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What Will Your Future Look Like

What Will Your Future Look Like

by a Friend of Medjugorje

Originally Published on November 11, 2010 A.D.


The event spoken of below, happened 11 years to the day. What follows was originally written by a Friend of Medjugorje in 2010. It came through deep prayer and from the messages. It is the perspective of a world event, seen in the context of Our Lady’s messages. As one person commented below, “No one could have written it any better…”


It is recommended that you enter into prayer before reading. It is important to pause, close your eyes and enter into a deep ardent prayer to the Holy Spirit that He will show and help you to understand all that is written, and not written, that Our Lady wants you to understand about your direction, your walk in life, and the future of the world.


What Will Your Future Look Like?

By a Friend of Medjugorje


It was the desert. Cold at night. Burning in the day. Desolate, arid as the condition of the world is in today. Man’s heart is cold, in disarray, divided, rebellious, without hope for a path to peace. Who could have known the world was on the brink of being given the path to peace the morning of June 24, 1981? Who could have known that by evening that same day, the Virgin Mary would visit the desert of the arid world to bring unity between God and man and turn man’s cold heart toward the love of God and neighbor, towards the path of peace?


This plan for the world is filled with signs, warnings, examples and voices coming to us through men, nature and so many other things where God is trying to get our attention to save us. Our Lady said:


March 25, 1990

“…God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many things which can only help you to understand that you must change the direction of your life…”


Why? Because something big is about to happen, something so huge, something so radical, that life will change from one moment to the next, even in several stages, with radical change in each stage. It does not matter whether you believe these words or not. The events coming are not respecters of opinions. Simply believing we are not on the verge of a radically different life does not change the calendar to what is scheduled and coming our way. How can we know that life is going to change from one moment to the next? You just read above that God wants to speak to you. Is it therefore possible for God to correct the world, hitting us broadside, without Him alerting us first? God does not intervene in man’s history without impending warnings and signs. In the Bible, in the book of Amos 3:7, Sacred Scripture reveals:


“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants the prophets.”


God is giving us “great signs.” Our Lady was the first, for this particular time we’ve entered. Revelation 12 says:


“A ‘Great Sign’ appeared in the heavens, a woman clothed with the sun…”


Our Lady is the first sign given this wayward age. Our Lady Herself gives us understanding through Her messages of why She has come.


In August, 2010, miners went to work in a copper and gold mine in Chile. Suddenly, a cave-in trapped the miners Ω a mile below the surface. The world watched, waited, as every human effort was put forth to find the men and rescue them. After 69 days, the ordeal ended amidst great joy and jubilation, with the President of Chile saying, “We are capable of big things.” This is the world’s version. The world obscures God, by explaining as myth what is mystical. The world is incapable of seeing the mystical when the world is confronted with it. The world does not necessarily reject it, but explains it away, obscures it as superstitious and mythical, with a little religion thrown in.


Something very extraordinary happened in August 2010. An event, a happening, a sign that was sent by God in His effort to communicate to us prophetically His desire to save and convert the entire world, as Our Lady said:


January 25, 1987

“…God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind…”


June 25, 2007

“…you are all important in this great plan, which God leads through Medjugorje. God desires to convert the entire world and to call it to salvation…”


It is an event which began in August 2010 that spoke to the world prophetically, as Amos states:


“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets.”


To “read” God’s plan, to understand God’s plan, to comprehend God’s plan takes a prayerful investigation. You will, as to what is about to be revealed, find many finger prints, even a palm print, left at a scene that is strewn with evidence. It is literally amazing what is directly in front of man, yet he does not see. But whose finger and palm prints are they?


It was the desert. Cold at night. Burning in the day. Desolate, arid as the condition of the world is in today. Man’s heart is cold, in disarray, divided, rebellious, without hope for a path to peace. Who could have known the world was on the brink of being given one more sign, a forerunner for the path to peace and unity with God for the entire world, in the desolate desert, in Chile, August 2010? In but a moment, in an unknown place in the Atacama Desert of Chile, a singular event changed lives from one moment to the next and became the focus of the whole world. It all began with a shift of miners working in the San Jose, translated as St. Joseph, copper and gold mine. A collapse of nearly 1.5 billion pounds of rock traps the miners.


Within hours, the arid, lifeless desert comes to life. Wives, children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and friends pour into the night around the mine. The only light available came from headlights of cars. Family and friends figure they will be there only 48 hours, as there is an airshaft that could be used for rescuing loved ones or…what no one wanted to think about…retrieving the dead. Many pray with hope. They hope to see their loved ones within 48 hours.


The second day after the cave-in, rescue workers begin descending toward the shelter through the ventilator shaft where they hope to find the miners. But suddenly, by a terrible fate, a fresh cave-in fills and blocks the shaft causing the rescue team to abandon the rescue. With so many prayers and this one hope for rescue, why would God not have prevented this cruel moment, another cave-in, that dashed the hope of the families’ prayers? Why would God not at least give this protection with such a fervent cry to Him? Was He listening? God was, but in a bigger way, a much bigger way than they could have ever imagined. The day of the cave-in was August 5, 2010. On this special date, August 5th, in the year 1984, Our Lady, the Queen of Peace revealed in Medjugorje that it was Her 2000th birthday. Here, in a desolate place, 26 years later, a cave-in on August 5, 2010 takes place. A whole village springs up overnight in a desert, and loved ones of the miners put together makeshift altars with statues and images of the Virgin Mary upon them, crying out for Her intercession for deliverance. Was Our Lady doing something unforeseen? What? Why? August 5, 2010, in the desert, overnight, a wellspring of prayer rises to Heaven from the fateful tragedy. The first fingerprint: August 5th. It is a date which is stated prophetically in that, in the future, all cultures of the world will celebrate August 4th as we do Christmas Eve and August 5th as we do Christmas Day. That the cave-in took place on this date is very significant and important to know in order to read properly the events and how they unfolded.


