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Under the Guise of Darkness… In the Early Morning of August 2, 2021…

Under the Guise of Darkness… In the Early Morning of August 2, 2021…

by a Friend of Medjugorje

Updated August 4, 2021 7:46 PM


Our Lady at 2:00 A.M., 40 years ago, told Marija to go to the Gumno, the place of the separation of the wheat and the chaff. Everyone present knelt down. When Our Lady appeared, those gathered formed two lines in front of Our Lady. Each person touched Our Lady’s gown. Our Lady’s gown began to turn black from those who were in mortal sin. After the apparition, they were told to go to Confession.


After all present had touched  Our Lady’s gown, Our Lady gave an incredible declaration of war between heaven and hell. Our Lady said:


August 2, 1981


“…A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


From August 2, 1981, 40 years to the date, today, August 2, 2021, as it happened 40 years ago, in the darkness of night, satan shows his ugly face.


In the early morning veil of darkness, Community of Caritas members going to 5:00 AM prayer in the Field, could faintly see as they approached, the statue of Our Lady had been desecrated with toilet paper.


We know it is not by chance that whoever did this, satan inspired them to do it, in the dark of night, on this day of August 2nd, the day that represents a great struggle between Our Lady’s Son and satan.


While this is desecration, it is also a sign of the importance of this place of conversion at Caritas. This place that Our Lady has marked by Her appearances, where conversions are still happening daily.


It shows the prominence these grounds hold in the “great struggle” that has unfolded the past 40 years. This place Our Lady has marked with one foot (Her other foot marking Medjugorje) to crush satan is becoming more and more known as a place for great graces of conversion.


We see on this day the manifestation of satan’s actions. This place has to be defended by prayer. So we ask you to always keep Our Lady’s place here in your prayers. This is not the first attack and it will not be the last.


Pray also daily for the land around the Cross. We are in a great struggle to acquire it. Acquiring this land, as well, won’t happen without your prayers and offering of your communions, fasting, sacrifices etc.


Below are pictures of what we were met with this morning. ↓


With Love From These Grounds,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


Be sure to see the segment that CBS 42 in Birmingham did on this. View it here.


 The World is in its Death ThroesThe World is in its Death ThroesThe World is in its Death ThroesThe World is in its Death ThroesThe World is in its Death Throes


On this ground, we will be celebrating Our Lady’s 2,037th  birthday, Thursday,  August 5th.

The eve, August 4th, we will be praying the Marian Mysteries of the Rosary in the Field of Apparitions at 7:00 P.M.

Make a spontaneous decision to come to pray the Marian Mysteries on August 4th and stay the following day, August 5th, for Rosary and to honor Our Lady’s apparition time, on Her birthday, in this, the 40th year of Her apparitions.

It was on this spot, that a Friend of Medjugorje organized the first public celebration in the history of the world on Our Lady’s birthday, August 5. Hundreds of people were present August 5, 2005. There were miracles witnessed by those gathered associated with this first celebration. Marija was present. At apparition time, when Our Lady appeared, a violent storm with hail came out of nowhere. No one doubted it was a supernatural event.

The story was put together with real clips on that day in an audio named, “Remember When It Rained.”

Listen to this audio now, then gather your family, friends and prayer groups together on the evening of August 4th or in preparation for apparition time, August 5th and pray the Marian Mysteries of the Rosary.


The Field of Apparitions, August 2, 2021, Caritas of Birmingham, Alabama


Statue in the Field Desecrated Aug. 2, 2021

Statue in the Field Desecrated Aug. 2, 2021

Statue in the Field Desecrated Aug. 2, 2021

Statue in the Field Desecrated Aug. 2, 2021


If you missed it, be sure to see the segment that CBS 42 in Birmingham did on this. View it here.



