To Those Whose Hearts are Pointed to Our Lady at Caritas These Days

To Those Whose Hearts are Pointed to Our Lady at Caritas These Days


Last night’s apparition was very powerful for those in the Bedroom when Our Lady appeared, and many in the Field told us the same.

We have been very touched by the outpouring of feedbacks being sent from around the world by those of you who are closely following the events of Our Lady’s apparitions here. To know that there are multitudes of hearts from around the world who are praying for greater graces to be attached to these Five Days of Prayer is truly inspiring. At our morning gathering time, we have read aloud some of your feedbacks to the pilgrims who have been blessed to attend these apparitions of Our Lady. They also have been very touched to know you have been praying for all of them. It has encouraged all those present here to remember all those who couldn’t be here in their prayers as well. So many of the flowers and candles that are adorning the sites where Our Lady is appearing have come from you, who couldn’t attend this Caritas event. Please know your intentions are being remembered to Our Lady in all the apparitions, and throughout our daily prayers. (You can still send written petitions to be placed directly in Our Lady’s presence.)

pilgrim praying in the field of apparitions

Our Lady gave to us a beautiful story to share with you, that will assure you that She also is hearing your prayers from this sacred place of Her apparitions. On the first day of the apparitions here, March 19, we met a young woman who was formally from Africa, but is now living in the States. She and her companion, while driving to Caritas that first morning, were stunned to see the sun dancing, with a multitude of colors shooting out from all directions. They had heard of the sun dancing by others who have gone to Medjugorje, but had never experienced anything like this themselves. They wanted to speak to someone who could confirm to them that what they had witnessed was this special phenomenon associated with Medjugorje. In the course of our conversion, the girl told us that her sister, who still lives in Africa, contacted her a couple of days ago. Her sister has a child who is very ill with a future that is not certain. On the phone her sister told her that she had just had a dream. In the dream the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her and said to her, “Wait until after March 19th.” Nothing else was said and the dream ended. The sister in Africa did not know that her sister in the United States was attending an event in which the Virgin Mary would be appearing to one of the Medjugorje visionaries, and that the event began on March 19th. Tears came to the girl’s eyes as she relayed this story to us. The dancing sun that they had witnessed on the morning of March 19th was an added sign to increase their hope in God’s intervention.

Later that same day, as the time of Our Lady’s apparition grew nearer, a few community members were sent out to the Field to randomly choose, out of the several thousand pilgrims that were gathered, a dozen or so pilgrims who were invited to attend the apparition in the Bedroom. One community member approached the young women above, without knowing her story and the story of her sister. Immediately upon hearing the invitation, she began to cry. There could be no doubt that Our Lady was orchestrating these events. After the apparition in the Bedroom, the girl, still very moved, told Marija her story. “Wait until after March 19th.” We hope to one day hear what manifested in the lives of these two sisters and the child for whom the two were praying for.

We have received feedbacks from India, Norway, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Malta, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Belize, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Philippines, and other countries everyday, as well as from many of the states of our own nation. Know that Our Lady sees you, is hearing your prayers, is praying for you, and is sending blessings of grace and healing from Her apparitions here, to you who have united your hearts to Hers in following the daily events of Her time at Caritas.

pilgrim praying in the field of apparitions

Sometimes, Our Lady allows us to learn of a story, such as the two sisters from Africa above, in order to press upon all of our hearts that She is truly present to everyone who is praying to Her and who have put their trust in Her, even if you were not able to attend these apparitions, or do not see a way of ever being able to go to Medjugorje. Be united in prayer at the moment Our Lady appears tonight in the Field. We share this story to give you greater confidence that all of you who are watching these events from afar, and are participating through joining your prayers and sacrifices to ours in the Bedroom and the Field, that Our Lady sees also your hearts here, and is hearing your intentions. She is the Good Mother who wishes to comfort also those of Her children who long to be near to Her, but who could not be here physically for these special days of grace at Caritas, or are unable to go to Medjugorje. May this knowledge bring you joy and peace, and know that you are in our prayers as well.




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38 thoughts on “To Those Whose Hearts are Pointed to Our Lady at Caritas These Days”

  1. Thank you for inviting us to your home in march it was great to meet you all. But I have to tell you what happened the last day . remember it was cloudy and ready to storm . Well when every one was saying the rosary 10 eagles flew over us to the house just as the apperation was aboout to start , went into a circle over the house , and a piece of blue sky appered . when the apperation ended they flew off. My girls were so amazed they told everyone here at home. Thankyou and our prayers are with y

  2. Dear Caritas, I came early Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th, curious and annixous. Peace and a new zeal for Fasting has followed me home. Peace came through the togetherness, prayer, and presence on the grounds with fellow faith seekers. Fasting, because of Maria’s story of her mother’s comment, “Mother Mary said, bread and water, not bread and tea!” for Wednesday and Friday’s Fast’. I too, had drank tea! Joy fills my soul to follow Our Lady’s direction better in honor of our Savior.

