The Spinning Sun

The Spinning Sun

From the beginning days of the apparitions and continuing into the present, millions of pilgrims coming to Medjugorje have witnessed the spinning of the sun. Pilgrims have witnessed this miraculous happening at different times during the day, but it seems that it is especially seen during the evening Rosary, Apparition time and Croatian Mass each evening in Medjugorje. For many of the youth, growing up in Medjugorje, the spinning of the sun has become almost a natural occurrence, as this has been happening daily since they were born. They may consider it supernatural if the sun didn’t spin.



Pilgrims as they watch the spinning of the sun. Many people, as this one woman, are particularly touched to receive such a grace as this and know that they are witnessing a true miracle of God.


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Pilgrims have reported being able to look at the sun without hurting their eyes and seeing many different things: the Host spinning in the center of the sun, the sun spinning and dancing all around, it moving closer and farther away from them, different figures around the sun, such as hearts, crosses, etc.


The following are some interviews and reports taken in the beginning of the apparitions, given by area Croatian priests, villagers, and pilgrims who witnessed them.


“On August 2, 1981, the Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Angels, in the late afternoon, before the sun had set, the sun was seen to spin in its orbit, then descend toward the watching people of approximately 150, then retreat – a ‘dance of the sun’ that reminded the people of the miraculous phenomenon at Fatima. When the people were able to look at the sun without hurting their eyes, they saw figures around the sun, as it seemed to circle, in the shape of a cross. The strange phenomena caused many to cry, or pray, or even run away. Then six small hearts appeared in the sky, centered around a large heart. Then a white cloud covered the hill and the site of the first apparition, and the sun returned to its normal place. The people interpreted this unusual happening as the sun’s witnessing to its Creator. All of this happened over approximately fifteen minutes.” 1



Fr. Janko Bubalo, a local priest, related the following information given to him by a villager named Niko Vasil:


“‘On the 2nd of August, 1981, somewhat after six in the evening, at the time the Virgin usually appears to the Seers, I was with a rather large group of people in front of the church in Medjugorje. And, suddenly, I noticed a strange play of the sun. I went to the South side of the church so as to see what was happening better. First off, it seemed like a shiny wheel separated from the sun and headed toward earth.’ The man said it was beautiful to see as well as frightening.


“He said that the sun then began to swing back and forth. After that, he relates, some sort of shining balloons began to emerge from the sun, and that a wind pushed them about and toward Medjugorje. I asked the man if anyone else had seen it. He said that many of the people around him also saw it and wondered at it as did he…


“The man from Medjugorje told me that toward the end of the sun’s play, a bundle of light, like a ray, separated itself from the sun and traveled like the rays of a rainbow, toward the place of the Virgin’s first appearances. It then fixed itself on the steeple of the church in Medjugorje, upon which, to this man, a clear image of the Virgin appeared. Only the Virgin, as he relates, did not have a crown.” 2


The following was about an event that took place on December 9, 1983. It was reported by a pilgrim and involved the sun and Cross Mountain:


“Medjugorje was a deep experience for everyone in our group. It shook us all! Marija received the ninth secret before our eyes in the apparition chapel. She wept profusely. We know from Mirjana who has received all ten secrets that the ninth and tenth ones are “grave matters…a chastisement for the sins of the world…” Click Here to learn more about the secrets


“The day after the eighth we had a sun miracle at 1 p.m…. We had just walked behind the church in order to look up to the Cross Mountain when a storm commenced. It almost threw us over, and the church seemed to shake. Clouds, as dark as night, were driven across the sky by this brief storm…


“Suddenly, the sun broke through with spectacular rays and then some saw the sun spin…all the people assembled got on their knees because we all saw the darting and fiery rays breaking through the dark clouds in various directions.


“As the clouds disappeared, the sky became rose – red and the sun paled. In the sun was the St. Andrew Cross, and as it disappeared, a huge cross began to be raised above the sun, peaked by a crown. All this was light and around it the darkness grew again, as though the judgment of God was at hand.


