Medjugorje Headline: The Most Sacred Moment of my 58 Years in this World

Medjugorje Headline: The Most Sacred Moment of my 58 Years in this World


Posted December 1, 2011 A.D.


Marija, her husband Paolo, A Friend of Medjugorje and his wife, Annette, traveled together from Mexico City, to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to Miami/Key Biscayne on an Evangelization effort to bring Our Lady and Her messages to these regions. Public events were held at each location for the faithful to come and be in the presence of Our Lady in the apparitions to Marija. The week-long spiritual journey, beginning October 19 and ending on October 25, allowed thousands of people to experience the grace of Our Lady that, heretofore, would never have been able to before.


Letter received November 25, 2011

“I went to see our Blessed Mother in Miami with a few friends from work and my daughter and son. The greatest happiness I had was seen my daughter doing confession after about 4-5 years. Her last confession was done when she was preparing for her confirmation and after that she always refused to go. That day in Miami one of the fathers began to confess people in the field; open area, no curtains or doors. I said to myself, I’m going to give it a try one more time but thought that maybe she wouldn’t want to do it because of the many times she had said to me ‘No,’ and specially she will not do it in the open field. But the happiness I received when she didn’t even hesitate and jumped off the floor and went straight to the confession line. Wao! I couldn’t hold my tears of joy. I have seen changes in her. The experience she had in Miami has changed her in many ways; I can see that she is closer to God and she is motivated and participating more in church. After the apparition date in October 24, 2011, she has gone a couple times to confession and therefore she has been receiving our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. Many other amazing things happened to us during this apparition. Thank you so much dear Mother for your intercession and great love for us! I love you!!!”

Coconut Creek, FL


Our Lady’s Intercession Wins an Unwinnable Victory


Marija speaks in Key Biscayne/Miami to 11,000 pilgrims who gathered to be with Our Lady. Marija states:


Sounds of Key Biscayne

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Press Play –º to Listen

“True peace comes only through prayer to God. On the third apparition, June 26, 1981, Our Lady cried. Our Lady said, “Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves…” Exactly ten years later a war started in our country. And we’ve seen that in our places where people used to pray. For example, in the archdiocese of Split where the bishop gave his testimony, war did not affect them by violence. The bishop’s testimony was that where people were praying they were not touched by the war. On Medjugorje itself bombs were dropped. Because it was a sign of peace and a sign of hope, these bombs fell on Medjugorje but they didn’t explode. “Specialists” said that the ground was too soft, which is absurd because it’s rocks everywhere!

Unexploded bomb in Medjugorje

Marjia spoke of bombs being dropped on Medjugorje during the Balkan War in the early 1990’s, but not exploding. This is an actual picture of one such bomb. There were many supernatural events that happened to show God’s hand was protecting Medjugorje. One enemy fighter pilot was given orders to bomb Medjugorje. On three separate days, he set out early in the morning with clear skies, but each time he reached the vicinity of Medjugorje a sudden cloud coverage formed over the village making it impossible for him to fulfill his orders as he could not see his target. He finally aborted the plan and defected, coming to the conclusion that in this war they were fighting God. This experience led to his conversion.

“And we said Our Lady protected us with Her veil. But Our Lady wanted to give us these signs to grow in our faith. And we started feeling that God was no longer somewhere up there in the sky but He was among us.

“And today it’s the same thing. We have no more hope. Everything’s falling down (Our Lady said on September 2, 2011: “…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart…”). We have no more certainties. Economically, politically, we look around us and see everything is falling down. As it happened many years ago, we’re in the month of October, and you know this is the month of the Rosary. Long ago there was a Turkish army who was very strong and conquering many lands. And there was a pope, his name was PiusV. This Turkish army was going to occupy all of Catholic Europe. They were strong, powerful and united. And all the Catholic lands were invited by the pope to join and face this terrible army. There were French people, Austrian-Hungarian, Italian, and they all answered this call to go and free their lands. But they were not organized and therefore not so united. But they had good will. And they went to war. And they fought the war, while the Pope invited the whole Christian community, the whole Christian people to pray, to pray the Rosary. And what happened in the confrontation of overwhelming odds against the Christian army? The Christians won! They were not organized but the Rosary made up for what they lacked, and they won! They called that day of miraculous victory, the day of the defeat of the Turkish army, the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. This unwinnable victory is why we celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary every 7th of October. Because of this, Our Lady is proclaimed, “Our Lady of all Victories.” In that moment they had no hope, the army was destined for defeat. Yet they fought because their hope was prayer, their hope was Our Lady. Today it is the same. We are ashamed of God. We don’t pray anymore. But Our Lady says put God in the first place in your lives. She wants to be our hope. Today She’s calling us saying that we are important for Her. And She calls us dear children. She invites us to pray, fast, confess, and make peace with God. She calls us to hope.”


