Our Lady’s Message of March 25, 2009

The following is Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s March 25, 2009 monthly message to the world:

“Dear children! In this time of spring, when everything is awakening from the winter sleep, you also awaken your souls with prayer so that they may be ready to receive the light of the risen Jesus. Little children, may He draw you closer to His Heart so that you may become open to eternal life. I pray for you and intercede before the Most High for your sincere conversion. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Sincere conversion puts into the heart a longing for others to be converted. Grace is now available. It is free. It is easy. The availability of grace, free and easy, can be utilized by your coming July 1–5, 2009, to be in Our Lady’s presence with family members, loved ones, fellow parishioners, and neighbors. Our Lady will do the rest. Our Lady said January 23, 1986, “…Conversion will be easy for all who desire to accept it…” Order the 12-page brochure free (just pay shipping) and spread it to everyone. Call 205-672-2000 to order. After hours press ext. 315.

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•Click here to Listen to the March 25, 2009 Radio WAVE Broadcast with A Friend of Medjugorje

• Click here to Download the Radio WAVE Broadcast about Our Lady of Medjugorje’s March 25, 2009 Message

3 thoughts on “Our Lady’s Message of March 25, 2009”

  1. Yes, The sparkling water that flows from the temple is what Mary and Jesus wants to give us; I pray that many, many will listen! Especially may we realize humility and love of others– praying for her messages be heard and conversions to happen.

  2. Hello Folks, Just thought it also important that two times Our Lady used the words Clear Water! Page 630 of vol 1 of poem of the Man God has the title JESUS AT CLEAR WATER< preliminaries for life in common with the Disciples. Page 636 At CLEAR WATER I Am the Lord your God. Page 644 Jesus at clear water You shall have no gods in my presence and the following chapter are the listing of the commandments. Clear Water is an unusual statement. Just wanted to share this observation Sara

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