Caritas July 3, 2012 Update and Message

Caritas July 3, 2012 Update and Message

Updated July 5, 2012 A.D.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012, the apparition of Our Lady to Marija took place in the Field at Caritas, near 10 PM. The apparition lasted 6 minutes. Our Lady gave a very important message, a message that was simple, but amazed us who were present, in that Our Lady actually gave and told us a formula with a solution for the healing of the United States.

Our Lady appeared to Marija a little bit before 10:00 p.m. The apparition lasted 6 minutes. Marija said that Our Lady prayed over us for a long time and She blessed us and all of our religious articles. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

During the time of the apparition, Our Lady said for us to create prayer groups through which we will pray for our healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to Our Lady. The following are Our Lady’s actual words to Marija:

“Form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to Me.”

Marija said that Our Lady then prayed over us for our healing and the healing of this country.

Our Lady also told Marija that the apparition for the next day, July 4, 2012 would also be in the Field at 10 PM.

Crowning Our Lady's Statue July 3, 2012

The crowning of Our Lady in the Field of Apparitions, July 3, 2012. It takes the effort of several Caritas Community girls to crown Our Lady, as She is just beyond their reach. In the same way, the healing of our nation is just beyond our reach. How is it possible for us as individuals to make a change?

Our Lady, July 3, 2012, called us to form prayer groups to pray for this healing, as it takes the effort of not one person alone, but as a united group, gathered around Our Lady, praying for this intention, we can achieve the healing this nation is in so much need of; that Our Lady would be crowned Queen of this country once again, first in our hearts, “pray for your healing,” then manifested physically into the culture, “and the healing of this nation.”

And can it not be called the first prayer group, which took place in those early days of July 1776, when a united group of men, through prayer, broke the chains of tyranny, so to live in the freedom of God’s law? No freedom we could ever hope to achieve can be seperate from God’s law, where true freedom is found. Our Lady speaks to us in the innocence of the children pictured above, that we must again become pure of heart, seeking God’s law, united, gathered around Our Lady, when, “draw(ing) closer to God and to me,” our nation can be healed.

A Friend of Medjugorje, founder of Caritas, wrote very extensively on this July 3, 2012, message in the book, Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, available here.

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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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7 thoughts on “Caritas July 3, 2012 Update and Message”

  1. Geneva Fontenot

    Thank you, thank you for this website. I was unable to go to Caritas this year, but have been twice. I am hoping that you will give us some feedback on how to start a prayer group. I can get prayers, but not sure what to do after that. Will you be able to give us guidelines? I was so happy when I read the July 3rd message. I think most of us were. Now we can do exactly what Our Blessed Mother wants us to do and do it now. Thank you for any advice. Keep up the good work and you are always in my prayers.

  2. I am so happy to have found this site and learn about the miracles that are taking place through Our Blessed Mother. It is encouraging during such difficult times and She is so loving by coming to us in this way. I pray that I have the courage and commitment to start a prayer group or groups as She recommends. I have two small children and I know I can pray with them for starters.

  3. Dear Caritas, I was part of a Charismatic Prayer for 30 yrs and also ran a Marian Movement of Priests prayer group in my home. I had to give all of it up as I was taking care of 2 sisters with Dementia. Now 1 of them died 2 yrs ago and 1 is in a Nursing Home. But I still take care of a 92 yr old sister and a husband who has Parkinson’s. I am praying that Mary leads me to start up the kind of prayer group She has told us about. But, I am wondering if Marija got any more details or has any advice on going about fulfilling Mary’s request?

  4. Monique Field Angel #7126

    The July 3rd message is a message of hope. There is much work to be done. Now to bring this message to the rest of America requires each one of us to do our parts. It must begin with forgiveness and reconcilliation through the sacrament of confession, first with the family, then the nation. This is possible as Our Lady says she is with us. Healing will not come from the Government ! It must begin in the family and spread outward. Strong families = strong nations. Thank you Marija, Caritas and Our Lady for bringing such hope to us !!!

  5. Praise God. after 31 years of messages, and all the spiritual preparation of prayer, fasting, reconciliation etc, we have a clear mandate for a specific task! Let us each pray specifically that we will be able to discern and accomplish this vital outreach. thank you Caritas,

  6. Judy Friedrich

    It was the most beautiful evening the moon was so bright you could almost see the colors on the blankets. Families everywhere in groups with children playing in the fields, the quiet, small flashlights creating lighting like small candles. The gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit on a very warm night. The most beautiful praying of the rosary. Our Lady’s visit it was the most peaceful experience. I believe our families will be healed and this nation will turn back to our Lord. God Bless this nation! There were people there from every state and other countries we are a great country. Thank you Mary for a beautiful visit and Blessing.

  7. Debbie Holtzman

    This night was so awe inspiring. The love and peace of this night I will cherish. Wondering if anyone else heard the rustling of the wind that came from the south and swirled around the pine tree as we were saying the Rosary? It was pretty loud and intense about 45 minutes prior to 10pm. I was reminded of the Feb 15, 1984 message, ” The wind is my sign. I will come in the wind. When the wind blows, know that I am with you ….Do not be afraid.” I was so touched and through our prayers I believe the veil was lifted for Marija and ourselves to experience Her blessed visitation.

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