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82 thoughts on “Under the Guise of Darkness… In the Early Morning of August 2, 2021…”

  1. City: Miami
    State: FL
    Country: United States
    I saw this headline yesterday during lunchtime, read the info and the posts, and haven’t been the same since then. My heart sank to see the desecration of Our Lady and also the alter table at this holy site. Tears just well up each time I think of the images from the photos taken. My drive home from work was filled with sobbing and sorrow and apologies and pleas to Our Lady about this horrible act. Dear Lady, Dear Lady, Dear Lady, please look down on us and pray for us to find it in our hearts to pray for change in the hearts of those responsible for this disgraceful act. Our Holy Mother was one of the first to learn the Lord’s Prayer, where we are taught “forgive us our trespasses…as we forgive those who trespass against us”. It is a lesson that is sometimes hard to implement. Since She learned this from Her Son, I will try to do the same. I’m just heartbroken that the trespass was against Her. Today I was able to see the tv coverage attached to this message. I realized, somehow, this devastating and dreadful act that is crushing our hearts, may have had one thing come from it to bring more souls to Our Lady. Those who may not have known about Caritas may have seen the report. It may have inspired them to pray or even to consider coming to this blessed place.! I will continue praying and fasting for the acquisition of the lands at/around the cross and for all of the beautiful people at the Caritas Community for protection and grace. This is truly a sacred place…

  2. City: STAMFORD
    State: Connecticut
    Country: United States
    Clearly, Our sweet Blessed Mother is WINNING! Otherwise, this would have not happened. Satan always let’s us know when he is losing – he will show us with acts such as these. And we respond with praying more rosaries!

    1. City: STAMFORD
      State: Connecticut
      Country: United States
      ps: Let us recall Her last message about Pagans and how we must show our love; and be generous with our love; and to show how we belong to the Blessed Mother – which in turn will help to bring about the conversion of their hearts through Her Heart. Clearly, these are the very Pagans She speaks of – throughout our country and our world. So, let us pray for the Pagans who vandalized this beautiful statue of Our Lady – may we see them one day kneeling before this statue in prayer and love for Her and Her Son, Our Glorious Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. City: Bues
    State: South West region
    Country: Cameroon
    This incident of malicious act pains my heart. The heart of a man is
    Indeed desperately Wicked. Just that Christ came for the sinners if not, this wicked individual would have been cursed.

  4. City: Saint Paul
    State: Minnesota
    Country: United States
    We live in a broken world. Our Lady offers us the solution–PRAYER. In God’s time, He will act. This incident reminds of the time we had a reason to circle Our Lady’s statue on our knees in reparation. Thanks for your faithfulness in all you do!

  5. Sadly we see in the world much disregard for anything sacred. We also see disrespect of law and proper conduct. This act of vandalism was done by the ignorant who seem to be in great numbers these days.
    Hopefully, they will see the light, ask for forgiveness, and be responsible in the future. The Blessed Virgin Mary deserves the respect of all. She knows that many have come to love her and through her Jesus.

  6. Truly another Gumno moment with such a stark contrast to the honor, reverence & celebration happening simultaneously in Medjugorje at the Youth Festival, but personally horrified & heartbroken that this desecration would occur “on our turf”. Indeed, “What has become of us, Father?” 🙁

  7. Who could have done such a thing! For shame on them. Dear Lord, Forgive them for they know not what they do and on your hallowed ground no less. Terrible tragedy for the Caritas Community. Maybe you need a camera there so this will not happen again.

  8. Our Heavenly Mother has been by my side for years! It has truly been a blessing to have her with me and my family, even when we took her for granted at times. She still shows us her incredible love and patience as we find our way back to her, as well as her Son Jesus.
    The experiences I could share only attest to her presence here with us. How much she loves each and everyone of her children. The tears she sheds are for those who have fallen astray, asleep or otherwise don’t know either Mary or Jesus. Unfortunately there are many who choose other things over her; Money, possessions, jobs etc..
    Our Heavenly Mother will Always be there for us! Talk to her like she is truly right beside you! Ask her questions, tell her how your day went, tell her your problems. She’ll help you more than you ever could possibly imagine.
    God bless all, peace be with all. Amen

    1. What happened to the centurion who thrust the lance through our Blessed Lord’s side as his limp and lifeless body hung from the cross?
      We must pray those who did this, that they receive the same grace. I think they’ll be Saints in Heaven, and at a higher level than me. I’d be eternally happy just to get there and shine everyone else’s shoes!

  9. santos gonzales

    It’s still very hard to believe all the evil that still exists in our beautiful country. This biden administration has brought nothing but evil to the government of this country and the people in it. I am very disappointed at our shepherds who fail to educate the people that it’s a sin to support those that support evil against GOD. I am sad for family that can’t see that because they never ick up the Holy Bible.