The camp grew day by day, and after the airshaft collapse, despair also grew in the camp, while hope dwindled. Everyone continued to pray, begging the Virgin Mary for a miracle, but after a week, there still were no signs of life, only despair. The camp, now a village, was covered by the dark cloud of gloom. Why, for those who believed in the Queenship of Mary, who believed She had the authority as a Queen, why had She not exercised Her intercessory power to save the miners? Two weeks passed, drilling had found no signs of life. The solid faith of hope, day by day, began to waiver after so many days passed by, until it vanished completely. They must all be dead. The only hope now was to find the bodies.


Day 17. The village wakes up to the dark cloud of gloom, as the day before, more drilling, the work has fallen into daily routine. Everyone had pretty much resigned themselves to just retrieving the remains of their loved ones. But on day 17, to the driller’s shock, they thought they heard something. Could it even be possible? But again, suddenly, a tapping noise is heard on the drill. Could it be the impossible? They pull up the equipment and find a note.


“The 33 of us in shelter are well.”


The incredible news spread as fast as the cave-in. Thirty-three men trapped in a tomb, who were thought to be dead, now were as though resurrected, as Christ died and resurrected from a tomb at the age of 33…33, a special number with meaning, the 2nd fingerprint, giving evidence more is at play here than what was first thought.


That 17th day turned from grief, despair, no hope…into joy, celebration and full of hope! And also the leaving of yet another fingerprint. The third fingerprint was the 17th day itself, August 22, the Queenship of Mary!!! The Virgin came through against all possibility. Her decree as Queen was exercised on a day that could not be denied and passed off as “myth,” except only by those who are deniers.


The written words attached to the drill were described at the camp as a “miraculous message.” The camp, with the arrival of heavy equipment, was christened with the name “Camp Hope.” Before the miraculous message, gloom increased day by day. But now, after receiving the message, the gloom vanished instantly!


Nearby towns had begun bringing wood, tents and other supplies for the families and friends holding vigil for their loved ones, and soon, 1,000 people had to be fed daily. The tent city was producing 12,000 pounds of garbage per day. Portable toilets, generators, cookers, pots and the like, and altars with the Virgin Mary abounded. Scheduled buses shuttling to and from the desert began to run to the city now that the men were discovered alive.


With the story now on the world’s stage, the spirit internationally changed with the delivery of the miraculous message. Hope and faith that the miners could be saved was rekindled around the world. The hearts of the families and friends now became tranquil. A plan was being formed and instituted. People celebrated, cooking barbecue and meals with almost a festive atmosphere. Even a teacher held school in Camp Hope for the children who were there waiting for their fathers or other family members to escape the tomb, now turned womb, which was suppose to birth the 33 men around Christmas.


The womb’s umbilical cord was the original fist-size shaft of which the Miraculous message was brought up through. It immediately became the life source, delivering the nutrition to sustain and keep the miners alive. While more drilling was going on, the sister of a miner named Dario became the mayor of Camp Hope. She spoke of the importance of their diligence in staying at the mine even when hope faded into gloom. She said:


“At one point, we believed that if the families had dropped their guard, then the whole thing would have been abandoned.”


But they did not abandon their loved ones, and after the miracle message, Camp Hope took on a new strength. Journalists from all over the world set up their own camp for the 1,500 reporters that had gathered there from all over the world. The World Cup soccer tournament shown around the world had 50 satellite antennas. Camp Hope had 75 satellite antennas, setting the stage for the whole world to watch the “miracle” unfold. In Camp Hope, people who did not even know each other when they arrived became one through the tragedy. All became united. Alonso, a citizen of Camp Hope said:


“Everyone is united here. When we arrived, we hardly knew each other. Today we are one big family.”


On September 3, 2010, Cardinal Errazuriz celebrated Mass near the mine. He delivered 33 rosaries specifically blessed by Pope Benedict XVI, himself, especially for the men.


Once Camp Hope discovered the miners were alive, there was laughter, and sharing and stories told around the night fires lit to keep warm and a real unity grew. The unity was felt by everyone. In the middle of September, a youth ministry from Uruguay sent a statue of Our Lady of Uruguay to the 33 miners to give them hope, hope in Her protection. The youth added to this gift:


“We pray for your liberation and we ask the Virgin Mary to intercede before Her Son and to give you courage and hope through these difficult times.”


The statue depicts Uruguay’s Patroness that also symbolizes the triumph of Uruguay’s own struggle for liberation and freedom which was carried out by 33 men in Uruguay. The significance of the number of miners, “33,” paralleling the 33 freedom fighters of Uruguay, who were also fighting for their freedom was, again, yet another sign in which Our Lady was involved.


Stories began to show up in letters sent to the surface by the men. Every single miner below, through the tribulation of being trapped alive, grew closer to God. How did every one of the 33 men escape being buried in the cave-in? At least some of them, the odds tell us, should have been killed. But was the number 33 important to speak to the world? If even just one or two had been lost, would we have received the same message—a miraculous message to speak to us through men, nature and various other ways that shows God wants to save us?


