Information about July 1-5, 2008

Information about July 1-5, 2008


Feedback and Summary of All Messages from July 1-5, 2008

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altOME AND BE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN July 1-5, 2008, when She appears to Marija Lunetti, visionary of Medjugorje, to receive graces, blessings, and healing of hearts. Tens of thousands have testified to the life-changing grace received from a special holy place in Alabama.

field of apparitions


December10, 2006


Labor Day 2005

Marija arrived in the United States on Saturday, June 28. The Caritas Community received a great blessing on this day as Our Lady waited to come in the apparition until Marija arrived at the home of our founder, more than ten hours past the time of her normal apparition. No matter how hard I try, I cannot find adequate words to describe the incredible experience I had there. Maybe ‘Heaven’ IS the word…“


Alvin, Texas

December 22, 1999

“…The five days were the most grace-filled and peace-filled and prayer-filled that I have ever spent in my life. I felt so close to Our Lady and knew She was so present to us all…”


Lowell, Massachusetts

bedroom of apparitions


December 10, 2004

Located at Caritas, the two sites of the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions, more than 125 apparitions of the Virgin Mary have occurred over the past 20 years. By what Our Lady has said and done in 1988, 1989, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004 and two separate visits in 2005, through the Medjugorje visionary, Marija Lunetti, She reveals that She has a plan for our nation. The primary site of the apparitions has been in the Bedroom of a consecrated “beloved home” with over 97 apparitions in this room. The Field was consecrated to Our Lady for the conversion of our nation. The two sites are connected in that the Bedroom represents the family, “the home,” and the Field represents our nation. We cannot hope to heal our nation without first healing the family home.

The Field…mystical…quiet…the site where the Mother of Jesus appeared to Marija. The Virgin Mary told Marija for those gathered,“…I am here to help you!…” Since that moment on November 24, 1988, countless numbers have come to this Holy Field to pray, seek grace, and mend hearts. A place of the meeting of the two hearts. An encounter with the Hearts of Mary and Her Son…Jesus. No one who visits when there are apparitions are ever the same…for the rest of their lives…forever affected…forever…into eternity.

December 13, 1999

“I was at Caritas December 8th–12th. I gained a lot from my time at Caritas last week. I saw hope for mankind, for the future, and for myself. It makes perfect sense to me that Jesus would ask His Mother to help Him save mankind and She would be so happy to help us because She loves us and we are Her children too. This is actually saying a very big thing since I am not Catholic. I am a Baptist. We are really all one.”

New Hampshire

altHESE SPECIAL EVENTS, when Our Lady appears to Marija, since 1988, have often attracted tens of thousands of pilgrims to the Bedroom and the Field of Apparitions. People of all classes become the same, on their knees, shoulder to shoulder. The area around Caritas* is so open that crowds do not bother those who would normally be bothered, rather it puts you as one of those who followed Jesus in the crowds, a spiritual joy, consolation and an excitement you’ve never experienced before. Countless souls have had their prayers answered or been given a divine peace about their problems by pilgrimaging to the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions.



May 5, 2004

Thousands gathered here seeking peace and simplicity in their lives as Marija and A Friend of Medjugorje spoke to people from every state in the Union, May 1-5, 2004, when the Holy Virgin Mary appeared to Marija.

June 17, 2004

“The blessings were like savoring chocolate. Bliss.”

Grass Valley, California

December 22, 1999

“We just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful grace-filled retreat. Our lives will be changed forever.”

Lake Charles, Louisiana


August 13, 2005

“We wanted to thank you for the most incredible experience of our lives…We will not forget these five incredible days with Our Lady and our family at Caritas.”

Whitehouse, Ohio

December 13, 1999

“The past few days were the most beautiful and blessed of my entire life! I received blessing upon blessing – so many little things happened and I knew they were meant ‘just for me.’”

Huntsville, Alabama

pilgrims praying in the field of apparitions



December ,1999

January 8, 2002

“The whole retreat was inspiring. Now that we are home, we have a different feeling. We know we have been touched by the Holy Spirit.”

