For the Record and Medjugorje Status

For the Record and Medjugorje Status


December 7, 2011 A.D.

What follows below is an exchange of letters between Caritas and someone who asked to be removed from the mailing list. We are providing this exchange of letters for your help so that you have a complete answer about Caritas’ position and Medjugorje.


Not everyone who is signed up for the Caritas Newsletter, mejList, and who has supported Caritas wishes to continue. Sometimes people, for various reasons, want to be removed from our list. Some no longer believe in the apparitions, yet Caritas’ base continues to grow and expand. For everyone who does not believe in the apparitions, etc. anymore, or who wants off the Caritas’ list, we have 500 or more who sign up. This approximately 500:1 gain continuously has stretched the reach of Caritas spreading Our Lady’s messages. So, it is to be expected that some will wish to be removed from the list. But, when it is based on not being informed correctly, it may be a loss for growing one’s conversion. The following, is a request we received from someone asking to be removed as a supporter of Caritas and mej.com, based on untrue facts, and is printed for your help, to have an answer so the facts can be made known:


“We are currently Field Angels, and mej.com core members. We would like to be taken off your mailing address and no longer wish to be Field Angels or mej.com core members. Since you are not in good standing with your diocese or the Catholic Church, we do not wish to contribute to your community. I have notified my bank so no further charges can be made to your group.”


Following is our response to the person’s letter above:

Dear… ,


We always remove from our list, people when they make a request such as yours. What we would like is for you to be correctly informed in such a decision.


That we are not in good standing with our diocese is a blatant lie. We are friends with our Bishop, Most Rev. Robert Baker. We have never had any difficulties with him, and we have never been cited for any disobedience. In an official Diocesan statement, December 10, 1999, our former Bishop Foley states, “As Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, I have not, nor would I ever, discourage or have any objection to the people praying in the field (at Caritas). They are devout Catholics.” This appeared in the official Catholic newspaper.


The bishop before Bishop Foley, Bishop Raymond Boland (we have operated under four bishops), met with us quarterly and we had an amiable relationship, with often he giving advice to our founder for Caritas.

Presently, our parish priest, who is the diocesan vicar general, has visited us at Caritas and we are mutual friends. The Diocese of Birmingham holds Caritas as Catholics in good standing. The statement saying that we are not Catholics in good standing is ludicrous, and again a lie. While Caritas, as a mission, is not officially connected to the diocese, we are known as very Catholic. The Knights of Columbus also are in the same position, not officially under the Church, yet they are very Catholic. The Knights of Columbus was founded as a lay organization 129 years ago, with the basic Catholic beliefs. Each local council appeals to the local Ordinary to be the Chaplain. The Knights of Columbus is still a lay organization, and operates with its own autonomy.


You can see a recent, October 6, 2011, very Catholic baptism in the Community, on Caritas’ site, Medjugorje.com, which was performed by our pastor, the Diocesan vicar. Visit here: https://www.medjugorje.com/medjugorje-today/headlines/1225-special-just-a-peek.html


Our operations of Caritas are within the framework that the Catholic Church grants by rite of Baptism. We are not in error in any way. Anyone or any source who says we are not Catholic, not Catholics in good standing, or that our Bishop and diocese is against us is professing an easily discernible lie. A simple phone call to the Diocese will show we are in good standing.


Lastly, look at Our Lady’s apparitions. Read the Silver Jubilee section on Medjugorje.com, search each date at the bottom of the pages. Continue reading and clicking through the dates until you’re satisfied that Our Lady has done here what She has not done anywhere else in the world outside of Medjugorje.


We respect your decision to be removed, but when it is based on calumny, lies, detraction and slander, we strongly object to the validity of the action. However, if you still reject the above, we respect your choice to do so. Thank you.

In Our Lady’s Peace,
Caritas of Birmingham

Following, is the response from same person above, re-writing us back, in response to our answer above to their first letter, “take me off your mail list’:


“Thank you for your response. My husband and I would like to remain on your mailing list and as Field Angels. We are sorry we jumped to conclusions that were obviously a knee jerk reaction. We have done further research. Please don’t remove us from your lists. God bless you.”


So, it can be seen by this person’s response above, that people who are of good-will, will always have the light of truth, to see the truth, when it is explained to them.

Caritas of Birmingham is not acting on behalf of the Catholic Church or placing its mission under the church. Its mission is to reach all people of the earth. Its actions are outside of the church done privately. It is further stated:

So as not to take for granted the credibility of the Medjugorje Apparitions, it is stated that the Medjugorje apparitions are not formally approved by the Catholic Church.


Medjugorje Status
September 21, 2015 A.D.

