The Coming Clash

The Coming Clash

September 15, 2015 A.D.

“We came from only a few generations ago in which clarity of what is moral was the staple of the day. Whether saints or reprobates, most everyone who made up society knew where the line was drawn that separated the two…”

– A Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on July 25, 2015:

“…Without God, little children, you do not have a future, you do not have hope or salvation; therefore leave evil and choose good…”


A bare bush in Medjugorje

A bare bush on Cross Mountain in Medjugorje. When seasons change and leaves turn brown and fade away, we are reminded that there is a season for everything, and that the pendulum of times and ways swing from one to another. The decadent ways of the present time and world are now beginning to swing back as a Friend of Medjugorje stated over 25 years ago, “towards God, beginning at a singular point in history, at exactly 6:40 PM on June 24, 1981.”

The time since Our Lady has been appearing from June 24, 1981, is a time in which division is becoming more apparent. A Friend of Medjugorje writes:

“…We came from only a few generations ago in which clarity of what is moral was the staple of the day. Whether saints or reprobates, most everyone who made up society knew where the line was drawn that separated the two. Whichever side you were on, society knew distinctly the line. That began to change with the French Revolution. Man began to blur the line. By the time we phased into the 1950s, into the 1960s, the blurred line widened. Phasing into the next couple of decades the line disappeared into a gray zone. Christians and reprobates did not distinguish themselves from each other in their daily lives. This statement is not referring to only a few who took this path but includes most all of those who were churched. It was Our Lady who said during the grayness of the 1980’s, where it was becoming difficult to distinguish that the life of Christians was any different than the life of a pagan:


“…There are many Christians who live like pagans. There are always so few true believers.”

Our Lady did not say in the mid-80s, “few pagans and many Christians are true believers.” Our Lady said, many Christians are living in ways and actions in which they are similarly adopting traits as what a pagan would live on a daily basis. As regards to the whole world, there were few true believers. As we phased into the 1990s and 2000s, Our Lady began to awaken Christians from paganism…”1

The call today is to follow Our Lady in rejecting the ways of paganism that have crept into the lives of Christians and believers. To “leave evil and choose good.” In doing so, one will find themselves being separated from friends, family, co-workers and church members. This separation is what a Friend of Medjugorje writes will take place:

“…This separation is a result of conversion and changing one’s pagan, unbelieving ways. Because Our Lady is coming into a world filled with darkness to bring it to the Light a clash and resulting collapse of one or the other will occur…”2

There is a clash coming as the pendulum “swings” towards the ways of God. The clash is being manifested already in what we see happening through events taking place in the world, through those who are already experiencing this in their personal lives, and through this upcoming presidential election in the United States. It is important for this time to be covered in deep prayer. Be sure to be forming your prayer groups in this time, even if only two people, and be sure not to miss out on the historic prayer group gathering with a Friend of Medjugorje at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on October 15, 2016. See here for more information about this historic prayer encounter.

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1. What Colors Mixed Make Gray? by a Friend of Medjugorje
2. ibid.

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