One story leaves an unmistakable sign that the number of miners was very significant to be 33 for what was yet to unfold. Two of the miners would have been killed during the cave-in if God had not spoken to them with a sign in an amazing way, a way that mystified them and at the same time miraculously saved their lives. A letter sent by trapped miner, Jorge Galeyullos, tells of riding in the mine the afternoon of August 5 with Franklin Lobos, who was driving the small pick-up truck when suddenly the initial cave-in just behind them crashed down blocking the 12 foot tunnel exit just seconds after they drove past the falling avalanche. Assuming human nature reaction, they began to speed up going down the tunnel. But suddenly they caught site of something white in the darkened tunnel; a little light of white with wings. They were amazed and captivated by this mystifying angel appearing a half a mile down a mine shaft. The impossibility of seeing Ω mile under the ground a little white butterfly just in front of them caused them to pause. That slowing down was timed precisely at the moment in which, had they not paused before going further, they would have been crushed by tons of rock and dirt falling triggered by the initial cave-in. By their being in the location where they paused, where no rock fell, their lives were saved. With all the dust and dirt they could not even see their hands in front of their faces. The little white creature, a small butterfly, had no other explanation to be half a mile down in a mine surrounded by an arid desert that is not its natural habitat, than that the butterfly was sent as a little guardian angel. Both men believe firmly they would have been killed had they not paused at the exact moment they spotted their little white winged guardian angel, when just ahead tons of rock would have buried them. Mary, Queen of the Angels, Queen of Nature, delivering messages dispensed at Her decree through all creation sent a little creature angel in order not only to save man, but to also preserve the important number 33 that would have been lessened to 31 had the two miners not been saved. Why? All for a bigger message She was writing for the end of the real story played out before the world’s eyes where Heaven, a gold and copper mine and Camp Hope became seamless. A little white light, a little guardian butterfly became the 4th finger print left behind to speak to us of something much bigger which was unfolding.


The physical and emotional darkness resulting from being trapped brought tribulation and fear upon the 33 men in the mine which caused them to ask for Bibles. All of the men, even the weakest believer and worst sinners in the mine wanted to connect with God because of what they suffered. And with the constant possibility of death from another cave-in, God was constantly in their thoughts. Jimmy Sanchez, 19 years old, and the youngest of the trapped miners, was at an age where God had not been so important in his life. He wrote a letter that was sent up the umbilical cord. It said:


“God wanted me to stay here. I don’t know why, maybe for me to change from now on. I have reflected and I am going to change a lot (of things). I have suffered (here) too much and do not want to suffer anymore.”


Suffering often is accompanied with humility. Humility causes us to come in union with God. Therefore, tribulation has purpose and value when we reflect upon God. The miners became united, Camp Hope became united, the rescue workers became united. The tribulation sparked the focusing on one purpose which brought about unity not only with each other but a unity in appealing to God which brought unity ‘with’ God.


After the cave-in, the miner’s eyes burned and they became blind for about six hours. Some developed eye infections. They had little food. The shift foreman unified them by establishing order through work and exercise, and bringing them together daily to pray the Rosary to Our Lady for Her intercession, along with the patron saint of miners. Their food ration was two small spoons of tuna, less than a Ω cup of milk and a tiny dice of peach. This meal of slow starvation was only once every other day. Their bodies began to lose not only body fat but muscle mass as their bodies reverted to using their muscles for nutrition. Tooth pain also became a problem for several. On the feast of the Queenship of Mary, August 22, when the men were discovered, their rations were running low. The womb now supplied with the umbilical cord sent along with food, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, clothes and other necessities. There was a small waterfall in the mine they could bathe in. Another separate location became the bathroom where running water took away the waste. Through 17 days of darkness, of waiting and crying out to God, He answered, and life’s necessities began to be met. The government announced in September that the original time line for the rescue of the men near Christmas would now be moved up to November, as greater progress was being achieved than they thought possible. Then, amazingly for those in Camp Hope, as well as the world, another announcement said the rescue was pushed up closer and would be in October. Then a third news report announced in the first week of October that in two more weeks a rescue could take place. Then, yet again, officials announced suddenly the time line was being achieved more quickly, and instead of two weeks, it would be only a few days. A surprise to many, the rescue came quicker than planned, but there again it was not according to man’s plan or his timing.


On October 9, 2010, the rescue shaft completes its hole to where the miners are, far ahead of the schedule that everyone thought could be. Still, the actual rescue could only take place when the shaft was stabilized with steel pipe and when the concrete foundation for the platform for hoisting out the miners would sufficiently harden. So there was no set time except determined by the converging of all factors combined into one to give a green light to start. And that time would not be one minute earlier nor one minute later than when all the factors converge together, no matter what time of day the rescue would be.


Altars of the Virgin Mary along with patron saints had candles burning throughout the camp, as the hours kept ticking away to the exact moment everything would be finished, the machinery tested; signifying the rescue then could begin.


Time dissolved away to the ordained appointment of the rescue after 69 days of being trapped. The date of the rescue was without man’s decision or planned schedule. Rather, all involved factors which came together for the rescue time to be Wednesday, the first hour of Wednesday. Midnight. In fact the first miner was rescued out of the mine and emerged above ground just minutes into a fresh new day. Chilean time, Wednesday, 12:11 A.M., October 13, 2010, exactly 11 minutes into the Feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, the day of the miracle of the sun, the 5th fingerprint is left to speak to man!! Officials said it would take 36-48 hours to complete the rescue. Later it was stated that if everything went perfectly, it could possibly be one hour per man. That meant, at best, each rescue would take one hour. That would be a total of 33 hours, putting the rescue completion at 9:11 A.M. Thursday morning, on October 14, at the earliest. Or if everything took longer, it could go as long as until October 15, Friday, at 12:11 A.M. for the rescue’s completion. This, of course, would smudge the fingerprint left as evidence of October 13, 2010 if the rescue finished October 14 or 15, as officials scheduled, just as a December rescue would have completely wiped away any finger print of an October 13th rescue. But as time progressed, the rescue went better than anyone had planned or anticipated. By the morning of October 13, at 7:31 A.M., nine of the miners had already been rescued. All were amazed how exceptionally well the rescue mission was running. Still, with quicker recovery time, the new estimated time placed the final rescue clearly into the next day of October 14, with the result that Our Lady’s October 13 rescue would still not be seen so clearly, but rather a smudged fingerprint.


