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  1. Great broadcast! Gave me Hope & inspiration! So many truths revealed! Thank you for calling a spade a spade! We have been a small business owner since 1981 in different areas, but mainly oil & gas! An industry where one can make it big and lose it big! I can honestly attest to everything in this broadcast! Your broadcast said it all. I feel so moved to re-emphasis the messages in this broadcast! My Husband & I have learned how important it is to keep Sunday Holy by not working others or yourself! God showed us Many times that No good will come from working on Sunday! You will reap what you sow! I have personally been to Medjugorje & Caritas and have witnessed the fruits of their actions! The community of Caritas bears only good fruit! Listen and learn!Thank you “A Friend of Medjugorje” for another Great Broadcast!!!

  2. Michael John Hebert

    If a child were in an Emergency situation, a parent calling them during a dangerous time, just might turn their child into a target, by giving away their position, when the phone rings.Not only that, but the amount of time, kids spend with Technology, is leading to the problems children are having feeling stressed, by not achieving the “so called followers”, society tries to instill as being important today.Think about that for a moment: In this upside down world, when we faithful, strive to follow Christ, the Media and Secular world, try to sell the idea of everything revolving around the need to so many of your own, “so called followers”.If we’re to separate from the Secular World, there might be the need for us to “Use, even that which the devil, uses”, against him.Wouldn’t this mean, perhaps we as a Christian Majority, should hurt businesses, where their pockets are?Why don’t we use Christian Boycotts to enact change?

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