Update June 6, 2017 A.D.

Update June 6, 2017 A.D.

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As of Tuesday, June 6, 2017
A critical must-read to the end explanation


“…This time is a turning point…”

Our Lady of Medjugorje, June 2, 2017 



Our Lady’s mission receives dynamic testimonies

from all over the world.


We can always draw on a recent dated letter to show that, by God’s grace, Caritas—its witness, its work, 


A letter came into Caritas recently from a 33-year-old man in a Florida prison with a life sentence. The letter was stunning for two reasons. First, it revealed how good Our Lady is who, despite prison walls and bars, found an entrance into a prisoner’s open heart and revealed Her plan to him for the world’s salvation. Secondly, it illustrated the pathway Heaven used to guide this prisoner to where he could grow in holiness and increase his awareness of Our Lady’s plans. This letter also shows that as Mirjana has recently stated in her new book regarding the secrets, “The events are already in motion. Things are slowly starting to develop!” The letter is an example of, as A Friend of Medjugorje has been revealing, “how powerful Our Lady’s new efficacy is,” that She is even reaching the most unlikely souls through events that are becoming stronger and stronger. Often we get goose bumps from letters. This hand written letter is likely to affect you the same. You will want to read this letter more than once!


He writes:

May 15, 2017

To Whomever This Letter Reaches Respectfully:

My name is John.*   I am a 33-year-old African American who is currently incarcerated for life in the Florida Department of Correction. The reason I am writing to you today my dearest reader, is because unexplainable things have been happening and I would like for your company to shed some light on them if possible.

The first unexplainable thing:

I received a dream or a vision of some kind (I am not sure what to call it). However, in this dream/vision I saw a woman weeping by a small plant and all around her was chaos…volcanoes were erupting endlessly, shooting huge bursts of lava and large rocks that were on fire came raining down all over the world. It was like I could see every single country at once through her presence. Her focus was on the tiny plant though, and it seemed as if her weeping was for that tiny little plant.

Suddenly, the chaos stopped and the woman started to wipe away her tears as a huge smile lit up her face and she lifted her hands as in praise**…that’s when the tiny plant grew extremely large and from its roots, came the purest looking water I’ve ever seen in my life and it spread across the world replacing all that was destroyed by the volcanoes with shimmering beauty. I really can’t explain the beauty I saw. Words can’t do that. As I saw this occur right in front of my eyes, I began to weep uncontrollably. The woman stepped to me and tenderly lifted my chin (maybe without touching me??? I’m unsure because I was looking down but I certainly felt this peace radiating from her touch). And she said to me:

“A blessing will come to you as sure as the blessing of Christ has found the world.”

The other unexplainable thing:

Exactly just one day later, a friend of mine from “Ireland” sent me the Pieta prayer book and I am able to now identify the Woman in my dream/vision. Please look on page 21. THIS WAS THE WOMAN I SAW weeping over the tiny plant!!!!

Now I used to be a Baptist, but today I am Catholic and I no longer neglect the beauty and blessings of Mary, the Virgin and faithful Servant of God!!!

My resources are slim and I would like it if your company [he does not understand what Caritas is] would be the ones to provide me with my Roman Catholic material to help me along my spiritual journey. I want to become wise and strong in holiness and I want to increase in my awareness of Our Lady’s plans. Please send a subscription to your newsletter and any other Catholic resources you may have.

Kind Regards,




*Name changed to protect identity

** The prisoner’s letter was written May 15, 2017. Our Lady said 18 days later on June 2, 2017:

“…the world is in such need of your arms raised towards Heaven, towards my Son, towards the Heavenly Father…”

Pieta Prayer Book Our Lady

This is the image ‘John’ saw in the Pieta prayer book from Caritas of Birmingham.


