Our Lady Says What To Do With Your “Fear, Pain, Suffering and Disappointment”

Our Lady Says What To Do With Your “Fear, Pain, Suffering and Disappointment”


Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2008 Message to Mirjana:

“Dear children! I am with you. As a mother, I am gathering you, because I desire to erase from your hearts what I see now. Accept the love of my Son and erase fear, pain, suffering and disappointment from your heart. I have chosen you in a special way to be a light of the love of my Son. Thank you.”


“I am with you”….I am shopping, working, in the car all day,. “As a mother”…As a modern mother I can cook (maybe), bring home the bacon and dress like a model. “I am gathering you”…I’ll pick you up from school and drop you off at practice or you can hitch a ride with a friend and I’ll see you later at home, even though it will be time to go to bed.

What kind of society do we live in?

To understand, we must realize it is God who conveys the messages through Our Lady. Who says so? Our Lady says so.

July 25, 1985

“…listen to my messages and then you will be able to live everything that God tells me to convey to you…”

What is the message? Many things are in the message. When Our Lady says, “I am with you…As a mother…I am gathering you…,” these words can apply in millions of ways to hundreds of millions of people individually. But there is a primary meaning that will also speak to us collectively. Something is very wrong in the world today. Very off- base and very disturbing. What is it? It is motherhood. Do you retort, “what about fatherhood?” It is not the root problem in society today, even though society often presents it as the main issue. Men abandoning the family, men abusing their wives, men being rowdy, etc. is not the problem. Even in the cases where this may have happened these circumstances are often exaggerated and stereotyped. In real cases of abuse it’s still the fruit of the problem. While a father is paramount in the family for spiritual direction, role modeling, discipline, etc., it is “mother” who gives formation. First in the womb, and then after birth, in the heart. It is “mother” who sows the first seeds in the heart. The heart is always ploughed, waiting to grow what is planted in it. It is “mother” who influences the heart in the beginning that will later teach the child, himself, what seed to sow to produce good fruit. But what about fathers? Fathers are raised by mothers. If we have bad fathers, fathers who sow bad seeds into their children, you can trace the traits back to their mothers. But what if the child had a good mother and a bad father? You can trace his father’s failure back to a failed motherhood. Motherhood is corrective. Good wifehood is corrective.

Let’s go back further. All the way to the beginning to Eve. That’s when it started. That’s where the corruption of motherhood began and it weakened the man and corrupted fatherhood. He failed to lead and instead, followed. But today, a father cannot lead if he is not followed. Let’s go forward now to the Second Eve…Mary. For our age, that is where it is going to change. Our Lady is teaching us to follow God, the Father. His Fatherhood is represented by fathers upon earth. I asked a New York cab driver once how things were going in New York. In his wisdom of a common man, he said, “Pretty bad. We know if it’s going to be good or bad for New York according to how short the women’s skirts are.” Magazine covers, billboards, advertisements all display women as competing only for looks, fashion and doing things “my way,” while the man follows. I was shocked when I was recently told that a great number of women at our Catholic parish have received breast implants. Today’s women have been conditioned to think of selves, think of their “space.” And even women who want to be good mothers struggle against the tide of society, universities and the conditioning of what a mom should be. One girl traveling from Japan could not wait to come to America. She had seen an old fashioned American advertisement showing momma in the kitchen baking cookies with an apron on, children coming in from school with milk on the table. The girl could not wait to see the American Family she would be staying with. But, she didn’t find what she had been looking for when she arrived, nor with other families she met. She had thought all American homes everywhere were like what she had seen in the advertisement. Her dream of a cozy, peace-filled home, of the family gathered around mother, was nothing but disappointment. Why was this Japanese girl pining for the home and hearth of what she perceived to be found in American families? Because the beauty of this home life had disappeared from her own country, and now sadly disappearing from ours. The following describes a society that has lost “motherhood” in a tragic way, and is bringing about a death spiral in the nation of the Rising Sun, Japan, which is now fading into the sunset. But it illustrates for many nations of the earth, why this Japanese girl was hungrily looking for “motherhood” in America. The following by Dr. Brian Clowes, emphasizes this.

For years, Catholic pro-lifers have been warning that abortion, sterilization and contraception cause the collapse of an individual’s morality and the destruction of families.

Now, demographers are indirectly telling us that these evils are destroying entire nations and continents. Unfortunately, governments do not even acknowledge the root cause of the problem of the “demographic death spiral”.

An impending white paper by the Japanese government tells us that the “foundations of communities” – police, fire and other basic services – will be threatened by the country’s declining birthrate and aging population.

