving special graces to Our Lady to give to Her apostles to help in the salvation of souls. Our Lady desires the Special Blessing to be spread. She said:


December 25, 1988

“…Today I give you my Special Blessing. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace…”


Download and read “A Blessing to Help Save the World,” to gain the full understanding and power of Our Lady’s Special Blessing, and the understanding and ability to teach and encourage others about this great grace Our Lady has given to an undeserving world. Visit here to purchase the short book version, or read the full text below.


“A Blessing to Help Save the World”

by a Friend of Medjugorje


What would you think if someone told you that God would give a gift, a special gift, which gives you the grace to bless others in the name of the Virgin Mary? This blessing is powerful enough to convert atheists, to heal the soul, or to bring family members back to the Church. Once you receive this blessing with which to bless others, you will retain it for the rest of your life! This is exactly what has happened.


On August 5, 1985, God gave Our Lady a gift, a wonderful gift. Why is it said that this is a gift? Because the above date is the first time we see Our Lady use the words, “SPECIAL BLESSING.” The significance of this is the date. Even though Our Lady’s birthday is recognized by the Church on September 8th, Our Lady revealed that the actual date of Her birth is August 5th. On that day, being the generous Mother that She is, She gave us a gift also. She gave this gift unannounced, without fanfare, and simply.


August 5, 1985

Our Lady appeared dressed in golden splendor and was indescribable. She said to Ivan:


“Praised be Jesus Christ. My children, I’m happy to be with you this evening and to see you so numerous. I bless you with a SPECIAL BLESSING. Make progress in holiness through the messages, I will help you. Give your utmost and we will go together, sensitive to the sweetness of life, light, and joy. Go in the peace of God, my children, my little children.”


Our Lady blesses at every apparition so no one really grasped that this Special Blessing was anything different from the usual blessing. Except for giving a Special Blessing to Father Petar Ljubicic1, as an individual, on October 25, 1985, there is no other mention of this blessing until four months later when Our Lady hints a Special Blessing coming on Christmas Day is really something special and different from what Christ gives and from Her usual daily blessing.


December 19, 1985

“…I wish in a special way on Christmas Day to give mothers my own SPECIAL MOTHERLY BLESSING and Jesus will bless the rest with His own blessing…”


Here we have Our Lady distinguishing Her blessing and yet little would be known about Our Lady’s Special Blessing for another three and one-half years, even though She continues to give them.


The next year there was only one recorded Special Blessing given.


June 24, 1986

“You are on a Tabor. You receive blessings, strength, and love. Carry them into your families and into your homes. To each one of you, I grant a SPECIAL BLESSING. Continue in joy, prayer, and reconciliation.”


There was a crowd of at least 10,000 present. Many were excited about the message and there was a great deal of wonderment and astonishment about Our Lady’s words, but still no clear understanding of what or how this blessing was to be used or even if it could be used by the receiver.

Our Lady’s words, “You are on a Tabor,” are full of meaning. The Bible (Judges 4) tells us the following:


“A woman of Israel, a prophetess named Deborah, called an Israelite named Barak and told him their oppressors of twenty years and their general, Sisera, would be delivered into the power of the Israelites. Deborah added to Barak, ‘However, you will not gain the glory because the Lord will have Sisera fall into the power of a woman.’ She then told Barak to march on top of Mt. Tabor and take 10,000 men. Barak did as he was told. After some time of being gathered on top of Mt. Tabor, Deborah then told Barak, ‘The Lord will now deliver Sisera into your power. The Lord marches before you.’ Barak and the 10,000, blessed in a special way, went down from Mt. Tabor and defeated their oppressors. General Sisera escaped and hid from the Israelites but was mortally wounded in the head by a ‘woman.’”


The words of Our Lady on June 24, 1986 could mean many things. Our Lady said that you receive strength from this Special Blessing. In the Bible, it seems the same happened to the 10,000 on Mt. Tabor. That night in Medjugorje, on Cross Mountain, many were present from countries such as Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc.


