Medjugorje Annual Apparitions: 1992 – Medjugorje Messages

March 18, 1992 – Mirjana’s Annual Apparition

Every year since 1983, Mirjana has had an apparition on her birthday.considerably large group gathered together in prayer. They began praying at 1:30 p.m. The apparition took place at 1:50 p.m. and lasted for eight minutes. Together with Our Lady she prayed for the sick, for those who do not know God’s love, i.e. for unbelievers, and for those present. This time also Mirjana wept, but from happiness. Our Lady gavemessage, which is:

“Dear children, I need your prayers now more than ever before. I beseech you to take the Rosary in your hands now more than ever before. Grasp it strongly and pray with all your heart in these difficult times. Thank you for having gathered in such a number and for having responded to my call.”



June 25, 1992 – Ivanka’s Annual Apparition

Our Lady held Ivanka’s hands during her annual apparition this year. Our Lady had a sad expression on Her face and said:

“I ask you to conquer satan. The arms to conquer him are fasting and prayers. Pray for peace, because satan wants to destroy the little peace you have.”




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