Heaven organized the date of what happened October 13, 2010. What no one expected, not the rescuers, not the officials, not the loved ones, not the journalists, not the whole world who was watching, the absolute unexpected incredible happened. What no man knew, Heaven knew. What man planned, Heaven re-planned.


At exactly 10:48 P.M., October 13, 2010 the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, miner #33 emerged from the rescue capsule. The rescue miraculously began in the first 11 minutes of October 13 and ended with only 1 hour and 12 minutes left to the end of the day. The rescue was complete in 22 hours and 37 minutes, within the confines of the same date. Had the timing, after all the weeks and months, converged where there was much more than a few minutes deviation, the significance of October 13 would be greatly reduced. But it was not, and a miracle rescue, on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima and its miracle of the sun, became clear, crystal clear, so clear that the 5th fingerprint is not a fingerprint at all. It clearly is a thumbprint. It can be found all over these events the evidence of who stamped the scene with their thumb. Now we have four fingers and a thumb print. But it does not end there because the deniers will still say it is not enough evidence.


In Europe, when writing out dates, they place the day first, then the month, then the year. Europe would write October 13, 2010 as 13/10/10. We in America would write it month first, then day, then year as 10/13/10. But it doesn’t matter if it’s Europe or the Americas, it’s the same date and if you put a plus sign between the dates, it would be:


10 + 13 + 10 = 33!!!


October 13, 2010, Our Lady of Fatima’s feast day adds up to 33!! Thirty-three—a divine number made so by our Divine Maker who died at 33, who was entombed in stone and then resurrected. Through His death and resurrection He has been rescuing, liberating and bringing freedom to man through the path of the tribulation, of the suffering, of the purifying Cross. The date, 10 + 13 + 10, is not another finger or thumbprint. We already have the four fingers and a thumbprint. The sum of the date and sum of the finger and thumb leave a clear hand. A handprint clearly identified as the Holy Virgin Mary’s! A handprint upon whose palm is written the mystical sum of Jesus Christ’s life: 33


8/5/10 First Fingerprint
The cave-in on Our Lady’s birth date. A story written from Heaven as a sign begins.


8/22/10 Second Fingerprint
The men are discovered when the rescuers hear tapping on the drill. In the afternoon, to everyone’s surprise, the world discovers all 33 men are alive. The resurrection from the tomb by Christ, at the mystical age of 33 years gives significance to the number of miners as a message. The tomb of the 33 men turns into a womb awaiting birth.


8/22/10 Third Fingerprint
The Feast of the Queenship of Mary—August 22, 2010, the day the discovery happens.


8/5/10 Fourth Fingerprint
A story emerges through a letter brought up of what happened in the first moments of the cave-in that preserved not only two men’s lives but also preserved the important number 33, revealing clear evidence of the whole miraculous event by Our Lady’s hands. The miraculous saving of two miners by a little creature of creation which comes as a guiding angel of light, preserving the number of 33.


10/13/10 Thumbprint
The Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun—the miraculous rescue squeezed down within 22 hours and 37 minutes, clearly, unmistakably saying it is of the Holy Virgin Mary.


10/13/10 Handprint
The four finger and thumb prints leave a clear handprint over the events that began August 5, and ended with a miraculous rescue on October 13, 2010. A sign of the sum of salvation and man’s liberation from the tomb. The date of Our Lady of Fatima and the number of men rescued on that date.


The handprint: 10 + 13 + 10 = 33


It cannot be explained away as sheer coincidence. It cannot be explained away as mere chance. Too much evidence is all over these events in order to tell a story which played out; a story, a sign of Our Lady calling out to the whole world to say,“Trust me. Entrust your future to me. Place your hope in me.”


Why? Miner, Edison Villarroel, while trapped in the mine ran six miles a day in the cramped mine to stay fit. Our Lady, through Her miraculous 25th and 2nd of the month messages as well as other messages is bringing to the world our spiritual exercise to keep us fit for the ‘mine’s’ collapse—the destruction of life as we know it. Prayer, peace, fasting and penance are to be the world’s four basic exercises to be rescued and liberated from a world and its culture which will be entombed. The four basic life saving spiritual exercises will rescue you from the tomb, transforming it into a womb of which Our Lady will give birth to you into a new way of life as She Herself birthed Jesus in Her womb. You doubt this? Then you do not believe Her words:


March 25, 1990

“… As I bore Jesus in my womb, so also, dear children, do I wish to bear you unto holiness…”


Holiness is your future. Jesus is holiness. “Got holiness. Got Jesus.” Our Lady has said that without Jesus, you do not have a future.


July 25, 2010

“…I desire to lead all of you to my Son, your Savior. You are not aware that without Him you do not have joy and peace, nor a future…”


We see today the rejection of the very ‘need’ the world must have to be saved. Jesus. A rejection, all the while paralleled by embracing other non-Christian religions, prophets and the like, above Jesus. But Our Lady has come and will not abandon us because if She did the world would be over. Medjugorje visionary, Ivan, clearly stated a shocking revelation several years ago. Ivan said,


“Had Our Lady not appeared in Medjugorje, the world would have destroyed itself.”