Whole governments were oppressive and the people that night in Medjugorje carried Our Lady’s Special Blessing and strength back to their homelands. Now in the 90s2, they are free from their oppressors, delivered by a woman, Our Lady! Through love and prayer and strength, and have been delivered from Communism.


Mount Tabor, in this instance, also symbolizes Our Lady’s struggle against the devil. On the day of their victory, Deborah and Barak sang a canticle which contained the words: “From the heavens the stars too fought.” The stars, in the Bible, symbolize God’s Heavenly army, the angels. Our Lady appears always with twelve stars around Her head that shows [symbolizes] God’s protection or a kind of body guard assigned by God to fight on Her behalf. They also sang the words, “She crushed his head (General Siseia),” symbolizing Our Lady crushing the serpent’s head as depicted on many statues of Our Lady spoken about in Revelation Chapter 12.

On Mt. Tabor there were many blessings poured out upon the 10,000; and on Cross Mountain, June 24, 1986, there were many blessingsstrength, and love poured out upon those coming down Cross Mountain. The ten thousand went down Cross Mountain “blessed in a special way.” They left “Tabor,” as Our Lady called it. She would not have called it “Tabor” without some significant meaning, tying it to the Scripture quoted. That night, many would say that THE LORD marched before them, just as the Scripture quoted earlier testifies.


The following year the Special Blessing, given by Our Lady, is recorded three times.


March 25, 1987

“…I give you my SPECIAL BLESSING and I am remaining with you on your way of conversion…”


Again on June 24, 1987, at 11:30 p.m., with over 50,000 people present, Our Lady extended Her arms and prayed over the multitude of people. She said:


“Dear children, I want to lead you to the path of conversion and I wish that you convert the world, that your life be conversion for others.”


This apparition was another milestone because, although Our Lady did not say it in the message, the next day Marija said, “last night a Special Blessing was given.” Marija added, “She is giving us, especially, a gift of conversion so that all of us can take the blessing to the homes and truly encourage others to conversion. God gave us a gift last night through Our Lady.”


Even though it may be clear to those reading this now, perhaps because of having information about the Special Blessing, one has to understand that for those present that night, it was still not clear and they did not really understand what a Special Blessing fully meant. On June 25, 1987, the next day, Our Lady told the visionaries that She blessed them with a different blessing when She said:


June 25, 1987

“…I want to bless you all today. I am blessing you with God’s Blessing…”


Our Lady tells us, through Her messages on several occasions such as the above, that She distinguishes what kind of blessing She gives: God’s Blessing, Her regular blessing, Her Special Blessing, etc. Some may object theologically, “This is not correct.” or “Only a priest can bless.” The Church shows otherwise. Pope John Paul II, every January, receives thousands of children in St. Peter’s Square. He gives them a blessing and then tells them that this blessing is for their parents, and they are to take it back home and bless them in the Pope’s name. There are many instances in the Bible of a father blessing his son. So those who would reject Our Lady’s Special Blessing as theologically unsound must reject Pope John Paul II as well as Scripture.


It would be a whole year before we would have another Special Blessing recorded. June 25, 1988, with about 35 people present during Ivanka’s annual apparition at her home, something of a surprise happened. Ivanka was in ecstacy, conversing with Our Lady. The room was very crowded and many were standing up. Three-quarters of the way through the apparition, Ivanka suddenly, without coming out of ecstacy, turned to her right and said, “Our Lady wishes all present to kneel down.” Ivanka looked as one who is blind, looking toward the people, but not able to focus in on anyone. For those present, it was a strange and beautiful sight to have seen Ivanka speaking to them and yet still be in ecstacy — as if in two worlds. The look on her face will not be forgotten by those who were to her immediate right.3 After the apparition, Ivanka said when Our Lady asked all to kneel, She prayed over them and gave them Her Special Blessing. With the Blessing She said:


June 25, 1988

“The people here (present) will be witnesses of the love of God.”


