Your Voice

Your Voice

December 2, 2016 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s December 2, 2016 Message
Given through Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, my motherly heart is crying as I am looking at what my children are doing. Sins are multiplying, the purity of soul is all the less important; my Son is being forgotten – honored all the less; and my children are being persecuted. That is why, you my children, apostles of my love, with soul and heart invoke the name of my Son. He will have the words of light for you. He manifests Himself to you, He breaks the bread with you and gives you the words of love so that you may transform them into merciful acts and, thus, be witnesses of truth. That is why, my children, do not be afraid. Permit my Son to be in you. He will make use of you to care for the wounded and to convert lost souls. Therefore, my children, return to the prayer of the Rosary. Pray it with feelings of goodness, sacrifice and mercy. Pray, not only with words, but with merciful acts. Pray with love for all people. My Son, by His sacrifice, exalted love. Therefore, live with Him so that you may have strength and hope; that you may have the love which is life and which leads to eternal life. Through God’s love, I am also with you, and will lead you with motherly love. Thank you.”

Mirjana said that Our Lady was very sad.

Your Voice

by a Friend of Medjugorje

…My motherly heart is crying as I am looking at what my children are doing…” We would think with Medjugorje and Our Lady’s presence that sin would be decreasing, especially in the sector of the children who She, the Woman of Revelation, calls little children. Our Lady of Revelation asks us to be apostles of the revelation.

May 2, 2013

“…my children…to be apostles of the revelation…”

Therefore, in regards to Her heart crying, we all must accept a tear of Our Lady, which we are responsible for and belongs to us, the little children, as we, who are Her apostles of Revelation. We cannot stamp out others’ sins by witnessing, if we, ourselves, cannot fulfill the mission we have been commissioned and anointed for. Our mission, especially if it is to be a prophetic voice, should be motivated by what Mirjana stated:

“…if you were able to even once see the tears on Our Lady’s face because of unbelievers, I am so certain you would pray from the bottom of your heart…”

We all have aspects of unbelief in us, so we are part of the reason for Her tears. Our Lady said:

June 2, 2011

“…As I call you to prayer for those who have not come to know the love of God, if you were to look into your hearts you would comprehend that I am speaking about many of you…”

What Mirjana states of Our Lady’s tears on Her face because of unbelievers, how much more would seeing Our Lady’s tears that are there because of us make us not want to sin any more?

Our mission is to follow Our Lady’s way of life through Her teachings, found in Her messages. Our witness is the strength of our mission as apostles. To continue a mission, to keep a mission alive, one must live these three things:

1. Humility
2. Sincerity
3. Complete obedience

If these three virtues are lost, the mission and prophetic voice of your witness ends. Maria Valtorta’s work, the Poem of the Man-God, gives spiritual direction for our time, which the Church has ruled can* be read by the faithful. Valtorta also wrote what has been called, Notebooks. In the edition, 1945-1950, she describes Jesus telling her:

John (the apostle) remains a prophet because he sees and states future events. And the Truth, who sustains the prophets’ truth, would not have let erroneous words come out of their mouths, as they were filled to the brim with God…He [God] would not have…supported even the slightest trace of pride which would suggest untrue words so as to appear greater to the simple or the small [people they spoke, taught, and were prophetic to].

Jesus then asked a rhetorical question to Valtorta:

“[Do] You know the first condition to be and remain ‘voices’? Humility, sincerity, and complete obedience! If these three virtues fail, the gift ceases and the mission ends.”

Knowing the above, can we say Our Lady is not referring to us, who follow Her, and our sins rather than only the sins in the world of pagans, reprobates, and those who do not know the love of God? No! Our Lady is addressing us first.

“Looking at my children.”

Yes, all people are ‘Her children’! But we, who know Her, are first in the camp of ‘my children’ who follow Her. And as it is Our Lady’s children who have been taught purity we, therefore, are the first who must accept Her words when She says:

“…the purity of soul is all the less important…”

It is less important to those who have purity, Her little children. Our Lady also said:

“…My Son is being forgotten…”

Again, we cannot look at the pagans, reprobates, and those who have never known the love of God as the only ones Our Lady says, “…I am looking at what my children are doing…” because it is we who follow Our Lady who know Her Son, while the others (pagans, etc.) do not, and She said, “…My Son is being forgotten…” You cannot forget what you don’t have knowledge of. On the other hand, we, as Her children, can forget what we have knowledge of and Our Lady is warning us not to do so. It is only we who already know Her Son, who have the capability of forgetting Him, not the pagans and nonbelievers. This is the first view we should take on these words of Our Lady. Only then can we address “others,” as Our Lady goes on to express that “my children are being persecuted,” often by the pagans, reprobates, and those who have never known the love of God:

“…my children are being persecuted…”

Yet, even those who are causing the persecution are Our Lady’s children. When we first accept the messages for us, Her intimate children, ‘Her apostles,’ and apply them to us for correction (being persecuted), we then, with humility, sincerity, and complete obedience, can apply Her words to pagans, reprobates, and those who have never known the love of God. When this is understood – correction is first for us—our mission, our apostleship, our prophetic mission begins. But, it comes with the warning that it also can be lost, with the loss of the three virtues that gave birth to it:

1. Humility
2. Sincerity
3. Complete obedience

These virtues of humility, sincerity and complete obedience which were acquired through the four basic messages of Our Lady of prayer, peace, fasting and penance (June 6, 1988) will place on your tongues the words you are to say and witness.