Fort Branch, Indiana

*Caritas of Birmingham is a mission dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje and the messages She gives. It is located at the site of the apparitions and operated by the Community of Caritas, a community that in 1988 Our Lady asked to be founded. It is comprised of a group of people who have joined together to be missionaries of what the Queen of Peace, the Virgin Mary, wants established in the world.

altHE BEDROOM OF APPARITIONS IS THE BIRTHPLACE of Our Lady’s Apparitions at Caritas. At the foot of this Bed, adorned with flowers and petitions, Marija has knelt to receive Our Lady over 97 times since 1988. The Bedroom has been a special place to pray for the healing of families and is only open during Caritas’ annual retreats or special spiritual events. It will be open for you on scheduled days during July 1–5, 2008, for you to pray there and to bring Our Lady your needs for yourself, marriage, family or friends for healing and to give gratitude. The Bedroom is an extraordinary, special place for the heart.

medjugorje visionary marija in extacy


July 25, 2005


June 14, 2004

“I went to the Bedroom. It was so amazing. I felt so close to Our Lady that I even cried.”

Hamler, Ohio


May 13, 2004

“We spent a lot of time in the Bedroom—it was so healing.”


Sioux City, Iowa

Marija Lunetti in ecstasy speaks to the Virgin Mary in the Bedroom of Apparitions, oblivious to those around her. With the apparitions in the Field, Our Lady has appeared a total of approximately 125 apparitions at the site. Marija loves coming to Caritas to be with the family that she has become family with. Having witnessed what Our Lady has done here in the Bedroom and the Field of Apparitions, has placed in her heart a special love for the place.

bedroom line


December 10, 1999

A line of people twist back and forth up the hill to go and pray in the Bedroom of Apparitions. Well over one-hundred thousand people have visited the Bedroom of Apparitions. Within these walls the Holy Virgin Mary has appeared physically to Marija Lunetti, seeing Her as we see another person. Marija can speak to Her, touch Her, and hear Her voice. Our Lady has appeared to her in this same way every day since June 25, 1981. Our Lady came to the world as a Mother to heal a broken world, resulting from the family being broken That is why Our Lady chose the Bedroom, for it is where families are born. Our Lady said She wants the “fruits of the family to be seen one day.”

June 14, 2004

“As I prayed my intentions in the Bedroom, every wrinkle of tenseness left my face as if it were washed with peace. As I gazed upon the crucifix from Medjugorje,* I felt something so special—Our Lady’s Motherly love for Her Son, Her Child, Her Baby.”

Annapolis, Missouri


December 21, 2001

“I don’t know that it will ever sink in that I was in the presence of Our Lady. Being in the presence of Marija was itself an honor. Having recently returned to my faith after an absence of more than 20 years, I already felt that I needed to ‘recharge my batteries.’ I returned home with a calm and inner peace that I have never before known.”

Moundsville, West Virginia

*The crucifix (pictured on page 2) originated in Medjugorje. It hung on the wall of Fr. Slavko’s office during the time the daily apparitions were taking place there. The visionaries would come into the room and kneel before this crucifix to receive Our Lady. This crucifix was present in hundreds of apparitions in Medjugorje. In 1988, Fr. Slavko gave this crucifix to the founder of Caritas as a gift. Profoundly moved by this, our founder brought it to Marija and asked her to pray a prayer over it, that it would be used by Our Lady to bring conversion to our nation.


altHE FIELD OF APPARITIONS was birthed from the Bedroom. In 1988, thousands began to find their way to Alabama from all corners of this nation, longing to be in Our Lady’s presence. The apparitions began in the Bedroom. All could not physically fit in the home where the Bedroom was located, yet the Field enveloped all as a blanket bringing warmth and a feeling of home. As the thousands came, gathering around the home, Our Lady one day said She would appear the next day outside near a pine tree. Many began to gather in the Field who knew nothing of the family that knelt in prayer on the blanket next to them, but they became one under Our Lady’s mantle. Our Lady chose Thanksgiving day, November 24, 1988, to appear for the first time to Marija in the Field for all those gathered. She said from this spot, “I invite you to live my messages. I am here to help you! I will pilgrims in the field


December, 1999

intercede for you to God for all your intentions.” For the visiting people, a visit to the Bedroom and the Field of Apparitions is a rebirth for their spirits…a new dawn. Many testify they never experienced anything close to what Our Lady has given in the Bedroom and Field anywhere else and that the grace is renewed, even just by visiting the grounds Our Lady has appeared upon.



the tabernacle of our ladys messages


December 10, 2007

The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages: the workplace of the Community of Caritas, spreading Our Lady’s messages to a world starving from such spiritual poverty, that God has sent His Mother to the earth to nurse it back to health. Many who come to the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions are surprised to find tucked in the woods, a building which looks as though it was transplanted from Europe.

