Special Update Coming Soon

Special Update Coming Soon

October 31, 2019 A.D.

Be on the lookout for a special update coming soon. Those who heard the October 28, 2019, Radio WAVE, with a Friend of Medjugorje titled, Picking Fruit from the Joy Tree, know that he was not broadcasting alone. Medjugorje visionary Marija was here for the wedding of a Friend of Medjugorje’s only daughter. We will be posting soon about this special visit. All of our supporters and those who sent petitions were remembered in prayer in a special way while Our Lady was with us. Be on the lookout and in prayer.

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1 thought on “Special Update Coming Soon”

  1. Hortencia Nuñez

    With great expectation I am waiting for this release. My first son is thinking about getting merried next year and I am sure this writing will be great help and blessing for him and his fiance.

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