“Do not be afraid for yourselves…”

“Do not be afraid for yourselves…”

Mirjana, who receives the 25th message from Our LadyOur Lady’s February 2, 2013 message through Mirjana with writing by A Friend of Medjugorje


February 2, 2013 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2013
Apparition and Message Given to Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

The following is Our Lady’s message given today, February 2, 2013 on the day of prayer for nonbelievers:

“Dear children; Love is bringing me to you – the love which I desire to teach you also – real love; the love which my Son showed you when He died on the Cross out of love for you; the love which is always ready to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. How great is your love? My Motherly heart is sorrowful as it searches for love in your hearts. You are not ready to submit your will to God’s will out of love. You cannot help me to have those who have not come to know God’s love to come to know it, because you do not have real love. Consecrate your hearts to me and I will lead you. I will teach you to forgive, to love your enemies and to live according to my Son. Do not be afraid for yourselves. In afflictions my Son does not forget those who love. I will be beside you. I will implore the Heavenly Father for the light of eternal truth and love to illuminate you. Pray for your shepherds so that through your fasting and prayer they can lead you in love. Thank you.”

“Do Not Be Afraid for Yourselves…”

A Friend of Medjugorje


Love, “real love,” love despite afflictions, the love shown by Jesus when He died on the Cross, ready to forgive and ask forgiveness is absent in relationships today. The “essence” of something means the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character. The three characteristics shown in the message that make up the “essence” of Godly relationships are:


1. Love
2. Forgiveness and asking forgiveness
3. Submitting to God’s will

The destruction of marriage, the strife of which marriage finds itself in society, the levels of the good, the bad are evidences that marriage finds itself waffling more towards unhappiness and destruction. This would not be if the essence of Godly relationships ruled in the family. Relationships are birthed into society out of the family. But what if you had no family or were abandoned? That family life, or rather lack of it, formed you. Having no family, being in an intact family with difficulties, in a family with dissension, a family with disorder that does not submit to God—all these conditions in family forms the family members. Likewise, families without dissension, difficulties, disorder, growing up with several siblings, having both parents also can make up what the culture becomes. So what kind of family life and love is prevailing? The world we have now inherited is only a larger reflection of the micro world of what is in the smallest civilization called family. Our Lady told us:


“…My Motherly heart is sorrowful as it searches for love in your hearts…”


Love of God the Father has waned for decades because the love and respect displayed between the mother and father has first waned. This exchange between husband and wife, father and mother, witnesses to the children of how to love God the Father. This taught by witness is absent more and more from the family. Our Lady said today:


“…You cannot help me to have those who have not come to know God’s love to come to know it, because you do not have real love…”


Our Lady revealed to Medjugorje interlocutionist, Jelena, that children learn how to love God through the mother and father’s love for each other. To the degree this witness is lacking is to the degree aspects of doubt and non-belief will afflict the growing child’s relationship with God, and thereby his relationships in his own family, and thereby, when he becomes of age, his relationship with general society.


Our Lady tells us there is much hatred in the world. That means the family birthed it. Our Lady says:


October 17, 1988

“… I would like to give you love, so you can bring this love and spread it to others. I would like to give you peace, so you can give this peace to others, so you can give this peace especially to families where hatred exists. I would like you, dear children, to renew the family prayer, all of you…”


April 25, 1993

“… I desire you to awaken love in your families so that where there is unrest and hatred, love will reign and when there is love in your hearts, then there is also prayer…”


The three characteristics that make up the essence of Godly relationships, love, forgiveness and asking to be forgiven and submitting to God’s will is all love. However, the great flaw is ‘not submitting to God’s will.’ Today, words from Heaven stated:


“…You are not ready to submit your will to God’s will out of love…”