How are people around the world going to come to know Our Lady in the future? It will happen through those who have witnessed Medjugorje and who have come to know how to apply Our Lady’s messages into a way of life. Caritas, from every vantage point, is set up for this because of learning how to, as A Friend of Medjugorje says, place the template of Our Lady’s messages over every subject of life that is then conveyed through published materials, both written and audio, including over 1,000 unique titles. A “woman” revealed to this prisoner in a dream that there is a shake-up coming to the world in the future, in which her love and prayers are being used to save it. The day after his dream, a “Pieta prayer book” was delivered to him. Through the prayer book, the “Woman” in his dream is identified. She is the Mother of Jesus. She is the Mother of the world. His heart is overcome with a desire, as he says, “to become wise and strong in holiness and I want to increase in my awareness of Our Lady’s plans.”


The dream was a gift from God, but what was also necessary for John was to have spiritual guidance, materials, and support for his conversion. Caritas is preparing for the secrets, exactly for the purpose of what this example shows. Whose hands brought John the Pieta prayer book? It was produced and printed in Our Lady’s print shop in Caritas’ Motherhouse in Alabama, in the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages was so named by A Friend of Medjugorje because the purpose of this sacred building is to be a depository, a safe for the preservation and propagation of Our Lady’s messages, throughout the world and across the “few” centuries that remain for the existence of the world. The Pieta was either shipped in a package overseas, or it sailed over the ocean on a container destined for Medjugorje and was placed in the Caritas Mission House. A pilgrim from Ireland more than likely visited the Mission House and picked up the Pieta prayer book. That pilgrim perhaps left the Pieta prayer book in a church pew, or gave it away, or is the “friend of John” who sent him the book. The Pieta, in John’s hands, had Caritas’ address in it and John wrote a letter in the hope of receiving material that will help him on the spiritual path that Our Lady set him on. “…Set out with me…” Our Lady says to set out on this path, and you will see miracles that make remarkable things happen. Like a picture of Our Lady going across the world, perfectly timed, within one day, to be delivered to the state of Florida, which touches its neighbor, Alabama, from where it originated. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going to be happening in the future!

So, take all that and fast forward to the future, to the first secret’s release, then the second and third. Multiply John’s response by hundreds of thousands, by millions, by even billions of people around the world who suddenly, through an encounter with Heaven, want to become wise and strong in holiness and want to increase their awareness of Our Lady’s plans. How is that to happen? Who will they go to? How will their hunger be satisfied?


A Friend of Medjugorje’s vision for Medjugorje.com, as with everything he does, has always been to create a tool that helps one open their heart to Our Lady, Queen of Peace. He, with the Community beside him, is committed to making sure that every word Our Lady speaks through Medjugorje is known. His yearning and that of the Community is that every writing published on Medjugorje.com carries with it the possibility of conversion for the one who reads it. Our ambition for every Radio Wave and Mejanomics broadcast is that we, Our Lady’s apostles, listen and change our hearts to become a united force for Her, full of ardor to see Her plans fulfilled. Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages are for the whole world and our goal for Medjugorje.com is that Her apostles across the globe have a place to go to receive Her direction and find what is necessary to help the souls they encounter, like “John,” continue and be strengthened on the path of conversion.


Then Why Can’t Medjugorje.com

Stay Online after Tuesday, June 6, 2017

without raising $200,000?

Mej.com has been “under construction” for the last two years, throughout which we have exhausted all the funds available. We are completing everything, and are only a few days away from launching. What we are not able to do is to operate Medjugorje.com without a complete budget for the next 12 months. All our time is and will be spent keeping the site running and growing, making it unproductive to stop and raise additional funds. A very involved staff of Community members, with top notch companies that we have brought together, formed a team that will maintain instant expansion capabilities, adaptable quick ‘drop in features’ to adapt to urgent circumstances that would be necessary for the future, the security and backup for the site, so that it will always be poised and ready for the secrets. Why? Because Our Lady just said:


June 2, 2017


“…My children, be ready…”

This, therefore, brings us to the difficult decision that we must go off line and focus on raising a budget. Then, being successful with the budget, Medjugorje.com version 3.0 or mej.com v3.0 for short, will be immediately released to the world. We cannot continue to limp along, trying to raise funds, launch and grow the site at the same time. That would be like fighting a two-front war. It would be more difficult to achieve one’s objective. We, therefore, must shut down, singularly focusing on raising funds from all of you who have supported Medjugorje.com in the past, along with those of you who use Medjugorje.com, but have never contributed. Mej v3.0 is for you, and countless other souls to be saved. We must receive your help. You will not regret what will shortly be at your disposal.