No attempt is intended to pre-empt the Church on the validity of the Medjugorje Apparitions. They are private revelation waiting the Church’s final judgment.1 In the interim, these private revelations are allowed by, and for, the faithful to have devotion to and to be spread legally by the Church. Devotion and the propagation of private revelations can be forbidden only if the private revelation is condemned because of anything it contains which contravenes faith and morals according to AAS 58 (1966) 1186 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Medjugorje has not been condemned nor found to have anything against faith or morals, therefore it is in the grace of the Church to be followed by the faithful. By the rite of Baptism one is commissioned and given the authority to evangelize. “By Baptism they share in the priesthood of Christ, in his prophetic and royal mission.”2 One does not need approval to promote or to have devotions to private revelations or to spread them when in conformity to AAS 58 (1966) 1186, as the call to evangelize is given when baptized. These apparitions have not been approved formally by the Church. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas and all associated with it, realize and accept that the final authority regarding the Queen of Peace, Medjugorje and happenings related to the apparitions, rests with the Holy See in Rome. We at Caritas, willingly submit to that judgment. While having an amiable relationship with the Diocese of Birmingham and a friendly relationship with its bishop, Caritas of Birmingham as a lay mission is not officially connected to the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, just as is the Knights of Columbus.3 The Diocese of Birmingham’s official position on Caritas is neutral and holds us as Catholics in good standing.

1. The Church does not have to approve the apparitions. The Church can do as She did with the apparitions of Rue du Bac in Paris and the Miraculous Medal. The Church never approved these apparitions. She gave way to the people’s widespread acceptance of the Miraculous Medal and thereby the Apparitions to St. Catherine. Sensus Fidelium (latin, meaning “The Sense of the Faithful”), regarding Medjugorje is that the “sense” of the people says that “Mary is here in Medjugorje.”

2. Catechism of the Catholic Church 2nd Edition

3. The Knights of Columbus also are not officially under the Church, yet they are very Catholic. The Knights of Columbus was founded as a lay organization in 1882 with the basic Catholic beliefs. Each local council appeals to the local Ordinary to be the Chaplain. The Knights of Columbus is still a lay organization, and operates with its own autonomy.

International © 2015 SJP Lic. Caritas of Birmingham & Medjugorje.com

While we cannot possibly publish every feedback we received from the message we sent to the mejList, below is just a small sampling of your feedbacks to the letter above:

December 6, 2011

“I love All You Do Thank You. You Are A Blessing From God.”


December 6, 2011

“…I can’t understand why anyone would want to be removed from your list. I am at a loss. On my own behalf, I thank you very sincerely for the work you do for The Blessed Mother… May I say keep up the good work.

A Priest from Ireland

December 6, 2011

“…I wish to continue receiving your messages…”

N. Ireland

December 6, 2011

“…Keep up the great work you do. I for one am in your debt for your regular updates and news… Please be assured of my prayers at this time…

Yours in Christ and in Prayer,
A Priest from United Kingdom

December 6, 2011

“I can’t wait for your answer! We support you and your apostolate 100%. Tomorrow, after reading your response, I will send you mine explaining why I keep following your apostolate!”


December 6, 2011

“Please do not remove me from the list. I am a strong Catholic believer and have always enjoyed reading the stories about Our Lady’s appearing in Medjugorje.”

Papua New Guinea

December 6, 2011

“Be sure to keep me on your mailing list. May God bless all of you!”

Stone Mountain, GA



December 6, 2011

“I look forward to your reply. I do believe in your mission. I just can’t afford to contribute but you do remain in my prayers. Our Lady must love you very much – stay steadfast in your beliefs…”


December 6, 2011

“You people are completely legitimate and are doing the work our Mother requests. My wife and I attended the 5 apparitions Last March and witnessed the miracle of the sun on each of the days Mary appeared. I see no reason that field angels should have any concern in their support of your work. May God and Mary bless you and your work.”


December 6, 2011

“I am so sorry for the confusion that satan is sowing in the Medjugorje movement. I know that you are in good standing with your bishop… Know that your mission is appreciated and I pray for you and realize how Blessed my life has been because of your sacrifices in serving Our Lady. May all of you have the most Blessed Christmas!”

Peace of Jesus and Mary,

December 6, 2011

“Hello, Thanks for taking the time to address that persons concerns, I look forward to reading it… When I started coming to your website, I was amazed by the amount of material to read and I really appreciate how in depth your writings are especially as they pertain to the messages. Your site is unique in the fact that you take time addressing each message and try to piece everything together. Other sites just post the messages with no commentary. I think your shows are also important as they address the messages we are receiving. You are being apostles of the messages. I learned that EWTN also does not support your organization and they are located near your community in Alabama. Some people on EWTN like Patrick Madrid doesn’t believe in the apparitions in Medjugorje and on air speak against it. Medjugorje in general is a division amongst Catholics and much disputed. People don’t want to take an official stance until there is more proof, however it seems like before the warning takes place, it will be too late… I even read that people on the ground in Medjugorje are also concerned with your organization and one site wrote that your site is not an official Medjugorje site and wasn’t recommended for people interested to learn about Medjugorje. In my belief, Marija would not be going to your community if bad things were happening there… This type of work you are doing, doesn’t come without sacrifice and lots of scrutiny.”




December 6, 2011

“Thank you very much for your e-mail, everything you do, and your service, newsletter is excellent… I would hate to be off your mailing list Thank you very much.”




December 6, 2011

“In Medjugorje they tell us you’re not a part of the real Medjugorje messages, etc. But I don’t listen.”


