What is Medjugorje?

What is Medjugorje?

After hearing the word, “Medjugorje,” many people’s first question is, “What in the world is Medjugorje?”


Medjugorje is a favored place chosen by God in which the Holy Virgin Mary has appeared daily for nearly 30 years. Medjugorje is a place in which the Virgin Mary, fondly known as Our Lady, has said:


“…in a special way I have chosen this parish, one more dear to me than the others, in which I have gladly remained when the Almighty sent me…” March 21, 1985


Why does Our Lady say this when She has appeared in other places like Fatima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, etc.? Because Medjugorje is the place, the location through which a plan is actively unfolding. The Virgin Mary is being given a period of time to try and birth the world into holiness. As Our Lady bore Jesus in Her womb those nine months in which the Savior came to term, the world is placed in Her hands for a term to ready it for the return of its Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lady preceded Her Son, and She is now preceding His return, preparing the world for the glorious moment. When will that be? We cannot know. Yet, it can be said Our Lady is preparing us to meet Jesus eye to eye. How can that be said? Because Our Lady said so.


March 17, 1989

“…Prepare yourself to look at Jesus ‘eye to eye.’…”


Is this the time of Jesus’ return? Again, we do not know. It may be five years from now, fifty years from now, or hundreds of years from now. What we do know is everything Our Lady is doing, saying, and implementing is in preparation for this moment of living underneath the antichrist and spiritually surviving the satanic system which will enslave the world to his desires and for the glorious return of Her Son.


Medjugorje cannot be understood by reviewing or seeing what is taking place in the present. Medjugorje can be understood only through prayer, and only then will one be able to grasp the seriousness of Medjugorje; the magnitude of what Heaven’s call is through Medjugorje. Medjugorje is the spiritual rebirth of the whole world. All these statements may cause people to raise their eyebrows over them, but in the same sense, it is something which should shake us, excite us, and awe us. To visit Medjugorje in this time of grace is to encounter the Living God. To walk with Our Lady in Her daily apparitions at this moment is greater than those who walked in their moment with Moses. It is a walk of Biblical proportions.


One might say that is a great exaggeration when you think of Moses delivering the Israelites from the Pharaoh and Egyptians, and all the miracles which happened that brought about their freedom from bondage. But bigger still, at the same time, Our Lady comes to deliver us, to free us from the bondage of sin that has enslaved the whole world – methods of sin through civilization advancements that man has never encountered in the world’s history. While for the Israelites, the bondage was that of slavery. They cried out to God to be rescued. For our time, our bondage is sin. For a long time, as the Israelites pleaded to be released from slavery, some have done the same, praying “save us O Lord; lead us out of the bondage of sin.” God has sent someone bigger than Moses. God in His mercy has sent the Holy Virgin Mary in this particular time of grace, to Medjugorje, for Her to deliver us through Medjugorje.


Our Lady has been with us 28 years as of June 24, 2009. Will She be here for 40 years? For the praying heart who discerns, yes, Her daily apparitions will be with us until 2021. She would have spent 40 years leading modern man out of the desert of sin. While the visionaries are still alive, Her annual apparitions to them still occur each year for the rest of their lives, though their daily ones may end. Her daily ones, as with Moses leading the Israelites for 40 years, will have fulfilled their purpose. But just as the Israelites had to battle to take the Promised Land to dwell in it, Our Lady’s children will have to battle, according to the messages She has given us, to live in peace. Each heart is a battle ground where unseen principalities war with it to take it away from God. Modern man’s battle is within the heart and Her messages are Heaven’s battle plan to defeat the enemy. Medjugorje is the central point for the battle of the Woman of Revelations Chapter 12.


Some speak much about Armageddon and what leads up to it, but it makes no sense for an antichrist to rise up to dominate the world without God sending something to counter and get us through tribulation. What we can see is that Our Lady is coming to give us messages once each month to be the medicine that Christians will need to live holiness under an antichrist system and to spiritually survive through that system. When we start seeing Medjugorje in this context, we realize that Medjugorje is the central point for the spiritual rebirth of, not only the world, but for the Christians and converts to gain the fiber of the early Christians in order for them to survive through tribulation to the end of the world. Our Lady has made it very clear that we have entered into the greatest battle the world has ever known. She said on August 2, 1981:


“…A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


This puts Her as a precursor for Christ sent to earth in preparation for Him, just as John the Baptist was sent to prepare for Christ’s coming. Being that Her first apparition in Medjugorje was on the Feast of John the Baptist, June 24, 1981, puts all this in a proper context.


So, Medjugorje is unable to be understood if you do not look, see, and pray to understand these things that have unfolded and how they have happened, the circumstances that surround them, and how they’ve come about.