What Will be at Your Disposal?


A tool to be used by Our Lady’s apostles for the salvation of the world, Caritas’ Mej v3.0 has gone “through the roof,” modernized to assist Our Lady’s followers well into the future. What future? A whole incredible future century of Our Lady’s reign, as A Friend of Medjugorje wrote 23 years ago in the book, I See Far, “seeing far” into the future:


“…Our Lady is appearing in the latter part of ‘this’ century in preparation for the next century, to take what satan has amassed and destroy it, as we go into the next century during which The Holy Virgin Mary will reign and dominate.”

Your Past Does Not Define…It Prepares.


We Have a History, a Known Past, that Shows How We Have

Always Prepared for the Present Moment We Find Ourselves In.

In other words, how we operate today, is because we prepared years ago to be where we are today through our past steps of sacrifice, prayer, and thoughtfully planned actions, all through the years – step by step – until now. We followed Our Lady’s advice to begin “today” years and years ago, so that we would be prepared for the time of the secrets. At the moment the foretold events begin to unfold, when everyone on earth will be divinely introduced to Our Lady through the secrets, ask yourself this question: Is it then that we all start thinking and then that we all start preparing?

A Friend of Medjugorje said:


“How do we feed the people of the world in a few days, months or even the next few years what has taken us 36 years thus far to learn? A plan which we are only just beginning to penetrate?”


Everyone has loved ones whose eternity is of great concern. A Friend of Medjugorje has looked hard at Medjugorje, the future of the world, the future and the real possibility of no future for the internet at some point, and the reaching of hundreds of millions of people, even billions when the secrets are released. That is where he aimed his sights where Mej v3.0 can receive tens of millions of hits a day!

The new Mej v3.0 site is made to be used as you are already familiar with, with a similar look, but is radically changed, expanded, and modernized for you to use as a Medjugorje conversion tool, coupled with your witness, to spread Our Lady’s plans well into the future.



The new Mej v3.0 site will have 9 major new features. Under each of the nine features, there will be several additional components. Some features were literally invented and created in-house here at Caritas, guided by A Friend of Medjugorje, working over the last two years with several companies and individual teams who are top experts in their fields. These companies and developers, though they are at the cutting edge of what they do, were also excited with our new concepts – even how we conceived the release of the site’s 9 major features, one each day, for 9 days, along with each feature’s sub-features or sub-components (also each day) to help everyone know how to use and become familiar with the site’s use. To do this actually required 9 individual websites. The developers, impressed, said this was a great idea. To release the new site all at one time, would mean the 9 major new features and subfeatures would be so covered or buried in the site that you would never discover what is there or learn their usages.

One of the 9 new features will enable you to be a critical depository for Medjugorje, whether you are in a small village, a rural area, or an out-of-the-way place in Africa, Russia or Australia, etc., Mej v3.0 will give you the ability to have a non-electronic library of the whole site. You can have a hard copy of everything on the site. You will be the “lighthouse source” when the internet will not be with us. You will need to feed your region with everything about Medjugorje for Our Lady to reign across the world, as Our Lady said June 2, 2017:


“…My motherly heart desires for you, apostles of my love, to be little lights of the world, to illuminate there where darkness wants to begin to reign, to show the true way by your prayer and love, to save souls…”

This depository will give shape to you, as an apostle of Our Lady, and give you a forum to comply with your call to be an apostle. Through the wealth of information, direction and wisdom of Our Lady on Mej.com, you can fulfill your role as Our Lady’s apostle by your witness and conveyed through this written depository of the way of life of Our Lady’s messages. There is nothing that exists that brings shape and form to your witness in your role as an apostle of Our Lady like what is presented in its completeness on Mej.com. You become a preserver and keeper of the history and way of life of Our Lady and what was done in the “real time” of the apparitions, just like the early apostles at the beginning of the Church did in the “real time” that Jesus walked the earth. In other words, if you are sincere, humble and obedient to the Commandments, you are being given the tools to fully express your apostleship for Our Lady. With the release, it makes for the possibility that now exists through this one feature. You will learn how this feature, making you a lighthouse in your area can be achieved on the 5th day of the unveiling of the NINE MAJOR FEATURES on Mej v3.0.