All authority is from God. God being the center must be accepted by man as the center. Man has free will not to accept it as society has done in varying degrees, but the result is without a center society cannot hold together. It has nothing to revolve around. In marriage, a husband represents, as Scripture relates, “the Lord.” His position is not such because he is expected to be perfect, but rather because he is given authority by God’s will, God’s authority, over his family. The crisis today in family is fatherhood. The center cannot hold except by the free will choice of the wife to witness that submission to the children and those outside of the family. We have anarchy in the family today because God the Father’s role is diminished in society and the greater reflection of this can be found in the smaller civilization of the family. Society’s indoctrination teaches always to be ready “not to submit your will to God’s will.” This indoctrination is particularly focused on wives not to submit to their husbands. The book How to Change Your Husband, downloadable free, shows this clearly and with conviction. It is not a choice of whether a father’s authority to guide and direct his family is to be accepted, especially in matters as to the final say, because it is God who has told us in Scripture that the father of the home has His authority as the family leader. God has full authority and His representative in the family is the father of the home. Society and liberal minded souls work to limit this authority, minimize and mundane this authority. The wife can ignore, refuse to submit to the husband/father, but it does not make authority go away. Her actions will only damage the father’s ability, by his authority, to hold things together. For where there is not a center, there is not the ability to hold together what makes up the body of a thing, a family, or the culture. There cannot be a bipolar family by having two centers that are both heads, without making bipolar children. All family members are to be one with the center, revolving tightly around it. Therefore, because we have lost the center of the family of our day, this has resulted in almost non-existent small holy communities, built by families. We have the breakdown and destruction of nations because of not being centered on God, nations whose center is the family, family whose center is the father. Our Lady has repeatedly shown Her submission to the Father in Her messages. Where the father is center, as it is supposed to be, and submits his God-given authority to God the Father, there will be order. The father submitting and centering on God, the wife submitting to the husband, thereby the family walks centering on the husband, the children submitting to the father and mother, centering on God the Father brings order which flows out to the world. The prevalent flaw in this order today, as society has taught and grounded into many mentalities, is there is little to no submitting to the husband and father by the wife. Hence, anarchy and divorce are rampant. (One cannot fully grasp this truth without reading How To Change Your Husband). With anarchy in the home, from minor disobedience to highly caustic and blatant rebellion, we have a spilling out from the family disorder into our towns, cities, states, and nations. In God’s giving of authority, from Adam, down through the ages unto now, none of those who have been given or will be given His authority, have been or will be perfect or always correct in exercising it. This fact, however, does not change God’s granted authority. God’s authority for the family is bestowed on the father, through the father to the mother to the children. God’s authority is perfect, while its receivers are not. Flaw does not change his structure of authority. Today, God’s authority is short circuited. We all have been taught conflicting doctrines that the wife can choose or not choose to be under the authority of the man’s arm of protection from which the rib was taken to form Eve. Everywhere in society the message is relayed that the woman, mother/wife, Eve, does not have to be the husband’s helpmate, that she does not have to accept his decisions to guide in his family, and that it is okay for the wife/mother to undermine and override his guidance for the children when she thinks differently. Yes, he can listen to the wife and go her way when he sees protectively it is okay or it doesn’t matter either way, but when there is a conflicting decision, she must be submissive to him with love. To be contrary to this is to repeat the pattern of the man submitting to the wife and, as Adam did not stand on his authority to say no to Eve when she ate of the bad fruit in the Garden, they both lost their paradise.


There is no paradise in the world today. Our Lady has repeatedly said and referred to this “unpeaceful world.” We have lost the essence of the family, the God ordained order, and so anarchy is flowing out of the family into the world. Because of this, we are on the verge of terrible things happening in the world. Anarchy everywhere birthed in unholy families has entered the world. Think of what Our Lady said today of this anarchy, “…do not be afraid for yourselves…” “…to love your enemies…” telling and reminding us in “…afflictions my Son does not forget those who love!! I will be beside you…” Is She not warning us that we are heading towards afflictions in which we will have to decide for love, but to not be afraid of what we will experience?