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96 thoughts on “For the Record and Medjugorje Status”

  1. John Florentino

    City: Manila
    State: Rizal
    Country: Philippines
    Dear Lady of Medjugorje,
    Thank you dear Mother for coming to Medjugorj and to Birmingham Alabama to accompany us in our journey towards heaven to join our Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Listening to your messages every so often had given me the spiritual direction and meaning in life. Your messages gives so much comfort and hope during these very difficult times especially for me who is aspiring for the holy priesthood. However our school had stopped me from continuing because of my poverty to settle my accounts. I wanted so much to study in a theological school were fees are affordable but we cannot choose our school. Please send your grace for holiness of life to my family and to me to be always living in a state of grace now that our priests are endangered from civil authorities when the Church pursue the value of human rights. Love, John Floren Jr. (Franciscan)

  2. What you are doing is a gift from God. I urge others to stay on your list to learn about Our Blessed Mothers messages. As long as there is nothing contrary to what the church teaches from the Vatican, there is nothing that should you should concern yourself with. Remember that these apparitions are for our good and no one is forced to believe in them or not. we have free choice in this matter, but do not let anyone discourage you. All Her(our Blessed Mother) messages are things to bring you closer to God and for your conversion if you are not living a life according to God’s will. Love God above all things and treat others as you would like to be treated….just Love everyone and share your love.

  3. Bros and Sis, personally I have the desire to extend financial help to this crusade, but I have no financial capability since i am already retired. I just pray and ask God to top more people who have more blessing in life to support this program so that people who have less in life and have access to messages of mama Mary may also transform their lives according to God’s purpose of creating them. Thank you and may God be praise!!!

  4. The authenticity of Medjugorje is seen by its fruit. As long as you do not defer from spreading the exact messages of Our Lady of Medugorje, you will continue to reach the hearts of many. You are Our Lady’s greatest voice in the USA. I do not think that this is incidental. She is preparing her children everywhere. I was in Birmingham in March and truly felt the presence of Our Lady on Day 2. That experience is forever engraved in my heart! All those who have doubts, have no fear. It is truly a blessing to be in the presence of Our Lady. Those blessings will remain with you forever. As witnesses we must share this great blessing from God. Our Lady is simply trying to redirect us to her son. Let’s keep our hearts open to the Love of Our Lord Jesus and his dear mother who wishes us to be close to her son’s heart! Ask Our Lord for the gift of discernment! Youre living Our Lady’s messages as an example to us all! I am encouraged by your regular mailings. Youve kept me committed to my faith!

  5. Great response and Praise God for the Church He has given us! You handled this so well! Lets continue climbing the mountain of Holiness with Our Lady’s help!!!

  6. If people are experiencing a life changing conversion wherever it may be, then Jesus and His mother have been in their midst. I trusted what was happening in both places because I trusted the people who had experienced the blessings. They do not lie nor have any reason to lie. My mother was one of those pilgrims and I trusted and believed the things she told me. When the doubts start, pick up your rosary and let Mary help you. Blessings to all of you.

  7. I have not even the slightest dot on my mind that can make me think that my name should be removed from your list. Rarely do I access internet since our region is under developed but the few times i visit your site,has always been so enriching in my faith and belief that one day,through our ever virgin mother,the world can be rid of sin and come back to God. Please take my full support and encouragement in your work.

  8. I am honored to be a field angel and will be until I die. When something comes from God, it is always persecuted. That’s the way it’s always been and will be until the appointed time.

  9. Please keep me on your mailing list. I so look forward to reading Our Lady’s messages every month. Caritas is so encouraging to continue my determination to try to live those messages everyday. The good people who questioned your mission are just some of many good catholics I know who can be worried by false witness against Medjugorje. But this is not surprising as the evil one is will always attack the people of God. We must keep praying trusting in Our Lady’s protectiona and the guidance of the Holy Sprit. God Bless You all at Caritas A mother

  10. You are all doing a fantastic job at Caritas. The negativity that has come your way is a direct result of the wonderful work that you are doing. Please keep me on your mailing list and keep the pinch of salt at the ready for future use. God bless you and keep you safe. Frank

  11. When I read your email the day before your response, I smiled because I knew why it was happening. When the work you do is ‘harvesting’ many souls, the devil panics and tries to do as much damage as it can. Otherwise, if you were doing the devil’s work, why would he try to stop you? Some people may say that perhaps it is God who is trying to stop you. However all one has to do is see the fruits of your work in making known the words of Our Lady… Don’t stop… your website is more needed than you may think.

  12. I do believe that the Blessed Mother is appearing in Medjugorje. I went there back in May 1989 and have not been back since. But my experience there was unremarkable. With so many good things coming out of Medjugorje, how can anyone doubt our Blessed Mother is not appearing; I met Vicka and some of the other visionaries and I do believe they see and speak to our Blessed Mother. May the Blessed Mother continue to look upon all of you who have done so much as to spreading the word of the Blessed Mother. Someday, the apparition will be official–I hope to live to see that happen.

  13. Miguel MC Dowell

    As new followers of Medjugorje, the wonderful emails and updates we receive are a God send. This past week we had a Husband and wife Patrick and Nancy visit us at our Parish from Medjugorje, and they gave their personal testimony on how Mother Mary changed their lives. They now live in Medjugorje. Mother Mary is the world to us, and now we have your site and lovely emails to look forward to. Thank you and please keep up Gods work.