This paper correctly identifies the source of the problem – that Japanese are simply not having enough children. For a nation to replace its population, each woman must have an average of 2.1 children per family. Japanese women average a disastrously low one child.

Japan’s population peaked in 2005, and will plunge from its current 127 million to just 89 million in 2050 – a decline of thirty percent. Japan is currently the oldest nation on Earth (median age 43). Japan will continue to hold this dubious title through the year 2050, when the average Japanese will be 61 years old. Inevitably, more and more Japanese leaders are looking for the easy way out of the dilemma of “over-aging.” On October 18 of this year, the Japanese Association of Acute Medicine became the first organization to recommend euthanasia for the terminally ill.

Melancholy signs of a declining population are everywhere in Japan. During Japan’s 2007 Children’s Day, the government soberly noted that the number of children in Japan has declined for the 26th consecutive year. Over the past decade, more than 2,000 junior and senior high schools have closed due to lack of children, but many are enjoying new life as elderly care centers. More than 60,000 teachers have lost their jobs because they have no children to teach. Elders of villages who traditionally call out the names of newborns at autumn festivals often have no names to call. More than 90 Japanese theme parks catering to children have closed. More and more pediatricians are switching specialties and becoming geriatricians.

Saddest of all is the sight of elderly Japanese women cuddling Takara-Tomy’s talking Yumel robotic dolls. These women buy these expensive dolls because they have no children or grandchildren to lavish their attentions on. The dolls, which are selling very well, tell their owner how much they love her and welcome her when she walks back into the room. Yuko Hirakawa of Takara-Tomy says that “many elderly people think the dolls are actual grandsons and granddaughters.”

Some prefectures and cities have tried just about everything to entice young couples to have children. They have offered substantial cash bonuses to couples who have more than one child, and have even sponsored dances and “speed dating” parties to get young singles together. In 2006, the Year of the Dog, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi urged women to do as dogs do and have large litters!

Unfortunately – and predictably – none of this has worked.

After all, if a government and universities promote “family planning” for decades, if it drills into the people’s heads the idea that children are messy, noisy, expensive, and bad for the environment, once it has promoted and funded millions and millions of abortions, there is really no way back.

As proof, an amazing 70 percent of young Japanese single women say they have no intention of getting married.

Babies are just too much trouble. It stymies women’s desires.

Dr. Brian Clowes, PhD*

The above applies to all the nations. We are a crippled society not because fatherhood, but because we have become a female driven society. Who will change that? Women who become “mothers” will. It is Our Lady who is sent to the world to heal it as “the” Mother. It is “mothers” who need healing. It is “women” who will change society. Is it not said as a profound truth that “she who rocks the cradle rules the world?” Our Lady said,

December 19, 1985

“…I wish in a special way on Christmas Day to give mothers my own Special Motherly Blessing and Jesus will bless the rest with His own blessing…”

Why only mothers? Why didn’t Our Lady say women? Why did Our Lady segregate little boys, little girls, men, etc., as the rest? But, it is “She”, the “‘I’ am your Mother” who blesses mothers. What statement is being said by this? That motherhood is in crisis? It is Our Lady who said,

July 1, 1989

“…I would like to invite all the parents in the world to find time for their children and family. May the offer love to their children. May this love that they offer be parental and Motherly love…”

More discrimination of Our Lady? Does She not realize this is not politically correct? The above message blatantly says “Motherly love,” leaving out the words Fatherly love. Our Lady ignores mentioning the father and includes him only through the word “parental.” Do you suppose there may be something lacking in the world? Something to do with motherhood? Or is Our Lady showing a little favoritism toward motherhood? Of course not. Is it motherhood that will give birth to fatherhood? It is Our Lady who says,

August 29, 1982

“…I am the Mother…”

It is Our Lady who says,


March 25, 1989

“…listen to Me…”

Who is “Me?” It is the Woman, “the Mother,” who comes to rebirth motherhood through which will come the rebirth of fatherhood, and thereby, the rebirth of the world.

Is this too much blame being put on the woman? Look at Who God is sending to the earth. Look at Her words. “I desire to erase from your hearts what I see now.” Why? Because a good mother will fight to pull the weeds out of a heart to raise her little girls and her little boys. It is the gentle mother who will raise a “gentle”man. But what if the father is not a gentleman? The good wife can tame his roughness, his “uncultured-ness,” through her gentleness. While she may never perfect him, through her respect and serving him, she can mitigate what his mother may have been deficient in sowing in his heart and thereby witness to her kids how to act, through love and gentleness, even in the midst of adversity with her husband. This will make her little boys good fathers and they in turn will raise good boys who will become good dads themselves. Our Lady’s plans and solutions will not bring an immediate fix, but will change each generation step by step. The woman will break the cycle. As a good mother, one could be there in the home, giving security, softening the hurts, alleviating the torment, and being a consolation. If Our Lady can change society, this parallels Her desire to erase fear, pain, suffering and disappointment.

