Testimonies of Physical Healings

Testimonies of Physical Healings


Several healings have been reported to have taken place in Medjugorje. Many of the physical healings are being investigated as to whether they are authentic healings or not. This procedure is a very long and time-consuming task, examining all medical records, history of the individuals etc. We will have to wait for sometime in the future as to whether or not the Church will recognize them as miraculous healings or not. But because of the several healings that have been reported and continue to be throughout the years of the apparitions, they are an important part of the whole picture of Medjugorje.

The following are different testimonies of people who were healed, given by the people themselves, doctors who have studied the cases, or someone who was witness to the healing:

“Damir Coric, who suffered from internal hydrocephaly, had undergone three drainage operations in the Zagreb Surgical Clinic. Each time the operation had resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage which had necessitated further surgery. The likelihood of more hemorrhages was great, and Damir’s prognosis was gloomy in the extreme. Meanwhile, he had lost a great deal of weight and was very weak. At Medjugorje, during the summer of 1981, Vicka prayed for him. Damir Coric was cured – and rapidly regained his former weight and strength.” 1

“Cvija Kuzman from Stolac had suffered for eleven years from degenerative arthritis, passing from one hospital to another, able to walk but with arms and legs swollen and painful. In August 1981 she had brought back some soil from Medjugorje and made a paste of it. Her daughter applied the paste, reciting seven Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s and Gloria’s. Mrs. Kuzman was instantly healed.” 2

The following is a description of a six-month-old baby covered with eczema who was cured:

“The parents consulted numerous doctors and specialists, but in vain. They were told that the affliction would disappear when the child was two, but that they must on no account wash it with water. The mother went to Medjugorje, gathered a few herbs…boiled them in water and washed the child with the infusion. Next day the scales had disappeared – only dark patches remained. Within twenty-four hours these too had disappeared.” 3

In gratitude the baby’s family made a pilgrimage on foot to Medjugorje, The family walked 40 miles to Medjugorje in thanksgiving for their baby’s cure.




After the Medjugorje visionaries received Our Lady on the third day of the apparitions, Marija, walking down the hill, was mysteriously pushed aside. This was a second apparition to Marija. Our Lady was crying and there was a bare wooden cross behind Her. Our Lady said:

“Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession.”

One can find the spot marked by a cross while walking up Apparition Hill. The spot will be on the right, just past the Second Joyful Mystery. It is a good place to pray for reconciliation with loved ones and reconciling families.

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Many reported healings and cures came from people who took some dirt, flowers, and herbs from Apparition Hill and mixed them with water. They then placed the mixture on the afflicted area. Through their faith, belief and hope, along with the fasting and prayers they offered, many were healed from blindness, paralyses, deafness, and many other sicknesses and diseases.

Jozo Vasilj was 85-years-old. He was blind and paralyzed as the result of a stroke. He was unable to go to Apparition Hill, but asked that someone bring back dirt and herbs from there. He mixed them with water and then washed himself with it. He could immediately see his wife. He gives the following description of what happened:

“Eight years ago I had a stroke which rendered my left eye completely useless. During the past four years my right eye also stopped functioning and I couldn’t see anymore. I asked Vida Vasilj to bring some flowers and sage from the Crnica Hill, Apparition Hill. That same night I put these plants under my head. In the morning I asked my wife to bring me water. I put the plants in water and washed myself. Upon drying myself with a towel, I said to my wife, ‘There, I can see!’ She answered me, ‘What do you mean you can see?’ I said to her, ‘I can see you haven’t put your socks on yet!’ That is how my wife found out I could really see. While I was washing I recited the Creed.

“Another time I was in our church; it was when Jure Ivankovic came from the USA. Once again, God gave me a great grace. For some time my hands had been covered with open sores which were very painful; they disappeared that very day. These things happened in the early days of the apparitions.” 4

The following are about two women who received a complete and instantaneous healing from multiple sclerosis. Their diseases had advanced far enough that they were paralyzed and in wheelchairs, with severe muscle deterioration. These two cases have been medically well-documented and submitted to the church.

“Rita Klaus, American, married with three daughters: she had multiple sclerosis for twenty-five years, getting about in a wheelchair. In February 1986 she read about Medjugorje and on the evening of 18 June after prayer she knew she must ask for healing: the next day she could move her feet and legs and by the same evening she ran upstairs, quite recovered.” 5

“Dr. L. Frigerio and his colleagues at the Specialist Clinical Institute of Milan had complied a dossier of 143 items on the cure of a forty-three-year-old Italian secretary and mother of three sons. Diana Basile. Multiple sclerosis had been diagnosed in 1972. Signora Basile suffered from perineal dermatitis; was blind in one eye, and could walk only with difficulty. In January 1984, all this was compounded by a severe clinical depression, as her physical condition continued to deteriorate. In May, a colleague in the office where Signora Basile had worked suggested that she should join a group going from Milan to Medjugorje.

