Your Conversion Will Be Tested

Your Conversion Will Be Tested


(Medjugorje) September 16, 2010 Father Leo Ortez from New Mexico


“When we talk about repentance and conversion, it has to be deep within oneself because; you will be tested, won’t you? The devil will tempt you with, ‘Forget that bothersome thing, who cares! Do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.’ All of you have heard that. All of you will be tested in perseverance.

Father Leo Ortex from New Mexico

Father Leo Ortez from New Mexico, USA, tells us that we will be tested in our conversion. Our Lady has often warned us about this in Her messages, so we must be on our guard.

“All who come to Medjugorje are looking for some answer. The real answer is here in today’s Gospel Reading. (The reading was the woman washing the feet of Jesus.)The answer is one of true conversion and sincerity. The woman goes to Jesus for healing, in faith, even when she is tested. (By the Pharisees.)

“When you are tested by your spouse next to you, your neighbor next to you, or the Italian outside here that might rub against you, this may be minor, but, the devil wants to irritate us in many different ways. And, he will find a way. It is up to us to decide to offer the irritation as a sacrifice.

“The Lord humiliated Himself and was not afraid to do so. If we live humility, no matter who is against us, and does whatever against us, we will remain strong. The Blessed Mother is always beside us, especially when we ask for Her intercession.

“I encourage you during your pilgrimage here in Medjugorje to learn and live perseverance, patience, charity, and let love bind it all together.” – Fr. Leo Ortez


It has been our experience that all those who go through conversion will be tested, though at first one may experience the sweetness of Our Lady. Oftentimes these tests come from those closest to you, who are convicted by your new way of living. We are hearing from people from all over the world who are experiencing this tribulation. We say to you, ‘Persevere in your suffering.’

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In The Love of Our Lady,


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4 thoughts on “Your Conversion Will Be Tested”

  1. Wonderful show… we in Ireland are heart broken after referendum result… please pray for our country…

  2. Yes, I agree the soft Christians are hurting The Church; It saddens me so much when a Christian wants to choose love but satan has used verbiage to confuse us and they think calling out a sin is not love. We continue to strive to grow in holiness in prayer and fasting.

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