The story below happened in one day, with just over one week before the event. This is her testimony of how Our Lady miraculously opened the way for a number of pilgrims to attend the event in Miami, just days before Her arrival. Our Lady is a Mother who will move mountains to get every soul who is open, close to Her. This woman became Our Lady’s extended hands, to get these hearts in the presence of the Queen of Peace.

Our Lady said on May 31, 1995

“…you are my extended hands, my instruments. Get as many hearts as you can close to my heart…”

I’ve been coming to Caritas since 1988. I always tell everyone about Caritas. I feel like I’m in Heaven when I go there. All of you reflect the peace of Our Lady; your children, the beautiful couples. I wish I could stay there a week or a month! I know I would come out a changed person.

I had heard about Marija coming to Key Biscayne on October 24, 2011. I wanted to go so badly. Today at morning Mass, all I could think about was, “How can I get people to Her? How can I get people to Key Biscayne? So many will never be able to afford to go to Caritas or Medjugorje.” I was just sitting in the church when I heard a voice inside say, “Take a bus.” So when I went home I thought about it. While I was thinking about how to go about getting a bus, someone knocked on the door.

I opened the door astonished to see a man, a friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen or talked to in five years standing before me. After five years of not seeing him, he all of a sudden just shows up out of the blue, today, at my front door! And would you believe it? This man is the owner of a bus that takes groups places. In awe, I didn’t even ask him why he was there. Remembering the voice at Mass, I asked my friend, “Can you take us to Key Biscayne October 24, 2011?” He asked me to wait a second while he checked his schedule and checked with his wife. He got out his phone; his schedule was clear and his wife said he could go. So he said yes, he could take us. And now, we had a bus!

Next, I called Caritas to see if just by chance I could get any flyers about the event to hand out. You printed some for me and put them in the mail that day*. I spread them all over Tampa and began calling everyone I knew. But still, I wasn’t sure I could go. You see, because my son has health problems and is very sick. But inside I knew I had to go.

And everything happened today after 1:00 P.M., so smoothly; one thing after another fell into place. It was miraculous. I knew it was Our Lady. Then I asked my priest if I could put up flyers for this event in the church and my priest said that was okay. He then said he would announce the event at every Mass!

N.L., Tampa, FL

*The Retooling of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages’ purpose is for what this testimony states, “You printed some for me and put them in the mail that day.” Caritas has the capacity to act like lightning in these responses. There’s much more we are planning to meet future needs, but this is just one example. Please keep daily in your prayers the Retooling and raising the rest of the funds to be successful. People’s salvation may be had by just one flyer which gives the impulse to attend an apparition and convert, even just through reading about the messages!


Adoration at Key Biscayne

For three hours, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament was held in the sports field, next to the Church, where a large altar was set up for Our Lady’s apparition and Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Jose Hernando, parish priest of St. Agnes Church. Just a few hours before Adoration began, a very organized and strong effort was waged to stop the event from happening. It was typical resistance aimed at causing great confusion to discredit those who had worked so hard to organize the day of prayer. Ultimately, it’s goal was to cancel the event, which would have harmed the conversion of many people. These powerful events that do much to introduce Our Lady and Her messages and spread conversion to thousands of souls do not happen without tremendous trials. But despite the threat leveled against the Key Biscayne event, Fr. Hernando had the wisdom to see through it as did all those of good will. Just as the angels announced to the shepherds in the field, “Peace to all men of Good Will,” there are those of bad will which always resist what is of God.

The organizers of the event arranged to have made a picture depicting the front of St. James Church in Medjugorje and Our Lady’s statue large enough to hang across the entire stage. Though not planned, the monstrance was placed perfectly in line with Our Lady’s stretched out hand—Our Lady pointing to Her Son, or even embracing Her “Son—Sun” in Her arms, Her head bowed and eyes closed adoringly.


