We Came Here To The Source

We Came Here To The Source

Visionary Ivan in Medjugorje: We came to the Mother, so that we can throw ourselves into Her lap…


Visionary Ivan in Medjugorje – May 24, 2011

Dear friends in Christ, at the very beginning of this meeting I would like to welcome you all from the bottom of my heart. I have a desire in my heart that I share with you the main messages that Our Lady has been giving to all of us, the messages in which Our Lady is calling us these last thirty years. Jesus says in the Gospels, all of you who have burdens and are tired in your heart come to me. I am going to give you rest. I am going to give you strength. We came here to the source. They came tired and starving for peace, starving for life, starving for truth. We came to Mother, so that we can throw ourselves into Her lap, that we find security and protection on Her lap. We came to Her to tell Her, “Mother, pray for us. Pray for us and intercede for all of us before your Son.” Mother prays for all of us. Mother carries us all in Her heart. In one of Her messages She says so nicely, “Dear children, if all of you knew how much I love you, you will cry for joy.” That is how great the love of Mother is.

Pretty soon it is going to be thirty years that Our Lady has been with us, thirty years of grace. Thirty years ago, I was sixteen. I was a child. Our Lady knocked at the door of my heart. She chose me to become Her instrument, instrument in Hers and God’s hands. At the very beginning of the apparitions, Our Lady introduced Herself, and She said, “I am the Queen of Peace. I am coming, my dear children, because I was sent by my Son in order to help you. Dear children, peace, peace, peace, only peace. Peace must reign in the world. Dear children, there must be peace between man and God. There must be peace among all people. Dear children, this world, and mankind is in great danger, in danger of self-destruction.” These were the first words, the first messages which Our Lady gave to us, to the world. From these first words She spoke through us to the world, we can see what is the greatest desire of Our Lady and that is peace. Mother comes from the King of Peace. Who can know better but our Mother how much peace we need in today’s tired world, tired mankind? How much peace we need in our tired family? How much peace does today’s tired young people need? How much peace our tired Church needs? Our Lady says, “Dear children, you are my living Church. You are the lungs of the Church. Dear children, if you are strong, the Church will be strong as well. But if you are weak, the Church will be weak too.”

Mother comes to us. She comes to us because She desires to help us because She wants to show us the new way…She comes to us because She wants to encourage us. She wants to comfort us. She comes to us and brings to us this divine cure, cure to us and to our pains. She wants to heal our pains. She wants to put band-aids on our wounds, with so much love, with so much gentleness, and with the warmth of the Mother. Mother comes to us because She wants to show us what is wrong. She wants to lead us on the way of good. She wants to show us the way of peace and to lead us all towards Her Son – and the only peace we can find is in Her Son. In one of Her messages, Our Lady said, “Dear children, today more than ever, today’s mankind and the world today, goes for the biggest crisis, and the biggest crisis is the crisis of faith in God because you distance yourselves from God, you distance yourselves from prayer. Dear children, today’s world, today’s mankind moves into the future without God. Today’s world cannot give you peace, because the peace which this world is giving is temporary. You will be very disappointed with that. The only peace, the only true peace you can find is in God. Dear children, the prayer disappeared in your families. Parents do not pray together with their children. In your families, you do not have time for each other, dear children. Father has no time for mother, mother has no time for father. There is no more love in families. There is no more faithfulness in marriages. There are so many broken and tired families, and the moralities are falling apart.” Mother invites, “Dear children, bring the prayer back into your families. Place God in the very first place in your lives and walk together with Him into the future, so that prayer, peace, joy and love can be brought back into your homes.”

Mother comes to us. She wants to lead us out from darkness and to lead us on the way to light, the way of hope. She comes as a Mother of hope. She wants to bring hope to this hopeless and tired world. That is why Our Lady says, “Dear children, if there is no peace in man’s heart, if man has no peace with himself, if there is no peace in the family, you cannot have peace in the world. That is why I invite you, my dear children, do not talk about peace, but start living peace. Do not talk about prayer, but start living the prayer.” Today’s world does not need words, but deeds. We have to act more, do more, and only with the return of prayer, with the return of peace, your families, the world, can be healed spiritually. The first healing we must have is the spiritual healing. Our Lady says, “Dear children, today’s world is sick in a spiritual way.” And Mother comes. She wants to show us, She wants to lead us, encourage us. We cannot expect that the world gets better, that mankind does better if we do not place God in the very first place in our lives. We cannot expect to have more priests in our Church, to have more vocations in our Church, if we do not bring the prayer back into our families, because God is calling in the family, within the family. The priest is born through the family prayer, that is where God is calling. That is why Our Lady invites us so often to pray. Mother comes to us. She wants to lift up this sinful world. She is a Mother who is worried about our salvation. Our Lady says, “Dear children, I am with you. I come to you in order to help you that peace comes. But, dear children, you are the ones I need. You are those who I need. With you, I can reach peace. That is why, dear children, decide for good and fight against evil and sin.”