The Downfall and the Rise Up

Are Crossing the Same Bridge
at This Very Moment”

A Friend of Medjugorje1
May 29, 2017


Our Lady is giving us a heads up on what’s coming down and what’s coming up. What’s coming down is satan’s kingdom . What’s coming up is Our Lady’s reign in God’s Kingdom, a century given to Her . The work for God’s Kingdom against satan’s kingdom requires a lot, not only with our lives of holiness, but our work! We are talking about Our Lady conquering the world. For Mej v3.0 to be used by Our Lady to help Her do that, we need to raise a budget goal of $200,000.00. We will be retaining specialized companies, class ‘A’ players in the web world, to have reserved capacity that will not be utilized until needed on the spur of the moment. One can liken it to a fire engine, not running but sitting in the fire station ready for the call. This alone, with our internal people, will give an open capacity for Mej v3.0 to grow daily and operate without hiccups or disruptions now and after the onslaught of the release of the secrets, feeding the resulting massive conversions, along with planning, in the present, to be flexible to be able to anticipate and deal with unforeseen challenges in the future.


We are not going off line on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, as a scare tactic or to threaten. We simply cannot do both – raise funds and simultaneously release and then sustain the new Mej v3.0. This would divide our energies and will not give either one 100%. The first step is to raise the funds. The second is to release the new version. We must raise this $200,000.00 before we can unveil our site.


“This is the Moment.
The 100th Anniversary of Fatima is the End of satan’s Century.
Action is Now, Not Tomorrow.
Our Lady’s Century Begins October 13, 2017.”


A Friend of Medjugorje4
June 1, 2017


Mirjana wrote in 2016:

“Our Lady told me many things that I cannot yet reveal. For now I can only hint at what our future holds, but I do see indications that the events are already in motion. Things are slowly starting to develop. As Our Lady says, look at the signs of the times, and pray.”


When the entire world experiences the secrets, what kind of site, what kind of infrastructure must be in place? It will take the organization of a large work force, people manning stations, others responsible for correspondence, still others immediately resolving technical difficulties, dealing with a flood of accurate and inaccurate information, authenticating the information, feeding information to the world’s media and to people across the world who will hunger and thirst to know what in the world is Medjugorje, who Our Lady is, and why She has come to the earth.

The book of Tobit, Chapter 4, Verses 10-11 reads: “…For almsgiving delivers from death and keeps you from entering the darkness and for all who practice it, almsgiving is an excellent offering in tne presence of the Most High…”

Our Lady’s peace plans are not just big, they are huge! Huge in the sense that their magnitude cannot be estimated or calculated until the events She has foretold are in our midst. However, not being able to calculate the fullness of Our Lady’s plans and their magnitude should not keep us from anticipating what we should be doing now, in the time of grace. Thank you. Please consider giving generously for this special plan to collaborate with Our Lady. A Friend of Medjugorje is especially grateful, sends his gratitude and says, ‘Thank you.’

With Love,
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas
On behalf of Medjugorje.com


Helpful Questions and Answers for you.

• How much should I give?


Every conversion builds another conversion. The more moral the body of the culture grows, the more numbers convert. Fund mej.com liberally. What is your future worth, and the future of your children and children’s children?

• Is this an investment?


The greatest investment. We are here on earth to decide where we will spend eternity.

There is nothing that compares to Medjugorje in conversion. Nothing even close. When a good plan, a realistic plan is put forth from Heaven, put your fruits of your labor in it. Why put the fruit of your labor in other causes, that produce less fruit?

• Then why Medjugorje.com?


Because Medjugorje.com V3.0 is the #1 Medjugorje site in the world. Its advancement has no comparison. It was built for now and the future.