  10. Felicita Rozario

    Mama Mary bless those who persecute you/the world save them from their sins for this outrageous act of cruelty, to lead a life of truth/respect to Jesus/St. Joseph/You. May the evil in those persons who committed the act leave them to a closer walk to thee they get rewarded for this injustice.
    We love you Mama Mary do continue to bless me, my daughter & family, all family members with peace/love/compassion/mercy giving Jesus first place in our lives with your intercession! Amen!

  11. What is truly a blessing is to see all the Caritus community friends not only speak out against this abominable and disgraceful act of desecration towards our Blessed Mother and God himself but praying for those who committed this act. This is what our dear Mother wants us to do and what repulses Satan. As Jesus said on the cross, they know not what they do. Let’s all keep praying hard. As our beautiful Mother has said, there is still much hope in prayer.

  12. Toilet paper is nothing compared to the power of Our Lady’s heel! I pray for those who did this! And I pray for for Casitas. Her mantle surrounds you and there is no power on earth that can harm you against God’s Will and plan. They who tread on Our Lady’s grounds…may you be graced by the power of Her Love, the power of Her Spouse, and the amazing love of Her Son!

  13. How ironic, a symbol of bondage surrounding our Lady. The evil one is soon to be bound with the countless links of rosaries offered for the conversion of sinners. Those responsible for this offense are among those for whom these prayers are offered. His time is short; his defeat is certain, and he knows it.
    “Queen of Peace”…daughter of the Divine…”This is your time” Amen!

  14. Yes I agree with the many medjugorje supporters who have indicated that this horrific mindset of those who carry out these acts of severe disrespect, are very disturbed and troubled individuals.
    As Christ has said, we need to love those who persecute us. Jesus Himself had no better treatment when He walked this earth over two thousand years ago. He prayed for His adversaries and asked His Father to forgive them as “they know not what they do”. Lord , God in Heaven, we ask You to have mercy on these souls who chose to persecute and desecrate Your precious Mother’s statue and the sacred surroundings.
    Please ready all of us for Your soon coming return. We love You Jesus.♥️ We love You Mary.♥️

    Linda B. :).
    Bless you all at Caritas! We love you too!♥️ Keep up the amazing good work you all do.

  15. Margarita Clements

    My heart is broken…I will pray for forgiveness from Our Lady for this horrific evil act, and for Our Lady to defend us from evil and keep us safe. Amen 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Teresa. Pileggi


  17. It is an act of hatred coming from the evil one as he sees the fruits of this holy ground and he cannot bare it.
    Our lady asked us to pray for freedom as satan chaining lots of her children.
    So we pray for the conversion of all pagans in the world especially of those who touched our Lady Statue with their dark hands that her motherly love will cleanse them and free them from the chain of satan.

  18. Blessed Mother- I am sorry that your children hurt you. I ask that we who know and love Our Lady, can offer a prayer for whoever was responsible for this act- for their conversion- so that in the end this soul will belong to Her. Also to storm heaven for even more souls to be converted by this Holy living grounds of grace. What a beautiful birthday gift for Her!

  19. So sorry Mother Mary . This put so much saddness in my heart. I will pray for these people who did this. Like Jesus said forgive them for they do not know what they do. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary.

  20. We certainly pray for those who are under satan’s influence who are impelled to do this.

    On a lighter note, I find it fascinating that there was a hailstorm during the first public celebration of Our Lady’s birthday (at least on August 5th). According to Maria Valtorta’s visions in “Poem of the Man-God”, the weather also turned violent around the time of Our Lady’s birth 2,037 years ago. Coincidence…?

  21. This way of desecration looks as an idiotic act. Humans must understand that fools do such things. People have to be convinced that Lord
    Jesus is the ultimate power. He could be a in human flesh & can change immediately to non flesh( just only a see through image). No person in this universe could do that. Our Blessed Mother is also granted the same power by our Lord. Any paramount genius even cannot define how it happens. Jesus is capable of changing the universal scientific laws which any scientist cannot define up to date.
    I am from Sri Lanka, a country full of atheists. They ridicule Christianity as a myth.One day a person has come with a sword & cut off the neck of our Lady’s statue while abusing her in public here. What has happened after that incident? His whole family was destroyed along with who
    ridiculed our Blessed Mother. Those who desecrate our Lord & Lady will end up in a fierce disaster. It is a definite thing. There will be NO MERCY for any personnel who collaborate for such things. My intention is the complete annihilation of the whole kith & kin of such people.