Marija in ecstasy at Key Biscayne

Following the Rosary and Adoration, Marija comes forward to kneel and pray a decade of the Rosary before Our Lady’s arrival. The apparition took place at around 6:40 p.m. which is the normal time of the apparition in the evenings in Medjugorje.

October 25, 2011

“Wow, wow, wow, the most interesting and sacred moment of my 58 years in this world.”

Key Biscayne, FL


Our Lady's Statue at Key Biscayne

As she always does in the apparition, Marija recommended everyone present, all our intentions, everything that was in our hearts, and especially she recommended the sick. When Our Lady came, She greeted everyone, as She does in every apparition, by saying, “Praised be Jesus, my dear children.” She then prayed over everyone and blessed all present and their religious objects.


The Power of Writing Your Petitions to Our Lady

Previous to the event in Key Biscayne, we offered to have all petitions sent to us to be brought physically before Our Lady at the apparition. Many experienced profound happenings as the following testimony states:

Letter received November 12, 2011

“I wanted to let you know that I sent in a special petition via your site, to be placed before Our Lady when Marija came to the United States recently. I have sent petitions before, but I believe this one was my most heart-felt. I knew there was something “different” about it when I sent it. It was as if the words flowed from somewhere deep inside me. I asked for prayer for my brother who has been badly addicted to alcohol for over 15 years. The doctors said he would not be able to “quit” unless in a medical facility because of the withdrawal symptoms he would have when he would try to stop drinking. He had been refusing to do in-patient rehab or care of any kind. Well, shortly after sending in my petition, I got word that he has quit drinking “cold turkey”, without any kind of physical withdrawal whatsoever. He had no idea I had sent this prayer petition in for him. Nobody can explain his sudden change of mind, heart and body — but I know it is due to the intercession of Our Lady in his life. I just thought you would like to hear a “success story”! Many blessings to you and the community and to Our Lady and Her Son. Amen.”

Antioch, TN

Marija carrying petitions to the altar

Key Biscayne – Marija Brings Basket of Petitions Up to the Altar

Holy Mass followed the apparition of Our Lady. The altar was set up on a large stage that was visible even to those who were in the very back. A large woven basket was placed below the stage where people could come and place their petitions. All afternoon, petitions were being dropped in the basket until the basket was filled to the top. In a beautiful gesture by Marija, after Mass had already started, she suddenly left the stage and while everyone silently wondered what she was doing, she made her way to the front of the stage, grabbed the bulky basket without seeking help, carried it up the stairs of the stage and brought it in front to place it before the altar.

October 20, 2011

“I just wanted to say thank you. I knew I would never make it to Medjugorje… Having my prayer petition in the same room as the Blessed Mother is beyond my dreams of hope…”

Vancouver, WA

Petitions before the altar

Fr. Hernando raises the Body of Christ over the altar and the petitions filled with the hope and desires of all those gathered. The gesture of Marija in bringing the petitions up on the altar impressed upon everyone that all the intentions that were presented to Our Lady, were also being remembered in this Holy Mass. When Marija follows such an impulse, one suspects that it is something that Our Lady taught her. Though the petitions could have stayed down below the stage and have been just as present in the Mass intentions, Marija wanted everyone present to know their petitions were important to Our Lady and also to God, Himself, in the form of Jesus in the Eucharist. The petitions presented to Our Lady and at this Mass also included all those who had sent their petitions through Medjugorje.com—of which there were more than 18,000 petitions sent by people from all over the world to be in Our Lady’s presence that night. These petitions were hand-carried from Alabama, and even the last minute ones were faxed to us in Key Biscayne so they could be present in the apparition.

November 9, 2011

“It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that my prayers were already beginning to be answered. Thank you for such a unique opporunity to be present with Marija during the apparition and to be blessed by the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am humbled by this experience and will treasure it always….”



Crowd receiving Communion

Police estimated there were more than 11,000 people present for the apparition and Mass on October 24, 2011. The entire evening was beautiful and grace-filled. Even before the day had ended we were seeing and hearing that graces of conversion were moving people’s hearts. Over the past month we have received many testimonies from those who attended this special gathering with Our Lady—so many graces received and answered prayers.