That means you would not be reading this nor would the world exist! Pause and contemplate where you are at this exact moment. Think of the ground underneath your feet. Wherever you are at this moment, anywhere in the world, it would not exist!! Be thoughtful. Be thoughtful as Our Lady who has come to keep vigil and create a Camp Hope! The St. Joseph Mine incident is no mere incident. It represents the world. Had the families abandoned those they loved, buried underground, giving up hope, they would not have survived. The miner’s loved ones and friends formed a little village at the mine. It became the foundation of their whole world. Our Lady saved the miners and answered the families’ and friends’ prayers with miracles. Our Lady said:


March 25, 1992

“…Therefore, pray, live my messages and then you will see the miracles of God’s love in your every day life…”


It is Our Lady, by Her appearances, who has saved the world, as Ivan stated the world would not be here if it were not for Our Lady’s appearances in Medjugorje. Miracles from Our Lady, given by Her Son’s authority and grace, given to this present age where God is being abandoned throughout Christian cultures, to show man he must return to God to be saved. Just as the miners’ families kept vigil and kept hope alive, Our Lady keeps vigil now over the inhabitants of all those upon the earth trapped in the culture of the world that is caving in. The Holy Virgin Mother comes to a world without hope to give hope. She has come to say that there is an escape. “Even when there’s no exit, I will make an exit just as I gave, by God’s power, the exit for the miners.”


March 28, 1985

“…in prayer you shall perceive the greatest joy and the way out of every situation that has no exit…”


God gave, on August 5, 2010, to October 13, 2010, a birthday present as a premonition, a sign to a world sunk to a depth of degradation, the likes of which the earth has never seen since its beginning. Dr. Wetherelt, senior lecturer of Camborne School of Miners said of the Chilean rescue:


“Similar sort of rescues have been completed before, but never at such depth.”


Nor has there ever been men buried for so long, who, in the end survived. Does Our Lady’s rescue of the present world parallel the events such as Noah and the flood and other ‘similar rescues’ throughout biblical history? Yes, but it’s even bigger. Why so? Because never has man degenerated from such a height when Christian culture flourished, to the depth and length which befalls man now. Like the rescue, in scanning world history, the world has fallen to such a depth of sin that it is in need of a dramatic rescue which demands a long time to accomplish. That is why Our Lady’s apparitions are lasting so long—the length of time Our Lady has been with us, an unprecedented amount of time, unmatched in Christian history. Today billions walk the earth in sin at such depth, and yet it is sin that is not even recognized as sin nor that they are morally and mortally in error. Our Lady said:


February 17, 1984

“…The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize in what sin it is sinking. It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger.”


Just as She did the undreamable of ‘pulling’ the miners out of their tomb. But Mary has no power? True! Her power is Her intercession and prayer before God and it is He who gives Her the power, just as the Apostles were given power to perform miracles. Trapped and recovered miner, Mario Antonio, shows what Our Lady has come to the world for, the same reason She came to the Chilean miners. Mario states:


“I was with God and I was with the devil; they fought [for] me but God won. He took me by my best hand, the hand of God and I held on to Him.”


Mario was ‘struggled over’ during his isolation in the depth of tribulation and suffering while being trapped, just as the world is trapped and in sin and does not know in which sin it sinks. This great struggle that took place over one small man, in one small desolate place within the bowels of the earth, takes place over every man who walks the earth. Covering the breadth of every corner of the earth, there is a struggle between God and satan for each and every individual. Our Lady said, August 2, 1981:


“…A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


Mario was fought for in the struggle between Jesus and satan. Mario goes on to say what happened to him in the mine:


“I believe this was a test…I believe that God does test people and I believe that we have the possibility to confront things in life such as what we had to confront…but I am very happy that it happened to me because I believe it was the moment in which to make changes.”


Mario represents the whole of mankind and Our Lady’s plans, through tribulation which is to come and thereby know unity with God and a new way. Our Lady tells us through Her Chilean mine story and rescue, August 5-October 13, what She wants every man on earth to know.


January 25, 1993

“…I am with you, and I guide you into a new time, a time which God gives you as grace, so that you may get to know Him more…”


What kind of time? A ‘time’ when trials and tribulations will bring you closer to God, so to know Him more. All the miners had ‘time’ in the daily facing of death and tribulation, to get to know God more. After the rescue they will reflect on their time in the tomb, their tribulation, and with recollection the thought of how God turned it into a womb which birthed into a new lease on life, which is to lead to eternal life. Through recollection, Mario said, once he came out to a ‘new time’ in his life:


“…I am very happy that it happened to me…”


These events in Chile are foretelling of the purpose of purification and for recollecting what kind of state the world is in at this moment and what it must go through.


Our Lady said:


January 25, 1984

“…May you pray in recollection for a long time and fervently.”


With that time of trial, of contemplation and reflection, of “recollection,” the miners knew a change in the direction of their lives was important to come back to truth, to God, to reconcile every wrong.


Sixty-three-year-old trapped miner, Mario Gomez, upon being liberated from the mine, dropped to his knees, bowed his head in prayer, then hugged his wife and repeated the promise he had made in a letter to her while being trapped and suffering…that he, “would marry her properly in a Church wedding followed by the honeymoon they never had.” He knew he needed to right a wrong. Purification brought him to recollection and Our Lady helped him overcome the trials of purification in order to change him. Our Lady said:


September 2, 2010

“…I desire to help you to overcome trials, which this time of purification puts before you…”


Our Lady said on October 2, 2010:

“…May your crosses be your means in the battle against the sins of the present time…”


As Our Lady has come for the miracle of unity with God of all the Earth, this also means nations, and the Chilean mine disaster and Our Lady’s rescue of the miners also told of this. The Chilean mine not only reconciled miners to the path of peace, but also is an example of the path of peace for nations as well. The Chilean president kept vigil at the mine’s entrance, joined by the Bolivian president who was there for one of the trapped miners who was from Bolivia. The two nations cold political relationship changed “as a direct result of their response of solidarity in the face of adversity, a lesson for nations to follow. Unity is the path of peace.” Chile and Bolivia’s relationship was cold as a result of Chile denying Bolivia access to the Pacific Ocean which Chile’s long skinny coastline blocks. The miracle of unity that came as a result of the mine disaster is clearly a major sign of what future tribulations to come will do not only in correcting the conscience of man, but what awaits us for nations.


