Yesterday, Tuesday…

Yesterday, Tuesday…

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When you commit to Our Lady’s messages, you never know where Our Lady will put you from one moment to the next. Two weeks ago, I was going out the door for 5:00 a.m. prayer. I could not find my wooden string Rosary anywhere, so I went to our Rosary box, filled with Rosaries, to grab one. Looking inside, only one was there. To my disappointment, it was a beautiful gold-plated type Rosary with pearl white beads and a faint swirl of brown in them. The medal, which usually connects the Rosary, had more like an oval cameo type look with a beautiful blue image of Our Lady set underneath a little clear glass. I wondered, “Why is this the only Rosary in here? How did this sole Rosary come to be here?” I vaguely remembered seeing it before. All the Rosaries in our home have been blessed many times by Our Lady so why was I disappointed? Because it was a nice Rosary and I didn’t want to be carrying it around, break it or lose it. I prefer a rugged string or wooden Rosary. Annoyed, I took it. Every day for the next two weeks, I wanted to exchange it, but found myself with it.


I was invited to a conference Monday and Tuesday of this week. Well-known speakers were there, such as Dr. James Dobson and other Christian leaders. When there, you could choose among several speeches you wanted to attend, several of which we heard. Unaware of who would be speaking before we arrived, we found out Monday evening, the best speech would be Tuesday morning, March 11, in a room that could hold only a few hundred people. Among the speaker’s thoughts that he shared, he spoke very strongly about God, the evil in our culture and the wickedness of some people’s actions, of which he relayed, “we must depend upon ‘Our Lord’ and pray to Him to help us stop the terrible things they are doing.” He received five standing ovations. Everyone was so moved, and at the end of his speech wished to shake his hand and thank him for his stirring words as he moved across the front of the audience.

We were six rows back, so I stepped forward to thank him, but was blocked by others who pressed in tight to speak to him. I was not able to get close to him as he continued toward the exit, while he talked to some of the people in the crowd. As he walked and was twenty-five feet away from me, heading to the exit, I realized I would not be able to greet him. I felt disappointed, when suddenly a thought came to me out of nowhere about the Rosary in my pocket that I had been carrying around for the past two weeks. I had just ended the Rosary preceding the speech, because we knew that during the speech it would be the time for Our Lady of Medjugorje’s daily apparition.

With this sudden thought, I realized, looking at my watch, that at that moment Our Lady was appearing upon the earth. It was apparition time. I prayed, “Please Mary, put this Rosary into his hands,” although circumstances clearly made this an impossibility. Immediately after I finished my short ardent prayer, a man in the compressed wall of people in front of me, turned around to a woman and said for her to change places with him. When he opened up, I whooshed through the opening and people in front of me just opened like a little parting of the Red Sea. As the speaker was about to exit, I called his name. He looked. There was so much talking that he couldn’t tell where the call came from. Again, I called and he looked in another area. A third time I called and he looked directly at me and then backtracked the twenty or so feet to where I was. I held out my hand with the Rosary in my palm. He grasped my hand, held on for a moment, without any words, feeling the Rosary also in his palm. I then said, “This is a Rosary for you from Our Lady.” Surprised, he looked thoughtfully at me, still grasping my hand. After a moment, with a look of sincerity, he said thank you and continued to hold my hand. Then he took the Rosary and put it in his pocket, still staring at me as he turned and walked away. I watched the Protestant man who had just given such a stirring speech, unashamed about speaking of God, go through the exit.

That night, laying in bed, I thought of the goodness of God that had come through Our Lady. How two weeks before, I opened the Rosary box to a beautiful Rosary blessed by Our Lady. I realize now that She had orchestrated for me to carry this Rosary, knowing, with its beauty, She planned to give it as a worthy gift, so that the one who would receive it, even from another faith, would not likely toss it aside, but hold onto it. What a sweet consolation I fell asleep with, knowing that a few moments after giving the gift, the blessed Rosary would be on Air Force One, and very likely, as the President of the United States of America emptied his pocket at the end of the day, perhaps the beautiful Rosary lay on the nightstand near the President’s bed that night.

In the Name of the Woman
Who Opens all Doors,

Friend of Medjugojre

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4 thoughts on “Yesterday, Tuesday…”

  1. Michael NEWMAN

    We trust in the word of the Lord.Thank you for the reassurances and reminder of Gods word.Praise the Lord forever and every day of our lives.Michael

  2. We trust in the word of the Lord. Thank you for the reassurances and reminder of Gods word. Praise the Lord forever and every day of our lives. Michael

  3. I just finished listening to the April 6 Mejanomics show and want to thank A Friend of Medjugorje — and praise the Holy Spirit. AFOM spoke words that were just for me. Recently, I have become so very tired, broken down physically, and discouraged at times with the extremely hard work of homesteading our rural land as my family strives toward an agrarian life. I’ve listened to the Mejanomics show “Rural Revolution” (June 11, 2015) many, many times, and try to remember to “pace myself” especially when I can hardly move the morning after yet another hard day’s work. But when I heard AFOM talking about being free of debt, the peace it brings, and working hard and sacrificing for what’s most important instead of giving in to the “easy way,” I was able to look out on our land from our mobile home, and breathe deeply at the freedom that has come from being debt free and learning lessons from working in God’s Creation that no man can teach. Thanks to this show, I feel a renewed strength.

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