Mother speaks in a simple way. She repeats so often and She never gets tired, as I never got tired in these last 30 years. I never get tired to repeat and spread Her message because every day when I see Her, I see that She never gets tired. All of you mothers present here today, how many times have you said to your children, “Be good, study, work, be obedient, do not do this and that because it is not good for you.” I believe that you have repeated this thousands and thousands of times to your children. I think that you all haven’t gotten tired. Is there a mother here who is able to say, “I am happy. I am happy because I didn’t have to repeat anything to my child any more. I told him only once and I have never had to repeat this again.” There is no such mother. Every mother needs to repeat. Mother repeats and reminds us in order not to forget. So it is the same way with Our Lady through these years. Mother comes to us not to bring us fear, not to criticize us, not to talk to us about the end of the world, about the second coming of Jesus – no. She comes as a Mother of hope.

In a special way She invites us to attend Holy Mass. Our Lady says, “Dear children, let the Holy Mass become the center of your life.” During one apparition with Our Lady, Our Lady told us, “Dear children, if you have a choice to choose between seeing me or attending the Holy Mass, do not come to me, attend Holy Mass.” To attend Holy Mass means to go and meet Jesus who is giving grace to us during that Holy Mass. It means to surrender to Him. It means to open to Him and talk to Him and receive Him. Our Lady invites us in a special way to go to monthly Confession. She invites us to attend the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and veneration of the Cross. That is why Our Lady invites the priests so often to start the Holy Hour in their parishes. Our Lady invites us to pray the Holy Rosary within our families. She wants us to read the Sacred Scripture in our families. In one of Her messages, She says, “Dear children, have the Holy Bible in a visible place in your homes. Read the Holy Scripture, so that through the reading of the Holy Scripture, Jesus can be reborn in your hearts and in your families. Forgive each other. Love each other.”

The most important message, the message Our Lady has been repeating, I think the most in the past years, is the prayer with the heart. So many times Our Lady has repeated these words, “Pray, pray, pray, my dear children.” Not to pray with the lips, not to pray mechanically, not to pray out of tradition, and not to pray and watch our clocks at the same time wondering when we are going to finish. Our Lady wants us to decide for prayer, that we find and have time for God, and to pray with the heart in which Our Lady has been inviting us. First of all, it means to pray with love and out of love. It means to pray with our entire being, so that our prayer becomes a meeting with Jesus, a conversation with Jesus, rest. So that when we stop and seize the prayer with the heart, we are fulfilled, filled with peace and joy. “Dear children, may prayer become a joy for you. Dear children, if you want to attend the school of prayer, then you must know that there are no weekends or breaks in the school of prayer. It means to attend the school of prayer everyday. Dear children, if you want to pray better, then you must always pray more.” To pray more is a personal decision. To pray better is always a grace, grace given to those who pray more.

Today, so often, we say that we do not have time for prayer. Very often we say that we are too busy, that we work too much, that we work a lot, that our children attend school so that we cannot have the family meeting. Time is always a problem. But Our Lady says in a simple way, “Dear children, do not say always that you do not have the time. Dear children, time is not a problem. The problem is love, because, my dear children, when man loves, likes something, he always finds the time for that, but when one does not love or like something, he will never find the time for it” That is why Our Lady invites us so much to pray. I would like to say that Our Lady is awakening us up from this spiritual coma in which we and today’s world are in. She wants to strengthen us in our faith and in our prayer. Today during the meeting with Our Lady, I am going to recommend all of you, all your needs, all your families, the sick and the parishes you come from. I hope that all of us are going to respond to the call of Our Lady, that we are going to accept Her messages, and that all of us are going to become the co-creators of a new and better world, a world which is worthy of the children of God. We are those who put the seeds into the soil. I hope that your arrival here is the beginning of your spiritual renewal. And then when you go back to your homes, you are going to continue with this spiritual renewal with your families, with your children. I hope that this seed which you have planted here is going to bear good fruit later on, and that you are going to have hundreds of fruits. This time, in which we live, it is the time of responsibility. Let us accept with responsibility the messages of Our Lady. Let us accept the living word of Christ with responsibility and live it. Let us become the instruments in God’s hands. Let us decide for peace. Let us pray together with the Queen of Peace for peace in the world. Let us decide for God. “My soul rests in God alone.” And let it be this way. Thank you and God bless you.

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  1. I’m not sure if it was the message, the discussion or the music, or perhaps all three, but I haven’t had that kind of reaction since my visits to Caritas for the 5-day apparitions. I could feel Our Lady’s presence throughout the broadcast. And as it was so many years ago, I couldn’t hold back the tears. That was by far, to me, your most special broadcast.

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