Medjugorje Headline: It Was Like Time Stopped and We Were in Heaven

Medjugorje Headline: It Was Like Time Stopped and We Were in Heaven

Posted November 29, 2011 A.D.


Marija, her husband Paolo, A Friend of Medjugorje and his wife, Annette, traveled together from Mexico City, to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to Miami/Key Biscayne on an Evangelization effort to bring Our Lady and Her messages to these regions. Public events were held at each location for the faithful to come and be in the presence of Our Lady in the apparitions to Marija. The week-long spiritual journey, beginning October 19 and ending on October 25, allowed thousands of people to experience the grace of Our Lady that, heretofore, would never have been able to before.


Letter received November 24, 2011

“I was present at the Mexico City apparition. It was Heaven on earth. The church was full of humble people who came from all over the country very early in the morning… At the apparition, people were fervorous and in silence. People prayed with great devotion, and there were no class distinctions, in a country were there is a gap between rich and poor. We prayed for peace in a country with great love for the Virgin Mary. It was like time stopped and we were in heaven.

M.C., Mexico City, Mexico


Special Report from visit of Medjugorje visionary Marija in Mexico City, October 20, 2011, with pictures and testimonies

Her Presence Among Us: The Greatest Hope

Marija speaks at a residence in Mexico City after a private apparition.


Sounds of Mexico City

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Today’s apparition on Thursday, October 20, 2011 in Mexico City was in a private residence. Medjugorje visionary, Marija describes the apparition which was at 6:40 P.M. Central time.

As always, when Our Lady comes, She comes upon a cloud, also today when She appeared. I presented to Her all our intentions, especially all that we have in our hearts. Our Lady has prayed over us and has blessed us.

Our Lady says, “I take you to my Son, Jesus” at Christmas. It is because Our Lady loves us very much and She wants in the same way to get us closer to Her Son…During the moment She appears, Our Lady allows us to fall in love with Her and when we have fallen in love with Her, She brings Jesus because She wants us to start living with Her and with Him, precisely because in this world everything distracts us. Our Lady comes each day to tell us that without Her and Jesus there is no future. Above all, She says, “we will not have eternal life.” I believe that Her daily presence among us is the greatest hope for all of us. God has not forgotten us. He loves us very much and even shares His Mother with us. We know in history that Our Lady appears always during the difficult times, in the moment of great changes. I believe that Her presence wants to give us a new world, a world with God; and with God everything is possible. God will bless us a hundred times more, above all, because of Her great love. Because today, precisely what is missing is love. Our Lady with Her love wants to “cover” us and tell us that She loves us. She wants to tell us that we must believe in this love. Only in the love of God, in Our Lady, we will have a better future, a future with hope. We have seen how so many people have found God again, the faith, the hope. When we have faith and hope, God begins to operate within us. Then we see this great miracle that so many times can be a personal conversion or a change of heart or a healing; like fifteen days ago in Medjugorje, a man who was sitting in a wheelchair, stood up and started walking. A day later, he climbed Apparition Hill with his own legs…and also like a lady who was sick with cancer that was healed and now is cancer free and even the doctors stated that this was a healing they could not explain. We cannot explain so many things…even the apparition of Our Lady. Our Lady wants to wake us up and Jesus has allowed for Her to appear among us. May Jesus operate in us to make the grace bigger, to heal us, to convert us and we will have an occasion where we will be able to find peace in God tomorrow.

We want to pray in a special way for this nation; this nation is the nation of Our Lady and we do not want satan to steal Mexico. And we want to pray because we know that we can change so many hearts that are so distant and also through the triumph of Her heart that the Kingdom of God could reach those hearts. It is precisely for this reason that I am here. I have asked Our Lady and She has given Her blessing. I believe She is very happy in Her heart because this is Her nation…because She has given this people a great gift. This image of Herself that She has given us where we can pray and tell Her that we love Her. Join us with your whole heart, invite other people to join us tomorrow for the public meeting.

Medjugorje Visionary, Marija Visits the Tilma of Our Lady

Marija visiting the tilma

Medjugorje visionary, Marija went to view the Tilma of Guadalupe, the super-natural image of Our Lady which appeared on Juan Diego’s Tilma. What is it like to see Our Lady’s miracle five hundred years later, by a woman who sees Our Lady every day? Only a visionary like Juan Diego could know what Marija feels. They both fall into a kinship of those who have not only seen the Queen of Heaven, but talked to Her and have been physically touched by Her.

