Mary’s Eve

Mary’s Eve

This night was the eve of Our Lady’s birthday. Our Lady appeared at 6:46 p.m. The apparition was in the Field. Marija said:

“In the moment of apparition, when Our Lady came, I recommend to Our Lady all our intentions. Our Lady prayed over us for a long time. After, I asked Our Lady to bless us and to bless all objects that we have with us. And Our Lady, with the Sign of the Cross, blessed all of us and our objects. And I asked about (tomorrow’s) apparition, and Our Lady said,“Same time, same place.”

And Our Lady always says,“Go in peace.”

After the apparition, the pilgrims were asked to leave the Field. A very special event was planned for the evening. A special house had been built to represent the house of St. Joachim and St. Anne, Mary’s parents, and brought to the Field. Two thousand twenty-one candles, one for every year of Our Lady existence were lit inside. On a back wall of the house was an enlarged antique picture depicting Mary’s birth, lit up with the candles. That night, pilgrims knelt before the image of Our Lady as a tiny baby, enraptured by the re-creation of that moment of Her creation.

A special Rosary had been written for this night, called the Mysteries of Mary. The 3rd Mystery of Mary spoke of a tremendous storm that suddenly descended just moments before She was born.

Though it was August, it felt like Christmas. Those present sensed they were partaking in something mystical. Indeed, it was the first widespread public celebration of the Eve of Mary ever held on August 4, in the history of the world. Our Lady, for the past four days was strangely silent, only saying “Same time. Same place.”

But after the birthday apparition the next day, August 5, 2005, it became plainly evident that Our Lady was creating a craving, an anticipation in their hearts for Her words or action, that on Her birthday She would more than satisfy them.

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