• But $200,000 sounds like a lot of money.


Medjugorje.com is the largest resource and information site in the world. It is also tool for many different aspects of implementing Our Lady’s plans for the salvation of the world. Medjugorje.com is backed up with enormous amounts of hard copy materials that support and bring awareness to Medjugorje to people everywhere. An example is the Caritas Billboard Program, “Winds of Change,” which will be seen by millions of people in the next few months. The billboards have large letters spelling out Mej.com that are easily seen, read and retained even when moving past at 70 mph. Mej.com can work in feeding everyone that comes to it. The viewers made newly “Aware of Medjugorje” will find everything they need, through God’s grace, to help them towards conversion. That is only one project. Many simultaneous projects are always in the works in which Mej.com plays a vital role in leading hearts to Our Lady.


• Do you still have questions about the amount?


Because the site is the #1 entry point to Medjugorje and a tool to create awareness for what Our Lady has come to earth to do, we will continue to expand it. The content within this site has brought about conversion for many and serves as an opportunity to reach those that crave to be close to Medjugorje wherever they are. The site of google.com’s budget for its operating expenses was sixty-six million dollars for 2016, and that’s a site that just sends you to other sites. Mej.com requires a team of 70+ on-site and off-site, to continually update, operate and maintain the site. The future of Medjugorje.com v3.0 offers features that will allow Our Lady to reach more people than ever before and will offer many more opportunities to grow in faith and love to those who use it regularly. Our mission and lives are committed to spreading the messages of Our Lady through Medjugorje and this website is a critical component of Caritas of Birmingham being successful at what we have been called to do.


Community of Caritas Project Wave 2017

The Community of Caritas, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 6:00 P.M.

It’s just before dinner and the smell of homemade bread drifts in whenever the door is opened. It’s a fast day and some of the moms and young girls have made homemade bread, while Dads, other Moms, Zias, Zios, youth and grandparents work together with a Friend of Medjugorje in bringing the final details of Mej v3.0 to completion. As with previous projects in the past, there is always great joy and excitement within the Community when we come together, amidst the long hours. Our Lady has shown us in Community the powerful fruit that families who are united can produce. Fruit that will renew generations of families through a way of life, just as a Friend of Medjugorje did in living Her messages in his own family.

Community of Caritas Project Wave 2009

Project WAVE, 2009 – Mej v2.0

To “peer into the site” as one will use it, A Friend of Medjugorje developed this method from the beginning of structuring Mej.com. The features and content of so many websites are often so buried that for the user it is difficult and frustrating to navigate through their sites. This is one way Medjugorje.com is easy to use. It is designed from the user’s perspective and with the user’s goal in mind.

1. This quote by A Friend of Medjugorje was said on May 29, 2017, three days before Our Lady said, “…This time is a turning point…” on June 2, 2017. This is one example of how A Friend of Medjugorje’s cognition with Our Lady prompts him to say things contained in Her message before She says it.

2. 2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on August 25, 1991, “…so that with your help everything I wanted to realize through the secrets I began in Fatima may be fulfilled…”

3. A Friend of Medjugorje’s revealing statement, June 2017 issue of Words of the Harvesters, entitled, “At the Dawn of Our Lady’s Century.” To receive a free copy, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

4. Friend of Medjugorje made this statement on June 1, 2017, prophetically one day before Our Lady’s June 2, 2017 message was given.

The following is the Medjugorje.com budget broken down. We are good stewards of how we manage donations that come to support the work of Our Lady. What you will see below are actual costs from the past year, and the amounts that have carried over into the new year. Included are other costs that will go up once Mej v3.0 is released:

Medjugorje.com’s 2017 Budget


Fiber Optic Lines
Backup Wireless

Communications Costs Total: $14,950.00 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)

Professional Services for Building Platforms, Components and Updating on Medjugorje.com Sites (U.S. Based Company)

Upgrading site to new platform, and adding 9 new features.

