“Without Holy Mass it is impossible to live”

Marija, Visionary of Medjugorje
“There are many people who think that instead of attending Holy Mass they can instead visit somebody who is lonely or sick, or maybe do good deeds, but Our Lady says…”


medjugorje visionary marija

Medjugorje Visionary Marija (center) is before a crowd of several thousand people crammed inside and outside the building to listen to her testimony, today, June 23, 2009. Here she is speaking to five different language groups including Croatian, English, German, and Italian. Following this talk she will speak to another large crowd of French and Spanish.

Excerpt from Marija Lunetti’s Talk in Medjugorje June 23, 2009

All you who have been invited to come here to Medjugorje are invited to go to Confession. Through Holy Confession Our Lady invited us to attend Holy Mass. And without Confession, we are not ready to attend Holy Mass. There are many people who think that instead of attending Holy Mass they can instead visit somebody who is lonely or sick, or maybe do good deeds, but Our Lady says you cannot exchange with anything the Holy Mass. Holy Mass must be in the first place in your lives and, if it is possible, Our Lady wants us to attend Holy Mass everyday. I recall what the first Christians said: “Without Holy Mass it is impossible to live.” So Our Lady wants us to attend Holy Mass and to let the Holy Spirit guide us so that afterwards we are able to do good deeds.


crowd of pilgrims listen to medjugorje visionary marija testimony

A large crowd with pilgrims from all over the world gathers two days before Our Lady’s 28th anniversary in Medjugorje to listen to Marija Lunetti, one of the six visionaries. Marija shared Our Lady’s messages, encouraging everyone to put them into practice in their everyday life.


The weather these days in Medjugorje as the Anniversary of the Apparitions approaches has been unusually rainy and cold. Even Marija commented that she doesn’t remember ever having such weather for the anniversary before. People are walking around in wet shoes and clothing as there is not opportunity to have them dry. Even during the day it has been cool. Yet, this evening, June 23, 2009, even though the weather forecast called for more rain, the clouds dispersed and the sun shone brightly again.

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate the 28th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions, we repeat a beautiful message Our Lady gave in June of 1989, just before the anniversary, knowing that Our Lady shares the same sentiments now with us as She did then. May it be an impulse for you to give more of yourselves in prayer and sacrifice in these special days of grace.


June 6, 1989

“Dear children, the Mother is happy to be with all of you. Dear children, you have helped me to realize the plans of God. I want to speak to you about love and give you love. In these days, prepare yourselves for the anniversary of the apparitions with love, with my messages, and with joy and the Mother will help you, dear children, and the Mother will stay with you. There is nothing more important for you but to put what I have said in first place.”

A Friend of Medjugorje
from Medjugorje

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  1. Because of His Love, I believe Christ is extremely concerned for all of us on earth.  Even more so now with all that has transpired in a year and more.  An example, is that today people don’t recognize their sin and the depth of pain that it causes for us.  Jesus gives Himself through confession and the Eucharist to cleanse us and to feed us His love.  He demonstrates the depth of His Love through the Eucharist.  You are right that He seeks unity between Heaven and Earth.  He is trying desperately to bring this unity between Himself and man.  Unfortunately, man is very slow to respond and may even reject Him by their behavior and their lack of Love for Him.  As you have said, Mary is the answer to this situation to bring unity between Heaven(Jesus) and Earth (us). I believe Mary will takes us to Jesus immediately if we fall on our knees and humble are selves and pray. Christmas is the time of the year to reunite us with Him as a little child. This was a very good clip with much to ponder.

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