With Our Feelings

With Our Feelings

November 18, 2016 A.D.

“…The closer you get to truth, the more you will be hated…”

A Friend of Medjugorje
November 17, 2016 Mejanomics
Trump is an Exorcist

Our Lady said on November 2, 2016:

“…Pray with the heart and with your feelings…”



Mirjana, November 2, 2016 at the Blue Cross, in Medjugorje


Our Lady’s message of November 2, 2016, through Mirjana, was given just six days before the U.S. election on November 8. In those six days, we witnessed an outpouring of prayer that was the result of many years of prayer. How many people throughout the world, were truly praying “with their feelings” knowing that the future of the whole world was at stake with this election? Our Lady’s words were a prophecy, but they were also preceded by over 30 years of prayers for our nation by a Friend of Medjugorje. Through his love for our nation, many writings and events have been inspired, and have led up to this recent election. To name a few:


24 years of Seven Novenas, praying for the reconciling of ourselves, our families and nation back to God, begun in 1993

24 years of the December 8-12 prayer event at Caritas, also beginning in 1993

People beginning to be enlightened to Our Lady’s hand in the founding of the United States, through American History You Never Learned, written 23 years ago

21 Years of the Patriotic Rosary being prayed, written by a Friend of Medjugorje in 1995

19 Years of the Patriotic Rosary being prayed during BVM Caritas Pilgrimage groups in Medjugorje

Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping
, the first understandable and comprehensive book, bridging God, Our Lady, and Medjugorje to current world political events and issues, written by a Friend of Medjugorje in 2007. It was the first book that took issues previously considered “fringe” topics like Sustainable Development and Global Warming, and made them so understandable that major networks, authors, and radio hosts began to openly speak of them. Uncovered the deceptions of Catholic News Service

A public consecration of the United States, taking place in the presence of Our Lady at Caritas on July 4, 2008

A second public consecration of the United States, taking place in the presence of Our Lady at Caritas on July 4, 2009

2010, It Ain’t Gonna Happen, was written, and began waking people up to the fallacies of the world economic markets, was the first infant steps towards leading people to finding a more stable way of life, based in the messages. It was at this point that the thoughts of many were being opened to “thinking differently” about everyday life.

A third public consecration of the United States, taking place in the presence of Our Lady at Caritas on July 3, 2012, during which Our Lady gives a message directly telling of the path to heal our nation

2012, previous to and during the time of Our Lady’s apparitions at Caritas July 1-5, 2012, They Fired the First Shot 2012, was being written “in real-time.” It is the key book, in which a Friend of Medjugorje showed how Our Lady was literally speaking to us in Her Medjugorje messages about current events that we did not necessarily know the background details about – we only had Her words to guide us. Considered one of the greatest patriotic treatises of the new century, people began to openly voice their opposition to the “opposition to God” in the political spheres, workplace, schools, etc. They Fired the First Shot 2012 was a power book. People repeatedly wrote to us, called us, told us that they felt empowered by They Fired the First Shot 2012. Without the mentality changes that They Fired the First Shot 2012 enkindled, we most likely may not have arrived at this point in history. A national bestseller, over 120,000 copies distributed.

Sprinkled within the midst of all of these previous events were writings like, Something in the Air, which told of how even the best leaders cannot effect change if the “system” is bad. Added to that is the book, Two Americas, which this year became a physical manifestation. There were countless other writings and productions like Sacred Bond, which a Friend of Medjugorje wrote for the Community of Caritas school, and which is considered a favorite of many.

2016, prayer groups sprang up across the world praying the Patriotic Rosary, 9 weeks leading up to the Nov. 8, 2016 election. A person from Canada told us that they loved the prayers leading up to the election so much, that they felt inspired to do another 9 week novena before Donald Trump’s inauguration. How much power of God would that bring?