“All the while, the cross on the cross mountain was invisible. The land below and the sky around grew in darkness. Only the spectacular rose colors twirling around the illumined Cross raised above the sun grew brighter and brighter. Then, it all vanished and the dreary winter day took its normal course.” 3


Testimony of Fr. Umberto Loncar:

“On August 2 and 3, 1981 (Sunday and Monday), many pilgrims in Medjugorje saw that the sun had grown dim and was orbited by bright rings that cast reddish rays upon the church at Medjugorje. Later, bright circles of various colors rotated around the sun. This was seen by pilgrims preceding the Madonna’s appearance to the children, from about 6:20 to 6:40 p.m., and of course produced unusual talk and speculation as word of these occurrences spread far and near.


“On Sunday, I had noticed nothing at all of this, and did not believe that any of it happened. However, I must admit, I had not observed the sun or the sky by even the most casual glance.


“Monday, because of the reports about the Sunday happenings, I made it a point to observe the sun and the sky – and saw the same phenomena repeated. The sky in the other direction – that is, north of the church – was traversed by an arc of dark globes, moving from east to west. I tried to dismiss all this as unusual but natural phenomena, produced by weather and/or temperature abnormalities. Or perhaps my looking into the sun had caused these unreal images. In short, none of this, I told myself, was miraculous.


“The next day, however (Tuesday, Aug. 4), I had what I must call a ‘special vision.’ Purposely, I had stayed home, and did not go to Medjugorje. When I left the house, at 6:00 p.m., I spread a hand before my face and, through slits between my fingers, glanced at the sun whose light was fading. A light breeze had arisen and the early evening was very pleasant. After I glanced at the sun, I looked away, in the direction of Medjugorje, because I did not want my vision to be affected by direct observation of the sun. I did not see any ‘dark globes’ but exactly at 6:20 I saw a huge red and violet cloud over Cerno*. The cloud was massive and was moving in my direction at unusual – tremendous – speed, then hovered over the hill of Krizevac for one or two minutes, moved eastward, and seemed to sink to the earth. Because of the hills and trees between me and the cloud, I couldn’t see what happened; so I ran to the upper floor of the rectory to have a better view. After the cloud disappeared from sight, I descended to the terrace between the rectory and the church. Precisely at 6:40, the red and violet figure of a magnificent lady arose from the hill of Crnica. The red and violet faded in intensity as she ascended in the sky; then she disappeared. The last thing I saw was a brilliant white scarf that dangled from her feet and swung in the air. The vision of the lady ascending into the sky lasted about 30 seconds.


“This experience, I have no doubt, was supernatural. Therefore, it is proof that the events in Medjugorje originate with God.


“I have given this much thought, and the following points, among many others, seem especially obvious and pertinent.


1. “The skies on that early Tuesday evening were clear and absolutely cloudless – although I did not look toward the sun, so that my vision would not be affected. However, I have never seen a cloud, before or since, like the cloud that suddenly appeared over Cerno.


2. “The figure that appeared in the sky was of a beautiful woman, which I saw sharply and clearly – unmistakably – and whom I must say was Our Lady.


3. “The scarf or veil that dangled beneath her feet was whiter than the whitest snow.


4. “The figure was that of a high-born woman.


5. “Reason disallows mere coincidence and sensory vagaries. At the exact same time I saw what I have described above, the Madonna appeared to the children in a garden in Bijakovici.


“I must conclude that I witnessed a miraculous sign: our Heavenly Mother, who the children see and talk with.” 4




Sunsets in Medjugorje are not like any other in the world. Eyes are often drawn to the sunset at the same moment Our Lady comes to the little village now expanded to deal with the number of pilgrims. A sunset in Medjugorje cannot be viewed with an open heart, without thoughts of God and that Medjugorje is not a shrine but a real place of the active presence of God.


* Cerno is a small village outside of Medjugorje, near Ljubuski. On the seventh day of the apparitions, the visionaries were taken away from the village so that they wouldn’t be there for the apparition. Our Lady appeared to them in Cerno, which is where they were at the time of the apparition.


1. The Apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje, Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic
2. A Thousand Encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Father Janko Bubalo
3. Spark From Heaven, by Mary Craig
4. The Apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje, Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic


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  1. If you read Scripture, the grain is wheat, which is symbolic for the elect, the saints. Matt. 13:24-30. When the wheat dies it produces much fruit. John 12:24. The saints sacrifice their flesh and their flesh dies and they become spirit producing virtues and fruit of the Holy Spirit. Every where in her messages she refers to conversion as a conversion of heart (repentance). Everything else God sees and provides. (April 25,2002)

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