December 21, 1999

“I must say it was the most moving emotional experience of my life…I cannot thank you enough for sending out your messages encouraging me, and thousands of others, to come to one of the most important events of my life. Thank you for inviting us into your Field, your homes, and your lives. You have all touched me in a very personal and profound way.”

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio


August 9, 2005

“I am so glad I was a part of such an incredible occasion. No one who was there will ever forget…”

West Nyack, New York


August 30, 2005

“The entire week was life changing. I have continued with the three hours of daily prayer, daily Rosary, Mass, Confession and my new favorite: the hourly three Hail Mary’s for Our Lady’s intentions.”

Menominee, Michigan


What if you prayed Seven Novenas a year for our nation?


 What if you prayed these Seven Novenas for sixteen years and finished the first novena of 2008 for the intention of hope directly before the Mother of God?


What if you then consecrated yourself to Her in Her presence?


What if the next day you and thousands of others consecrated your families to Her Immaculate Heart, in Her presence?


 And what if the next day, this nation, founded by Godly men on Godly principles and law, was to be reconsecrated to the Queen of Heaven by Her children in Her Holy Presence?


What would be the effect?


How many Godly men did it take to start this nation?


How many Godly people will it take to reconquer it?

Millions of Prayers Can Change a Nation

altuly 4, 2008, will become a part of the history for the United States of America. From our nation’s beginning, to George Washington crossing the Potomac, to the battlefields of the Civil War, until now, never has the nation’s people had such an opportunity to directly address the Queen of Heaven whose presence here as the Queen of Peace affords us the gift to plead our cause through three consecrations to spare us, heal the family, and save our nation. In 1993, we began with 75,000 people praying across the United States Seven Novenas to Heal our Land. Many have continued for 16 years. In recent years, the numbers of people praying have greatly increased. That means we have had 16 years, seven novenas a year, totaling 112 nine-day novenas, resulting in millions of prayers, along with countless Patriotic Rosaries and many nine-day bread and water fasts to heal our land. The groundwork of prayer, fasting and sacrifice has been laid by thousands of people. As a carpet runner leads down the aisle towards an altar, our prayers, fasting and sacrifices are laid out like a red-carpet runner, draping the aisle we will walk down where we will lay our 16 year preparation for this Consecration at Our Lady’s feet on our nation’s birthday, July 4, 2008. Through this spiritual bouquet, we seek the great miracle of the healing and full restoration for our Nation to be at peace with God.

With Our Lady’s apparitions here at Caritas, by what She has said and done in 1988, 1989, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004 and two separate visits in 2005 through the Medjugorje visionary Marija Lunetti, She reveals that She has a plan for our nation. By what has manifested, we can ask ourselves, did Our Lady have this plan 20 years ago when She first appeared in the Field on our Nation’s day of thanksgiving to God, Thanksgiving Day? On Thanksgiving Day She said:

November 24, 1988

“I invite you to live my messages. I am here to help you! I will intercede for you to God for all your intentions.”

Our Lady said She is here to help us. We will gather in the Field for Her to help us from the spot She told us, “I will intercede for you to God for all your intentions.” We will come to Her with our intention to heal our nation. Does it not amaze you that as the plans unfold 20 years later, Our Lady will appear on July 4, 2008, just a little over 17 weeks before one of the most critical elections our nation has ever experienced, in which Christians have no choice except to turn to God?

O Queen of Peace, call your children from every corner of our land. We will gather in front of You, unworthy to have You receive us, yet confident that You will; unworthy to be heard, yet in hope that You will hear; unworthy to be answered, yet in faith we believe that You will please, thereby give the gift of resurrection to heal our land.

O Queen, we run to you as Mother. Save us, O Queen. Protect us, O Mother, and Jesus grant Her wish for July 4th, for America, that we may again be a people of God, of virtue, and of light.

A Friend of Medjugorje

What Will It Mean to Consecrate Ourselves July 2nd, Our Families July 3rd, and Our Nation July 4th in the Presence of Our Lady? How Powerful Is Consecration? What Can We Expect from Heaven Through the Consecration of July 1-5, 2008?