  3. Mary Musselwhite

    God Keep you in the Palm of His Hand ! Thank You for keeping us in touch w/ Caritas these past weeks ! I look forward to reading all the messages Our Dear Mother gives to us and am trying hard to be Obeident to Gods Will, Please Pray for the conversion of my family and all the souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them especially our Clergy! Peace,Love and Prayers Mary M. SFO

  4. Edwin De Castro

    Thank you Caritas of Birmingham for sharing the Virgin Mary’s words and Her details with those of us reading and contemplating Her words and messages through your website.

  5. virginia miles

    thank you for all of the messages from around the world. OUR LADY will surely bring peace to the world. God bless all of you at Caritas for all that you do. Field Angel VIRGINIA MILES


  7. arockia nirmala

    thanks for updating with articles.still one more request please please show your local time always,let it run so that we can also join you.

  8. laarni g. demot

    I’m very very happy to read the updates you are sharing everyday to us who are not able to go there. I also share it to my family and friends. Thank you very much CARITAS….i really appreciate everything. May the good LORD through the intercession of MAMA MARY bless you all.Thank you MAMA MARY for everything. To GOD be the Glory!

  9. I so have appreciated reading the updates each day of what is going on for all of you present, however, I have been in prayer to be united with you all spiritually. I did the fast on bread and water and it was truly a gift to be able to do it! I sent my petition and know it was heard. Thank you all for your fervent prayer and perseverance to our Lady! Blessings…

  10. Thank you for the updates you have been posting. I look forward to reading these and really appreciate it. My family and I have been to Caritas two times before, during the apparations. Health problems prevented me from attending this year, but I was there in spirit. We did put the bumper stickers on our cars, giving the web site and the dates. What a beautiful picture of Our Lady !

  11. Anabelle Thomas

    I read the article. Although there are many things to understand, I only know that Our Lady is visiting us also in America.

  12. Praised be Jesus and Mary! I saw this everytime I read the news from Birmingham and Our Lady appearing. I didn’t think to write anything until now. I didn’t see the beautiful moon rise because it was cloudy, but I still looked. The next night around midnight I went outside for my dog’s sake and looked for the moon. It did come out and it was jumping around in a little spot that had cleared. Oh, my joy was so great. Thank you dear Mother. I know you are here with me too.

  13. I almost jumpted in my car several times and drove the 4-5 hrs to be there,knowing however i had but a few dollars in my pocket,i did not take the leap of faith!However, I did pray with you and for all of you and will continue to do so. Thank you for this website-up dating all of us who can not be present.Thank you for every thing you do!may God continue to bless you!

  14. we received unexpected funds. I hoped to attend at this time but was moved to pay our debts instead of incurrring the expense for travel etc. My heart and prayers are with you and I’m so happy that you are praying for us. I thank you for your love.

  15. Thank you for writing this article. I was not able to attend and was very dissappointed. It was heartwarming to be reminded that our prayers are heard no matter where we are.

  16. Mama Mary just loves everyone especially those who loves her Son. I love her and Jesus so much and I know I will meet them when the time comes.

  17. Thanks to the Caritas for comming together to form this family ; mother mary is real and she will always be this updateds are encouraging and moving us to get closure and use our life time properly in prayer .thanks for this powerful evagelisation of christ and christs and our mother our hope. Gods Blessings to you and those in company with you .

  18. Cathy Faulkner

    God Bless you for all the hard work you do for Our Lady and the salvation of the world! Peace and Love is what you bring to this unpeaceful world.

  19. May Christ’s Kingdom come-In our Hearts Through Mother Mary. I am greatly moved by the story of the woman from Africa.. I am really now confident that our loving mother is present in Caritas and also with us whereever we are.God Bless you for all you are doing. Thanks alot

  20. I look forward to logging on to Mej.com everyday to read whats happening there. It sounds like a wonderful time to have Marija there and Our Lady present in your bedroom/field. Keep up your great work and updates..!! Cheers, Dan

  21. I’m very glad to hear all these news from Caritas and knowing that our Lady sees our heart and hears our intentions even if we can’t go there. Thank you community of Caritas

  22. Thank you so much for your on-going updates on Our Lady’s apparations at Caritas. I was there in 2000 when She appeared on your site. I have desired to be there many times that she has come, but was not there,. Your words that we (my family) are united to Mary & the pilgrims in your prayers is a blessing to me. I love Our Lady, but I accept as a sacrifice that I cannot be there and offer it for Her intentions & yours. Thanks for your prayers. I did the 9 day fast and will fast again this wk.

  23. Thank you, I had hoped for a message like this, to know that our prayers are being heard from wherever we might be that couldn’t be physically present at Caritas. Tears are rolling down my face knowing that we are not forgotten. Thank you, Mother Mary.