So, what in the world is Medjugorje? It can only be answered with many answers. Medjugorje is the great struggle over souls. Our Lady is leading the battle. She is coming to crush the head of the serpent. But, Medjugorje is bigger than what we can comprehend, so it cannot be explained in this simple format or answered with these simple answers. Yes, we could answer, explaining Medjugorje in one word, love, but how can one then explain love. Israel’s thousands of years of history explains God’s love for His people. So only through prayer can one understand Medjugorje in depth, and the more one prays, the more one realizes the greatness of the gift we’ve been given to live in this privileged time, to walk with the Holy Virgin Mary while She walks the earth.


Medjugorje can only be understood in the heart, and for the heart to understand, the heart must love. This is why many, who try to understand Medjugorje through their intellect, reject or discern Medjugorje is not important. Their advanced knowledge dummies them down because Medjugorje cannot be understood by the mind, but only by the heart. Now is the moment to be with Her, for we do not know how long this moment will last. It is very explicitly clear that She says these are the last apparitions on earth.


Medjugorje is the story for the salvation of the world of which Our Lady spoke of January 25, 1987.


God has a “…great plan for the salvation of mankind…”


So we are in a time we do not comprehend, nor understand, nor have a full grasp of its significance. But one thing we can say is that Medjugorje is greater than anything that has happened with apparitions in the past. It is not another Fatima. It is not another Lourdes. It is the moment God has been preparing for since the beginning of the Church and even before; for Mary to come into this time, and be made known and loved as no other time in history. So, again we come back to the question: What in the world is Medjugorje? You can only come to understand it in your heart and through prayer, no other way.


Why in the world Medjugorje?


Medjugorje is a geographical central point between the east and the west. It is centralized. It is a place where many people go through, but it is actually a very difficult place to get to. So in a sense, just to get there is a pilgrimage for everybody. The apparitions of Our Lady began in Medjugorje when it was part of a communist nation. The fact that Our Lady appeared there under communism set the stage for Her to work through difficult situations. Through the centrality of its location and through what has happened in the past, through wars, communism, etc., Medjugorje was fertile ground for new life. It was a dead end road when you go to the village of Medjugorje. It is not an important thoroughfare. It was remote. It was very crude, but it was very Catholic, very devout. At the same time, it had the make up of needing revival and reconciliation because of feuds in the villages and struggles that happened in the past. So, in essence, Our Lady came the third day, in a vision to Marija only, and said:


June 26, 1981

“Peace, peace, peace! Be reconciled…”


It was on the way down Apparition Mountain. Our Lady appeared with a wooden cross behind Her. This was a great moment in the beginning of the apparitions in Medjugorje when Our Lady spoke those words. The villagers were in awe of what was taking place. Our Lady wanted revival, and revival can never come until there is repentance, until there is a seeking of forgiveness.


There was one day when Our Lady gave a message through the visionaries for the villagers. Fr. Jozo describes what happened.


“…She sent a message which said:

‘Before you start praying again today, look within your heart to find all your enemies. Forgive one another. Forgive everybody. Recommend them to our Father with joy. Pray for them. Then wish them a great blessing, joy, and great love.’

“At first I thought it was not very difficult. I repeated this message in the church, word by word. I asked them whether it was clear what Our Lady wanted. They said they understood. When I asked them whether we were going to do this, the church remained in silence. You can imagine, thousands of people silent in front of me. It was impossible to say yes to Our Lady. They could not lie. Although they met Our Lady every day, the people could not say yes. They remained silent. This was a shock to me, the deep struggle and emptiness of that difficult silence. Not knowing what would happen, I broke into that desert of silence, saying: ‘Listen to me; now we are going to pray for that gift. Pray in your heart. Close your eyes, go deep down into your hearts and pray to God to grant us the gift to be able to forgive.’

“The painful silence started again, the struggle inside our selves. With fear in my heart, I began to suspect: ‘Oh my God, what can I do for these people? We cannot truly pray, if we cannot forgive. Because we cannot forgive, we cannot truly pray. Our Lady does not let us pray our way because this is no true prayer. We cannot wish everybody well.’ I prayed fervently.

“After twenty minutes of this struggle in the desert, Our Lady sent us Her gift to break the barrier of silence that had been gripping us. She destroyed the wall and showed us the light. The biggest miracle among so many signs and wonderful moments, among so many changes in people and in nature I have experienced so far in Medjugorje happened that afternoon. As I held all these people in my heart, the greatest sign came.

“After twenty minutes, in the middle of the church, a man’s voice broke our chains, with a prayer from deep within his soul, a prayer that was Our Lady’s gift: ‘Jesus, I forgive them. Please forgive me.’ Then he began to cry in a powerful voice.