A wonderful apparition that Marija had in a small nation in Europe shows the depth and power of what a prepared for and serious consecration to Our Lady means. Marija had been invited by a family for an apparition in which the family had prayed and prepared for months to consecrate themselves totally to Our Lady. They had prayed, sacrificed, fasted, and confessed in order to be ready to consecrate themselves at the moment of Our Lady’s apparition, when Our Lady appeared to Marija. Our Lady appeared and they fulfilled their consecration, reciting it in Her presence. The grandparents had prepared their children and their grandchildren to give themselves to Our Lady. Marija came out of the apparition astounded at what Our Lady told her during the apparition. Our Lady gave a message to the grandparents, their adult children and their children who had gathered to give their entire family to Our Lady. Marija was surprised at Our Lady’s response to the consecration. Our Lady said to them:

“You will never regret this consecration.

“Your children will never regret this consecration.

“Your children’s children, all your generations, will never regret this consecration.”

Marija was amazed at this and even months after was still animated with joy in explaining the apparition.By coming July 1–5, you are being given an opportunity that the saints longed for. St. Louis De Montfort told of this time over 300 years ago. He said Our Lady would come in the latter days and raise up apostles who would be purified as the children of Levi. They would spread across the earth on silver wings. He finished by saying how he waited and longed, oh, how he longed, to be a part of the coming glorious special time of grace we are now in.

You are offered something incomprehensible this July 1-5. Take it!
Seize the moment!

Drop Everything! Change your schedule

and vacation time. Be at Caritas for an event that comes

along not just once in a lifetime, but only once every several centuries.

Do not be turned away from Caritas. Reading the following is a must:

Please be advised of the guidelines to visit Caritas.

1. No Immodest Dress

2. No Cell Phones

3. No Video Cameras

4. No Gum Chewing

5. No Cameras

6. No Smoking

7. No Lounge Chairs/Other Chairs

8. No Pets

Guidelines to be Allowed on the Grounds.

♥ The following modesty rules will be strictly adhered to on the Caritas grounds, including parking areas. All violators will be turned away. No sleeveless or low cut dresses. No sleeveless or low cut shirts, blouses, or sweaters. Dresses and skirts must be below the knee. Only knee-length shorts will be allowed for both men and women. Capris may be worn. No gym shorts or other short clothing. No mid-drifts or clothing that exposes the back or stomach. No see-through clothing or clothing that has inappropriate writing or pictures on it. Casual dress, jeans, etc., is OK. We are speaking about modest dress. Please remember that you will not be going to the beach or out sunning. Dress appropriately for the day in preparation to go before the Holy Event of Our Lady’s apparition and other prayer times. Please save yourself the embarrassment of being turned away from the grounds of Caritas because of dress. It is important to inform all, so that no one will have to miss the apparitions. We do not want anyone to miss Our Lady’s apparitions to Marija, so repeatedly inform others and help make sure all are informed of this.

♥ No video cameras; no cameras, and absolutely no cell phone cameras are allowed. Violations will result in confiscation. You are on the grounds by invitation. Please remember, do not violate other pilgrims and the spirit of what is happening here. This is a serious violation of the spirit and reverence of the event and the grounds here. As a one day exception, and not for the apparition, photos, not videos, and not cell phone cameras, will be allowed on Tuesday, July 2, on the grounds. However, no cameras will be allowed at the time of the apparition on this one day exception. Please remember this is allowed for your own personal mementos of the pilgrimage. Be discreet and respectful to others, when taking pictures, so as not to disrupt prayers.

♥ No lounge chairs, three-legged portable chairs, or similar chairs allowed in the Field. If one must sit, wheelchairs or electric motor chairs are to be used. It is your responsibility to make provisions for wheelchairs. This is a five-day offering of sacrifice, self-denial, and spiritual growth for your soul, not your flesh. As many have testified from their past experiences of the apparitions, the Bedroom, Field, Grotto, and other sites at Caritas, they relay that they were some of the most spiritual, moving, holiest moments they have ever experienced. Cameras, cell phones, etc., are all a distraction which inhibits the grace; the convenience of lounge chairs, etc., blocks sacrifices, which results in a loss of grace one could have received. Prayer is spontaneous and often throughout the day. Gum chewing is extremely irreverent during prayer or in the midst of others who are praying. Gum chewing is not allowed on the grounds. If you see someone doing it, please inform them.

♥ Our Lady answers any objections to these rules, to be allowed on the Caritas grounds, by appearing on a rock strewn mountain in Medjugorje which is difficult to walk up, much less sit down comfortably once you are at the apparition site. For a peace-filled five days, please be reminded that Caritas has these guidelines for your benefit. The world may allow these things, but you are entering a world and a life, here at Caritas, created by Our Lady and Her messages.

