The Role of Pope John Paul II in Our Lady’s Plans

The Role of Pope John Paul II in Our Lady’s Plans

On visionary, Marija’s 40th birthday, April 1, 2005, a Friend of Medjugorje called to wish her a happy birthday, but as it had just been announced that Pope John Paul II was on his deathbed and was not expected to live beyond another day, possibly even this day, Marija was too sad to celebrate. The young visionaries of Medjugorje in 1981 were told by Our Lady, whom they were just coming to know, that Pope John Paul II was “Her” Pope and that it was very difficult getting him elected. The visionaries saw Our Lady lovingly embrace pictures of John Paul II and heard Her tell them that “He is your father.” Our Lady had given instructions to some of the visionaries to send a communication to John Paul II on Her behalf to warn him of the trials coming to the Church and warnings to the world. All of the visionaries, except Ivan, met John Paul II in this life and they were each touched by his recognition of them as the visionaries from Medjugorje and his generosity and kindness towards them. Pope John Paul II was a friend of Medjugorje, saving it from condemnation and encouraging the world’s bishops to not oppress it, but rather give freedom to what he saw as the spiritual center of the world. The whole world would grieve the passing of Pope John Paul II, but the six visionaries of Medjugorje would, in a particular way, feel the loss of the spiritual support the Holy Father had given to them and to Medjugorje.

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