“On the evening of 23rd May, she was in the church and a friend, Signora Novella, helped her to climb the steps up to the apparition room:

‘At that point I no longer wanted to enter the room…but the door was opened and I went in. I knelt just behind the door. When the children came in and knelt down…I heard a loud noise. After that I remember nothing, except an indescribable joy and certain forgotten episodes of my life passing before my eyes as though on film. When it was all over, I followed the children, who went straight to the main altar in the church. I was walking just like everybody else, and I knelt down just as they did. It didn’t actually occur to me that anything extraordinary had happened, until Signora Novella came up to me in tears.’

“The cure had been instantaneous. On the pilgrimage bus returning her to the hotel in Ljubuski, the other pilgrims embraced her and wept with amazement. That evening, Signora Basile found that the dermatitis had completely disappeared. Her right eye, useless for twelve years, had regained perfect vision – even better than that of the left eye which was only ninety percent good. Next day she walked the six miles from the hotel to the church at Medjugorje – barefoot. As if that were not enough, in the afternoon, she climbed the rocky path up the hill of apparitions.” 6





Many people make their way up Cross Mountain to reach the foot of the Cross. It is there that they place their hopes and desires. There are those who ask for physically healings, others for spiritual healings, still others for special graces for their families. Whatever their reason, they walk with faith, with Our Lady by their side, to the top of this mountain to united their sufferings and crosses to that of Jesus’.

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The following are a series of testimonies of reported physical healings that were given to the parish office in Medjugorje for investigation and verification:7

Antonija Puljic (of Podvinje)

“Antonija, a little girl two years old, was badly burned. Her doctor said she would not be able to walk for a month and a half. Her parents went to the place of the apparitions and prayed for her. That same evening she began to walk. Two days later the burned areas were healed over, and she was healed. Medical certificates were given.”

Anica Brekalo (Born March 23, 1920 at Split)

“Anica suffered from blood clots in her legs and also from degenerative rheumatism. She has been treated in a hospital at Split, with no relief. She made a vow to go to Medjugorje. In preparation, she prayed and fasted regularly. During the communal prayer for the sick at Medjugorje, she felt herself getting better. Afterwards the sickness simply disappeared. Now, according to her own words, she is completely healed.”

Iva Tole (born in 1941 at Mostar)

“Iva had multiple sclerosis. She was treated in hospitals in Belgrade and Zagreb, but did not improve. She retired prematurely due to the disability, and stayed at home. Her condition became continually worse. She wanted to go to ‘Our Lady’s home’ at Medjugorje, but was not strong enough, so her daughter went for her. There the daughter prayed, fasted, and asked little Jakov if her mother would get better. He told her, ‘If she believes, fasts, and prays, her health will improve.’

“Finally on September 13, 1981, the woman herself was brought to the Church at Medjugorje. She prayed, and then went on foot to the Krizevac Hill to hear Mass. She returned home full of joy. Her headaches have disappeared. She now does the housework; something she had no longer been able to do. She declared her healing on May 20, 1982 and deposited the relevant medical documents.”

Mirko Brkic (of Banja Luka)

“Mirko broke his leg and a pin was placed in it. He was treated first in a hospital in Banja Luka and then in Belgrade. An open sore, under the knee of the broken leg, was treated many times, but the sore became deeper until the bone was visible. Doctors decided to amputate. Meanwhile Mirko’s family had made a vow to Our Lady, and prayed and fasted. The day before the scheduled amputation, the wound suddenly closed. The astonished doctors cancelled the operation. After several days the wound was completely healed over. The healing was made public on March 26, 1982.”

Maria Brumee

“Maria Brumee who had had a fractured spine. All treatment had failed and she had been told she would be an invalid for the rest of her life. On pilgrimage to Medjugorje, on 8th August 1983, she was instantly and inexplicably cured.”7


As you read through these different reported cures that are listed above, the one thing that is very important to remember is Medjugorje is most importantly a place of prayer. It is not to be looked upon as another Lourdes, a place of physical abnormal cures. Our Lady’s focus here in Medjugorje is not the physical healings, though there may be an extraordinary number of them in the future, but rather Her most important message here in Medjugorje is that of the healing of the heart, conversion of the heart. These are the abnormalities Our Lady is coming to grant cures to.

In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre

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