Parking – As in the years past when Our Lady is with us, parking will be on the sides of the road, off the white line. Parking on the road must be off the white line or police will tow your car away. For safety of pedestrians, there is no parking on the road in front of the Field.

Priests – Invite your parish priest. There will be a need to hear Confessions in the Field throughout the event. If you are a priest, we make a special invitation for you to come. The event promises a great grace for priests who come and hear Confessions. Priests experience conversion just as you will.

Home Schoolers – Notify all home schooling friends, we will open our school during the days of July 1 through July 5. This school, Our Lady of Victory’s School, is a community effort, evolved from home schooling, that has inspired other home schoolers with many ideas based on Our Lady’s messages. It is always one of the highlights for those who visit here to see Our Lady of Victory’s ‘One Room’ Schoolhouse. Already other schools have been inspired by it.

Evangelize the Apparitions – This material you are reading can be spread by you to promote Our Lady’s coming. Spread it to your family, friends, parish, etc. Call Caritas 205-672-2000 ext 315 to order this brochure for free. Just help us with shipping and handling costs. Get your church directory and mail to everyone.

For the Elderly – In the past, some elderly have paid the way for a friend to accompany and help them. It is a good way to come, and a good way to evangelize the one who is accompanying you, for Our Lady to convert them. 🙂 “So be wise as serpents and innocent as doves,” Matthew 10:16 to convert one who comes to help accompany you.

Prayer Groups – Ivan once said that satan hates prayer groups. Come with your whole prayer group to be with Our Lady. With your group being in Our Lady’s presence, She not only will bless you during the apparitions, but strengthen your group as well. It is Her desire to foster your prayer group. Our Lady said on September 25, 2000: “…Renew prayer in your families and form prayer groups. In this way, you will experience joy in prayer and togetherness…” Rent a van, bus, or meet up separately, whatever is necessary to answer Her call.

Free primitive camping call 205-672-2000 ext 382

Making Reservations – Many hotels in the summer months can book up early, so we recommend that you make reservations now. Listed on mej.com are select hotels in which most are offering discounts for those coming in July. Since it is the summer, we are expecting that many will book up, so it is necessary to make reservations as soon as possible to assure your rooms. Please state this is for the BVM/Caritas group for Our Lady’s Apparitions when making reservations. We encourage you to come all five days to spend time in prayer in preparation for each day’s apparition. Our Lady’s apparitions are a source of great graces for those who gather. By being on the site for July 1st and staying through July 5th, your experience will be greatly heightened. Even if circumstances at this moment do not seem possible for you to come – remember, prayer brings about miracles. So book your plans and pray, pray, pray, and Our Lady will work out the details. Whether it be lack of funds, job, family, etc., surrender to God the problem and give to Our Lady your desires, pray short, ardent prayers and do novenas to be here. She will take it from there, trust Her. Call Caritas at 205-672-2000 ext. 351, twenty-four hours for more information.

Schedule of Events

No matter at what point you joined us in praying for our nation, even if you are just now finding out, you can join thousands who have walked these 16 years of prayer for our nation and be present in the apparitions to give these prayers to Our Lady.

July 1  The first apparition, you will bathe in the grace of Our Lady’s presence 
              for repentance, forgiveness and revival.

July 2  The second apparition of Our Lady you will consecrate yourself 
              to Jesus and Our Lady, in Her presence, during the apparition.

July 3  The third apparition of Our Lady you will consecrate your family
              to Jesus and Our Lady, in Her presence, during the apparition.

July 4  The fourth apparition of Our Lady you will consecrate our nation
              to Jesus and Our Lady on the day of its birth, in Her presence, during the apparition.

July 5  The fifth apparition of Our Lady you will give grateful thanksgiving,
              in Her presence, to God, for allowing Our Lady to come to this nation to heal it.

Daily Schedule

5:00 am Morning Prayer:Silent prayer in the Field. Bring blankets to sit on. Please             remember to be quiet and turn off ­flashlights as you arrive at the statue so as not to disturb others in prayer.

6:00 am:

8:00 am Morning Prayer: In front of The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages,
special announcements and apparition times will be made at this time.

10:45 am Rosary in the Field: Two mysteries prayed each day
as well as the Consecration to the Two Hearts.

12:00 pm Angelus: Wherever you may be on the grounds.