Would Mario, who said he was glad it happened, have chosen for it to happen to him before the experience? No, he would not have. What is coming no one wants. But, the fact that it will reconcile ourselves, our families and our nations back to God will be so sweet that all will be glad of it, but no one would be willing to go back through it. Will it be frightful? Without a doubt. Our Lady says so.


January 25, 2001

“…Little children, the one who prays is not afraid of the future and the one who fasts is not afraid of evil…”


That means the evil’s coming and the future will be very scary and frightful. But fasting and prayer is and will be the only way to overcome what, if you believe Our Lady’s words, is coming our way. Pope John Paul II wrote in his apostolic letter, “Tertio Millennio Adveniente,” speaking of the scars and sins of the 20th century:


“All of these events demonstrate most vividly that the world needs purification. It needs to be converted.”


This is a fresh call of purification and conversion from the Vicar of Christ in our present age. Do we have spiritual confirmation of that which the Pope states? Our Lady of Medjugorje said on June 24, 1983:


“…The only thing that I would want to tell you is to be converted. Make that known to all my children as quickly as possible. No pain, no suffering is too great for me in order to save you. I will pray to my Son not to punish the world; but I plead with you, be converted. You cannot imagine what is going to happen nor what the Eternal Father will send to earth. That is why you must be converted! Renounce everything. Do penance. Express my thanks to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I carry all this to my Divine Son in order to obtain an alleviation of His justice against the sins of mankind…”


Does that mean we will escape chastisement if She obtains alleviation for us? No, it means only partial alleviation of some part of or one of the Medjugorje secrets. Our Lady states, without need of interpretation on November 6, 1982:


“…It is not possible to avoid entirely the chastisement…”


On January 28, 1987, Our Lady appeared to Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, and said:


“…Concerning the secrets, my children, these are not known by the people. But when they will learn of them, it will be too late. Return to prayer! There is nothing more important! I would dearly wish that the Lord would permit me to enlighten you a little more on these secrets, but the grace which is offered to you is already great enough…”


On May 13, 1967, Pope Paul VI, while visiting Fatima, with the third secret obviously on his mind, stated:


“The world is in danger. This moment may be highly significant for the history of ours and future generations. May God preserve the world from the flagellation of wars, tragedies, and catastrophies.”


Mirjana, on November 6, 1982, was frightened over the 8th secret and prayed for mercy on mankind. Our Lady appeared with a crown of twelve stars about Her head and told Mirjana:


“I have prayed, the punishment has been softened. Repeated prayers and fasting reduce punishment from God, but it is not possible to avoid entirely the chastisement. Go on the streets of the city, count those who glorify God and those who offend Him. God can no longer endure that.”


So, Our Lady, with this message from Medjugorje, confirms and gives further evidence that purification is coming for the sins of the world. Our Lady tells us God wants to cleanse us. She said on February 3, 1984:


“…You cannot even imagine how powerful God is. That is why, pray! Pray because He wants to be with you and wants to cleanse you from all sin.”


Purification from God is not designed to scare us or throw us in despair, rather to help us. God sends us Mary for this purpose, to help us through this difficult purifying cleansing. Our Lady said on December 4, 1986:


“Dear children, today I call you to prepare your hearts for these days when the Lord particularly desires to purify you from all the sins of your past. You, dear children, are not able by yourselves, therefore, I am here to help you. You pray, dear children! Only that way shall you be able to recognize all the evil that is in you and surrender it to the Lord so the Lord may completely purify your hearts…”


The St. Joseph’s gold and copper mine is a perfect representation of the world steeped in the depth of sin, purified and saved by Our Lady. It is yet another sign of God to awaken us now in the time of grace. Finally, you can know and can measure how magnificent and wondrous was the St. Joseph gold and copper mine miracle when secular news headlines know it’s too big to deny the miraculous so they try to minimize it, to make it insignificant. It is the devil’s way to say man’s greatness is superior even to God’s miracles. Headlines in the October 14, 2010, issue of The Wall Street Journal stated:


Wall Street Journal Miners Story


What must God think of such humanist thinking? Who made science? Who is its Creator? Who made the minerals which form the steel? Whose laws of physics make possible the construction, drilling, and a host of other “findings” by man of which make it possible for man to accomplish tasks on earth of what God has invented and created? Man discovers and invents nothing. He only can find what has laid hidden of what was created and originated from God. A hunk of metal that flies through the air, that transports man to airports across the world is a natural miracle, made of natural products layered in the earth, drawn together by man finding the proper ingredients to make the recipe of what eventually ends up a product of God. God programmed miracles of nature, natural law. A car, a plane, a plow, or a drilling apparatus and their operations are natural miracles in our everyday life. From doctors operating and God’s miracle healing that comes afterwards, to seeds growing, to procreation…all are of a Divine origin, and therefore, are blatantly recognizable natural miracles of which satan wants to obscure so that man thinks it is of his own origin, and is therefore, in no need of God. When man explains the Divine as coincidence, luck, chance, etc., darkness scores a victory by saying: God helped only a little bit, say 75% man and 25% God. We are foolish to accept the traitors of the Divine. It’s why in the Bible in the first chapter of Romans it is relayed that there is no excuse for atheism for there are known realities in creation that prove God’s existence. Even the most primitive man, though in error, who may have worshipped a tree did so because of the concept of the Divine is written on his soul which gives him an impulse to honor the Divine. But the deniers, those who work with satan, know to mix a little truth with falsehood. So, 75% science, 25% miracle…75% man vs. 25% God to fog and obscure the vision of God in man’s eyes.


