Little Things Make Us Able to Do Great Things

Our Lady is building an ark. It is Medjugorje. It is our protection.



St. Joan of Arc did great things, yet she came from a home where the greatest thing she had done was sewing. How did she become the youngest commander in history of all armed forces of a nation? France, reduced to a few square blocks, after fighting the one hundred year war, defeated the English in only six weeks by a young 16 year old girl? Many believers want to do great things. Just as a strong fortress is a grand, powerful site and holds off the enemy, offering protection, it is composed of many stones, built one stone at a time.

Joan of Arc achieved something more than greatness, and she did it by one small thing at a time, building up virtues that made her the fortress of France, an undefeatable spirit. Our Lady has a plan and a role for you to conquer the world, through the mastering of small things as this brief read will show you.

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