Saving The Family Kit

4 Books
7 Booklets
3 Prayer Cards
6 CDs


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Saving The Family kit includes:

Words From Heaven, daily spiritual direction for your family
I See Far, satan’s plan to destroy the family and gives direction on how to protect the family
How To Change Your Husband, this book has saved tens of thousands of marriages already and in the future will save millions of marriages
It Ain’t Gonna Happen, 85% of marriages break up for financial reasons and remedy
54 Day Rosary Novena, your response to satan’s action
Caritas 9-1-1 Prayer, urgent call for help for your family
As Go God’s People, So Goes the World, making you family a witness
Don’t Tell Me What To Do!, What God expects from each member of the family
Fallen Field Angel, what to do if your marriage is in trouble
Modesty, education for your children
Whose Opinion is Right?, Going against the culture
Prayer to Purify and Protect Your Home, making a new beginning and protecting your home
Consecration to the Two Hearts, daily prayer to keep your family under God’s protection
Family Consecration Card, list family intentions and set on your home altar
Radio WAVE Mejanomics CD, Reality vs. Virtual Reality Where the future is going and how to safeguard your family
Radio WAVE CD, Hug Your Mama The meaning of Mother
Radio WAVE CD, No More Divorce! Strong direction for those willing to take it
Radio WAVE CD, We Are a Female-Driven Society to Our Detriment Changing your mentality to be in God‚Äôs proper order
Radio WAVE CD, She Changes, the World Changes‚95% of all couples would work out their difficulties if family and friends would stay out.
Radio WAVE CD, War Zone, Fractured Family and the Good Father
Radio WAVE CD, There’s Gonna Be Peace in This House Our Lady has an expectation and so should you, that your children join in prayer.

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