Two months later on August 15, 1988, the Feast of the Assumption, Our Lady again gave a Special Blessing, and finally Marija revealed publicly and made clear just what the Special Blessing meant and how it was to be used. While talking to a group of pilgrims, Marija explained the details of the Special Blessing.


There would not be another Special Blessing recorded until November 1988. Starting on November 11, 1988, Our Lady did something unusual. She gave four Special Blessings in approximately 40 days. One of those Special Blessings is the inspiration for this short book.


On November 11, 1988, Vicka received a special apparition which lasted 30 minutes from Our Lady who appeared to her with five angels. During the apparition Our Lady gave a Special Blessing. Then on November 14, 1988, Our Lady gave the following message to Vicka:


“Dear children, I bless you with my Motherly Blessing, and I ask you to be the carriers of my peace and to pray for peace in the world.”


The next three Special Blessings occurred while Marija was in America for almost three months. She lived with a family she was close to near Sterrett, Alabama. On November 21, 1988, the Feast of the Presentation, Our Lady with three angels extended Her arms, prayed in Hebrew over the people present, and gave a Special Blessing to all those gathered for the apparition.5


On Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1988, Our Lady said She would appear by a Tree in a Field near the Home in which Marija was staying. The day before Thanksgiving, Our Lady invited all to come. From that day forward people gathered by the Tree to be blessed by Our Lady while the apparitions occurred in the Bedroom of the Home. A few days later, Our Lady did something unexpected. This apparition took place on November 29, 1988, at 10:30 p.m. It is a significant apparition because most Special Blessings are given on special occasions. Everyone was taken aback when, after the apparition, Marija said Our Lady gave a Special Blessing. All were surprised and joyfully delighted at the same time. When the message was read, everyone’s joy turned to sheer elation because Our Lady spoke specifically about the Special Blessing, saying we could pass this to others and that those present could bless others with it and She desired them to do so.


November 29, 1988, 10:30 p.m.

With both arms outstretched, Our Lady especially blessed and prayed over everyone and said:


“Bless [with the Special Blessing] even those who don’t believe. You can give them this Blessing from the heart to help them in their conversion. Bless everyone you meet. I give you a special grace. I desire you to give this grace to others.”


Those waiting at the Tree were awed at once when the message was read to them. No one really expected this because the Special Blessing is usually given only on a feast day or special occasion and also it was the first time Our Lady gave a message to the public giving specific information about the Special Blessing, even stating to bless everyone you meet. Everyone was elated and felt this message carried a particular commission to go out and give the Special Blessing. This message is the reason for this booklet.


While it cannot be said that there are strict guidelines to be adhered to and that everything is precise, through Marija we understand the following:

  • This is a blessing which has the power to convert and to help people.
  • It may be used on believers and non-believers to help them convert or to help them progress in their conversion process.
  • Once Our Lady gives it to you, it lasts your whole life.
  • You do not have to be in the presence of the one you are blessing.6
  • You can only give it individually from you to the individual, whereas a priest can bless a crowd with Christ’s blessing. Our Lady’s blessing is from one person to the next.
  • If you receive this blessing from Our Lady and in turn bless another with it, that person has it to the same degree you first received it from Our Lady. This second person may then give it to a third, and the third to a fourth, etc. All will receive this gift to bless others just as if Our Lady gave it directly. This blessing will last your entire lifetime.
  • You must be at the site of the apparition to receive it directly from Our Lady.
  • To bless someone, a spontaneous prayer is fine. You can say, “I extend to you the blessing of Our Lady.” If you choose to say more, it is acceptable. When giving this Special Blessing to a non-believer, a family member, friend, or non-acquaintance, you may do so silently, in his presence or from a distance. You may extend this blessing everyday, even several times a day, to help this person to convert.


This Special Blessing is Our Lady’s blessing. The blessing from a priest is Christ’s blessing. YOU SHOULD NOT THINK OF YOURSELF AS A PRIEST, blessing as a priest does. Use this blessing in a humble way and extend it to even those you pass on the street. The Blessed Mother has given us a great gift and She desires us to use it.