Another method the ‘deniers’ of the miraculous use with their discounting the devotion of the people at Camp Hope is to explain it away as superstition. But it is not the true believers who believe in superstition. It is the deniers who describe the believers’ devotion in Our Lady and miracles as superstition, being that it is they, the deniers, who believe in superstition. So, if the believers believe in Our Lady, miracles, and the saints, while the deniers believe it to be superstition, who then are the superstitious? Yes, the deniers!


Our Lady is calling us to see God and His miracles. Natural miracles are everywhere to be seen. Our Lady wants man to recognize that in a simple walk one can see hundreds of trees, they are natural miracles, trees that were originated through a direct action of God. Man can explain them away. He can, with the help of darkness, obscure God’s hand in all real natural miracles explaining them through atheistic evolution and other false distortions of science and physics. But what man cannot do is obscure “super” natural miracles, these areas where laws of nature are suspended. Physical laws cannot be changed. The five fingerprints left a clear handprint that the super natural was at play in St. Joseph’s mine, not the natural laws of science. The men’s lives preserved in the cave-in, the butterfly’s appearance which saved the two miners, the mathematical odds of dates, the timing, the schedules exceeding time required, and the numbers all converging, were clear signs of the natural combining to show the supernatural. But even bigger is that it is a gift from Our Lady that she gives to man to help him be ready. It is more than that, it is a great sign foreshadowing what the world is going to go through and the resulting fruit that will come from this great tribulation: the fruit of unity and the reconciling of the whole world back to God. A triumph of supernatural proportions exceeding the many miracles the Israelites experienced in their deliverance from Egypt as we will be delivered from the present desert of this sinful culture. This, His message of love, the Holy Virgin Mary coming from Heaven to reconcile the earth for this, Her time, the last time, before Jesus comes back! Our Lady said:


April 2, 2010

“…Be ready…”


Be ready for tribulation. Be ready to encounter Jesus. Be ready for Him to come back. Pedro Gallo, who helped build the rescue capsule, said after watching the last helicopter carrying the last of the 33 miners off into the night said:


“They have left a permanent record of something beautiful that happened here.”


Like Pedro who helped with the rescue, Our Lady, who is calling us to be Her Apostles, who now in the time of grace like the miners go through tribulation, will in turn be those who will rescue and help bring others through the tribulation and it will be said of Our Lady and Her apostles’ triumph which will cover the Earth:


“They have left a permanent record of something beautiful that happened here.”


O, how we choose ‘not’ the days to come, but we long for the fruit we know will come as a result that will change the Earth. Then everyone can say, as Mario:


“…I am very happy that it happened to me because I believe it was the moment in which to make changes.”


It will be so at Our Lady’s triumph through Her miraculous monthly messages, giving renewed hope of being saved as with the miraculous message of the miners which renewed their hope to be saved. The whole world will be captivated by the endurance of Our Lady’s children and their unity and what will result.


With Love for Her Who was Sent to Save Us,
A Friend of Medjugorje
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21 thoughts on “What Will Your Future Look Like”

  1. City: Parma Hts
    State: Ohio
    Country: U.S of America
    I prayed to the Holy Spirit as you suggested to absorb all that Our Blesses Mother wanted me to hear. Oh! what a powerful message I came away with. I have been blest with an earthly mother who brought me up to go to daily mass and resitation of the family rosery.
    Today I have returned to this wonderful practice for the past many years. I am almost 80 years old and await God’s call to be with Jesus my Savior, and Mother Mary. Thank you Terry for sharing this and the many miracles God is showing us. We must wake up before it is too late. God bless you. Therese

  2. Benigna Contreras

    City: Rancho Cucamonga
    State: Ca
    Country: United States
    My, what a reminder of this time and what Our Lady can do! Just last night I watched a documentary of this very subject of the 33 miners in Chile. It showed nothing of God or of our Blessed Mother! Only how they were rescued, a secular version. Dear Friend you wrote a great version
    of Faith and what Our Lady accomplished through her intercession. I see this is what She is doing for us and we who listen and follow her messages! Pray that I may be with you this Dec 8-12 . Thank you Caritas and Friend of Medjugorje

  3. The Spanish word for Butterfly is “Mariposa”, which means: According to wiktionary, it’s from the phrase María pósate, “Mary, alight!” The most accepted etymology comes from Joan Coromines, in his Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico: “mariposa” comes from the expression “Mari, posa(te)” (Mary, alight!), present in children’s songs and games. Mary was a light before the miners, trapped in the mine. God Bless

  4. Nayiga Magdalene

    I downloaded this book and still reading it. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! so far. But I long so much to come to Medjugorje and Caritas USA. But cannot afford. Pray for me that I may be able to come and witness the apparitions before they end. Thank you for all your wonderful messages from our dear Beloved Mother Mary.

  5. I downloaded this book and still reading it. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! so far. But I long so much to come to Medjugorje and Caritas USA. But cannot afford. Pray for me that I may be able to come and witness the apparitions before they end. Thank you for all your wonderful messages from our dear Beloved Mother Mary.