Marija speaking at Key Biscayne

It was Marija who ended the evening with her testimony. She spoke in Italian while her husband, Paolo, translated into English, and a religious Sister translated into Spanish. It was a different talk than what she gave in Mexico City and Ecuador—more serious in looking at the world we live in today, yet one filled with hope. Marija said Our Lady wants to be our hope.


Marija speaking at Key Biscayne

In just five days, how much joy and grace was delivered to the people of Mexico, Ecuador and Key Biscayne/Miami areas. For 30 years Marija has told her story, her experience with Our Lady, but her simple stories, her joy and genuineness has convinced even the most hardened and skeptical hearts that what she testifies to is real. It is truly Our Lady who comes to her each day, full of love and concern for the world in which we live. Marija’s husband, Paolo, has become increasingly more involved in Marija’s mission of bringing Our Lady and Her messages to the world. Marija could not do what Our Lady has called her to, without her husband’s support and involvement. And yet, as a wife and mother, Marija’s primary responsibility is to her own family. So, though she stands before thousands in bright lights today, tomorrow she will be back to washing dishes, ironing clothes, dropping off her boys at school, grocery shopping, preparing lunch and dinner and all the other chores of domestic tranquility which is the true fulfillment for women. Incredibly, through much of her day to day life she encounters people everyday who have no idea who she is—the woman chosen from among all women to be the voice of Our Lady in this, Her time.


The Caritas Community in Key Biscayne


October 24, 2011 was a big joy for the Caritas Community as a good many from the Community made the long trip down to Key Biscayne to be “hands of Our Lady” in bringing Our Lady’s messages to the thousands who would be attending.

Caritas Community Truck

It’s a 16-hour-drive from Birmingham to Miami, made longer with a caravan of two vans and two trucks and a crew of 30 Caritas Community members. Four years ago Caritas acquired the above truck placing Our Lady’s picture on the sides and back with “Mej.com” in full view. We use the truck to bring awareness of Our Lady’s apparitions to the general public, as well as for the purpose of making evangelization trips with materials to hand out free. It is often humorous to be in another car and watch people’s reactions that get behind Our Lady’s face. Entering into the Miami area, we were excited to suddenly see signs for Key Biscayne—our destination and Our Lady’s as well. More than $70,000 retail value of materials—booklets, books, audio CD’s, were stowed in the back of the truck, a treasure of grace ready to be handed out.


Caritas Community Truck with Priest

We arrived to Key Biscayne on Saturday, October 22, 2011. Key Biscayne is not very conducive to large trucks maneuvering through its streets. Being unfamiliar with the area, we spent some time going up and down the main street before we found the correct turn-off for where we would be staying. Unknown to us, the truck with Our Lady’s picture on it was making quite a stir among some of the local people of Key Biscayne. For those aware of Our Lady’s apparition on Monday, October 24, the truck was the cause of great excitement. We discovered as well, that there were people who decided to come to the apparition on Monday when they saw Our Lady’s truck driving down the road that Saturday afternoon.

That evening the community attended Saturday evening Mass at St. Agnes Church where the apparition would be located on Monday. There we greeted our dear friends, host and organizer of the event with big hugs and met several parishioners who welcomed us and told us how blessed they felt their parish and city were to have Our Lady coming through Medjugorje visionary, Marija. Fr. Rivero, associate pastor of St. Agnes, was the celebrant of the evening Mass and in his homily he encouraged all his parishioners to come and experience the special day in honor of Our Lady that Monday. Fr. Rivero posed with many from the Caritas community, all of whom were excited not only to be with Our Lady in Her apparitions, but to help spread Her messages through the materials Caritas produces through its mission.


Caritas Community Kids giving out material

Back at Caritas before leaving for Key Biscayne the whole community gathered and put together bags of materials on Our Lady’s messages to hand out at the event on Monday, October 24. Several thousand bags were put together. Our little community members were thrilled to be a part of handing out the materials and were right in the middle of all the activity throughout the afternoon. Though we ran out of bags within the first few hours, there was still plenty of materials to be gobbled up for those who arrived later in the day.


Caritas Community giving out material

The materials that we brought with us were specially chosen to help people understand the great grace of being in Our Lady’s presence. We knew that there would be many in attendance who knew very little about the apparitions of Our Lady and even less how privileged they were to have the opportunity to have Our Lady pray over and bless them, and to see and hear Marija speak. Knowing that they would be waiting for several hours before the time of the apparition, we took the opportunity to put into their hands reading material that would help them ready their hearts to receive Our Lady. We thought we had brought far more than what we could ever hope to give away, but by the end of the day, our tables were bare, and our truck was virtually empty save for a few boxes.


