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What Else Needs to be Said?

What Else Needs to be Said?

by a Friend of Medjugorje

If you stare at this you will understand this.


Vatican Vaccine Coin 2022


Beyond bizarre.


The above silver round from the Vatican, released in May 2022.


This is diabolical.


The Eucharist is on the back, not on the front.


Pope Paul VI said, “The smoke of satan has entered the church.”


What else needs to be said?

Friend of Medjugorje

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The devil Has Made his Eucharist in Hundreds of Millions of People – Radio Wave Broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje


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15 thoughts on “What Else Needs to be Said?”

  1. Crissy Corpus

    City: Clovis
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    I pray for Francis. I think he was used as a bridge to something else. Pray for all our shepherds. That is what we’ve been asked to do. Pray the Holy Spirit leads them to all TRUTH. Pray that they are Holy, and are committed to preserving the truth of our faith. Our Lady said they would be”the bridge “!
    I can not let go of the feeling that Francis needs our prayers. He may have not been the Pope we hoped for. But, I have to pose this question, what if he was misled, deceived? And what happens if he realizes, that those who surround him and advise him…are not speaking truth. We need to pray for Francis! I think if he is removed, as Vigano has said, they have someone far worse…waiting to be installed. Pray!!!

  2. City: Roaring River
    State: NC
    Country: USA
    Dear Papa Terry: If anyone ever doubted purchasing OUR LADY’S MEDJUGORJE’S SILVER ROUND, THIS & THIS ALONE CONFIRMS, the importance of doing so! satan mimics EVERYTHING that GOD DOES! THIS IS TRULY DIABOLICAL! THIS IS THE devil’s eucharist! THERE IS A RAGING FIRE, IN THE CHURCH

  3. City: Charlottesville
    State: VA
    Country: USA
    Notice too the hand of the boy receiving the shot – it’s pointing at you as if saying, “you too?”

    1. State: NC
      You are right you could also see the mark of the beast the 666 pointing at you. The 3 fingers curled around forming the number.
      Q said symbolism will be their downfall the devils fingerprints are on all his work. Very Scary.

  4. Country: Mexico
    We are witnesses of a very serious decline of the Church on a global level. This is only a small piece that fits into the dark-side’s taking over but Our Lady will crush the serpent´s head and hopefully we will be also witnesses of the new Pentecost when the entire Church will be renewed. No without a great struggle and suffering. Oh Lord have mercy !!!

  5. State: NJ
    Country: United States
    Upon closer inspection, as repulsive as it was to stare at, we also noticed that on the coin there is a doctor and a nurse but the woman has the stethoscope (indicating she is the doctor) and is depicted higher (authority) than the two men. The patient is obvious younger. The male nurse is giving the injection under her watchful eye to the next generation. Thank you Our Lady of Medjugorje for warning us about signs of our times that have begun to mimic the signs of the original fall.

  6. Connie Thomas

    City: Harwood
    State: TX/USA
    You have said it all…Only through prayer and discernment will one see the Evil surrounding us! Thank you “A Friend of Medjugorje” & “Community of Caritas,” for your many years of sacrifices & prayers! Blessed are those who have eyes that see and ears that hear! In prayer for the reconciling of ourselves, family & Nation back to God! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have Mercy on us!

  7. City: Franklin
    State: LA
    Country: USA
    The Medjugorje silver round is not only way more beautiful that this “thing” from the Vat., but it also has the grace of conversion because of the Miraculous medal. How many of ’em are out there? Can you please put a picture of the Medjugorje round?

  8. I am trying to find this on the internet but do not see it on any of the sites. Is this real or something that someone made?

    1. Yes, this is from Vatican Stamp and Coin Office, released in May 2022. Their commentary reads: “The 20 euro silver coin… is dedicated to a current theme that is very close to Pope Francis’ heart: treatments to counter the pandemic and the need to be vaccinated. The coin depicts a doctor, a nurse and a young person who is ready to receive the vaccine. The Holy Father has repeatedly stressed the importance of vaccination, recalling that healthcare is ‘a moral obligation’, and it is important to ‘continue efforts to immunise even the poorest peoples’.”

      1. Oh wow… thank you for clarifying that. I like to have as much information as possible when explaining these things to others. It’s just truly unbelievable.

  9. City: Porterville
    State: CA
    Country: USA
    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer for body, mind and soul.

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