These two visionaries share something unique throughout the human race. From the first man known as Adam who was created, to the estimated eighty billion people who walked the earth since that dawn, places the few visionaries throughout history in a class of individuals so rare, that the chance is unimaginable how one could be chosen. To a lesser degree, but likewise we who live these moments, who witness these extraordinary events, also fall into a privileged position. After the first greatest moment of Christ walking the Earth, we are alive in the second greatest moment since the beginning of the world. The time of Mary!

In the picture Marija can be seen looking up at the Tilma. (see arrow pointing on bottom left of picture) Marija was present no more than five minutes when she was recognized by pilgrims who had driven eight hours from Guadalajara, to come to be in the presence of Our Lady that evening. The pilgrims, who had driven so far, wanted to pay a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Upon seeing Marija looking at the image, they were in disbelief that they happened upon her. Filled with joy, they left from the Basilica not only after having spoken to Marija, but also having a picture with her for their historic encounter. Perhaps Juan Diego had his hands in their encounter…


A Friend of Medjugorje


Continued from above, Marija answers questions from the pilgrims gathered. Over 100 people had gathered at a private residence for tonight’s apparition.

Question: “Now that you are in Mexico and you have that presence of Our Lady…I do not know if you could ask Her, when will we be able to conquer this evil that has taken over our nation? She, who is the Queen of our nation, we beg Her and ask Her how long is this going to last? Tell Her to stop it! We pray a lot but we want you to give a message to Our Lady, and we ask Her with all our souls that She will do something special to stop this evil that affects this country…a big favor now that you are here. This is what we want.”

“With all our heart…” (I will ask.)

“How does it feel to see our Mother?”

“I feel I am in Paradise at that moment but then when I come back I feel I am in Purgatory! I am always wanting Paradise!”

“Are we being disrespectful when we are praying the Rosary and we stop to do something and then go back to it? In other words, when you have interruptions while praying?”

“As a mother who takes care of her family, I might find myself washing the dishes and then I have to stop praying* in order to go and take care of one of my children, or maybe I have to go and do laundry, but what matters is that as you pray more and more, prayer becomes deeper until you reach a point when prayer comes truly from the heart and is very deep! It is very important to pray, no matter how busy we are. Prayer will become very deep but we need to look for a place like our bedroom, where there is silence, where no one bothers you to be able to have that encounter, that deep prayer. As a youngster I would go to Apparition Mountain or Cross Mountain and spend all night in prayer. It was a new experience for the others and I as sunrise ‘rised up,’ we felt our hearts ‘opening up.’ Also, when we were in adoration at around three or four in the morning, we sometimes were sleepy, which was to be expected because we were young, and it happened we would say we were in “deep meditation” (people laughing). At three or four in the morning we felt sleepy, we would open the Holy Scriptures and started reading the Psalms, because while reading them, there was always a part which touched our heart and that would allow you to continue until the morning. To spend the night adoring Jesus became something very special.

*Our Lady in life upon the earth was certainly interrupted during prayer by little Jesus and His needs. Marija is referring to interruptions of duties of basic necessities of life. Cell phones and the like should not be allowed to interrupt prayer. Our culture has fallen into patterns that challenge God being in the first place in our life. One day when Marija was in her chapel she told pilgrims, “Everything that has a switch, turn it off!” Our Lady said on May 25, 2010, “…satan, too, does not sleep and through modernism diverts you and leads you to his way…”


Marija Shares a Story of Medjugorje Visionary, Jakov’s Daughter and Our Lady

What would it be like to be a youth today and have lived your whole life in the daily presence of Our Lady? Seeing Her pictures around your town, Her name on the lips of those around you, and having Her as close as a member of your family? Marija shares, in Mexico City, this story of visionary, Jakov Colo’s daughter and her encounter with other young people, who live their lives without knowing the gift of Our Lady’s presence in their lives.

“Jakov is one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje. His daughter shared with me an awakening experience she had during an event in Spain with other young people and the Pope. On this occasion Jakov’s daughter and other youth had brought with them an image of Our Lady of Medjugorje to this encounter with the Pope. They had it opened in front of the Pope because they were representatives and many gathered saw the image of Our Lady. Jakov’s daughter was not at this event to be known as a visionary’s daughter, but simply as one of the many youngsters that were there in Spain from Medjugorje. She shared with me her experience that day when a group of young people approached her and her friends and asked them if they could pray in front of the image of Our Lady. Jakov’s daughter became troubled by this question but then realized the beautiful experience that she lived every day having Our Lady there in Medjugorje. It helped her realize the most beautiful image is the one found in the heart, rather than the image that comes from the camera. Images from a machine are a distraction to the true image that we make in by prayer in our hearts. Prayer that we make with our heart remains forever.