Caritas Community baby

Lucy Christina, granddaughter of our founder, was Our Lady’s youngest apostle from the community that came along and helped spread Our Lady’s messages in Key Biscayne. Being raised where a way of life is Our Lady’s messages is a great grace in and of itself. It’s all natural for our children. Our Lady encompasses our whole day just as a mother would be attentive all day to the needs of her children.


Graces and Heart Miracles

October 28, 2011

“I was present at the apparition in Key Biscayne this week. For many years I have prayed to the Virgin Mary and have visited many of the places that she has appeared: Lourdes, Fatima and Rue du Bac in Paris; but I never thought I would feel her presence so strongly in my own town where I have lived for many years. I placed my intentions in the basket. I lost my daughter 9 years ago and I know that only the Virgin can help me heal and She has. I have been out of work for 1 year now and I prayed for a job. I just got a call one hour ago with a job offer. I do believe in miracles and share my testimony for those whose faith may be faltering.”


October 26, 2011

“I attended the event in Key Biscayne on Oct 24 2011… as I was kneeling praying and listening to her and before the silence and our Lady appearing I was overcome with a presence, I felt something, I felt a presence very stong. I started to cry, I could not help it… I have been very moved, still cry at home at times. I purchased flowers while there that day and at the end of the night they were totally dead but I was not going to throw them away, so I came home and put them in water anyway, I knew Our Lady had blessed them. The next day Oct 25, one of the flowers was completely restored, and the next day Oct 26, another flower was completely restored…”

Miami, FL

October 25, 2011

“The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and it was really heart changing for me. I really prayed with all my heart, I cried in excitement for the apparition, and it was just eye opening. Hearing what Marija had to say… impacted me and my life. I have to admit I am new to praying, attending church, and believing. I want to continue having faith and hope and want to achieve a high level of confidence in God, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary. I am grateful to have attended this event. Absolutely stunning.”

Miami, FL


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  1. Oh Caritas, once again I feel so blessed to be a part of the world in which you toil. Your write-ups make me and all I share them with feel as if we too have had Heaven come to us for even a little while. We pray each day for you and your work. Katie and Pat and the girls (your Northern outpost!)

  2. Thank you Caritas for sharing to the people of the world the events regarding the visit of Our Lady to the 3 places. Your community has been very generous for Our Lady and Our Lord and you know (for me specially) how much hope has been given to me by responding to the call of prayer by our Lady through Mej.com. God Bless you.

  3. Thank you so much to Caritas, am very blessed to read all the messages sent to me. Every time am down I read Our Lady’s messages and it really strengthens me. Thank you Mama Mary for watching over your family on earth.

  4. Thanks Caritas! for sending this messages to me and to the whole world. My heart filled with happiness and gratitude to our Lady and to our Lord Jesus.Marija! we love you so much and we love all vissionaries. Because of their devotion, Our Mother could send her messages to the entire world.We were so Lucky to participate in entire miracle. Thanks be to God our Father in Heaven!

  5. I wasn’t able to attend the visit in Florida, but my heart was there as I new Our Lady was coming to our country once again to give us hope and Her love. How blessed we are to have a loving Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother, Mary. I anxiously await the messages each month that you at Caritas pass on to us about the Virgin Mary & what she asks of us. I get so excited and tears fill my eyes as I realize how much she loves us and Jesus too, and that we are not alone. The Virgen Mary & Jesus are always there for us. I have hope that if we do as She asks of us we will help this world and its salvation and ours too. I love Mary & Jesus. And I thank God for your mission at Caritas to spread the word about the wondrous things that Our Lady is doing for us & the world. Love, Shirley

  6. Thank you for sharing such uplifting messages. I am so sorry that I was not there to experience the Sacred moments.It is such a joy to read of so many successful stories. Is it possible to send petitions to mej.com so that Mother prays over them. Thank you, thank you, may God continue to bless you. Yours in Christ “g”

  7. I am in awe with all the stories and happenings I read during the visit of Marija and Our Lady of Medjugorje and all the miracles that happened in Key Biscayne and Alabama. Thank you for the grace of receiving and hearing them. I wish one of these days, Marija and Paolo can come and visit us here at Phoenix, Arizona.