  14. Thank you for all your prayers,works and services. May God strengthen, protect and bless you all, and Our Blessed Mother keep on guiding you, making you the source of blessing all the more. May we all be united in God’s Love and prayer with Our Blessed Mother.

  15. What a wonderful and spirit-filled response to this person’s request to be removed from your mailing list. My son who is a priest told me Monday, that he believes that our Church will be rebuilt by the laity. (Yet I told him that we need priests to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass and give us the sacraments.) May our Lord and our Lady continue to protect you with her mantle of protection and grant you the graces to help bring about the New Evangelization of which JPII spoke so often about. Let us prepare together for the great evangelization that is coming and the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Thanks be to God! Oremus.

  16. I must reply to this message as I feel that I need to give witness and to help you, not that you would need my help as Our Mother is the one protecting this work as well as showering Her blessings on it. My faith has increased to such an extent just by reading the messages that Our Lady is giving in our time. My convictions that all of you are doing Gods holy work here on earth is ever so strong. Nothing bad can come out something good, and what you are doing is spreading our Mothers messages. How can that be bad? To all of those out there who would ever doubt that this is not true and that your work is bad, then I can only say one thing, look inside your heart, don’t jump to conclusions and let our Lady speak to you, hear Her words and believe because it is the Truth. I lost my faith and I found it, thanks to the work that all of you are doing for our Lady. I love you all so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  18. As a Field Angel & core group member no reply was necessary. I have always believed in the mission of Caritas in the spreading of our Lady’s Messages. You have helped me become a better Catholic and I cherish every news letter and presentation on Mej.com. I was deeply moved by A Friend of Medjugorje’s presentation of “She Knew What She Was Getting Into”. I woke up last night and listened to the entire broadcast. I could feel the Love of our Lady and A Friend of Medjugorje and the Caritas Team. No Organization on Earth has done more to tirelessly promote and make known our Lady’s Messages. Please pray for my Family that we may live our conversion fully. Keep on the wonderful and Blessed work that you continue to do. May the Lord and his Most Blessed Mother continue to Bless the Caritas Community. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

  19. Sr. Dominic Savio Walrond

    Dear friend of Medjugorje I do not want tooo be ever taken off from your list. I have many many friends with who I share the messages of Our Lady and they look forward to them too. Thank you so much for all that you are doing to spread the news of Medjugorje. May God bless you and your work abundantly!

  20. George Finley

    I am unable to contribute but I do want to remain on the mailing list . Thank you for all your efforts in providing us who would not receive such wonderful news otherwise with our Lady’s plans to save us and our world . Thank you again and may you have the holiest Christmas .

  21. One common objection to Medjugorje is the fact that the church hasn’t approved it. My response is; does the church proclaim someone to be saint while they are still alive?

  22. I pray that Baby Jesus who will come with Our Holy Mother Queen of Medjugorie to visit us on the 25th of December 2011 will give you the graces and the help to keep spreading Our Lady Messages and apparitions to the whole world. God bless you and keep you safe Amen!

  23. Shirley Russell

    Please keep my name on your mailing list. We are truly blessed to have you sending us all of Our Lady’s messages and your input as to there meanings. Our Lady loves each of us so much and wants to lead us to Her Son, Our Blessed Lord, Jesus. I love her and appreciate all of her hard work and prayers. She is our model of motherly love and she knows how to lead us. Thank you, Caritas, for your hard work. Shirley

  24. Dear Friends of the Blessed Mother For many years I would call a Mary Line to get the message of the Blessed Mother. In those years it helped me to ward off the others that were always saying gloom and doom. I actually fell into your site maybe 2 years ago acidentally, and haven”t left. Friend of Medjugdore has help me see and understand on a different level what the Blessed Mother is calling to me in her visitation with me.If it all came crashing down tomorrow in regards to medjugore and caritas, I will be the first in line with Holy Confidence praising God for I am a fruit of Medjugore without ever going and a fruit of caritas never visiting and I choose The Blessed Mother overGB Tv and what ever else,I am hers and she is mine. Pure Grace was given and a little help from some friends A total win-win situation God Bless

  25. Suzann Schultz

    I plan on visiting Medjugorje in 3 years (saving pennies) and I was introduced to the events when I was 7 years old. Everytime I receive a notification by email from you it makes my day a little brighter. Please keep doing what you have been doing. I believe that the Blessed Mother is smiling down on you!

  26. connie clinton

    I enjoy reading the messages from Our Lady. I believe in what you are doing in spreading our Blessed Mother’s messages

  27. Faith is believing in what you can not see or, do not fully understand. The miracles that have been obtained both public and private speak for themselves. This site has had a profound impact on my life and that of countless others. I was led to this site through prayer to the Holy Spirit! My prayer is that others will find the spark that they need to ignite the flame of their faith. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to join with the Caritas community in helping to spread Our Lady”s messages.