Professional Services Costs Total: $59,078.00*

Last year, 2016, we budgeted $20,000 for development on Mej.com. As the Holy Spirit works, and more people began to tell us more of what they were looking for, these development costs went much higher than originally estimated. We have worked with the developers, based in the U.S., to keep the costs down as much as possible. Some of the the development work was done at Caritas, in-house.

Operations Cash Costs

Mejlist™ servers

$2,800 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Medjugorje.com, Worldwide Hosting and DB Servers

$14,000 (Actual Cost based on 2016/2017)


Backup and Other Hosting

$2,670 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)

Mej-mart™ Online Stores

$1,872 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Radio WAVE™ music royalties

$10,500 (Estimate based on past costs.)


Music Production and Composing


(A first-class production like Remember When It Rained? or Between heaven and Earth, costs thousands of dollars apiece. Over the past 30 years, we have forged many working relationships with the top people in the industry, and produce much of the work ourselves, which brings costs down much lower that what they should be.)


Maintenance/Equipment for Radio WAVE™ studios


(Major upgrades have happened this year, which allow us to broadcast on-site, and many other features to be released. Caritas’ Prepress department provides much of the working space for Medjugorje.com, which if we had to rent, would cost around $72,000 annually. This cost is covered under the umbrella of Caritas of Birmingham’s normal operating costs and is not factored into the Medjugorje.com budget.)


Professional Services for Radio WAVE

$14,550 (Major feature to be released, that requires upfront funding.)

Domain services



24 Hour Security Monitoring

$1,200 (Actual Cost based on 2016)


Third Party Technical Support

$2500 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Security certificates

$350 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Broadcast Streaming Fees


These broadcast fees above, could easily cost $2,800 – $3,000 a month, but because we shop around for pricing and look for the best companies, and we have continued to work with our broadcast provider for the past 9 years, they have worked with us to deliver the best service for the cost. The companies we work with also maintains major companies like Delta, Volkswagen, AT&T and Discovery. Medjugorje, and the plans of Our Lady, deserve at the very least, what the best companies in the industry would use.


Software Costs

$500 (Actual Cost based on 2016)

Operation Costs Total: $185,470.00

Promotion Advertisement

We advertise for the purpose of introducing Medjugorje to as many new people as possible, who otherwise would never hear of Medjugorje. Internet search topics such as: Divorce, depression, family life, the economy among many other search subjects, lead people, through Medjugorje.com advertisements, to Our Lady’s messages and to the answers that bring healing and help. Thereby, through their struggles and crisis, people of all cultures are being introduced to Our Lady and Medjugorje. The more money we have for this, the more people are introduced to Our Lady. We hear from countless people who tell us that they found the site by chance, or in a moment of desperation, etc. and their life has been changed. To break out of the barriers and into areas where people need it most, this advertising budget is pathetic at best. According to national standards of sites as large as Medjugorje.com, to promote online, in major newspapers, billboards, national radio commercials, etc. would be more along the lines of 6 figures annually.

Audio Productions and Promotions of Medjugorje
Prayer events promotions
Medjugorje pilgrimage promotions

Promotion Advertisement Total: $18,250.00 (Actual Cost based on 2015)

G & A (General Administration/Insurance)

G&A/Insurance Total: $3,000.00

TOTAL COSTS: $206,720.00

Backup Power Systems:

Backup Power System: $50,000.00 – $75,000.00

This estimate is based upon a system that would service something as large as Medjugorje.com. We are actively working on designing and installing a system which would do this. This is a cost above and beyond the operating budget of Medjugorje.com. We are hoping to absorb some of this cost with any extra funds which may come in. This is not a small investment, but a major part of preparing for the time of the Great Evangelization.

Reality Cost:

For a site as large as Medjugorje.com, to staff 13 on-site professionals, not including off-site professionals, and without including normal operating costs would, according to National Standards from the Occupational Network be: $1,020,570 a year. This is not an exaggerated figure, but based upon National Standards for professionals who would do the work that the Community of Caritas does as missionaries. Realistic costs, including the above annual budgets, would, for a site as large as Medjugorje.com cost:
Reality Cost: $1,274,590.00 – $1,299,590.00



Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

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