  8. Regarding the daughter that attended an “open” confession…… I was just recently thinking that this is the way it should be, and not in a confessional….. Alleluia!!!

  9. Dominic Dillane

    Dear Caritas, Firstly thanks so much for organising the events in Equador, Mexico and Miami. I had the great grace to attend the apparition in Miami and apologies for not sending an account of my experience sooner. It was quite a coincidence-i think more Our Lady’s hand- that i was in Miami for the apparition. I work as a Head of department in a university in Dublin and am fairly busy. It happened that i was attending a conference in Miami which finished on the Sunday so I was able to stay the extra day for the event. I got to the church and adjoining field around 2 and was there for the whole event. The atmosphere was very peaceful throughout. As we prayed the rosary just prior to the apparition i felt myself in very deep state of prayer different to what i have experienced before or since just at the start of the apparition though i didnt realise the apparition was starting at the time. Marija’s talk was very powerful too. Thank God that I could attend. Thanks to Caritas and Marija

  10. I am overwhelmed with the crowd in Miami. It was a wonderful feeling to know our Blessed Virgin Mother appeared to us giving us hope and joy. I thank you for this coverage. I had been in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. (50 min. drive) a few days before. I did not know about the appearance of the Blessed Mother until I came home. I wished I had known, I would have extended my visit in order to feel her presence. Thank you!

  11. I’ve read the wishes of Our Lady, read the hopes and dreams of petitions of many, knew the heartfelt feelings of everyone that shared their trips to visit Our Lady . The apparitions that have been shared with all of us touch my soul. I’ve read many from past visits. Thank you for this sharing site. I hope and pray the article I read from one man who prayed of his brother. I also have sent petitions for my sister. I’m watching her die a little at a time from alcohol. I pray to Our Lady to give me strength and care for her the best I can and not be judgemental as I know it’s a horrible sickness. Depression and loss of faith in herself has caused this. I pray for the help of others to have her come to life again she is 75. Thank you in Christ Jesus’s name .. Amen

  12. Coming to your website everyday brings me new encouragement and from halfway around the world in Lebanon, I love to see how your hard work in bringing Our Lady’s messages to everyone is sowing good seeds around the world!

  13. Thank you for the e-mail.It is amazing how many people have a love for Our Lady. I come from a Catholic background but often I do wonder about the world and their wars, poverty ,natural distress,hunger. Will there ever be peace? I do hold on to Our Lady. God bless you. When will you come to the Netherlands.

  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful site. I only wish I could attend such an event. I will place my petition to Our Lady on Mej.com. in hopes that Our Lady will respond. Your ministry of spreading Mother Mary’s message is a grace for all of us who love Her.

  15. Thomas fernandez

    I must thank the Caritas Community for the excellent work they are doing not only for America but for the whole world – keeping us in touch with Medjugorje in every possible way. Thank you very much for the super coverage of Our Mother’s Appearances in America and miracles etc. I am happy I am a member of this Community.

  16. Very nice. We saw Marija in Alabama at the Field of apparitions. She is spreading Our Lady’s message. When is she going to Alabama again?

  17. Beautiful testimonies of the event in Key Biscayne. I was there and it truly was the event of my life, thank you for being their for us all. I’m hoping to get to go to Medjugorje in 2012, through your group if it be God’s will, I will be there. Thank you for all you do. many blessings.

  18. Felicitas Buena MD

    It was a last minute decision that I have gone to Key Biscayne. A good friend of mine called saying she was going hence I joined her. It was an open field full of Pilgrims, some children and infants were there. We all started to pray the Rosary headed by Marija. Suddenly there was an intense moment of peace and silence which lasted about ten minutes. I felt something that overshadowed me as if I was embraced by a cold air but extremely pleasant , accepting and loving. During that time you can hear nothing, even the infants and children were all quiet. Everything blended in PEACE. Later the rosary prayer was continued. It is only now that my description of the event that happened to all of us was confirmed. The Blessed Mother has embraced and blessed each and every one of us in the open field!!! What a joyous event!! Thank you so much Blessed Mother, in bended knee I adore and worship Jesus Christ our savior forever. I love you.

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