  28. I found peace and love on top of that mountain, You certainly are in the grace of God. I wish to visit Caritas sometime, but I am very old and it would be difficult. It is only a matter of time till the church approves. May the mother of GOD keep you and hold you. With all my love jack kenkel


    I am very Blessed and grateful to be able to receive these messages. Please there are more people that need you and want you, this is the only way to really get hope and knowledge of what is expected at this time. Thank you so very much for being here for us. God Bless You and I really need you. Love you

  30. Our ever loving Lord, Jesus Christ, through His Immaculate Mother Mary, opened Heaven doors to have grace poured upon mankind. There are millions who heard Her call to come to Medjugorje. My husband and I were blessed to be among them and we traveled to Medjugorje in 1991 and since then returned three times. Our conversion began and Our Lady of Medjugorje lives forever in our hearts. I will never go back to the shallow, empty soul I once was, She set us on fire for the Lord. You my friend of Caritas, along with those who love Her and evangelize, are doing the work of heaven, you are “Crushing the head of the devil.” Keep up the good fight. God bless you all, Linda Our first day in Medjugorje, we met two pilgrims from Pennsylvania who told us about special prayers to pray. They gave us each the little blue book, The Pieta and since then hundreds were given away.

  31. I still want the E-Mails please. 🙂 Ilook foreword to each E-Mail. I feel its important to know what is going on in Medjugorje. So please do not stop sending them to me. Thank you for everything. 🙂

  32. Isn’t this proof that the devil comes disguise in many different ways. He is a liar he comes to destroy. Please continue to be the servant of our Mother that you are bringing to us, your ardent readers inspiring news that uplift our spirits and gives us hope.Thank you, thank you,thank you Your in Christ g.l

  33. Camilla landers

    Caritas, We love and support you. I am so happy you have shared this with the world. I am going to forward this to all my local priest. I have been turned away countless times from trying to spread information about Caritas or Medjugorje in my parish. I hope and pray that my parish priest will read this and have a change of heart. Thank you for everything that you do. Camilla

  34. Dear Friends of Our Lady & Our Lord Jesus, God Bless ALL of you! The attacks from the enemy are only getting worse. I have gotten attacked for my devotion to Jesus & Our Mother Marys messages through Medugorje. It may sound unthinkable, but many are coming from EWTN Catholic TV, and/ or people there. Some whom have attacked me, have stated their Mis-information came from EWTN & that Medugorje has NOT been approved and should not be followed. I choose to believe!!! Jesus I trust in You.

  35. I love your messages. I haven’t had the privilege of going to Medjugorje yet but have been to Lourdes. I wish more people had the faith that you put forward. God Bless You for your efforts. I’m Orthodox Christian and my husband is a priest.

  36. Wow! What you people do there for Our Lady is truly Catholic and Holy. My wife and I have followed you now for over two years and are so very great full for all that you do. Please keep up the great work that you do and keep us all informed of what is happening in this world and what is to become of it. My God Bless you all.

  37. Jacqueline Haddad

    Thank you very much for your e-mails, i love them, i wish to continue receiving your massages,please do not remove me from the list. I will pray for you always!!!!because you are Angels serving our Lady. God and our Gospa bless you and your work.

  38. Hope McCorkendale

    May the Lord be Praised for the Soldiers placed upon this earth, such as Caritas and it’s founder! For theirs is one of the many voices to be heard in the last days! The Angel of the Lord said Pray, Pray, Pray!!! Yes Caritas of Birmingham, your voice will be heard and continues to be heard throughout the whole world! Our Blessed Mother Will Triumph and Satan will be Crushed underneath our Feet! Our Blessed Mother and God IS WITH YOU!!! Romans 16:19-20 Your sister in Christ & His Blessed Mother, Hope…

  39. Blanca Velazquez

    Another instance on how satan is trying desperately to attack all who will win souls for Christ. Keep up the good work, I will always support you. Please keep me on your list.

  40. Its amazing that you posted this today. I just read for the first time yesterday the booklet titled : Judge with Right Judgment. It is a must for everyone to read and understand. I am also commenting because just this weekend, upon leaving our Adoration Chapel, I was stopped by someone who believes that Medjugorje is not true. But I was more than prepared, thank the Lord, to dispel every argument and left him pondering his opposition. This mission gives me the most encouragement to engage in this battle in these times. Thank God and Our Lady you are here and persevering. Your faith increases our faith in this battle. God bless to all !

  41. Very clear and to the point answer. Truth and sincerity will always prevail… ” Humility is to walk in truth” . God bless your efforts and fidelity.

  42. Elizabeth Neria

    I wish to thank our blessed Mother Mary for her sending me the joyful messages from Medjugorje that the visionaries have received all these years. She came to me when I needed her most. I found a newspaper in a rustic church in Santa Fe, New Mexico while on vacation in 1990. Through Caritas I have continued to receive Her messages and I thank Jesus and our Mother Mary for these blessings. Keep up the great work and know Jesus and Mary are looking after your hard work in spreading their messages. My love and prayers go out to you all. Know that you have God’s blessings.

  43. Dear Caritas of Birmingham I believe you with all my heart!!! You keep up the good work! “Be ever mindful that Satan NEVER-SLEEPS! God Bless the Caritas Family

  44. Thank You for answering this letter in such a clear, strong informative way. In this time of satan sowing confusion and misinformation, it’s nice to read such an informative answer. May Jesus and Mary continue to Bless all of you as you continue to work for God’s Kingdom, and feeding His sheep. Thank, You Theresa

  45. Beinempaka Florence

    Dear Caritas, Its a pity that the Works of the Lord are still doubted. As for me am always looking forward for mailings. I always forward them to the people on my list so that God’s mercy can reach all. Even together with a group of other devoted catholics participated in the global fast of november 1-9. I have set myself 2nd january as a day for my 2012 fast. We are always praying for you at caritas continue with the apostolate.