October 15, 2016, the historic prayer group with a Friend of Medjugorje and the Caritas Community at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, praying the first public Patriotic Rosary at the place where the United States was birthed. Added to that, the miracle that Donald Trump won the state of Pennsylvania, a state in which everyone said he should not have won. Coincidence?

Many other prayer events throughout the years have been inspired as a direct and indirect result of many of these things we have listed.


Why is all of the above being stated? It can be difficult when listening to the voices of the media, or even people within the church to understand a situation clearly. Consider this:

Was Donald Trump elected because he was a good politician? He is anything but that.

Was Donald Trump a “smooth-talker” for those who want everything free? He expects people to work for their food.

Was Donald Trump a Sunday school teacher? He has a past, like many do.

So why are pundits, politicians, pollsters, the media and the establishment scratching their heads?

Because they do not know that before this election, there was over 30 years of behind-the-scenes prayer, public prayer, mentality-changing writings, that affected the “feelings” of how many people prayed. People were thinking differently, because they now understood. And, on top of it all, we have the blessings of Our Lady’s apparitions here at Caritas.

Whether one agrees with the results of this election, one cannot argue that there was not enough prayer, or prayer towards the right intentions. Look at why Donald Trump is so hated. If one is in doubt, clear the mind, pray, and be sure to listen to a Friend of Medjugorje’s latest Mejanomics broadcast, Trump is an Exorcist, to understand:


“…how God loves His people…”

Our Lady of Medjugorje, January 25, 1999


Our Lady said:

January 25, 1999

“…Put Holy Scripture in a visible place in your families, read it, reflect on it, and learn how God loves His people. His love shows itself also in present times because He sends me to call you upon the path of salvation…”


God is speaking to us in “real-time”* through Our Lady of Medjugorje. Are we too closed by our personal religion, devotions or preconceptions to listen?

Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

Trump is an Exorcist, by a Friend of Medjugorje

* In “real-time,” is a phrase that a Friend of Medjugorje has used often to speak of Our Lady’s messages.

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8 thoughts on “With Our Feelings”

  1. Thank you Blessed Mother for hearing our prayers for America and for the world. Please help us to find more and more time to pray and never to give up. Please Bless and protect all prayer groups throughout the world and the community of Caritas and their work.We love you dear Mother. Help us to love Jesus more and more.

  2. Thank you again for ALL of the community of Caritas’ prayers, especially during this very difficult time in our country. The people in the country don’t realise that the puppet master is satan. God holds the only truth and true freedom is with His Son, and Our Mother. The truth is we follow the Truth. May the Lord bring Our Nation back to him through Our Lady and Our prayers. It won’t be easy, because many are deceiving themselves.

  3. I have followed the apparitions for 35 years, have made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje and Caritas, and have spent well over half my life spreading the messages. We have undoubtedly witnessed the fruits of this calling… The BVM leads the world to a point of renewal. Let us faithfully pray for this administration’s success and for the conversion of the world. Thank you BVM. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  4. Your message is so true and inspiring. I have been praying the Mercy Chaplet every day for a year and saying one or two or more Rosaries for the election for a year and will continue for President Elect Trump. A group of us at a parish in Metairie, LA had a prayer rally on the 8th and a Rosary was said every hour on the hour from 6AM until 8AM – the power of prayer. Thank you, Jesus and your Blessed Mother!!

  5. Thank you for always speaking the truth. It is healing to see and hear and understand the truth. All those who recognize the truth with clarity have 3 things in common: 1) they offer everything that they do to Jesus, 2) they strive to pray from the heart, and 3) they know that this life is but a blink. My sincere thanks and admiration for everything that you do.

  6. Dear apostles of Our Blessed Lady thanks be to God for all of your love and self sacrifice is and will be greatly be rewarded by Our Father GOD BLESS AMERICA


    We in the outside world yet in the same global village await the fruits of the thirty years of these prayers. One of them being the surprise victory of Donald Trump and what unfolds as he takes on the hardest task of being the president of a world super power state and the commander-in-chief thereof. Let us continue praying for him. Pray without ceasing.

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