    1. ron butterworth

      Let God be the one to annihilate these people Irenaeus, it is for us to pray for them. God Bless, ron b

  22. mary jane hudspeth

    Please ask a preist to bless the grounds of caritas and the aera where the statue of our Blessed Mother is. I pray for the conversion of the people who did this. I am glad the statue was not broken.

  23. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! FOR OUR ENEMIES AND THOSE WHO PERSECUTE US. It is Our Lady’s request that we pray as her Son did for his enemies. Do not blame anyone but the evil one. Pray that his hold on them will be vanquished. Pray for the salvation of souls!
    Prison Penitentiary Chaplain

    1. Dear Rev.Deacon,
      Your idea is welcomed. Those who desecrate, do intentionally. Such acts are a jolly good things for them. They sing & dance after doing such
      barbaric things. Complete annihilation on them should befall. All their families will see the complete destruction. Our Lord will punish them severely. Our Blessed Mother told St.Bernadette to inform the leaders to build a church in honour of Our Mother Mary the most pure. The church after reluctance anyway obeyed her. Why? they realised the immense power vested by God in her.
      an e.g.- In 1957, in Sri Lanka a Buddhist monk wrote a small book defaming our BVM. in a very bad way. Our late Thomas Cardinal Cooray
      went in front of the statue and cried for the sin committed by these idiotic sinners. In 1958, all collaborators were miraculously killed.
      We Catholics saw the ultimate power of our BVM. All collaborators both political & religious were completely destroyed in 1958.
      NO SOUL will survive after challenging the Divinity of Our Lord & Blessed Mother. This is the ultimate truth forever.

    2. Your message is the same one God has put in my heart lately. I feel the Holy Spirit and all the angles getting closer and closer to us. I feel the inner calling lately more so. I willbe praying for those who are forgotten. Amen.

  24. I am praying for those who desecrated Our Lady’s statue to experience a profound conversion experience…..through Our Lady’s intercession..
    and that they will ‘come to know the love of God’ …..
    To Jesus, through Mary, and St Joseph

    1. Michael John Hebert

      Dear Holy Mother, forgive Me. When I was a Child, I did something offensive to Your Church, which only You, Our Heavenly Father, and Son know about, but it was all those Faithful, who never lost Love or gave up praying for me, all of these years, which finally brought me to the Conversion, I continue to have before Thee now. I offer Foregiveness, to the culprits of this act, asking only, that Your Incredible Son, through the Immense Grace, He has before Him, to Bless Those Who Did This, with an abundance of Love, from Any Group Of Catholics, to Reconcile Their Heart sometime in the Future, when You best see fit. Dear Lord, bring them into the Fold of Your Wonderful Church. In Faith, My Heart Sees this as already done, as I know Your Mother’s hand was always on my shoulder, in love, even though I did my wrong, so many, many years ago. Perhaps they as well will recognize some day that they are a Great Debtor, to Our Lord as well, and seek to provide reparations in Love to You, Holy Mother and the entire Holy Family as well. Thank You Lord, for not striking me down, those many years ago, and thank You for allowing these individuals the same Repose, knowing You could have protected the statue. had you but chose !

      1. Michael,
        What beautiful, humbling testimony to forgiveness, faith and mercy you give here! You are a true child of Mary and reading this today was just what I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  25. Stephen Williams

    Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do! I’m so sorry to see this vandalism to a sacred statue. But so grateful that no permanent damage was done to Our Holy Lady’s statue.

  26. Ready for Our Lady to crush the head of the serpent with her heel! It’s so dark, I don’t even recognize the darkness anymore. My eyes are dialated and I have grown accustomed to it. So sad!! I pray and grope in this darkness to find the light.

