Witness the Love of God

Witness the Love of God

Our Lady teaches us about God’s love, what it means, and how we live that in our daily walk.

January 28, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady teaches us about God’s love, what it means, and how we live that in our daily walk. Each of us is called by Our Lady to be a witness of that love to our family and the world around us.

Ivanka, June 25, 1988 annual apparition

Medjugorje visionary Ivanka, during her annual apparition on June 25, 1988. The founder of Caritas and his wife were in Medjugorje in June of 1988 and were present at Ivanka’s annual apparition on June 25. They were kneeling close to Ivanka, while everyone else was standing around her. During the apparition, Ivanka, still in ecstasy, turns her head and says out loud, that Our Lady wished for all present to kneel down. The founder of Caritas said that is was an amazing sight, in that when Ivanka turned her head, her eyes were still on Our Lady. After the apparition, Ivanka stated that it was only after people were kneeling, that Our Lady imparted Her Special Blessing. Our Lady then gave a message:

“The people here will be witnesses of the love of God.”


This above June 25, 1988 message has special meaning for our founder and wife. First, in that they were present when this message was given, and secondly that Our Lady appearing in their home later in the year, in December 1988 said:

“Dear children, I give you my love, so you give it to others.”

Our Lady deposited love here at Caritas in their home. Our Lady of Medjugorje said in another message on March 27, 1986 said:

“…I invite you to the greatest sacrifice, the sacrifice of love…”

‘Caritas’ means love. This is a special charism that Our Lady deposited here in Her apparitions in the Bedroom, and has been the constant path for over 27 years. Our founder, A Friend of Medjugorje, wrote the following many years ago, and though you may have read it, we share it with you again that you may be helped in your daily walk to witness this love of God and Our Lady. It will speak to you wherever you are in your life:


To Love

To love and be rejected;
To spend every effort to help and be turned down;

To be in a situation of having to compete to be heard and be silent;
To have the answers and not be able to convey them;

To lose, knowing you can win, rather than being political;
To go to the end of the line when you were there first;

To tell the truth and it be made a lie;
To try to be saintly and be made out to be a devil;

To be on the inside and to be cast outside;
To be with many and to know you are really alone;

To give yourself unreservedly to others and be a victim of their envy;
To dedicate your life to a purpose and that purpose turn against you;

To be innocent and be accused;
To be stripped of all authority, earthly power, and position and be nothing;

…is to have one’s heart lacerated with humility to the greatest depth
and receive at the greatest heights God’s blessing of…walking Jesus’ path;

…To Love

By A Friend of Medjugorje


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7 thoughts on “Witness the Love of God”

  1. Cecile Courville

    No truer words were ever spoken! It is indeed a great reminder to send this writing as an encouraging word to continue to stay strong in endeavors to live the life God intended us to live! Thank you for all you guys do to SHOW the WAY !!

  2. I am inspired every time I read this!! I need to remember to read this more often. It fills me with courage and hope and makes me want to try harder to be more loving.

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