Marija Answers Questions, Continued…

Question: A child present asks, “Is Our Lady dead?” (Everyone laughs)

“Our Lady has never died! She left with Her body and soul to Paradise.”

“It is easy when you fall in love with God, especially when you go to Medjugorje, everyone is looking for God, but what happens here in Mexico when so many people are not interested in God? How do we make His love known to them?”

“Sometimes people think that Jesus is dead because we do not give testimony to others that Jesus is alive. For example, the people that talk about “the new age,” they speak with euphoria about it. On the other hand, we don’t do that. I am a mother with a family of four children and I have to take them to school and find myself “in the world,” and while I am in the world, suddenly I might bump into a lady with another girl and I always carry with me these little medals of the Miraculous Medal and I try to give them to the people I find along the way. A little medal, which is miraculous because it does miracles! It really helps to change someone’s life. No one has ever rejected the gift of the Miraculous Medal that I have given, even without knowing me. Last week I went to a bank and while I was in the line for the teller I met this gentleman and he told me that he had many problems. He began telling me about the economic situation, that he had lost his job, that things were very difficult in Italy. I gave him the Miraculous Medal and he began crying, I did not even know this person. Many times you don’t have to give them a solution for their lives or their problem. You give them a solution for their lives and problems when you give them God! Sometimes people that have so many things become slaves to those things. Our Lady and God wants us free. Only in God can we find peace.”

October 25, 2011

“I was present at the apparition of Our Lady on Thursday, October 20, 2011… in Mexico, along with a crowd of people. We were all happy listening to the visionary Marija… My family and I were invaded by a species of ecstasy, absorbed in what was happening. It was a historic night we will never forget. Thanks to Our Lady for having been in Mexico with us, to Marija for her explanations, to the Community of Caritas… Thank you very much everyone.”

Distrito Federal, Mexico

A little girl asks Marija, “When I die, am I going to see Paradise?”

“I have a nine-year-old son, Giovanni, who says in his prayers, “Today it has been a beautiful day. I thank you and I ask you that tomorrow it will be even more beautiful!” We need to pray in order to get to Paradise, we cannot be bad, we need to be good and in this life we need to be even better for our families.”

“Will Our Lady be like a lawyer for everyone?”

“We hope we have Her as our advocate. If we call Her as our advocate, (as like a lawyer in front of God for us) then She will be. There are many people that do not believe so they cannot love. Therefore they cannot have any hope in eternal life. They do not believe.”

“I would like to thank you for being with us, for having taken the time to come to Mexico, but above all to be certain that we are going to continue praying for you. You have dedicated thirty years of your life to Our Lady and to spread the words of Our Lady and Jesus, and it is something we admire and we ask for it to continue.”

“I feel something beautiful when I talk about Our Lady. It happens to me what happens to the radios, you know when you turn it on but you don’t know when to turn the radio off. This happens to me when I talk about Our Lady.”


The Tilma

The Original Tilma, the day Marija Visited

Our Lady’s apparitions to Juan Diego 500 years ago, and the image She left of Herself on his tilma began a love affair in the Americas with Our Lady that has never died or faded away, particularly where the Tilma resides. As with many nations of the world, Mexico has fallen to decay, yet even though many Mexicans do not live their faithfully , when they are in desperate need of a grace, they go to Our Lady of Guadalupe and often obtain the favor from Her because of their “faith in Her.”

Marija Speaking in Mexico City

The Church of St. Augustine (Templo de San Agustin) Catholic Church in Mexico City was the site of Our Lady’s apparition to Marija. Marija stood before a large crowd that not only filled the church, but spilled outside and around the church as well. Marija gave her testimony to a very captive audience who were deeply grateful to have her presence in their country. Marija has been to Mexico on a couple of other occasions, but it has been many years. She is always happy to bring Our Lady to the nations of the world.

Marija in ecstasy seeing Our Lady in Mexico City

Marija speaking to Our Lady, while in ecstasy, Church of St. Augustine, Mexico City

The replica of the familiar statue of Our Lady of Grace made famous through Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje was placed on the side of the altar and is the focus of all eyes when Marija takes her place in front of it on her knees to prepare for the apparition of Our Lady. As always, silence overtakes the entire church when it is known that Our Lady has come. During the apparition, Our Lady extended Her hands over everyone, prayed over everyone and blessed them all. Marija, as she always does in every apparition, recommended to Our Lady everyone’s intentions.