3:00 pm Chaplet of Divine of Mercy: Wherever you may be on the grounds.

On the Hour Prayer: Three Hail Mary’s will be prayed on the top of every hour, from 9–5 for a nine-hour novena each day. We will offer these prayers for Our Lady’s intentions and for our nation’s healing. At the sound of the bells every hour, kneel down, pray the three Hail Mary’s to Our Lady.

The apparitions of Our Lady will be announced at the time Our Lady tells Marija. In the past Our Lady has told us the day before what time and where She will appear. This place is Hers and it has been a great joy for us in the way Our Lady has often done this for us; sometimes appearing in the morning, sometimes late at night and even sometimes during the day. We surrender this to Our Lady with the joy that She will do what’s best for Her children. You may bring food on the grounds. Bring snacks, etc. Even though Friday is normally a fast day, there will be a barbecue vendor here on July 4th to help us celebrate the birth of our nation. Call about food availability on other days. The location of the vendors is the parking area next to The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. Stay all day and be free to relish the peace here.

Special Note

There will be scheduled talks with Marija and A Friend of Medjugorje throughout the week. It will be important to attend and listen for the times of these talks and other events such as the visit to the Bedroom of Apparitions, the behind the scenes walk through the mission, the climb to Grotto La Pluie, and the Patriotic Rosary, which will be announced at our morning prayer at 8:00 am.

Hotel Listings for the Five Days of Prayer with Our Lady, July 1-5, 2008

Below is a list of hotels in the area and their phone numbers for those who would like to book rooms for July 1-5, 2008, Marija’s visit to Caritas and Apparitions of Our Lady. Hotels on Highway 280, which is the closest to Caritas, are rapidly booking, and you need to call today to secure the rates.

We have added more hotel information from the Birmingham area and will continue to update the list as needed.

Make a firm decision to be here in Alabama for the apparitions that will change your life and this Nation. Be sure to book your rooms from Monday June 30, to Monday July 7, so as to make sure that you are here for all 5 days, and not to be rushed while you are here.

Call today, and if you have any questions, you can call Caritas at 205-672-2000.

Very Important, remember when you call the hotels, to mention that you are coming for the July 1-5 retreat at Caritas.

Our Lady’s return to the Bedroom and Field this coming July has generated a great deal of excitement around the country. We encourage you to book your hotel rooms for the July 1–5 (June 30th to after the 5th) 2008, apparitions as soon as possible. There are already hotels that have filled all their rooms. We are expecting large numbers to attend, which makes tighter availability for pilgrims desiring to attend the apparitions to find rooms. Even if you are not sure you can come, make reservations. You can always cancel. So don’t delay in making your arrangements. For more information call Caritas of Birmingham 205-672-2000.

Based on location, traffic, and proximity to Caritas, hotels 1-13 listed below on Hwy 280 are suggested FIRST CHOICE hotels. They are arranged from those closest to those farthest from Caritas.

**Rates subject to change without notice**

Very Important, remember when you call the hotels, to mention that you are coming for the July 1-5 retreat at Caritas. You should arrive on the 30th of June and leave after the 5th to be in the presence of all five of the apparitions.

1. Homewood Suites by Hilton, approx. 13 miles, 205-995-9823,www.homewoodsuites.com
Heavily Booked

2. Residence Inn, approx. 13 miles, $119.00/Night, 205-991-8686, www.residenceinn.com
Heavily Booked

3. Candlewood Suites, approx. 13 miles, 205-991-0272, www.candlewoodsuites.com
Sold Out!

4. Wingate Inn, approx. 13 miles, $119.00/Night, 205-995-8586, www.wingateinns.com
Heavily Booked

5. Fairfield Inn, approx. 14 miles, $94.00/Night, 205-991-1055, www.fairfieldinn.com
Heavily Booked

6. Oak Mountain Lodge, approx. 11 miles, $49.95/Night or $209.95/Weekly, 2 Twin or 1 Full,
205-991-0100,www.oakmountainlodge.com Sold Out!