The next Special Blessing occurred while Marija was still near Sterrett, Alabama. On Christmas, Our Lady, gloriously dressed, appeared with Baby Jesus, moving and with rosy cheeks.


December 25, 1988

“…Today I give you my SPECIAL BLESSING. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace…”


The several Special Blessings and Our Lady’s desire to speak to Marija directly about it, while She appeared in America, seemed to those associated with the apparitions during the three months that Our Lady particularly was seeking its propagation.


In 1989 there are three recorded Special Blessings. In Medjugorje, February 6, 1989, Ivan related that Our Lady gave a Special Blessing and would be with us and accompany us during Lent.


On August 14, 1989, the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption, on Apparition Mountain Our Lady gave a Special Blessing. There were several thousand present.


The last Special Blessing of 1989:


December 25, 1989

“Today I bless you in a special way with my MOTHERLY BLESSING and I intercede for you to God for Him to give you the gift of conversion of the heart…”


The next Special Blessing occurred on the Anniversary of the Apparitions.


June 25, 1990

“…I am blessing you with my Special Motherly Blessing…”


In August, 1988, Our Lady called for a Year of the Youth. It was the close of the Marian Year. One year later, 1989, to close out the Year of the Youth, young people from all over the world gathered in Medjugorje. The next year, a second year in a row, youth from all over the world gathered and Our Lady gave a Special Blessing on August 3, 1990. Many thousands were present.


August 3, 1990 — To the Prayer Group

“Dear children, tonight again your Mother wants to encourage you to pray all the more during this time. Join together in prayer with the young people. Especially, dear children, your Mother wants you to renew prayer in today’s family.”


Our Lady told the visionaries that She gave the Special Blessing. Since that time, Our Lady has continued to give Her Special Blessing on special feast days or for particular reasons such as She did in the Field near Sterrett, Alabama, at Caritas of Birmingham.


The Special Blessing is really a mirror of the whole plan of Our Lady in Medjugorje. Our Lady’s plans in Medjugorje do not seek conversions of the world through world leaders, Church leaders, or governments. Our Lady said:


December 31, 1985

“…You will not have peace through the presidents but through prayer.”


Conversion brings peace, and Our Lady seeks the conversion of the world through one conversion, your conversion. Once you’ve started this path, once you’ve changed and become light, those closest to you will want to imitate that which they like in you. Shiny things attract notice. They will become attracted to the light.


August 12, 1988

“…be a light that shines…”


There has not been enough light; therefore, many have become seduced by darkness. There is not enough light to see clearly. The worldwide interest in satanic rock stars, many of whom have no values or morals, yet, whom millions follow, is just one example. Many imitate and follow their idols. What is ugly, many “see” as pretty. This blindness is not just regarding rock groups. It’s easy for many to see this type of darkness, but it also comes in disguise. Today, many times darkness walks around in suits and ties. People don’t always recognize it because the world is too dim.


July 30, 1987

“…darkness reigns over the whole world…”


Our Lady wants us to light up this darkness.


July 30, 1987

“…be a light for people in darkness…”


This is the plan: to become light, to become love, to learn to do things you despise with joy and then you will convert your spouse, your children, your friends, and the world. This is how leaders and governments will be changed, not from the top down but from the bottom up by individuals.


June 24, 1987

“…I wish that you convert the world, that your life be conversion for others.”


The Special Blessing is a reflection or mirror of this same plan of conversion. By our lives and witnesses we are to convert others, resulting in the conversion of the world. This is also true regarding the Special Blessing. By giving it individually, we bring grace to that person. That person brings grace to the next, and so on. Marija said the more it is given, the more powerful it becomes. Does not more blessing bring more grace and strength? Many lights are brighter than one. Perhaps this is why Our Lady wants this blessing passed on individually rather than by the use of a group blessing. In 1986, to those gathered, Our Lady said She gives it to each one.


June 24, 1986

“…To each one of you, I grant a Special Blessing…”


This helps to explain why the Special Blessing is so powerful — your whole attention, thoughts, and prayers are for that one individual.