  46. As a Field Angel and a VERY STRONG SUPPORTER of Caritas and Medjugorje I thank you SO MUCH for this entire exchange of communication between the original Field Angel, who first criticized Caritas, and A Friend of Medjugorje. My wife and I have visited Caritas twice and plan to visit again in Spring. Both visits were extraordinary and beautiful experiences and left us with a very peaceful feeling. My contact with Caritas has brought us to a very special friendship with persons…, all very strong supporters of Caritas and Medjugorje. Unfortunately we have encountered many critics of both which to us only demonstrates that “the devil is still very much alive and well” all over the world and particularly active in America today. We are so thankful that the Blessed Virgin comes to America, as She says, “To save America”. I am afraid the moment of “saving American” is coming up VERY SOON!

  47. Dear Caritas, We have not been able to get to the Field as of yet but hopefully in the near future. Your site has increased my love so amazingly for Jesus and our blessed Mother. I follow your site continually and always look forward to the live programs and writings. The 9 day fasts have truly blessed myself, my husband and our family. Our lives have changed drastically since we have been following the messages, especially keeping Sunday’s holy. It saddens me that so many catholics do not want to hear about Mary’s Apparitions. We continually pray for renewed conversions. God Bless You at Caritas for all you have done and will continue to do to lead souls to heaven.

  48. Daniel Bautista

    Dear Caritas, I have believed in the apparitions of Medjugorje from the start and will continue to do so. Thank you for all that you are doing. I will pray for all of you and your work to continue.

  49. Romilly Fenlon

    Many thanks for publishing that letter. Hold your heads high and be proud that you are dong such good work for Almighty God that satan is attacking you so much. he doen not bother with the luke warm or those who publish incorrect information! Rest assured if you didn’t get attacked you would not be fulfilling your vocation. God bless you Romilly

  50. I ran into the same concerns last year after reading statements by those who try to detract your ministry, but it simply did not add up with the articles I read on your site, which were all spiritually edifying and provided great clarity about the messages of Our Lady. I personally called the diocesan chancery and they affirmed that you are, indeed, Catholics in good standing. I contacted you as well through your website with my concerns, and you were even gracious enough to call me personally and answer my questions right there on the phone. To me, that shows a mission that truly cares for those whom they work with. I’ll admit that I asked to be taken off the Field Angel list recently, but it was for current financial reasons and it was a very tough decision for me to make. I fully intend to begin contributing again as soon as I am more financially stable. Thank you for everything you do for Jesus and Mary, and may God continue to bless your community!

  51. Dearest Caritas….you exhibit “love and charity” at all times. The average person or community would have deleted the Ohio people from the mailing list without batting an eye…but because you take your mission to “get as many hearts as possible so very close to our Lady’s heart..you stopped what you were doing and sent a speedy response to these long time field angels…to set the record straight yes but most importantly to raise their awareness to what they would be turning their backs on….truly Love and charity. I have been a Field Angel since 1999 and I cant tell you I would be shaking in my shoes at the world’s present day chaos if I didnt know our Lady has us in her hands as long as we cooperate and pray, pray, pray. Thank so from the bottom of my heart for accepting this lifelong vocation of ‘getting hearts close to our Lady’s heart” . You are the latter day saints and I am so glad to keep company with you. Hugs and love to all of you..Your Catholic Sister in Mary…. Renee

  52. It’s simple enough really. As Our Lord said, “You know a tree by its fruit.” He also said, even if you don’t believe in me, at least believe in the works I do. I see in Caritas works of great love of Our Lady and all Her children; there is no wickedness or falsehood, only truth and the fruit of that labour is the conversion of sinners. Let him hear, who has ears to hear, and see, who has eyes to see.

  53. Margaret Garthwait

    Dear Caritas Community, I am very saddened to hear of the attempts to discredit your community and all the hard work and devotion you are doing for Our Most Beloved Mother. Please do not take me off your e-mail list. I so love reading all your information and updates to the events and apparations happening there in Birmingham. We are so blessed to have all this happening in our country at this time in history when so many people need Our Savior and his Mother to guide us. Thank you for all that you are doing. I will pray for all of you and your work to continue. May Our Mother bless you each and every moment of each day forever. In the name of Jesus and Mary MG, Connecticut

  54. Dear Caritas, I have believed in the apparitions of Medjugorje from the start and will continue to do so. In fact, I just returned my letter to Caritas to be a Field Angel yesterday. Many people I know have been there, and their lives have been changed. Continue to do your great work. I have visited the sacred grounds at Caritas 3 times over the years, and it was a wonderful experience. We all know how the devil tries to interrupt God’s work, but it just won’t happen !!

  55. bernadette piotrowski

    Please DO NOT take me off your mailing list. It’s uplifting and strengthening our faith. I hope to visit Medjugorje. Thank you and God Bless you all! P.S. …up to this day I have not heard anything from parish priests talk about the times in which we live in; end times… why we should be praying, all the more, for one another… etc. What today’s (slumbering) priests lack, you make up for. God Bless you.