What will we experience? We will experience a world broken from the authority of God, a fallen world in which Our Lady, “the woman,” wanted to make into an oasis and garden for us. But there is hope. Her message is our way out, not that we necessarily will escape the experience of affliction, but that we will endure them with Her beside us. With Our Lady, accepting Her message, we will not be ruined by our fall into anarchy. Our Lady on November 25, 2012:

“…I protect you from the ruin of sin…”


How? By being under God’s protecting authority. One is free to deny God’s authority and structure, but if you make that decision not to “submit your will to God’s will,” not to be in God’s ordained structure of authority, Our Lady will not be able to protect you and you will inherit the destruction of the ruin of your sins.



In the Love that is being brought to us through Our Lady,

A Friend of Medjugorje


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How to Change Your HusbandHow to Change
Your Husband

by A Friend of Medjugorje


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Nana Receiving the Flag

Has Our Lady ever defined for us what the greatest sacrifice is?

March 27, 1986

“… I invite you to the greatest sacrifice, the sacrifice of love…”

The love Our Lady speaks of is not the way the world defines love. “Love” in worldly terms is about self-satisfaction. Our Lady defines “real love” as “…The love which my Son showed you when He died on the Cross out of love for you…” Real love is a soldier laying down his life for his country. Real love is found in a marriage of 60 years, a commitment to each other in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. And when death comes, real love is relinquishing your beloved after so many years into the arms of God, without bitterness or despair, but in the joy of his salvation, and in hope of your own one day. Our founder’s mother receives the American flag on the day of her husband’s funeral this past December for his service in World War II. Real love lasts, transcends time, is birthed into future generations of the family. Real love endures.

Bishop shoveling dirt for Papa Tony


The site of Papa Tony’s final resting place is just on the edge of the Field of Apparitions at Caritas. After the coffin was placed in the ground, Papa Tony’s sisters, his sons and daughter, his many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren picked up shovels and began the process of returning the body of Papa Tony back to the earth from which he had come, for “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you shall return.” Gen. 3:19 We all will face the moment when we will leave this world. Regardless of our worldly accomplishments, our eternal life will be defined by one thing—how well we loved.

Kids playing tree


Our Lady said,

February 25, 2011


“…Nature is awakening and on the trees the first buds are seen which will bring most beautiful flowers and fruit…”

For 30 years our founder has been growing, pruning and trimming this tree to be the perfect climbing tree for children. This has always been in the heart of our founder, to prepare joys for his children and that of the community that will increase through the years. You can find evidence of this everywhere you walk the grounds of Caritas—the hay barn rope swing right next to the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, the winding walk pathways that make bicycle riding a joy, the large bell rope at the front of the Tabernacle that will carry a child 10 feet up in the air when you get the bell ringing fast enough. It makes happy memories for all the children at Caritas, all the while they are surrounded by the example and witness of prayer and prayerful lives. Your children are the “first buds” on the trees of your spiritual lives. Are they becoming “beautiful flowers and fruit” who will follow in your witness of spreading the love of God into the world? Or are you displaying selfishness, unforgiveness, disobedience—choking the good seed so that it will neither flower in yourself, or in those around you?

December 2, 2011


“Dear children, as a mother I am with you so that with my love, prayer and example I may help you to become a seed of the future, a seed that will grow into a firm tree and spread its branches throughout the world. For you to become a seed of the future, a seed of love, implore the Father to forgive you your omissions up to now. My children, only a pure heart, unburdened by sin, can open itself and only honest eyes can see the way by which I desire to lead you. When you become aware of this, you will become aware of the love of God – it will be given (as a gift) to you. Then you will give it (as a gift) to others, as a seed of love. Thank you.”


