On August 6, 1981, the word MIR (peace) was written in the sky and seen by many people. It was on this day, during the apparition to the visionaries that Our Lady gave Her title for the first time, saying: “I am the Queen of Peace.” Father Jozo stated:

“I remember when we saw the word MIR (peace) written in big, burning letters in the sky over the Cross on Mt. Krizevac. We were shocked. The moments passed, but we were unable to speak. No one dared say a word. Slowly, we came to our senses. We realized that we were still alive.” 1

The following is a testimony given by a villager named Sime Dodig:

“It was Thursday, August 6, 1981. I left the house to go to the fountain of Jurisa for a pail of water. That took place between 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., but I did not look at the time. Suddenly, I saw, high in the sky, like a band of blue color, on which were big letters. Then I was seized with a great fear. Two students were close by, Ivan Prlic and Marijana Zubac. I cried: ‘Children, do you see some letters in the sky?’ ‘We see them,’ said the children with amazement…

“At first I was afraid. But I quickly pulled myself together and I indeed saw that the word MIR was written. We all knelt and we prayed in a loud voice the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, and other prayers. I began the prayers and the children answered…” 2


The Medjugorje skies are always filled with beauty and wonder, whether during a spectacular sunrise or sunset or during a tremendous storm. God’s magnificence is always seen and Our Lady’s presence felt.

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1. Talk given by Fr. Jozo on June 25, 1987
2. Testimony taken by Fr. Umberto Loncar, parish priest on May 12, 1988

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  1. Frank Frangenberg

    This was expand so well. I felt his love as he spoke this message. He was just saying it like it is. I well pass this on. Thank You

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