When is the Best Time to Go to Medjugorje?

When is the Best Time to Go to Medjugorje?


Marija listening to the words of the Virgin Mary during one of her daily apparitions.  

To experience the beauty of Our Lady’s love, and to know that it is that love which gives itself to you, is the most beautiful thing in life.”

The 25th and the 2nd of the Month


It is always a grace to go to Medjugorje any time of the year, but it is a very particular grace to be in Medjugorje when Our Lady gives a message.


Since January 25, 1987, Our Lady has been giving a monthly message to the world on each 25th, through visionary Marija Lunetti, to help lead the world to conversion. This has continued to our present time. For that reason, our anniversary pilgrimage has always included the 25th of June so that pilgrims will have the experience of receiving and meditating on Our Lady’s words while on their pilgrimage. Also on the 2nd of every month, visionary, Mirjana Soldo, since August 2, 1987, has an apparition of Our Lady in which she prays with Our Lady for non-believers.  Our Lady also gives a message on this day. Mirjana has invited pilgrims to be present for these apparitions each month, and over these past several years great multitudes of people come to be in the presence of Our Lady on this day.


Because of the importance of these apparitions, BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages offers pilgrimages around the 2nd of the month apparitions.


The messages of Our Lady, when they are received by pilgrims who are in Medjugorje, are powerfully impacting because rarely, in our busy lives back home, are we in a state of reflection and prayer as when we are pilgrims in Medjugorje. Having prepared your heart to receive Our Lady’s words through climbing the mountains, attending the Evening Services each night, going to Confession, etc., the soil of your heart is ready to receive the words of Our Lady to grow its fruit.  It is a great joy to experience the love of Our Lady through the words She gives to us each month.



Mirjana in ecstacy, receiving the Second of the Month Message on the Day Designated for Non-believers on May 2, 2016.

An added joy for many of the pilgrims who travel with BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages is helping to distribute Our Lady’s words to pilgrims within the village through the Caritas Mission House.  As soon as the message is available, the Community of Caritas is busy printing them out in the Mission House on beautiful keepsake cards that are given away free, in seven different languages, to everyone we can reach. We are often up till 12 or 1:00 in the morning (or later) handing out the message cards and often pilgrims on our group like to join us. There is a joy that always overtakes you when you can give Our Lady’s words to unsuspecting pilgrims on the streets, in the restaurants, or lined up in the Mission House.



Mirjana Soldo’s Annual March 18 Apparition – the date Our Lady chose to appear to Mirjana once a year for the rest of her life.



Springtime is a beautiful time to be in Medjugorje, a time when the flowers are in bloom and it is easy to be in communion with God in nature.



Celebrate the anniversary of the Medjugorje apparitions. Also be in the village for Ivanka’s annual apparition of Our Lady on June 25, the day Our Lady chose to appear to Ivanka for the rest of her life.



Celebrate Our Lady’s birthday on August 5, the day Our Lady told the visionaries was Her real birthday.



Be in the village during the harvest time of the grapes. It is a beautiful time to be in the village and experience a part of the life of the villagers that you wouldn’t be able to any other time. Also Fall in Medjugorje is beautiful, a time when it is easy to go out into nature and find God.



If you are looking for a quieter time to be in Medjugorje when there are fewer pilgrims and life seems to slow down a little bit, this would be the time.

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