The Last Apparition During Marija’s Visit

The Last Apparition During Marija’s Visit

Marija came out to the Field to pray the Rosary in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition. She knelt in the same spot where Our Lady appeared to her five years before, on November 24, 1988. This was the second apparition out in the Field. Our Lady appeared to Marija at 10:45 a.m. Marija said that Our Lady prayed over everyone and blessed them in a special way. Marija then said Our Lady extended Her arms outward and prayed for a long time. She then extended a second blessing while looking out from over the people. Marija was asked what this second blessing meant. She said that she did not know. She was asked if this is something Our Lady does, and Marija answered, “Two blessings in one apparition? No! — Rarely!” Those present felt peace fill the whole valley. Our Lady gave the following message:

“Do not forget that I am your Mother and that I love you. Go in Peace.”

The apparition lasted 10 minutes and it was felt Our Lady did something there in the Field and valley, though not completely understood and somewhat of a mystery. It would manifest later in Our Lady using the Bedroom and Field as Her special places for tens of thousands of conversions. It is presently believed Our Lady has placed some kind of seal over the valley and the mission.

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