Pilgrim Hand on Our Lady's Statue Mexico City

Though only Marija, and the other visionaries, have the grace to see Our Lady, and can physically reach out and touch Her*, Our Lady has a way of touching hearts who are in Her presence. Some received the answer to a prayer. Others felt Our Lady close to them in a spiritual sense. Still others were moved to deep conversion, the desire to return to their faith, were given the grace to forgive, or felt the call to the priesthood or religious life. Our Lady’s hand and Her heart found their way to each person who had come with an open heart.

*While the visionaries can do this, the awe they feel in the presence of Our Lady prevents them from daring to do so. Marija once had received from Our Lady a kiss on the cheek for her (Marija’) birthday.

Marija and a pilgrim in Mexico City

The joy Marija’s presence brought to so many in her recent trip to Mexico City was evident, especially from those who had the grace to greet her face to face. Marija gives herself unreservedly to the people on behalf of Our Lady wherever she goes. She feels this responsibility deeply in her spirit and Our Lady gives her the strength and grace to enfold so many in her embrace. On December 3, 1988, when Marija was staying in the home of our founder, in the apparition that day Our Lady gave this message:

“Dear children, I give you my love, so you give it to others.”

Those who were present for the apparition, even before Marija told them the message, felt a supernatural love emanating from the Bedroom itself. Even its walls seemed to radiate. Marija’s voice was heard during the apparition praying with Our Lady and also was filled with a detectable love. After hearing the message, they were in awe, so transforming Our Lady’s love was to them. Even without knowing until told by Marija, they all had felt they received a special grace from Our Lady. From the Bedroom of Apparitions Our Lady has given this gift three times through the years. This love touches all gathered and is also how Marija is able to share Our Lady’s love so tangibly to those she encounters. For more on the Bedroom of Apparitions click to visit here.

Adoration in Mexico City

Our Lady always leads to Jesus. Following the apparition, there was Adoration and Mass. A large and beautiful monstrance was placed on the altar. Through Marija’s words, and then Our Lady’s apparition, those present were led into a deeper union with Christ Himself. Some who go to Medjugorje suddenly realize more deeply the reality of Jesus in Adoration and say, “I realize I didn’t have to come to Medjugorje. I have Jesus in the Tabernacle in our own church back home.” But our founder has often responded to these souls, “No, you do need to come to Medjugorje to learn that fact and the more you go back to Medjugorje, the more profound your understanding grows of Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist.” So many who go to Medjugorje are not strong in their faith, have not been to church in years, and they rediscover their faith in Medjugorje. They then hunger and thirst for a deeper relationship with Jesus. But Medjugorje was the doorway they had to walk through to discover what their empty hearts were searching for and every time one goes to Medjugorje they become stronger.

A Friend of Medjugorje states very strongly, having personally witnessed it, that “Medjugorje is responsible for the rediscovery and growth of Adoration worldwide. Medjugorje is also clearly responsible for fasting being reinstituted worldwide. No source or spiritual movement can claim credit for this. Medjugorje is the source. Those who came and witnessed Adoration in Medjugorje, who came and fasted in Medjugorje, were the seeds who went back and propagated these two powerful happenings across the world. Only to Medjugorje can these roots be traced back to. Adoration and fasting was so rare in many places that it had become almost non-existent before Our Lady’s work through Medjugorje.”

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  1. I have been following the visionaries for quite some time. I went to Mexico right after Marija was there! I to pray for Mexico. It is caught up in so much evil. I am so gratefull to know that Our Lady of Guadalupe is also still there. I pray to her every day.

  2. This is inspiring and we thank God for the gift of our Blessed Mother Mary, Our Lady of all Nations and our advocate with the Most Holy Trinity as She is the Daughter of God the Father, Mother of God the Son and Spouse of God the Holy Spirit. Mother, we love you, help us all to Love your Son, Jesus and be with you in Heaven

  3. Thank you for sharing Our Lady’s message and the beautiful pictures, especially the one of the Original Tilma in Guadalupe.

  4. I feel happy when read such messages i become excited and at the same time the love for Our Lady increases. thank you our friends of Medjugorje

  5. I enjoy so much reading the messages that Marija shares with us from Our Lady and it fills me with much more faith and love. It makes me happy to see all the people that gather together at the apparition of Our Lady searching for faith, love and a relationship with Her and her Beloved Son. We are all living in very tough and challenging times all over the world and if we do not have a relationship with Mary and Jesus we have nothing. I pray that all nations come together in prayer and pray for each others needs. When I was born, my father named me Guadalupe. His dream was to go with me to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico, his dream came true the year before he passed away. It was truly a blessing to have been there and to feel her presence. Marija is a woman who must feel a taste of what Heaven is here on earth by receiving the presence of Our Lady every day. It is a blessing to have her to relay the Virgin Mary’s message to us.