  6. My family and I have just started last year trying to make those first baby steps in living Our Lady’s messages. We have seen some amazing conversions beginning to take place because of it. I have just started reading this book and it has been very eye opening. I knew things were wrong for years and felt the call in 2010, right after I had my second baby and became a stay at home mom, but I had some mis-concieved notions about how to get back on track. I am now just beginning to understand. I will pass this book on to my parents and sister soon. God Bless and thanks be to God for everything. I hope to be able to meet you at Caritas some day soon.

  7. Gilbert P. Ruby

    Your article showed how the Mother Mary can make miracles happen also, I LOVED it. My Catholic Friend sent this article to me for I am a Child of the Virgin Mary and have been a Captain of the Fatima Rosary Rallies we have here in America every year. As we are going to have one today on 10-15-2011. There will be over 7,000 Rosary Rallies happening today across America. For I know the Virgin Mary can make Miracles happen also and I LOVE her, so MUCH!!!!

  8. Eduardo A Gutierrez

    Wonderful story no one could have written it any better.From start to finish our lady had her hand written all over it.Thanks to our lord for having chosen Mary to not only to be his mother but ours to.God bless,and thanks again for sharing your christain faith with us all.

  9. Your article has given me a fresh hope, and I also think it is Our Lady who brought me to read this, because last night, my family made a consecration to the Eternal Wisdom through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our life savings were embezzled 5 years ago, and we can hardly make ends meet. I have not given up praying the rosary, but we are still looking for ways to support the family’s needs. We know that Our Lady sees the way out of this situation, and so we continue to pray and hope.

  10. “The womb’s umbilical cord was the original fist-size shaft of which the Miraculous message was brought up through. It immediately became the life source, delivering the nutrition to sustain and keep the miners alive. “…For us, the Caritas of Birmingham Mission and the Community is the “umbilical cord” through which the spiritual nutrition to sustain and keep us spiritually alive with hope . This miracle story validates to the skeptics the words of Our Lady,” This is My Time”. Praise Jesus !

  11. Thank you for sharing this story with us!!! I have avoided the TV & would not have received this information without staying in touch with your informative web page. My husband watches TV, but received none of the important information you shared with us. Even my children in our Catholic School were not given the insight of this article. It really sums up why we should live the messages ady isOur L giving to us. (i.e. Prayer, Fasting, Confession, Reading the Bible, and Mass)

  12. I was absolutely blown away by what had happened to the miners inChile and all the connecting dates and fingerprints of God and Our Blessed Lady. To now know that Medjugorie has kept us all going in this world is amazing. This article has given me so much hope and demonstrates the important of prayer, fasting and trusting in our God for our future. God bless

  13. This article and indeed everything which appears on this wonderful medjugorje website is a real source of hope, encouragement and light during these days of great and heavy trials. This website must be working miracles all over the world! Let me tell you; a long-time friend of mine who had been very depressed and near suicidal for a number of years has been saved by Our Lady, reaching out to him through this beautiful website. Let us praise and thank God for the Great Miracle of Medjugorje!

  14. I just finished reading the story about the miners in Chile that you wrote. It was SUPERB!! Everything written was so Perfect. I hope people take the time to read it thoroughly. My son and I saw the ‘white light’ in the sky many years ago when visiting Caritas in Sterrett, Alabama,when Marija Lunetti was having her Vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which caused us to ‘stop and pause’ also. These experiences at Caritas has made profound changes in both our lives over the years

  15. What an amazing article. It needs to be read over and over again so that we can pass on this most important miracle in the proper light. We are faced with denial all around us, yet how can you deny the truth of this true miracle. There is so much meaning in this story with names and dates. What really occurred to me was the Prayer, Fasting and Penance that the miners endured everyday brought them closer to God which allowed them to be a witness of faith to the world.

  16. Thank you for writing this, Friend of Medjugorje. I generally don’t watch the news on purpose, but I had been following this out of “intuition” (from the Holy Spirit). Now I can see what really happened and Our Lady’s purpose for me in it. So my fellow Marians… CHOOSE: Either be trapped in a mine for 33 days, or simply go to confession and Eucharist to be converted. I’ll choose the easier path! Thank you my Stella Maris!

  17. Wow. This is hard to take.Before I read, I prayed the the Come Holy Spirit Prayer. Thank God I did, because satan had been whispering in my ear about superstion the whole time. I will pray more deeply as a result of this writing, because I thought that I was a believer of these miraculous events of Our Lady. The need for purifcation cannot be denied, even amongst those who do believe. May The Blessed Virgin penetrate my heart, and yours. Praise be Jesus and Mary.Thank you for this writing.

  18. manolito cabaguio

    Truly Amazing Inspirational Events which Flourished into the Spirit and Souls through Her Miraculous Sacred Heart For The Glory and Sanctification from All Sins gave an Everlasting life from whom will be Repent. The Only Savior and Great Gods who Suffered from his Joyous Cross and Sit at Right Hand Our Father Almighty The creator his Son King of Peace Our Lord Jesus Christ…Amen…!!!!!

  19. your article bring such happiness even if im from another part of the world,thank you for reminding me,truly a wonderfull miracle.thank you for this article,may God help all of us in this difficult time.God bless all of us.

  20. I thank God most sincerely for His Love. Everything is in His Hands. Our Lady, Our Mother, with Her Humility and Faith, prods us on, like a gentle mother who loves deeply her children. Your story is still yet peppered with Godprints: Mario is the male form of the name Maria, whom you said represents the human race. Someone who helped dig the shaft is a future deacon in the Houston Archdiocese. Pedro Gallo, is Peter the Apostle, Gallo, Rooster, being his trademark. To God be the glory!

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