“…He will have the words of light for you…”

Following Our Lady’s messages will make you fearless. You will not be scared of the future or evil. Our Lady said:

January 25, 2001

“…the one who prays is not afraid of the future and the one who fasts is not afraid of evil…”

This applies to all persecutions, even if your persecutors kill you, as today’s message refers to:

December 2, 2016

“…do not be afraid…”

Our Lady, today, gives a hint to us:

December 2, 2016

“…Pray with love for all people…”

This hints of the revelation of the Bible that these messages—private revelation—

are announcing public revelation coming into being in our midst! Almost no one understands this, and with those who do, they do not to the degree of its reality – that Our Lady is coming and giving us the means to reach every soul for the moment when Her Son comes back in His Glory, as stated in Revelation:

Destruction of Pagan Nations

“The heavens were opened, and as I looked on, a white horse appeared; its rider was called ‘The Faithful and True.’ …His eyes blazed like fire…He wore a cloak that had been dipped in the blood, and his name was the Word of God. The armies of heaven were behind him riding white horse and dressed in fine linen, pure and white…A name was written on the part of the cloak that covered his thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords.” Revelation 19:11-16

Medjugorje and Our Lady are here in this Biblical happening. Her plans are big because God’s plans are big, as well as your participation, as Our Lady shows:

June 25, 2007

“…you are all important in this great plan, which God leads through Medjugorje. God desires to ‘convert the entire world’ and to call it to salvation…”

Medjugorje is preparing for Christ’s Second Coming. Our Lady “is” here to break the back of the present growing antichrist system as God broke the back of the system of the advancement of man by destroying the Tower of Babel and through the confusion of language. Our Lady will triumph and we will see the crushing of the antichrist system’s head. The magnitude of Medjugorje is understood when one realizes that Medjugorje is a critically important practice play of giving witness to those of the future who will experience the fullness of the rule of the antichrist. They will look back on the witness of our time, of the many who were led by Our Lady, those She called Her apostles, who helped crush the serpent’s head, killing it. And though the serpent was mortally wounded, he will come back to life for the final battle before Christ’s return. The people of that time will look back at our time, of how we won in the time of Mary, so that they may survive under the antichrist time brought to fullness. Just as we look back to the time of the early Christians for their witness, those in the future will look back at this time of modernism when the antichrist reign was interrupted and, therefore, they will know how to withstand satan’s incarnate reign upon the earth. After the great triumph of Our Lady in this moment, mortally wounding the antichrist system, later, when the antichrist system comes back in the future, your life, your witness, your apostleship will serve as testimony to countless souls who will be saved through the tribulation. They are people you know not, but they will know you because you will live in the hearts you leave behind, from generation to generation, until the antichrist period resurrects and reigns upon the earth.

Matthew 24:21-22

“For at that time there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will be. And if those days had not been shortened, no one would be saved; but for the sake of the elect they will be shortened.”

God, for the sake of the elect today, and at His Son’s Final Coming, wants:

January 25, 1987 – Read carefully these following words:

“… I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design. Therefore, dear children, pray so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God’s plan is in your regard…”

You will not, will not be able to comprehend how great your role will be until you go to Heaven. You can only pray to find what your role is. Reread the above message. You are living the moment “Of Bible and Revelation,” the second greatest period in the history of the world! All the tools and the guide playbook are being given in this “Time of Mary” for the preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. Do not honor “less” the greatness of this call. We cannot say when Christ’s Second Coming will be – 5 years, 50 years, 500 years from now— but what this voice announces to you today is: the Woman of Revelation is here in this your time, in your hearing. Do not neglect your participation in this great moment.

August 25, 1997

“…now you do not comprehend this grace, but soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”

Honor everything that Our Lady wants for your own happiness and Hers.

December 2, 2016

“…my motherly heart is crying as I am looking at what my children are doing. Sins are multiplying, the purity of soul is all the less important; my Son is being forgotten – honored all the less…”

With Love,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

Our Lady’s message today is filled with very deep meaning. Be sure to listen to Radio WAVE as a Friend of Medjugorje opens up new meaning to this message, giving a big dose of truth along the way. To listen to the Dec. 2, 2016 broadcast titled, Are You Gonna Break Down?, visit here.

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4 thoughts on “Your Voice”

  1. Monica and I are grateful for your great work shared with us. May we wish you all God’s Peace Love and Joy today and always. Paddy

  2. This was my random message after reading Dec 2, 2016 message…it was very similar March 2, 2011 “Dear children! My Motherly Heart suffers tremendously as I look at my children who persistently put what is human before what is of God, at my children who, despite everything that surrounds them and despite all the signs that are sent to them, think that they can walk without my Son. They cannot! They are walking to eternal perdition. That is why I am gathering you, who are ready to open your heart to me, you who are ready to be apostles of my love, to help me; so that by living God’s love you may be an example to those who do not know it. May fasting and prayer give you strength in that, and I bless you with the Motherly blessing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.”

  3. I see the darkness surrounding us and I get on my knees everyday to heal not only our nation, but the world in expectation of Christ’s coming. I get upset when I see all the evil that is prevalent knowing that most people don’t see it as such. Advent is a time of hope to remind us that we are in the “advent,” the time of preparation of His glorious coming. It’s not about buying and baking and stressing out about getting things done, it’s about stepping back and focusing on Jesus coming not as a baby being born again (although He should be reborn in our hearts every year at this time), but to be ready for Him as He promised in these final days.

  4. Amen! Mother! Thank you for your Motherly love! Yes Mother your children were persecuted. Whenever we proclaim God’s word or Christian belief they were trying to kick away us. Even our own people. Husband children may be. But we can’t shut our mouths when it’s essential. Please be with us, always feel your presence Mother thank you. What ever happens we your children know that your Immaculate Heart will win and Our God’s will be done and His kingdom come. Thank you for the lovely Rosary gave to our sister Luwina to be given to a faithful suffering Mother! As Jesus is alive Mother you are alive! Praise the Lord!

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