  56. Sr. Mary Bertha,f.m.a.

    I was sad in reading what someone said about you. I pray to Mary that she may help you continue your good work that you are doing. You maybe sure of my prayers, Sr. Mary Bertha,f.m.a.

  57. Love doesn’t come without sacrifice. Your community and your work has certainly inspired my life and continue to do so. Keep up the good work. May God and Our Lady continue to bless us all. Puerto Rico

  58. I never knew much about Mary or Our Lady since I was not raised Catholic. Your medjugorje.com website has changed my life. I have become a total believer. We are living in extraordinary times through her Appartions, and you are part of Our Lady’s Grace. From my heart…..

  59. In my opinion, I think it’s a wonderful message that you convey. Spreading the good word that comes from Medjugorje whether you are Catholic or not it makes a non believer a believer. I look forward to your messages. It enlightens me to know the Blessed Virgin appears on earth and gives us messages from Jesus to help us better ourselves and the world. Keep up the good work!

  60. grace - Maryland

    Please do not for a moment let this disturb ALL the goodness you are spreading in Honor Of Our Blessed Mother…you are Her Blessed Children doing Her work on earth for ALL her children…I BELIEVE and have received numerous BLESSINGS from HER because of your devotion to Her….I love all of you dearly and may our Heavenly Mother prevail in reaching millions because of you..have a most Blessed and Holy Christmas…

  61. Please do not remove me from your list. I have enjoyed reading and receiving messages from my Blessed Mother. I am a strong catholic and a believer and have faith in all that our God almightly does for us. So please do not remove me from your list. May God Bless You all.

  62. First of all, I am not Catholic, so I really don’t “get” why one would require the approval of anyone to validate the messages or the ministry of this organization. It’s supposed to be personal. We each have to accept or reject ANY teaching through the gift of spiritual discernment (or the lack thereof). I guess what I’m trying to say is, truth is truth… Regardless of the source. By their fruit you will know, right? I’ve yet to see any “bad” fruit here. I’ve been drawn to these apparitions for a reason in spite of those in my circle who refuse to consider the possibility that they are real because Marian apparitions are a “Catholic” thing. I have family and friends who are Catholic. I’m not so worried about denomination as I am about the state of one’s spirit and heart. I’m thankful for those who help explain where you’re “coming from” so i can understand. God’s Spirit doesn’t divide. We are more alike than different. Christ has many sheep in many folds. Thanks for what you do.


    PRAISE GOD Ave Maria During the Old Testament times, God sent holy men as prophets. After the Resurrection of His Son, Abba Father is sending Mary, Queen of prophets to remind the world about saving our souls. Like a caring Mother who better than the Mother of Jesus Himself. About Medjugorje – WHEN ONE OF THE VISIONARIES ASKED THE LATE POPE JOHN PAUL II, WHY HE HAD NOT VISITED MEDJUGORJE THE SAINTLY POPE REPLIED: If I were not the Pope, I would have been there long ago.” (He as the Pope had to abide by the formal procedures of the Holy Mother Church) In my beloved country INDIA, millions of Indians love and venerate Mother Mary as there is no one like her in any other religion. At the tip of the Indian peninsula is Vailankanni where Our Lady appeared to a Hindu boy. Today there is a beautiful minor Basilica under the title of Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, TAMILNADU. It is the most visited Marian Shrine in Asia. I AM FIRMLY COMMITTED TO MEDJUGORJE AND CARITAS.

  64. Great response. There is no need to panic or become defensive. Jesus is the light and the way. His mother shares the way to her son in a way only a mother would know. They say Jesus works in mysterious ways…it is only mysterious to us. satan works in mysterious ways as well, but the true love of a mother for Her Son supersedes any hate or any evil plan he may have. Her greatest love was watching as Her Son gave his life for life – forgiveness for our sins and an opportunity for eternal life for those who choose to follow and believe in him. People will always choose…let them choose. Known or unbeknown to them the power of the love of Jesus is everpresent and eternal. This time, “Thank you Mary for allowing us the opportunity for responding to your call”

  65. Please do not take me off your mailing list. I thoroughly enjoy reading Our Lady’s messages and keeping up with the latest news about her apparitions. I have been to Medjugore and know what a holy place it is. It changed my life. Thank you. God Bless

  66. Hello, I wish to continue receiving your messages, I want to continue in your mailing list. Please dont listen!

  67. Thank you for all that you do in spreading Our Lady’s messages and peace. I’m also thankful to the Field Angel in the article for allowing this to be shared. I think that by doing so, it has helped a lot of people who may also be misinformed or hearing rumors. Pretty much every apparition that has taken place has gone through this. Even the apparitions at Fatima, none of the officials believed at first, and even the town priests would beg the children to confess they were lying, threatening them. Do not let fear and doubt speak for your heart and the truth it holds. My guess is that most of us reading this site, know in our hearts the love that our Blessed Mother has for us and that she would want us to be peaceful and spread her love to as many people as we can. So let’s do that, and not let rumors or doubts and fears keep us from doing so. And let’s face it even after the church approved the apparitions at Fatima, Portugal, there are still people who don’t believe it!