  27. Dr. Tom Calhoun

    This individual, or these individuals, are crying out for our prayers, to help them escape the grip of satan.
    Saint Joseph, please help us.
    Thank U!
    Dr. Tom Calhoun
    Washington DC

  28. So sorry to read about this. I wonder if you have security cameras. If not, I would suggest getting some and putting them high
    in the trees and all around your property and post that this ground is sacred and also being monitored. Anyone caught doing any
    destruction will answer not only to the Mother of God and her Son, but to all Caritas members and the local authorities. Fines will
    double here on earth, and we don’t want to even guess what they will be in the next life, when it won’t be easy to explain destruction,
    vandalism, and absolute plain stupidity on one’s part in this action. We pray for conversion of all the guilty and we pray nothing like
    this ever happens again. For 40 years Moses and the Israelites wandered in the desert. For 40 years we have been wandering under
    Mother Mary’s protection. Let’s not waste the opportunity now to do something good and turn this evil into a grace and an opportunity
    to let others know, our Mother’s Immaculate Heart will soon triumph and Jesus will come back to save us all, if we want to be saved. AMEN

  29. Without Love, they have no peace
    Without Peace, they have no hope
    Without Hope, they have no direction
    Without Direction, they panic buy more toilet paper
    With toilet paper, they think they are protected
    Until Satan takes their toilet paper money away, they are fools, rejecting the Love from Our Lady

  30. Diana Arceneaux

    It is a sad world and evil place, that someone actually did this horrific act against the Mother of God who is continuing to pray for all of us, her children on earth. The ones who did this is truly evil and is need of prayers. Holy Blessed Virgin Mary have mercy on them and on the whole world!!!

  31. Armel Valenzuela

    I am seeing the works of satan in the world becoming more aggressive now. I am sad to see that this is now coming to Our Lady’s statue at Caritas . We need to pray harder and beg for forgiveness even for those souls that are doing this evil.

  32. Strange coincidence with what Church Militant posted today. I’m pretty tough, having followed these “revelations” for years, but the Vortex this morning made me cry. I couldn’t hold back the tears. The Heart of Jesus must be torn to shreds by his clergy. https://www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-homo-roma And now we know where “Mister” McCarrick has been hiding, in a Church facility. https://www.complicitclergy.com/2021/07/30/why-is-a-catholic-institution-sheltering-a-laicized-serial-sexual-abuser/ He’s been kept there to prevent the laity from asking him questions. The Paraclete founder was a holy man. His comments in the article are gut-wrenching.

  33. Very sad to see this mother, s statu covered with toilet tissue. Hply mother forgive them those did such kind of work.
    They don’t know what they are doing not only the mother. They insult her Son and the whole Catholic believe. God will forgive them the hetread people one thry turn back in believe s

  34. Seeing our blessed Mother in these photos turns my stomach,breaks my heart. Mary has answered my prayers so often l have not a doubt she lives among us. satan has taken hold of many souls, my comfort is knowing She wins. My prayers will hopefully dry Her tears.

  35. How cruel that this desecration of Our Blessed Mother should happen. I will pray for the community and your intentions . I’m so sorry to see such a beautiful place being attacked. Our Blessed Mother and Her Beloved Son will be victorious. HAIL MARY, MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN.

  36. This is just so offencive to Our Lady! My prayers are with the Community of Caritas for this tragedy, my love and prayers to all.

    1. Gwendolyn Park

      I’m so very sorry Blessed Mother. It break’s my heart to see that someone could do this. I pray for the one who has done this to our Blessed Mother. Only through prayers and You and our Mother can the world change. I love you Mother and Jesus! Please have Mercy.

  37. Although this is very upsetting, I am truly grateful that the vandals ONLY used toilet paper, which is easily cleaned up. I would have liked to have been there to help with the clean up, and praying rosaries of reparation. I will offer tonight’s family rosary for the conversion of those misled people, who have not yet come to know the love of God! Praise be the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary!


  39. Janice Reina Cerda

    I woke up at approximately 2:30 a.m. this morning about the same time of this incident. Wide Awake, I got out of bed and prayed for conversions and for our unborn…nothing surprises me any more.

    We must stand together while keeping our eyes on Jesus. Youth, Childlike, remain focused on the “Medjugorje Olympics of the Spiritual World!” – a RACE for GRACE!!!
    -Gotta Go on my Rosary Run now it’s 3:00 p.m. 🏃🏻‍♀️ Godspeed!