“We all cried together with him. Everybody felt in their heart: I must pray these same words. I have to forgive and ask forgiveness of the people and Jesus. And so we all did the same. That afternoon we were all searching for somebody else’s hand, as many hands as possible, to squeeze them and say: ‘Forgive me.’ We cried, we are happy and we felt we had been forgiven.”1


We always have to remember if there is ever going to be revival, you have to have repentance. You have to seek forgiveness. Medjugorje is where God sent Our Lady to do the things to change the hearts of the villagers that He wished to be emulated throughout the world. From communism to peace, bondage to freedom, sin to salvation, the world is in need of repentance to bring revival.


The village of Medjugorje and the people within are chosen. Our Lady said many times, “…I have chosen you…,” “…you are chosen…,” “…I have chosen this parish…” Our Lady said on March 21, 1985:


“…I have chosen this parish, one more dear to me than the others, in which I have gladly remained when the Almighty sent me…”


Our Lady said very clearly on May 2, 1982:

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth…”


That puts into context Her words, “I’ve chosen you.” It is a serious call to be a “chosen people.” Those “chosen people” then branched out from the village. First, the messages were for the visionaries. Then they came to understand the messages were for the villagers, and then they came to understand they were for the whole world. Anyone who goes to Medjugorje has the opportunity to be part of a chosen people, adopted by Our Lady in belonging to the village of Medjugorje. I know I’m chosen. All who accept Our Lady are chosen. We are the chosen people in this time of grace. Afterwards, others will be called by the chosen.


We should count it as a privilege that we have been to Medjugorje or have lived Medjugorje in our hearts. When Jesus gave the teaching of the Eucharist, many found it hard to believe, hearing Christ say to eat and drink of His Body and Blood, and they left Him. Everybody left Him, except for the twelve apostles. Their response to Jesus was, “Where will we go?” There are many people who have gone to Medjugorje, or read about it and experienced an initial conversion but have not grasped the significance of the call and changed their lives. Others have become too busy with their life to understand what in the world is Medjugorje. Many, being distracted or sidetracked, leave Medjugorje in their heart and abandon it, walking away from it just like many of the disciples who walked away from Jesus. And so, those who make it through this passage of time when the apparitions are over, are the chosen people, the apostles, the deliverers of the message who will bring these messages to every corner of the earth. We have to grasp that we are privileged to sit where we sit.


Again, only by contemplating these things will we grasp the grace in being involved, first living Our Lady’s messages and then being led to a way of life, a Medjugorje work as Our Lady’s plans call for. You have a role to play in this great plan, but many never learn of it, millions have failed to discover it. They did not listen, did not pray and were not able to comprehend how great a task Our Lady was giving them to take their role as part of the design of God’s plan to renew the earth. They failed to pray and discern God’s plan in their regard. Our Lady said:


January 25, 1987

“…You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design. Therefore, dear children, pray so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God’s plan is in your regard…”


We’ve seen millions of people go to Medjugorje, but a small, a very small portion of those can be identified as apostles who have consecrated, dedicated, lived their life in service of Our Lady of Medjugorje’s plans. To be Our Lady’s apostles is not up to man designating you to be so or not. It is up to you as to whether you will be an apostle or not. All are called to be, but in the end, how many of the chosen people will remain with Our Lady and become Her apostles?


All this is stated to incite an impulse to answer the call of being Our Lady’s apostle. One should contemplate that Medjugorje is mystical; it is Biblical. The last verses of the Bible, the very, very last verses of the Bible are exactly what Our Lady is doing in Medjugorje. She is giving a message once each month, twelve times a year. She has all the nations coming to Medjugorje. She is giving us medicine through the messages and apparitions. She has made it very explicitly clear that Her messages are medicine to heal the world, to heal the nations, especially the once a month messages to the world. We know Medjugorje is a tree that fruits out to nations all over the world. These messages are rejected by people who are too intellectual, saying “they are too simple.” They are simple because they are very clear. They are crystal clear and they are issued from God’s throne. Our Lady said:


July 25, 1985

“…listen to my messages and then you will be able to live everything that God tells me to convey to you…”


When you look at these last verses of the Bible, it is explicitly clear that it speaks of Medjugorje, of the refreshing life-giving messages, of the simple crystal clear messages from God, conveyed to you through Our Lady, once each month to change and heal the individual, who makes up the family, who makes up nations and nations, the world. Our Lady’s crystal clear words are the medicine flowing out of Medjugorje to all the nations, to give healing and life to all the world, to give and lead to eternal life. One should stop now, close your eyes, and pray to the Holy Spirit before reading the following last few verses of the Bible and then read Revelations 22:1-2:


“…the river of life-giving water, clear as crystal, which issued from the throne of God and of the lamb, and flowed down the middle of the streets. On either side of the river grew the trees of life which produced fruit twelve times a year, once each month; the leaves served as medicine for the nations.” (Revelation 22:1-2)


You have to be in total rejection not to see the connection with all this and what Our Lady has come to do, to heal the world as a Mother and as the Woman. For a prayerful soul, being in Medjugorje is mystical.