Plain concrete is hard but is weaker than concrete with many stones. We might think the Special Blessing might be good if we could bless whole groups, but it would be as concrete without stones which has no real strength even though it appears strong. The Special Blessing passed on individually, as each an individual stone, becomes stronger as each blessing is given, as more stones added to the concrete adds strength. The stone-filled concrete then becomes a base, a foundation, in which conversion happens, bringing more grace to the world and, thereby, bringing about a more favorable environment for conversions, even for non-believers. This Special Blessing follows Our Lady’s plan of conversion. Individual conversions will bring about the conversion of the world. Special Blessings will bring blessings, strength, and love for the world. All this happens through individuals, one to another. Marija has also said that Our Lady wishes, through this, to create a chain around the whole world — that as each person is as an individual link and not strong on its own, it becomes very powerful once linked together as a chain of which has many good uses. This gives greater understanding why Our Lady wants this to be passed from one person to the next just as a chain is linked from one to the next, then village to village, region to region, nation to nation, the world to Heaven.


We still do not know everything about the Special Blessing or in all the ways it works. We do not know what part this Special Blessing has played in even our own conversion. Many non-believers who have converted to God through Our Lady’s plans would say, “I believed when I first heard about Medjugorje.” How many times were these conversions brought about by perhaps family members who were silently invoking the Special Blessing for their loved ones or even someone passing by, a stranger, and invoking this Special Blessing on all he meets. How many times has this Special Blessing enabled converts to receive the necessary grace to hear and receive the truth when told about Medjugorje? There are many stories of conversions attributed to the Special Blessing. One thing is certain. It is an unwarranted gift from God’s mercy which we do not deserve and which we should not be lax or lazy in using.


June 24, 1986 — Mt. Tabor — Cross Mountain, Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina

“…You receive blessing, strength and love. Carry them into your families and into your homes…”


November 29, 1988 — From the Bedroom and the Field near Sterrett, Alabama, next to a Lone Pine Tree, at Caritas of Birmingham.


“Bless [with the Special Blessing] even those who don’t believe. You can give them this Blessing from the heart to help them in their conversion. Bless everyone you meet. I give you a special grace. I desire you to give this grace to others.”


A FINAL NOTE: Our Lady conveys information about different topics to each visionary. For example: with Vicka, much suffering is discussed; with Mirjana, non-believers; etc. The information about the “Special Blessing” has been given to Marija. All the visionaries have stated that Our Lady gives a blessing every day; however, Marija has stated repeatedly and clearly that Our Lady told her that Her “Special Blessing” is an extraordinary blessing given on rare occasions. This has caused some confusion because Ivan has stated at Mountain apparitions, “Our Lady has given a special blessing today.” To Ivan as well as us, every blessing of Our Lady is special. However, according to Marija, the “Special Blessing” is given on Feast Days and special occasions and is an extraordinary blessing, different from Her other daily blessing. We have recorded only the dates which we can verify first hand that this extraordinary “Special Blessing” was given, others may have occurred.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


*SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (a Friend of Medjugorje)

The Special Blessing is an invitation to bless others. There cannot be, nor should there be, any kind of movement or apostolate to spread the Special Blessing. It has to be more intimate and without ritual. An apostolate would tend to build up and in time, giving way to human weakness, making the blessing more of an event rather than a purely spiritual gift. This blessing has to be spread through the heart and be maintained only in a spiritual, personal manner. All other efforts would tend to make it impure. Therefore, all structure which innocently could build up around the Special Blessing must constantly be torn down.


Caritas of Birmingham has become respected and recognized as one of the most complete sources in the world for information on Our Lady’s messages of Medjugorje. Therefore, they receive large numbers of calls about the Special Blessing. Many individuals want Caritas to give them the Special Blessing. In an effort to avoid becoming a factory dispensing Special Blessings, which could belittle the Special Blessing, we give out the following information. This information addresses those who inquire why Caritas will not give Special Blessings from a distance to those who write or call since both Our Lady and Marija have said that you do not have to be in the presence of the person you are blessing. Hopefully, Caritas’ following information will help you to better understand. It states:


Dear Friend,


We received your letter requesting information on the Special Blessing. We hope that this letter will answer your questions.