  6. Jose Manuel Lara

    Thanks to Marija for comming to our country, thanks to the Community of Caritas for all the support, but above all, thanks God for giving us this great opportunity and thanks to Our Lady for being with us.

  7. Dear Friends, I felt something special while reading about “Mother Mary’s ” apperance in Medjugorje.Lucky the people who are able to visit such places. Please also remember the unfortunate ones,who are not able to make it to such places. My mission to “Mother Mary” is for her apperance in places,where people do not know Our Lady. Please, everyone who is reading this message pray for the above special intention. Mother Mary, Heavenly father, Holy Spirit ,hear our prayers.

  8. Thank you Jesus for another day.Thank you for our Blessed Virgen Mother.Thank you for all the good in the world.Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world have Mercy on us.Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world grant us peace…AMEN

  9. So beautiful to see the words that were shared in made me think back to the seventy days that I was blessed with in staying in a piece of heave on earth this past year…:Medjugorje! Life is never the same after going and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hospitality from Caritas in my stay there and for sharing Marija’s words from Mexico…continuing to pray for the Community of Caritas and for the visionaries and their families and Our Lady’s intentions.

  10. Thank you! There are no words to fully explain the magnificence of these Apparitions and visits, except Thank you Dear Lord and Lady, and thank you Marija and all the Visionaries. And thank you (Friend of Medjugorje) and everyone else concerned!!!!!!!!!

  11. Christine Fitzgerald

    Marija feels Holy Mother’s Love and shares Her Love with all of us. Thank you for this article. Christine

  12. Thank you for sharing. These words are very powerful… Medjugorje was my doorway to a deeper relationship with Jesus and Mary. And I feel a strong need to go back.

  13. Daniel Bautista Garcia

    Thursday October 20, 2011, is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life. I was there in San Agustin Church and was an inexplicable experience. Thank God for that and thanks to Our Lady of Peace for Her presence in my country, Mexico. Daniel.

  14. Beautiful readings and I try to read them all the time. Thank you very much and that I have the freedom to read this great information. God and the Blessed Mother bless everyone and that we have Peace in this world.

  15. Thank God and Mary for the precious gift given through you and Caritas. Being able to read this fills me up spiritually. We have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel of which I am an adorer. The last part rings so true. The Chapel is on the net under St. Juliene’s Chapel. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  16. It was great reading about Marija’s experience in Mexico, but when I saw the monstrance I knew and felt Jesus alive in my life… seeing Jesus alive on my screen brought tears to my eyes and I most certainly felt His presence!! Blessed Mother.. thank You for bringing us closer to Jesus!

  17. Such a beautiful description of the blessed events of Mexico city, the whole world needs to know about this, thank you for your web site, your coverage of Marija, and the hope given by the Blessed Mother is what this world needs to hear, and take to heart and home, thank you Blessed Mother, we Love You.


  19. Thank you, Friend, for all your effort to make this web site easy to use and available to so many. Our Blessed Lady has a motherly protection for those who turn to Her for understanding and comfort. I thank The Holy Trinity for providing Mary at this particular time. Oh Triune God, Heaven and Earth are full of your Glory. Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

  20. Having just returned from Medjugorje this past October, you are so very right! I will be starting a weekly hour of Adoration this Thursday. I hadn’t made up my mind on whether or not I could commit to a Holy Hour, even after returning from my trip. Then one day I put on an Adoration CD I had purchased there, and it brought me right back to the beautiful Adorations I had experienced in Medjugorje…..and I realized, that yes, I have Jesus right here in my own parish. It was then and there that I decided to make my commitment to the Lord. I have also been trying to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays….sometimes successfully, sometimes not. It was definitely my trip to Medjugorje that even put this desire in my heart. I hope to go again next year!

  21. Very lovely and adorable readings. Thank you for sharing this memorable blessing moments with Our Lady of Peace. Through Her we can spread Her message to the whole world. I’m sure She blessed our intentions sent through your path and presented to Her during apparition. In Jesus faith and Mary Love bless you all From Beirut , Lebanon with warmest regards,

  22. Just a few days ago, I asked Mary to please please tell me what I was to do about images and statues of her. I was very confident that she would answer me (as she has done over the years). What I wondered was how she would do so. Well, this article was very clear 🙂 where it states “It helped her realize the most beautiful image is the one found in the heart, rather than the image that comes from the camera. Images from a machine are a distraction to the true image that we make in by prayer in our hearts. Prayer that we make with our heart remains forever.” Isn’t Mary wonderful? She gave me the answer just at the right time (a time of trial for me, which involves statues of Mary).

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