July 5: Apparition to Take Place This Morning

July 5: Apparition to Take Place This Morning

Our Lady appeared to Marija last night, will appear this morning…

Updated July 5, 2012 A.D.

Our Lady appeared to Medjugorje visionary Marija last night, July 4, 2012 around 10 PM, during the Consecration of the Nation which took place in the Field of Apparitions at Caritas. The apparition lasted 5 minutes. Afterwards Marija said:

“During the moment of the apparition when Our Lady came, Our Lady watched all of us. In the beginning I recommended all of us, all our intentions, all we have in our hearts, all sick people. Our Lady smiled and She extended Her hands and began to pray over us. She prayed for a long time, all the time that She stayed with us. And afterwards, She blessed us with the Sign of the Cross, and She said, ‘Go in peace.’”

Marija said that Our Lady’s apparition the next day would take place in the morning, July 5, at 10:40 AM Central Time USA in the Bedroom of Apparitions. This is different from the usual appariton time, which would normally be 11:40 AM Central Time. Our Lady chose to move the time for the July 5 apparition upwards one hour to appear today at 10:40 AM.

When Marija says that “Our Lady watched all of us,” Marija has explained that when this happens, Our Lady looks about the crowd like a Mother who is making sure all Her children are there. The visionaries have said that this gesture of Our Lady is very endearing.

Statue of Our Lady in the Field July 4, 2012

The statue of Our Lady in the Field of Apparitions, taken the night of July 4. Here Our Lady is illuminated by the candles surrounding Her. In these days of darkness in our nation, the light shining in the darkness is the Holy Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, Who has come to us in these days, calling us to Her feet, as She, the Mother, ‘watches all of us.’ She sees every difficulty we face, every trial we endure. She looks for our faces in the sea of mankind, to make us understand that that She sees us, and is here for us. For whatever our nation may have to endure in it’s healing, let us always look to Her, run to Her feet, and allow Her to spread Her arms over us to protect us from every evil. Let it be so.

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35 thoughts on “July 5: Apparition to Take Place This Morning”

  1. Dearest Mother Mary, I love you so much and thank Our Triune God for giving us you as our Mother, for the years you have been teaching and guiding us and for the deep sense of your consoling maternal love.. Help me never to lose heart no matter what. Thank you for all the graces I have received through your intercession especially the gift of prayer and love for the Church especially at this time. Thank you Caritas for your loving kindness God Bless You

  2. Thanks dear friends for sending me about the latest apparition of our Mother. I can imagine how She looked around for Her children. Thank You Mother for your love and concern about this world. I want to be there when you appear, and be a part of Blessed sight. Please Mother pray for me, what a wonder to see a part of Heaven coming to our world. We all want to experience the grace.

  3. I was there, She is the Queen of Peace and it was strongly felt by all. Some of my pilgrimage friends received a heavenly glitter on their body, on their blankets and things. I felt it as graces raining on us. I’m sure many others received that colorful dust – mostly silver. My 13 year old daughter was amazed she received it on her hands during the day prayers. Thank you Mother for taking our petitions to your Son Jesus and for your mantle of protection.

  4. Dearest Mother It feels so special to me that you appear on earth to help and guide us. Thank you for your special Blessings and the Prayers and petitions you have answered. I too wish that one day I may be a part of your visitations and join in the prayers of the many pilgrims around you. Thank you Dearest Mother for being a Mother to me and the world. Your humble child Kathleen

  5. Thank You Dear Mother for being with us these past 5 days in Birmingham,Al. Although I was not there in person, I made sure I was there in Spirit. I continue to pray that are Dear Lord will Change and Heal my family in Spirit and in Illness. I Praise God for allowing you to still continue to be with us. Your Son Always, Phillip

  6. Thanks for the internet.I”m sure this is a Blessing from Our Blessed Lady. OH! how I wish that everybody lives the messages She gives us specially members in my family. Thanks again for your time.Through you we get to know the messages.Great work !!!

  7. charmaine singh

    Thank you to Caritas community, I look forward to reading your messages. How I wish I was there physically to receive the blessings from our MOTHER. I was there in spirit and I know OUR LADY KNOWS BEST. SHE BLESSED US ALL. WHAT PEACE AND JOY THIS GIVES ME. GOD BLESS

  8. Dr. Engulu William Martin

    I am delighted to know that our Mother comes and blesses us. When she looks at the crowed in the apparition site, I am sure she sees me in Africa, straggling in the healing ministry and so blesses the work of my hands. I only wish I could also be in the USA to be close enough to receive everyday Blessings, but I trust that our Mother sees the whole crowed in the world and blesses them all! God Bless! William

  9. Yes Mama Mary thank you for the messages, you are with us guiding us, we sinners living in Middle east, Bahrain need your help and protection, come to us hear our cry and pains ,intercede for us Mama Mary and let a miracle happen. Thank you mama Mary we love mama Mary .

  10. Mary Sebastian

    Thank You, my dear Mother for Your care and love and thank also to Your children who spread the good news to all over the world. I cannot be present there physically, but spiritually I am there with all those who who are related to me in one or another. Help us all to be sign of God’s compassion and Your Motherly love.

  11. Donna Shaheen

    Thank you to our dear Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin. Thank you for being there for us at this critical time in this history of our nation. I cannot believe the horrible things going on in our country today. I grew up in a country where all citizens, including the president, Congress, Senate, and Justice Dept., absolutely loved the United States of America. I pray for the conversion of all non-believers!!! How can anyone deny God in their lives? We wouldn’t be here except for HIM!!!! Dear Mother, please guide our Country on the pathway to our Eternal Father! Thank you so much for your love of all mankind.

