Spiritual Healings

Spiritual Healings


Fr. Jozo Zovko expressed his conviction that the greatest miracle was the interior one. He told of two Italian women who had arrived in their wheelchairs:

“The elder of the two women was healed. The younger, Manuela, remained in her wheelchair. The one who was healed returned home, delighted at being able to walk again; Manuela stayed behind to give thanks and praise to God. They had both come with the desire to be healed, and they were both healed. But healing is not only physical; it is something that takes place in the heart. Manuela was healed in her heart. Full of joy, she praised God for having come to her, for shedding light on the cross she carried, for showing her its value and meaning. She understood that from her wheelchair she could bring people spiritual solace, telling them about the love of God, about goodness, about the wisdom that patience can bring. Manuela took a far greater joy home in her heart than the woman who went home able to walk. The Church was grateful for both blessings. Deeply grateful.” 1





The grace of Confession in Medjugorje – the healing of the soul. The individual must be healed, before the family can be healed. Once the family is healed, then nations can be healed. Once nations are healed, the world is healed. Our Lady said on August 6, 1982:

“…Confession will be a remedy for the Church in the West…”

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Another priest relayed that he met a young man from Italy in front of St. James Church. This young man stated:

“I have heard about Medjugorje and the miraculous events here from friends. What is happening here in fact, I myself experienced at the beginning of December in 1988. Here I actually experienced, in a miraculous way, my own conversion. If I say that I was the biggest sinner in the world, maybe it sounds unbelievable. I do not know whether there is any sin I did not have already on my soul. I was a drug addict too. Nothing has brought me happiness and joy in life, least of the sin. I was fed up with everything, so I tried several times to bring everything to an end by committing suicide. It became clear to me why I am still alive. At this place where Heaven opens, where Our Lady is seen, I have prayed this:

‘Our Lady, Jesus’ Mother, and my Mother, I believe that You came here. You came here for my sake too. I pray to you, to recommend me to Your Son. Obtain for me the mercy of conversion. I am sure you can do it and that Your Son will answer Your prayer. I cannot live like this any longer. This is not life. Our Lady, if You do not help me, I do not know where to go. I cannot go back like this. Queen of Peace obtain for me peace from Your Son! Please, help me.’

“Then for a moment I stopped. I did not know what to do next. Suddenly I wanted to confess. I easily found an Italian priest and I knelt in front of Him as a governor of Christ. What happened during that merciful purification, only good God knows, the priest and me. Those were moments I will never forget. It is difficult to describe with these few words. I experienced that God is love which heals, revives, liberates, forgives, and saves. I have been leading a virtuous life for several years. And indeed, there is nothing more beautiful and joyful in this world than that.” 2


The Medjugorje sun peaks around the Cross – a reminded to let the light of Jesus always comes upon you. He only needs an invitation. Your crosses will not only be lighter, but you will receive the grace to embrace them and accept them for your spiritual growth and healing.

1. Sparks From Heaven, Mary Craig
2. Open Your Hearts to Mary Queen of Peace, Milan, 1985

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