When the Medjugorje visionary, Marija, came to Birmingham, Alabama, November 1988 – January 1989, on three occasions Our Blessed Mother gave a Special Blessing. At this time, not much was known about this blessing. The fact that Our Lady gave it three times while in the United States drew attention to it. When studying the messages of Medjugorje, it was discovered that the Blessed Mother had given the blessing for the first time in 1985; yet, no one, to our knowledge, had ever asked Marija what this special grace meant. In the summer of 1988 and on several other occasions, a community member interviewed Marija about the blessing and we began to slowly realize the tremendous gift Our Lady was giving us.


As more and more people learned about the Special Blessing, we began receiving phone call after phone call from people wanting the Special Blessing over the phone. Letters poured into our mother house the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages and continue to do so with the same request.


We understand that those who contact us in order to receive the Special Blessing have a deep desire not only to obtain this grace but to spread it — and yet, we are unable to comply with these requests simply because we feel in our hearts that Our Lady does not wish Her Special Blessing to be given in such an impersonal way.


All of us at Caritas feel very strongly our responsibility of being a voice for Our Lady. We, therefore, never act upon our own but wait for Our Lady to direct us in prayer, in order that by our actions, She is presented with dignity and honor.


We, of course, realize that we are capable of giving the Special Blessing to those who are not actually in our presence. However, we believe firmly that it is not Our Lady’s wish that a structure or “organization,” etc. such as Caritas spread or give the blessing in this way. For those who call or write our community, we feel that giving the blessing to those who request it over the phone or in a letter belittles this precious gift. If this were the policy of Caritas, we could very easily become just a factory in which Special Blessings are dispensed. Although this would be the easiest pathway to take, in all actuality, we would be placing the Special Blessing at risk because we would be opening the doors to lessening the dignity and reverence that this special gift from God must be afforded by us all if we desire His continued kindness to us through this blessing.


We have also come to discern in our prayer that Our Lady does not desire an apostolate to be created in any way, shape, or form to spread Her blessing.7 We have realized that if any kind of structure surrounds this Special Blessing, it would be difficult to prevent certain abuses from developing, and we would, again, be placing the Special Blessing at risk. It is a gift to be simply passed on from one person to another, just as a kiss or hug is given, and the spreading of this Special Blessing must be left up to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. We have a very clear understanding of this and even though we realize that this may disappoint many, we cannot compromise what has become known to us through prayer.


We ask that you pray and sacrifice for the intention of receiving the Special Blessing. We feel certain that Our Lady will direct you to someone in your area who has received the blessing. Please know that if you are ever in the Birmingham, alabama, area, a community member of Caritas would be only too happy to extend the blessing to you when you visit us. Many have pilgrimaged to the Field just to receive it.


It is not always an easy job discerning Our Lady’s desires. It takes time and a lot of faith as we wait for Our Lady to direct and confirm to us the inspirations we receive from Her. And yet — when we wait upon Our Lady, we are never disappointed. That has been our experience. We believe it will be yours as well.


Yours in Christ and Mary,


The Community of Caritas of Birmingham

Update Since Original Writing

There persists those who discount Our Lady’s Special Blessing but years after this original writing by a Friend of Medjugorje Our Lady has still distinguished a difference in Her daily blessing and Her Special Blessing. As the following from the Words From Heaven® shows.


July 5, 2008 — A Day of Thanksgiving

The apparition was in the Bedroom today with just the Community of Caritas present. There were several thousand pilgrims gathered in the Field, praying the Rosary in unison with the Community present in the Bedroom. Before the apparition began, the founder,a Friend of Medjugorje, asked Marija to ask Our Lady if it would be possible for Her to give Her Motherly Special Blessing to all those gathered in the Field. Our Lady appeared in the Bedroom of the Apparitions at 11:48 a.m. The apparition lasted three minutes. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:


“Our Lady blessed us all. Our Lady prayed over us, and She blessed us. She also blessed all those gathered in the Field. She also blessed all of our religious articles. I recommended all of our intentions, especially I recommended all the sick people. And afterwards I said, ‘(A Friend of Medjugorje’s real name) asked me about the Special Blessing.’ Our Lady smiled and said:


‘Today I give you my Motherly blessing, take it to your homes, to your families.’”