  12. I look forward to reading your daily messages. I’m sorry that I was not there physically, but I was there spiritually. I pray that Our Blessed Mother Blesses all of us and hears our prayers in these times of hardships. Thank You Blessed Mother for looking after your children.


  14. I look forward to reading the messages everyday.Thank you for sharing the good news of the Apparitions of Our Blessed Mother Mary. So sorry that I was not there physically but Mother knows best. I was there in Spirit I pray that some day I can be there to receive that special blessings from my beautiful Mother Mary.God Bless your site………..God Bless us all.

  15. Dr Fawzi Himada

    Thank you to Marija and Caritas for bringing Joy and Blessings to our hearts during the apparitions of Our Lady “The Queen Of Peace” at the Field. I am Portuguese and I have visited Fatima many time and here I am with Our Lady in Alabama. I have never thought that I would ever be in the presence of Our Lady. It was a moving experience for me spiritually. I have to mention the spinning sun phenomenon. I have witnessed it at the Field on July the 4th. I describe it as a red/violet wheel spinning around the sun that lasted about 10 minutes. I looked at the sun directly without any discomfort. I cannot explain it and I will leave it to the Blessed Mary to do so. I thank you Mother Mary for leading us to the immaculate heart of Jesus.

  16. Sheila Taaffe

    I always look forward go to the message of Our Blessed Lady. Also, may the Good Lord give you many blessings in your good work.

  17. Thank you Mother, because I know that even though I was not there physically, you looked out for me in the crowd; I was there in spirit!

  18. Doroty Dominguez

    Thank you Mother for appearing here in Caritas. I wish that I could have been their.To feel your presents. I have felt your presents when I was in Medjugorle. At the Blue Cross and the smell of your presents. Love your daughter

  19. Apparitions our Blessed Mother is giving us Her love, mercy and peace. We Catholics are blessed with the messages of the Holy Mother of Medjugorje. Peace for our countries and conversions.

  20. Taken from the Prayer of Consecration of our Nation: “Pray over us at this moment. Pray over our nation now on this day of deliverance. Please stretch out your arms and place a seal across this nation with your prayers while you are in our midst.” Our Lady’s response to this prayer last night: “Our Lady smiled and She extended Her hands and began to pray over us. She prayed for a long time, all the time that She stayed with us. And afterwards, She blessed us with the Sign of the Cross, and She said, ‘Go in peace.’

  21. vincent machira

    I am moved. The messages of Our Lady are continously transforming our lives. Me and my family are never the same. We also see our friends we share with, are also changing. May God bless us all.

  22. Mrs. Eve Mahony

    I am always anxious for Our Lady’s messages. May each of you receive many blessings for your good works. This website is perhaps my most favorite! To know that Our Mother loves us so dearly and guides us with love and humility, obeying Our Beloved Saviour, is soooo comforting! I love you, Dear Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth; Loving Comforter; Perfect Role Model of Love. Your unworthy daughter, Eve

  23. Margie Schuenemann

    Our Blessed Mother , looking out over the crowd with such love was so beautiful, and praying over everyone for such a long time was awsome.Showing us how much she loves us. What a wonderful grace to receieve from the Mother of Jesus, I hope with all my heart the people who were present know how truly blessed they are and what a wonderful gift they have receieved from the Mother of God, and will always the the precious gift they receieved from the Mother of God. Praised Be Jesus and Mary, Margie Schuenemann

  24. God Bless your site…..God Bless all of us….Thank you so much for all the information that I can receive from Caritas. I pray there is a day that I can be there to receive the special blessings from Our Lady. My eyes are full of tears as I write this. I Love Our Lady so much. I pray she heard all my prayers. God Bless Marija and all the people there that work so hard for us so we can get our Lady’s messages. I pray my ears and eyes are open and I hear them loud and clear and that I live them everyday. I pray that one day someone who had received the special blessing (the one given a couple of years ago) extends it to me therefore, I could extend it to others. Please pray for me as well. we are in need of many prayers in our family. Prayers for sickness and conversions. Thank you again, so much. Theresa

  25. violet madden

    Wish I could be there among the crowd. May I ask that when we are unable to be there and Our Lady prays over the crowd are we also included.

  26. Judy Perham in Wisconsin

    So many miles away, I still felt Mother Mary was aware of me, personally. Jesus has taken very good care of me throughout my lifetime. Thank you Mother for validating this and for your love and caring. I am Judy, your devoted daughter.

  27. Catherine Calamari

    Thank you for sharing the Apparitions of our Blessed Mother, Mary. I pray with all of you during those times, and wish I were there with you! Praise to Jesus and Mary!

  28. john wayne mason

    Blessed Mary Mother Jesus help me to Open my Heart to you thank you very much sent me your message for me

  29. Thank you for all the Blessed work you are doing for our Blessed Lady. May all of you at Caritas , be filled with Good Health and many Special Blessings from the Lord.

  30. Laura Faerber

    Prayers are flowing from St. Louis, MO for those at Caritas, for Our Blessed Mothers Guidance and Protection. Lord have Mercy on all Souls, America, Our Earth, Your Creation. Peace be on Earth as it is in Heaven, thru Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and Our Father!

  31. I will be praying for this. We so need our Lady praying for us. If only more would take her messages more seriously. We need to pray for our Father’s mercy and to return with humble hearts to our Lord

  32. I have been blessed this week my the prayers, articles and communications. I am thankful to all that assist in keeping us uplifted and informed. I wish I’d had a chance to be in the crowd in the fields, but I have prayed during the times posted for the apparition. I hope that Our Lady noticed those of us who were not in the fields as well. (In my heart, I believe She has.) To everyone…thanks for making connections possible for those that cannot physically be there. I know that all of our prayers have been heard. Blessings to all.

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