Caritas Community member extending a helping hand


Behind Caritas is a mountain that we climb that leads to a grotto where a statue of Our Lady was hand carried, lifted up and placed. It is one of many places of prayer for pilgrims at Caritas. Because of the steep rise leading up to the grotto, a rope was fastened that people could grab hold of to help them up. When we host large events, many community members will station themselves along the rope to offer a hand and a word of encouragement if needed. Many people have climbed this mountain who were disabled, not in good shape, who have not done any strenuous physical activity in years, and who are well past the age of climbing mountains—but who felt the impulse to get out of their comfort zones and offer the climb out of love for Our Lady. It is always moving to us to hear of their experiences on the mountain. What many have relayed over the years is that they knew they couldn’t make the mountain climb on their own, that they were dependent on the help of others. But, others were also dependent on their own help and encouragement. This giving and accepting of help brought a great joy to their hearts, even while they were struggling to “conquer” the mountain. What they discovered was a profound lesson. Our Lady was teaching us all how we are to be for others in our daily lives. The climb to Heaven is a very difficult and strenuous climb. What makes the climb bearable is the help we both give and accept from those who are making this journey alongside us. A hand is always outstretched—sometimes it is a hand we grab a hold of to help us up the next step, other times, it is our hand grabbing hold of the one reaching towards us who is in need of our strength to continue heavenward.


Caritas kids playing around Our Lady


Our Lady said today:

“Dear children; Love is bringing me to you…”


Our Lady wants our happiness, a lasting and eternal happiness, and that begins right here on this earth:

May 25, 2987

“I want each one of you to be happy here on earth and to be with me in Heaven. That is, dear children, the purpose of my coming here and it’s my desire…”


The apparitions are to save us, to bring us to Heaven. Heaven can start right here on this earth if we live what Our Lady asks. From day to day we have to prepare ourselves to be closer and closer to God, ready to receive His gifts, to “…become more beautiful…” October 24, 1985 We are called to holiness in Medjugorje. Our Lady gives us Her great love. This is, once again, the meaning and the reason for the apparitions. Let us pray that no one would be afraid of holiness; this is not something out of our reach. This is a gift that will be given to us if we humbly live the messages. All we have to think about is how to live the messages. Then the Holy Spirit will do the work in us; we are not going to be saints through our own willpower. Holiness is a gift from Heaven, just as the apparitions are a gift from Heaven.”

A Friend of Medjugorje
From his book Words from Heaven




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6 thoughts on ““Do not be afraid for yourselves…””

  1. Marybeth Albert

    Thank you for sharing the photo of the founder’s mother receiving the flag at her husband’s funeral. A woman true to God, true to her husband, and true to her country. It doesn’t get any better than that! She will be added to my daily prayers.

  2. Marybeth Albert

    Thank you for sharing the photo of the founder’s mother receiving the flag at her husband’s funeral. A woman true to God, true to her husband, and true to her country. It doesn’t get any better than that! She will be added to my daily prayers.

  3. The ”BLESSED MOTHER” is there for all of us to love each day,all She is waiting for is for us to reach out and consecrate our hearts to ‘HER HEART’ AND ”JESUS HEART” each day in prayer,and to ”Thank”HER” for all She has done for us by asking ”JESUS” ‘HER SON” for us,She is my anchor in life.

  4. There is a lot of meat to this message; therefore much to chew on…and a lot of chewing will give way to proper digestion. Clearly Our Lady wants to show us and teach us the best way to love by her terms, a way we are not yet familiar with. First she must plant the seed of desire in us, a desire to love in this way. There must be other seeds planted with the seed of desire…humility, peace, confidence and so many others all nurtured by Our Dear Mother. We sow in trials, tears and adversity maybe sometimes without seeing the fruits of our labor, at least on this side of heaven.But someone will come after us, someone will reap what has been sown if we but sow in love. Thank you Caritas for showing us how to love. Peace!

  5. Barbara Bernier

    Thank You for all the learning experiences that are so simple to understand….I am a Field Angel and so proud of it. I pray for the young because no matter how hard we try to explain what’s happening they are not buying it…can’t seem to get thru to them, can only pray that Jesus and Mary will get to them somehow before satan and his army destroys them forever. God Bless everyone at Caritas , Our Blessed Mother Mary and her son Jesus…I love you so much

  6. Thank you so much for what you do to get this message out. I hope some day to support you financially when things get better for me. Thank you.

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