Is your heart objecting to these statements of failure of motherhood that is prevalent in today’s world? Do you think what is said is unbalanced? Do you think it equally responsible to place blame on both fatherhood and motherhood? If so, you have been conditioned by a female driven world. A world which distains motherhood, a world which has led to disrespect of women, a world which has led to the belittlement of fatherhood, of mundaning fatherhood, a world which now is in the throes of defining family as anything that consists of any kind of absurd structures. Yes, motherhood has failed and with it all of society. When Our Lady resurrects it, you will see fatherhood resurrected, chivalry return, respect and the flourishing of society made from the fabric of a properly ordered family. The book How to Change Your Husband, available through mej-mart, will give you answers to any other question about the collapse of motherhood and therefore, the collapse of the family and therefore, the collapse of society. Tens of thousands of women, through the grace attached to the book, have healed themselves, their husbands, their marriages, their families, and regained self worth through How to Change Your Husband. One thousand testimonies of our best testimonies of cancelled divorces, remarriages and healed families were turned over to the Vatican resulting from this book. Order it for your whole parish, your married children, or yourself. Countless testimonies have testified to the miracles that came from this book.

Friend of Medjugojre

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana

Mirjana, Medjugorje visionary, who was handed a parchment during one of the apparitions of Our Lady. The parchment contains secrets which are admonitions, warnings to correct the conscience of man. The secrets will be read, announced to the world before they occur. Our Lady is coming on the second of each month. The day is known as a day for nonbelievers. We are realizing as more second of the month’s occur, that they apply also for us who wear the title Christian, because the world has instilled too much non-belief in us.

Does this February 2, 2008 message speak of other things? Yes, as all Our Lady’s messages do. We recently read that 90% of all people on anti-depressant drugs should not be on them. We must realize that sin causes one not to be happy. Our Lady said,


February 25, 1987

“…I want each one of you to be happy, but in sin nobody can be happy…”


Fear, pain, suffering and disappointment can often be a result of sin. Letting one image in your heart, one infidelity, one sinful action without erasing it from the heart will lead to revisiting the same. These will fruit into devastation in your life. It is dangerous to let such a seed be sown in the heart, because it can be there for the rest of your life, fruiting into fear, pain, suffering and disappointment. To keep it from reoccurring, Our Lady wants to erase these things that cause mental anguish that can even result into mental illness in time. It is a time of healing. Go to confession and erase all rebellion, infidelities and sin to be healed, and receive peace and mental well-being.


Through the Exalted Love of the Mother,

Friend of Medjugojre


Also, order what has been termed the miracle book, How to Change Your Husband in volume, through mej-mart. Spread healing and give to everyone in your family, friends, parish, etc.

Click Here to Order How To Change Your Husband through mej-mart, or call Caritas at 205-672-2000 extension 315 24 hours USA.

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*Human Life International e-Newsletter, Volume 01, Number 93


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4 thoughts on “Our Lady Says What To Do With Your “Fear, Pain, Suffering and Disappointment””

  1. I couldn’t help but reminded of the vision of Pope Leo XIII after listening to this program. Mirjana reported a similar warning from the Blessed Mother in a conversation she had with Fr. Tomislav in 1983. Pope Leo wrote both the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel as well as the prayer of exorcism (titled ‘Prayer to Purify and protect your home’ on your site) after this vision. I think this prayer is necessary now more than ever. I can’t help but think how powerful a blow against the forces of evil it would be for those who follow the Mission of Caritas along with the Community to pray this daily along with the rosary in the form of a 54 day novena.

  2. I couldnt help but reminded of the vision of Pope Leo XIII after listening to this program. Mirjana reported a similar warning from the Blessed Mother in a conversation she had with Fr. Tomislav in 1983. Pope Leo wrote both the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel as well as the prayer of exorcism (titled Prayer to Purify and protect your home on your site) after this vision. I think this prayer is necessary now more than ever. I cant help but think how powerful a blow against the forces of evil it would be for those who follow the Mission of Caritas along with the Community to pray this daily along with the rosary in the form of a 54 day novena.

  3. Thank you for the information! I know y’all announce once a year when you do a 9 day fast, but considering the times we are currently in, would you please announce on mej.com each time you do a 9 day fast so we have the opportunity to join in those as well in union with the community? God bless you all and thank you. Looking forward to the December event!

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