  24. When reading your message after the apparition in the bedroom, just hearing what happened to the sisters, and those others present brought tears to my eyes. I could barely continue reading, knowing so badly that I wanted to come but my husband said with my health, we could not. Thank you so much for telling those of us at home that we are still included…I know you made a generalized comment, but I truely felt that Our Lady would see Dan & I here at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  25. William Schwartz

    Our family received wonderful news this afternoon. My brother’s fractured neck has healed sufficiently that the steel halo with posts screwed into his skull can now removed. Thank you Caritas for your prayers for him these last many weeks. Thank you Mary Mother of God for delivering this great grace while here with us in the Bedroom and Field. There can be no accident in the timing!

  26. Hi, Thank you very much for all your works, I was able to follow Mum Mary’s messages. I’m praying with you every 6pm to 7pm every day since March 19. I feel different while praying silently in my room on this hour. Tears falls from my eyes when about 6:40 and I can’t help it. This never happened before when I’m praying the rosary.

  27. Friend of Megugorie, Thank you for letting us all know of this information. It is so good to hear these words. I pray for the child in Africa.

  28. Josie Gonzalez

    I was unable to go to Caritas this year so I asked Mother Mary if I could receive the same blessings and gifts that the people present would receive. On Fri. & Sat I saw the sun dance. Saturday was my feast day (St. Joseph). I did not see it on Sunday because it was raining. Thank You Mama Mary. God bless you all!!!

  29. Thank you Caritas for including those of us who ardently desired to attend this holy event and to you, Madrecita, for blessing us as though we were there. May God be praised at every moment! Kisses to you my Jesus.

  30. Hello, I am having chills and goosebumps upon reading this. Truly it is awesome to experience such a phenomenal event like this. Even though we are far from you, we feel blessed as well having read this and knowing what’s going on out there in Caritas. Thank You for sharing. May Mother Mary include us all in her prayer intentions and heal us whatever illnesses we are having, and Thank You to our Blessed Mother Mary for her continued prayers for us all. God Bless! Cathy-Edmonton, AB, Canada

  31. Blessed are those who are witnessing something so wonderful, so holy and so life changing. I wish Mother makes me worthy so that I can be present during her apparition one day. I was overjoyed when I read this article as I kept thinking if I were in the USA, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Please pray for us who are not able to be a part of this holy congregation. Thank you.

  32. How blessed we are to receive the Blessed Virgin’s messages through the visionaries. I am so greatful to Caritas for spreading her messages and that without that billboard sign I would never have known about you. I now say the rosary every morning and every night. I am unable to be there with everyone there at Caritas, but every day at 6:00 p.m. I say the rosary and wait until that appointed hour when our Lady appears to us. I, too await an answer to my prayer. Bless you, Caritas

  33. These shared events are awe inspiring to me as our Lady’s apparitions have answered my prayers of direction from a path of destruction to a path with her threw to my Lord Jesus Christ by renouncing my spirit, and all its lights, and all of its wills to her and coming into her loving arms, thank you my Queen of heaven and earth. Also the community of Caritas and those all around the world for all your prayers. Daniel

  34. to the members who work for the upliftment of the world. its been a month as i came to know about Mother Mary apparitions in Medjugorje. i donno what made me to search in google search engine. i am a true believer of mother mary, and i donno how i missed these events all these years. Mother mary needs me. she loves me and i know i can never reach that heavenly place, medjugorje, but still in prayers. i can feel Mother Mary everywhere, even when i write this. be with me always.

  35. My two small children and I have been praying the rosary before each apparition. They know what is happening at Caritas and are excited to be apart. On the 19th I had told them about the moon and that we should look for it at the time of the apparition at Caritas. The sky was black but at 7:40 EST the moon emerged. A few trees were blocking it so we went to my son’s bedroom for a better look. Perfectly visible to all of us was the moon and from it white rays in the shape of a cross. God Bless

  36. Beautiful!…God bless you and thank you for sharing these encouraging words. Among the storm clouds yesterday, at apparition time, the sun was clothed in a miraculous splendor of color. Praised be Jesus and Mary.

  37. Caroline Karugonjo Mugoya

    Am so excited to be a witness of our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje and to the Community of Caritas. I would like to thank you for making us a party to all the events. May Mother Mary continue to give you the graces to continue her mission. And I have been very touched by the two sisters from Africa and I believe the child will be healed after the 19 March as promised by our Mother. Have never been to Medjugorje but I witness it everyday in my home. I know Mother Mary will get me there.

  38. Thank you for this article and for being able to send petitions. Thank you, these words do bring peace and happiness! Thank you for all the articles and the site!!! It is so important, such a gift of love. Oh Mother please bless and hug them all!!!

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