Our Lady’s Annual June 25 Apparition to Ivanka

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2020
1:58 PM Central Time USA


Our Lady appeared to Medjugorje visionary Ivanka, for her annual June 25 apparition. Our Lady appeared at 6:40 PM, and the apparition lasted 5 minutes. The apparition took place at Ivanka’s family home. Only Ivanka’s family was present at the apparition. After the apparition, Ivanka said:


Our Lady gave the following message:


“Pray, pray, pray.”


Our Lady blessed us all.


Be sure to read Our Lady’s June 25, 2020 message given today through Marija, as well as a special message Our Lady gave yesterday through Ivan. Remember also, that a Friend of Medjugorje will also be on Radio WAVE at 8 PM Central Time, tonight, June 25, to share Our Lady’s messages.

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Ivanka’s Annual Apparition in Other Languages



Ukazanje, koje je trajalo 5 minute (18:40h -18:45h) , Ivanka je imala u svojoj obiteljskoj kući. Ukazanju je bila nazočna samo Ivankina obitelj. Nakon ukazanja vidjelica Ivanka je rekla:


Gospa je dala slijedeću poruku:




Gospa nas je sve blagoslovila.



Ivanka ha avuto l’apparizione, durata 5 minuti (18:40h – 18:45h), nella sua casa. All’apparizione era presente soltanto la famiglia di Ivanka. Dopo l’apparizione la veggente Ivanka ha detto:


La Madonna ha detto:


“Pregate, pregate, pregate!”


La Madonna ci ha benedetti tutti.



Die Erscheinung dauerte 5 Minuten (18:40h – 18:45h). Ivanka hatte die Erscheinung in ihrem Familienhaus. Nur die Familie Ivankas war bei der Erscheinung anwesend. Nach der Erscheinung sagte Ivanka:


Die Muttergottes hat folgende Botschaft gegeben:


“Betet, betet, betet.”


Die Muttergottes hat uns alle gesegnet.



Ivanka tuvo la aparición en su casa y duró 5 minutos (6:40PM – 6:45 PM), estuvo presente sólo la familia de Ivanka. Después de la aparición, la vidente Ivanka dijo:


La Virgen dio el siguiente mensaje:


“¡Oren,oren, oren!”


La Virgen nos bendijo a todos.



حدث هذه السنة أيضًا. حصل الظهور الذي دام خمس دقائق (٦:٤٠ – ٦:٤٥ مساءً) في منزل عائلة إيڤانكا. فقط عائلة إيڤانكا كانت موجودة. بعد الظهور، قالت إيڤانكا:


أعطت السيّدة العذراء الرسالة التالية:


“صلُّوا، صلُّوا، صلُّوا.”

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