  68. My husband and & I had the privilege of visiting Caritas of Birmingham this past summer and felt so overwhelmed by the love and reverence of the people and the place. It is so beautiful! What could possibly be so wrong with spreading that kind of love. We felt very close to Heaven there & felt that the grounds we were walking on was certainly blessed. It may be hard for some people to believe in something when there are others who try to tear it down who have very little faith. Please keep up your excellent work, you are blessing many people. Thank you so much!

  69. Louise Beaupre

    When you accomplished something grandiose, the only thing if left for people, is to criticism and judge you! Keep up the good work, God always keep an eye on his children. And the beauty about all this, it did reinforce our Faith in Our Lady! Have a Merry Christmas, and God Bless you all!

  70. Please don’t remove me from your list, i open my mail daily to read messages of OUR BLESSED MOTHER, i feel uplifted when am reading these beautiful messages.SHe has been with me since i visited Medjugorge. Thank you.

  71. I fully support you, your work, and the apparitions. Anyone who does not believe in the apparitions and Mary’s messages is deluded or being worked upon by Satan, I believe. I have been to Medjugorje and i know what I witnessed. Thank you for all you do. just pray for non-believers that the Holy Spirit will bring them into the fold. Blessings. . .L.


    Please do not take me off your mailing list as I am a great beleiver of Medugorje and love to hear every bit of news that comes from there.Many Thanks Joan

  73. Jean-Paul Dufour

    Thank you for your new letter.I love the messages.I am devoted the our Mother Mary. It sad to see so many people not believing. But in the end She will triumphs and so all who prayed with her.Revelation twelve, it say the is a woman with twelve stars on her head. She fighting with Michael the archangel. So this is the final battle. It not of flesh and blood. But a fight for our soul, against satan. There is also talk of the dragon, which is satan. They also talk about the residue who came and help her. That is us the remain of the Catholic church who still practice. We are helping her with the Rosaries and following her messages. By practicing the sacraments,confession,the Eucharistic,and so on. By following the call of God in our own life.By following Jesus,guided by the Holy Spirit. By listening to the Pope. Who ever win the fight until the end will be saved. We have the choice. Join in the good fight and win soul with our Lady or stay cold and loose our own battle with the evil souls.

  74. Sylvia Kendall

    I didn’t need your explanation to confirm my belief and support for all you do for Our Lady in helping to spread Her messages. I do thank you however, for taking the time to explain your position so clearly for those who may have been beset by doubts. I think all organisations/individuals/communities etc that show faith in God and Our Lady are under attack. I just pray for The Lord to drive Satan back where he belongs and send His Grace to humanity to help us all to see the truth.

  75. charmaine swardling

    Dear Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ, It is indeed sad when persons rely on depend on listening to the other voice, instead of the one blessed by Jesus himself when he created you. Please, do not allow satan to enter into our heart, as he is striving to achieve his goal. Be still and listen carefully to what Jesus is telling us, reach out and touch him, he is so close to you. please keep me on your mailing list. I need to know everything I can about our Lord, and feel blessed that our Holy Mother has been entrusted with this responsibility. Who better to trust? The Catholics, we are, are tasked to share these wonderful news and that is what we should do rather than whisper words of hate and tear each other down. May God bless each and every one of us with the wisdom we need to discern right from wrong. this is possible for all of us if we allow it to happen. let us continue to pray for each other.

  76. Rosemary Ryan

    I may not be a member of Caritas but I believe in what you send me, the visions. Carry on and don’t worry about the non-believers, “truth will out”

  77. Hi people of God, i would like to receive emails from Medjugorje, they inspire me a lot and would not make a mistake of taking my name off. God bless you and keep up with the excellent job and have a blessed Christmas.

  78. jeannie botha

    I can only thank you for being instrumental in making known to us the messages from heaven by the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. So sad that wonderful people are being influenced by satan who is trying his utmost to bring doubt at this point in time. We know that Jesus is coming back soon and satan was defeated more than 2000 years ago. He belongs in the bottomless pit.

  79. May GOD bless you and be blessed by the two Hearts, Jesus and Mary. Life is difficult and it happens that sometimes we fall in mistakes by the most important thing is to realize and correct what went wrong and ask GOD forgiveness. Please keep spreading our Lady Messages to the whole world. In Jesus name i love you all

  80. Dear Caritas, I guess it is clear that Satan is just being true to his objective – to confuse and destroy! But we all know in the end he will never be successful. Thank you for being so selfless in sharing the messages of our Lady with the rest of the world! Am praying for you and the Friend of Medjugorje, you are part of my intentions as I am on my personal 7th day of the 9 day novena which I repeated!

  81. Please do not remove me from the list. Keep the great work you are doing. One by one we need conversion. People are getting farther and farther away from God and Our Blessed Mother is our means to go to Jesus. What you are doing helps us for God’s gift of faith to grow. May you all have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

  82. Please do not remove me from the list. Keep the great work you are doing. One by one we need conversion. People are getting farther and farther away from God and Our Blessed Mother is our means to go to Jesus. What you are doing helps us for God’s gift of faith to grow. May you all have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

  83. Please do not remove me from the list. I am a great Catholic believer! Our Lady’s messages make me strong & enjoyed reading them. Have a Blessed Holiday Season!!!!

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