This is True Patriotism

This is True Patriotism

November 12, 2018 A.D.

The following was a letter we received a few days ago regarding patriotism, followed by our answer below:

November 9, 2018

“My dear friends, I am a Catholic and believer in Medjugorje apparitions. Let me give you an advice, cause my spirit is pushing me to do so. Patriotism in a good sense is positive, the belonging to a big family, but too much leads to wars and not peace. The war for God is not done though judgement of others behaviour, but with prayers and sacrifice, in silence interior and exterior peace. The sin must be condemned, even from the rooftops, all the sins, mainly the ones against love and fraternity and respect for others and ourself. Remember the words of Jesus regarding the value of a glass of water donated to the poor. To be with Jesus is the only way to remain with Mary and vice-versa. Have a nice day!”



We understand the point you are trying to make. But, first we need to clarify several things. Your words, “patriotism in a good sense is positive”, shows that patriotism is good. There is not a bad sense of patriotism, because as a Friend of Medjugorje has told and written on numerous occasions, patriotism is a virtue and has, up until recently, been taught as virtue. In recent years, patriotism has been made synonomous with nationalism, or has been demonized as nationalism, which is a bad thing. This demonization originated in Europe, particularly in Italy, with a history that stems all the way back to Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Facism and Nazism was nationalism, not patriotism. Nationalism and patriotism are not the same thing, nor are they anything synonomous with each other. Patriotism stems from the love of God, who puts each person in their own homeland in order to better that society with virtues. Nationalism stems from the god of the state, who puts the state above God. Communism is also a form of nationalism.

Wars do not start with patriotism, wars, according to Medjugorje visionary Vicka, begin in a heart without God and then manifest physically. Patriotism leads to peace, because everything is put into its proper order: God, Family, then State. In this order, it is right and just that people should put the interests of their own homeland above other places. Our Lady said:

December 25, 1991

“…begin anew to love – first of all, God, who saved and redeemed each of you, and then brothers and sisters in nearness…”

And also on December 13, 1984:

“…first of all, begin to love your own family, everyone in the parish, and then you’ll be able to love and accept all who are coming over here…”

And again on June 6, 1985:

“…these days people from all nations will be coming into the parish. And now I am calling you to love: love first of all your own household members, and then you will be able to accept and love all who are coming…”

Our first priority is God, then our family, and our neighbors in our own Country. This is true patriotism. A Friend of Medjugorje said a year ago on a Radio WAVE broadcast, that just as President Trump has instituted “America First”, so too other countries should institute the same. Italy should institute “Italy First” and so forth for each nation. By taking care of your own, problems like unemployment, poverty, education, etc. go away, as well as the migrant crisis we are seeing in our midst. The migrant crisis is caused by those nations not putting the interests of their own people first, because they have not put God first. This is why it is dangerous to open borders to these people without strong vetting, because this mentality will destroy a nation and is not what one would want coming into their country. It would not be loving your own family first, then the others as Our Lady said.

Our Lady is also patriotic, as evidenced by Her words of January 2, 2017:

“…My Son was the source of love and light when He spoke on earth to the people of all peoples. My apostles, follow His light. This is not easy. You must be little. You must make yourselves smaller than others…”

Israel was the people of all peoples. They were chosen by God and in today’s politically correct world there are no apologies from Our Lady. Our Lady is patriotic. Nationalism, would be that one nation is superior to another nation, to the point of the nation being above the interests of God. No doubt, each nation has its strong points, some more than others. But, morally all men are created equal by God, even if God has not given the same qualities to each, or has chosen one nation to stand out as a light more than others. Some are given more than others, which increases responsibilty. We are then to do as Our Lady says, and follow in the light of Christ, by making ourselves smaller than others, and putting other’s needs before our own; first of our own household, then the others. This is true patriotism.
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

December 8-12, at Caritas of Birmingham, was begun by a Friend of Medjugorje in a true spirit of patriotism. We humble ourselves before God, recognizing His Sovereignty over our Nation, and seeking His blessing. For more informaiton about December 8-12, 2018, visit here.

2 thoughts on “This is True Patriotism”

  1. What a beautiful narrative and explanation of these terms. Many people are convinced the term “nationalism” is patriotic! Just looked it up in the dictionary of Noah Webster 1828 and the word “nationalism” does NOT even exist! God Bless you for your clear brilliance!

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