7. Best Western Mountain Brook, approx. 14 miles, $67.99/Night, 2 Person Occupancy, Includes
continental breakfast, 205-991-9977, www.bestwestern.com Heavily Booked

8. Hyatt Place Inverness formerly AmeriSuites, approx. 14 miles, $109.00/Night, 205-995-9242,
www.hyattplace.com Heavily Booked

9. Studio Plus, approx. 14 miles, 205-408-0107, www.studioplus.com
Heavily Booked

10. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Birmingham/Mountain Brook, approx. 14 miles, $99.00/night
205-776-6370, www.ichotelsgroup.com Heavily Booked

11. Comfort Inn and Suites Colonnade, approx. 15 miles, 205-968-3700, www.choicehotels.com
Heavily Booked

12. Courtyard by Marriott Colonnade, approx. 15 miles, $99.00/night, 205-967-4466, www.mariott.com
Heavily Booked

13. Hampton Inn Mountain Brook, approx. 20 miles, $119.00/night, 205-870-7822,
www.birminghammountainbrook.hamptoninn.com Heavily Booked

14. Courtyard by Marriott Homewood, approx. 19 miles, 205-879-0400, www.marriott.com

15. Drury Inn & Suites Birmingham Southeast, approx. 15 miles, 205-967-2450, 2-room suites
$124.99/night, www.druryhotels.com Heavily Booked

16. Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park Hwy 280/I-459, approx. 15 miles, $125.00/night,
www.birminghamperimeterpark.hilton.com Heavily Booked

Based on location, traffic, and proximity to Caritas, hotels 17-36 should be considered SECOND CHOICE hotels:

Many of the following hotels are booking strongly

17. Best Western at Oak Mountain, approx. 18 miles, $89.00/Night, Complimentary breakfast,
refrigerators & microwaves available in rooms, 205-982-1113, www.bestwestern.com

18. Hampton Inn Pelham, approx 20 miles, 205-313-9500, $125/night. www.hamptoninn.com

19. Hilton Garden Inn Liberty Park, approx 20 miles, 205-314-0281

20. Columbiana Inn Bed and Breakfast, approx. 20 Miles, $95.00/Night if renting all house, or 1 room at
$110.00/Night, 205-669-1450 [email protected]

21. Cobb Lane Bed and Breakfast, approx. 21 miles, Historic 5 Points, $89.00-$119.00/Night, Double occupancy, Includes hot full breakfast, 205-918-9090 www.cobblanebandb.com

22. Days Inn South, approx. 22 miles, $65.00/night, 205-822-6030.

23. Best Western Riverchase Inn, approx. 22 miles, $79.00/night, 205-985-7500, www.bestwestern.com

24. Quality Inn Vestavia, approx. 22 miles, $64.00/night, 205-823-4300.

25. Baymont Inn & Suites Birmingham/Vestavia, approx. 22 miles, $70.00/night, 205-822-2224,

26. Vestavia Motor Lodge, approx. 22 miles, $55.00/night, 205-822-7730.

27. Travelodge, approx. 26 miles, 205-987-2233, www.travelodge.com

28. Howard Johnson Homewood, approx. 26 miles, $54.00/Night, Single/Double Occupancy, Includes
Continental breakfast, 205-942-0919

29. LaQuinta Inn & Suites Birmingham/Homewood, approx. 26 miles, $119.00/night, 205-290-0150,

30. Quality Inn Homewood, approx. 26 miles, $74.99/night, 205-945-9600.

31. Residence Inn Homewood, approx. 26 miles, $149.00/night Suites, 205-943-0044, www.mariott.com

32. StudioPLUS Wildwood, approx. 26 miles, $69.99/night, 205-290-0102,

33. Comfort Inn Central, approx. 27 Miles, located off Hwy 65 Exit 256-A, $72.00/night, 800-228-5150,
205-941-0990, www.choicehotels.com

34. Ramada, approx. 27 miles, $72.00/night, 205-916-0464, www.ramada.com

35. Hampton Inn & Suites Riverchase – Galleria, approx. 23 miles, $139.90/night, 205-989-6683,

36. Hampton Inn I-65/Lakeshore Dr., approx. 26 miles, $149.00/night, 205-313-2060,

Based on location, traffic, and proximity to Caritas, hotels 37-45 should be considered THIRD CHOICE hotels:

37. America’s Best Value Inn – Leeds, approx. 17 miles, $59.99/night, 205-702-2700, www.bestvalue.com

38. Double Tree Hotel, approx. 22 Miles, Downtown Birmingham, Double room $109.95/Night,
205-933-9000 birmingham.doubletree.com

39. Quality Inn Irondale, approx. 24 miles, $84.99/night, 205-956-4100, www.choicehotels.com

40. Rime Garden Inn & Suites, approx. 25 Miles, Located off I-20 in Irondale, One Bedroom suite King or
Double — up to 4 guests per suite $89.00/Night, 205-951-1200, 888-828-1768 www.rimehotel.com
Sold Out!

41. Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites –Birmingham East, approx. 25 miles, $145.00/night,
205-957-0555, www.ichotelsgroup.com

42. Airport Inn, approx. 27 miles, $59.99/night extended stay. 205-592-6110.

43. Holiday Inn – Airport, approx. 27 miles, $99.00/night, 205-591-6900, www.holiday-inn.com

44. Homewood Lodge, approx. 28 miles, $49.99/night, 205-942-1263.

45. Comfort Inn Airport, approx. 29 miles, $99.00/night, 205-957-0084, www.comfortinn.com

Based on location, traffic, and proximity to Caritas, hotels 46-59 should be considered FOURTH CHOICE hotels:

46. Fairfield Inn in Fultondale, Alabama, approx. 24 miles, $95.00/Night, 205-849-8484

47. Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express in Fultondale, Alabama, approx. 30 miles, $89.99-$99.99/Night,

48. Comfort Inn Bessemer, approx. 38 miles, $89.99/night, 205-428-3999.

49. Days Inn Bessemer, approx. 38 miles, $65.00/night, 205-424-9780, www.daysinn.com

50. Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites, approx. 38 miles, $119.00/night, 205-424-2600.

51. Best Western Hotel & Suites, approx. 38 miles, $99.00/night, 205-481-1950, www.bestwestern.com

52. Budget Motel Bessemer, approx. 41 miles, $52.00/night, 205-428-9888.

53. Best Western Carlton Suites Hotel, approx. 26 miles, starting at $109.00/night, 205-940-9990,

54. Courtyard by Marriott Hoover, approx. 23 miles, 205-988-5000, www.marriott.com

55. Drury Inn & Suites Southwest, approx. 26 miles, $134.99/night, 205-940-9500, www.druryhotels.com   Heavily Booked

56. Eastwood Motel, approx. 29 miles, $42.95/night, 205-956-3650

57. Microtel Hotel Homewood, approx. 27 miles, $57.95/night, 205-945-5550, www.microtelinn.com

58. Oxmoor Valley Inn Homewood, approx. 27 miles, $69.99/night, 205-942-2041,

59. Park Inn Birmingham, approx. 30 miles, $69.95/night, 205-951-0700

July 1–5, the event that will change you, your family, and your nation. Be in Alabama. Be with the Mother of Jesus.

What can I do to spread this event?

Order more of these brochures for FREE. One person reached could mean the salvation of one soul. Just help to pay for the cost of shipping and handling only.

10 free
25 free
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You can get your free brochures and pay for shipping & handling by credit card, call 205-672-2000, ext 315, 24 hours a day, or send your order by fax to 205-672-9667. Or write, Caritas of Birmingham 100 Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive Sterrett, AL 35147 USA. Shipping & handling prices listed above are for standard delivery. Call for Expedited or overnight shipping and please call for pricing on all International orders. (To speak to a receptionist call weekdays between 8:30am–5:00pm CST USA).

Call Caritas of Birmingham at 205-672-2000, ext. 351, twenty-four hours a day for 20 different recordings with extensive information.

For a Free Download to Give to your Friends Click Here 

Special Announcement

Holy Mass for July 1-5 Pilgrims!

Mass will be offered each day at 6:30 am at the closest Catholic Church to Caritas, St. Mark the Evangelist Church. It is a joy for us to be able to celebrate the Eucharist each day together in praying for and consecrating our Nation to Our Lady. Mass will be offered at 6:30 am each day beginning on Tuesday, July 1, through Saturday, July 5. Thank Our Lady for this gift and inform those who you know are coming for this special grace. Directions will be in your “July 1-5 Program Booklet” or call Caritas at 205-672-2000.


©2008, 2009 SJP Lic. COB. By no means are we intending to pre-empt the Church on the validity of the Apparitions. They are private revelation awaiting the Church’s judgment. Because the Queen of Peace Apparitions are ongoing and not yet over, the Church has yet to rule on their authenticity. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas, and all associated with them, realize and accept that the final authority regarding the Queen of Peace Medjugorje Apparitions rests with the Holy See in Rome. We at Caritas willingly submit to that judgment. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas and its mission are not connected to the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama. The Diocese of Birmingham’s official position on Caritas is neutral and holds us as Catholics in good standing.

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• Announcement of Marija’s Visit

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

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