Medjugorje is of giant Biblical proportions. We have written this for over 20 years. Some scoff at it as “exaggeration”. They have not understood Medjugorje. Medjugorje, if it is anything, is a place of separation, a place that causes division – you from everything not of God. You will be purified by this separation. It is a call for you to decide for God or decide against God. God is giving us one last push, one last move to tell us to come through Her, to the Light, to Jesus, or you go away. You’re not going to be able to stand on the fence anymore. We are in a time of grace where you have got to choose which place you’re going to be. There is no way you are going to be able to be a little bit in sin and enjoy that and a little bit in the light. You’ll have to go one way or the other.


The main point to make on this is that Medjugorje is a place to call us to decide. It is a place of division. That is why you see a lot of turmoil in the Medjugorje movement. Because you have some family members changing their ways and life, and other family members don’t want to because they don’t want to change. Everybody is content to live in the middle. We all have been in the middle, but that middle ground is gone now, and as we go further and further we are going to have to decide. Our Lady just told us again on May 2, 2009:


“…You are rejecting me…”


She is coming. She wants you to accept not reject Her. If you do not accept Her, you are rejecting not only Her, but Jesus also. You’re going to go one way or the other, whether you want to or not. She actually gave us a message once, saying:


March 21, 1985

“…accept me…that it might go well with you…”


We are Hers. She is our last chance. She is the last draught from the well of God’s mercy to save us. This is what Medjugorje is all about, and yet countless more things yet to be understood.


With Love and Hope for You to Come to Our Lady,

A Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


1. A Man Named Father Jozo, The Riehle Foundation

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  1. City: Biot
    Country: France
    Je suis allée 6 fois à Medj ma vie a totalement changé et en conclusion je dirais « Ayez une confiance aveugle en Marie et en Jesus, avec Amour,confiez leur votre vie dans tous les détails mêmes les plus insignifiants et ils prendront soin de vous, suivez les messages,c’est miraculeux,allez de l’avant n’ayez pas peur d’évangéliser ils parleront par votre bouche même si vous vous sentez les plus bêtes du monde.Ça marche ! L’Esprit Saint prend le relais Merci Seigneur

  2. Crissy Corpus

    Part 2…Well…. here was my random message!!!”It is up to you to pray and I will take care of the rest. You cannot even imagine how powerful God is. That is why, pray! Pray because he wants to be with you and wants to cleanse you from all sin.”Amazing!! She hears us and knows our hearts!

  3. Crissy Corpus

    While I am with you in this, please tell us…those who have no savings…are in debt…who live pay check to pay check…what we can do. I feel I can only pray…so I pray and surrender all to Her intentions, Her plans, Her projects…and God’s plan of salvation for me and through me…I don’t know what the future holds…just praying God leads me and my husband to His Will and His plan…

  4. Michael Hebert

    On back of the United States Dollar Bill, a Pyramid, topped with an Eye. Currency we use, speaks to these times, when Fiat Money, is a Great Global Ponzi Scheme, with the Dollar holding value, only because it’s the widest used currency in the world. Mason”s, may have had something to do with the design of the bill, but God’s all seeing Nature, warns of future results, over the debt our nation has accumulated. The Bible tells us: “Just as the Rich, Rule the Poor, So Too, the Borrower, is Servant to the Lender. China owns huge amounts of USA Debt, & recently 4 % of China’s Reserves, were found to be backed by Gilded Copper, not Gold Bullion. Corporations Race around the world for lower wages, but eventually there will be no new country, to lower costs. Endless margins & the promise of 15% or better every year, will become fallacy. The Rich & Elite, know this well & that’s why they pursue, endless $ into their coffers. They Gather Nothing into Heaven, While Reaping Moths and Rust.

  5. It’s very good information. I shared it to my sisters. A lot of people don’t believe it. I pray to the Divine Mercy and the Virgin Mary to help my family to understand what is happening. I’m scared and not looking forward of what will happen. Thank you so much for being there.

  6. Part 2… Well…. here was my random message!!!It is up to you to pray and I will take care of the rest. You cannot even imagine how powerful God is. That is why, pray! Pray because he wants to be with you and wants to cleanse you from all sin.’ Amazing!! She hears us and knows our hearts!


    Medjugorje is a revelation unravelling. Our Lady will deliver us from evil and gave us her Son to us once again. We are in the 24 the hour and 59th minute of Revelation. Truth cannot hide so long, as light will come out of darkness.

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