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  • Deepanshu Nayar, commenting on the article Your Petition in Our Lady’s Presence:

    June 9, 2024 - “Hail Mary full of Grace Blessed are thou amongst women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus, Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen Blessed Mother of our Lord and Saviour watch over us and bless us

  • Michael Hebert, commenting on the article Don’t Say This Word:

    June 8, 2024 - “SUPER IMPORTANT – PLEASE TAKE NOTICE There’s no reason for this to be happening… God Bless, G’night.. IDAHO JUST SHUT DOWN 500,000 acres of farm land with water curtailment.

  • medjugorje, commenting on the article Don’t Say This Word:

    June 8, 2024 - “To anonymous: As a Friend of Medjugorje has said for years, “as goes the United States, so goes the world.” The world does what the USA does, not what Ireland does. If we fall, the rest of the world falls.

  • Anonymous, commenting on the article Don’t Say This Word:

    June 8, 2024 - “USA is not the world.

  • Sharon Dorman, commenting on the article How Far Our Lady Will Go to Save a Soul:

    June 7, 2024 - “Thank you for your help.

  • Dawn, commenting on the article Don’t Say This Word:

    June 7, 2024 - “Words do Matter how about priDEMONth do you see the word DEMON in Pride Month. How about a transgender winning a womens beauty pageant in Maryland going on to compete for Miss USA not good. Please tell your kids and grandkids they are made by God and in his image and he created man and woman and to be proud of what gender Gid made you. Do you know transgender are at a higher risk of suicide like 300 percent higher. Jesus first miracle was at a wedding and isnt it funny how the Blessed Mother asked for Jesus to help when they ran out of wine and he called her WOMAN my time has not come but such a good son performed his first miracle at a wedding for a man and woman. We need to start affirming who we are and we are proud of whom God made us and never give up our identity as a God created woman or God created man. We are losing 30 percent of our youth many are claiming bisexuality. People it starts in the home you are your childs first defense. You hold the power of the purse homeschool your kids if your schools are encouraging what you dont believe in or Catholic or religious schools if you can afford them. You are responsible for protecting your kids or grandchildren from predators. You need to take your kids back and pay attention to whom they play with and what the school is teaching.

  • Doreen Mahony, commenting on the article Medjugorje Breaking News: Our Lady Calls Marija and the Villagers of Medjugorje to Apparition Mountain at 3:00 PM January 1, 2024:

    June 7, 2024 - “My Queen and my Mother please hear my prayer for Kiara my granddaughter to give up same sex relationship and return to a Jesus is m sorry for all my sins My Mother for her and her ex husband Liam to join together for my son Keith bless him Mother and his daughters cure Rani of high Blood pressure if it’s Gods will give Anitha a good Catholic spouse please cure Gerry my son of Alzheimer’s and Amanda from MS and let her have a safe delivery and healthy baby And make David and Kiara Go to church and convert a Miriam to our Catholic Faith Thank you my Mother and bless me Doreen Mahony

  • Christina, commenting on the article Medjugorje Breaking News: Our Lady Calls Marija and the Villagers of Medjugorje to Apparition Mountain at 3:00 PM January 1, 2024:

    June 6, 2024 - “Please pray for my family. Please send a cure for my mom so she and my dad can live out the years they have left happy and healthy. Please pray for us!

  • Marc Antone, commenting on the article From Adam to Atom:

    June 5, 2024 - “Our group began in 2015 we have been praying as community and living as extended members for longer. We are located in NC zip code 28669. Looking forward to bringing others who are committed to Our Lady and the plan for forming prayer groups to come together. God bless to all those who are responding to the call of the Queen of Peace.

  • Gina E. Naranjo, commenting on the article From Adam to Atom:

    June 3, 2024 - “You said, “If you love Our Lady”… and I DO love her very very much, that’s why I’m posting this comment. I admit that I have been putting off starting my prayer group. I received knowledge that I needed to start it back in January 2023, but wasn’t exactly sure how to do it. The call was absolutely clear. I wanted it to be perfect though, and in the error of wanting that, never got it started. Enough to the point that, since I knew Our Lady was calling me to this, I’ve gone to confession to apologize for not starting the group yet. It’s been a burden on my back. 🙁 I knew it was important To Her, but delayed. I even reached out for church approval last year and received the okay to start the group. That was surprising actually, and I was glad. My real hesitance was overbearing because I’m a person of ‘personal prayer’. It’s not in my nature to pray with others. I mentioned to our priest, a Monsignor, that I wanted to start a prayer group to PRAY FOR OUR NATION. At our face-to-face meeting he finally said, “Yes, you can start your ministry”, but that made me even more nervous. Ministry.?!? I pictured myself speaking to our huge congregation and handing out flyers after mass but thought, I have no experience with any of this. With excuse after excuse, I’ve put it off. But now you’ve got a plan, and are willing to guide us on how to make it work. I can no longer brush this aside and continue with ‘just my rosaries’, like you said. You’re right. Sign me up. I will do my best to serve Our Lady and Our Lord, to save ourselves, our families, and our Nation. I urge others reading to do the same. Right away! Don’t delay like I did. The burden is too heavy to carry – satan is getting stronger every day, and we need to get stronger too. My zip code is 33196.

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