  40. Yes, it’s troubling and disrespectful that someone would apparently sneak onto the grounds to do something like that. But it could have been so much worse, and thank God it wasn’t!

  41. I will pray rosaries for you my Holy Mother. I shall pray for satin to be defeated every which way he can be. I love you and your wonderful Son. As always, Connie Spencer.

  42. It hurts me, dearest Mother for all you and your Son suffered when you walked this earth and what you both still suffer today. The sad indifference to the love and mercy and compassion you and dear Jesus offer pains my heart and soul. We pray these unrepentant sinners will be converted before it’s too late!,
    Mother Mary, Dearest Jesus be with always.🙏🏻🗡💕
    Margaret S. Boiteaux. Prairieville, Louisiana

  43. Sharon Semtner

    Thank you Caritas community, for your strong strength we are so lacking in. I fear we I think of not having you to encourage, s scold & lift us up, even hold us up from afar.
    Please, please continue to pray fir us and our Nation, people are so fearful right now.
    I pray for strenght as we rebuild our rural Parish after the issue I have talked written about to you earlier. Things, I pray, will continue to improve here.

  44. Well we have seen what the people of our country have done to our churches this is not really surprising. The people of this nation are showing us what they think of God and our Mother Mary and anything that is holy. This movement has to be stopped. Let’s keep praying, doing our part and helping to bring others closer to God.

    1. Hanoria (Nora) GINTY

      I am really saddened to see Our Blessed Mother Mary treated like this. Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us.

  45. The first words out of my mouth were “ I’m so sorry Blessed Mother”. A great sorrow fell over me. What a pity and a great shame Mary continues to endure such sorrow.

  46. Jennifer D'Cunha

    It is so sad to see the desecration of Our dear Mothers statue. I pray for the repentance and conversion of the one who did it. May Mary be Mother to us all.

  47. Andrea Hickman

    Sad to see this done. I agree with all we need our Lord now. I tremble to think that it could get worse then it is.

  48. Let us pray for our enemies! May their hearts be changed, repent, find wisdom and understanding. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle! Thank you Blessed Mother.

  49. Darlene Gaspar

    Very painful to look at these pictures of Our Lady’s statue desecrated. Our Blessed Mother has to put up with so much. I am praying for an end to this type of behavior. Blessed art thou among women.

    1. I am disgusted to see this desicration! Mary has been my rock since I was teenager & I know she is with me every day. Please God help us!

  50. Patricia Steele

    What a situation we are all in. Where would we be without prayer, hope & trust that all will be well.

    1. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the Power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

  51. Its so sad to see this happening to Our Blessed Mother and to Our Lord. Breaks my heart. Everyday somewhere in the world they are attacked, Pray and fast.

  52. My Spirit & heart are broken to see the ugliness of the enemy, prayers for Caritas of Birmingham and prayers for the land around the cross. Mother I’m so sorry that not everybody loves you or see’s you as the beautiful Mother that you are you have been so misjudged. I love you soo much!!

  53. Dear Lady,
    We are so distressed by some sick soul who would do this to your lovely and sacred statue and place. We promise to pray that Satan be stopped in his efforts to destroy us. We adore and pray to your sacred heart.

  54. I have a sadness in my heart for our Lady and Her Blessed Son in this scene above. I pray for the conversion of hearts in the world and I pray for the Sanctity of this site.

    1. Jacqueline Kania

      My heart is torn asynder by this horrific act of violence against such goodness and holiness for us all.

      Thank your Dear Lord and Mother Mary for your forgiving Divine natures. God be Praised for All the Beauty of His Glorious World!

      I will make it my personal mission to help pray through this process of
      Rebuilding the Courage of Our Faithful Family of Loving Hearts. We
      BEHAVIOR. I Am So very sorry Dear
      Mother Mary. You do NOT deserve
      this type of ugliness toward your Loving Kindness. Please forgive whoever is responsible. They know not what they did. Love, Jackie❤️🙏

  55. Mary W. Alabaster, AL

    It’s a sad day when Our Lady is attacked on this field of apparitions and rosaries. I’m so sorry. Evil seems to be getting closer every day. I will definitely pray to St. Michael to protect Our Lady’s statue and community.

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