Everyone was thrilled, in awe and moved that Our Lady gave Her Special Blessing. In addition Marija gave an interview in the Radio WAVE studio specifically to clarify and say the Special Blessing is real and confirm all that is written here.


The Community of Caritas


[End of “Special Blessing to Help Save the World,” by a Friend of Medjugorje]


1. Fr. Petar Ljubicic is the Franciscan who was chosen by Mirjana to reveal the 10 secrets given to the visionaries by Our Lady. He is to receive them 10 days before and fast for seven days before revealing the secrets three days before they occur. See “ The 10 Secrets  on the left menu on Medjugorje.com.

2. This was originally written in a 1991 Caritas Newsletter. These writings often relate to the future, even prophetically, that can be shown in the present by the date it was originally written.   —The Community of Caritas

3. Of the 30 or so people who were in the room only three were kneeling down. They were to Ivanka’s right and were who Ivanka turned to while in ecstacy. They were the Founder of Caritas, a Friend of Medjugorje, his wife, and Cyrille Auboyneau of Paris, France.

4. Marija was with a group of pilgrims from Caritas of Birmingham and publicly announced the details of the Special Blessing which was first published by Caritas of Birmingham in their September 1988 Newsletter.

5. While Marija was living with her host in America, Our Lady took charge and did many beautiful things during the apparitions which took place in what is now called the Bedroom of Apparitions. She gave many messages. She blessed. She changed the apparition times, sometimes appearing in the morning, in the afternoon, or late at night. Many could attend the apparitions from all walks of life, regardless of job schedules. Tens of thousands would come to the apparitions, and Our Lady gave many miracles and signs to the people. Our Lady, on one occasion, said She would appear outside and asked for the public to come. In this apparition, She blessed the spot with Her appearance and promised to carry all the intentions to God’s throne of those who came there. Since that time, thousands have pilgrimaged to the spot in Alabama.

6. The SPECIAL NOTE fron the author, a Frieand of Medjugorje, towards the end of this writing regarding being in the presence of the one you are blessing.

7. Our founder, a Friend of Medjugorje, actually traveled to Medjugorje to ask Our Lady about this through Marija. Our Lady answered him — She does not want an apostolate, but that She does want everyone to spread it.

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    Tonight, before I said the Rosary in Church, one of the daily Communicants came up to me and said “I received the Special Blessed from our Mothers of Medjugorje, from a Priest who went to Medjugorje and received the Blessing and passed it on to me, and now I will pass it on to you. I was shocked but so very happy. When I received the Eucharist, I thanked Jesus Christ for blessing me. My Rosary and the Mass took on a new meaning, one I have never felt before. After Mass I approached the lady and her Husband, who gave me the Special Blessing, and I asked them to say the Hail Mary with me in thanksgiving to our Heavenly Mother for the Special Gift. I feel like a new person now.

  2. City: Temple
    State: TX
    Country: USA
    Can I give myself the blessing from The Blessed Mother with these words “I give the blessing of The Blessed Mother. And I Will Pass it on.” Or must someone else bless me individually before I can give yhe special blessing and pass it on.

    1. Mary, you can only receive the Special Blessing from Our Lady directly in the apparition, or from someone who has received it and passes it onto you. A Friend of Medjugorje has always said that anyone who visits Caritas in Alabama, is welcome to ask to receive the Special Blessing from one of the Community members. Once you receive the Special Blessing, you can pass it onto others.

  3. Abdallah faraji msafiri

    City: Bazzano valSamoggia BO
    State: Valsamoggia(Bo)
    Country: Italy
    Will Be very Happy ti receive all that Am Expecting.thankyou God BLESS me

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