These Are Your Words About the 9-Day Fast

Oct. 20, 2021

“What initially appeared an easy fast, became anything but! Nevertheless, with my bride doing this fast with me, we find it a blessing and pray it benefits Our Blessed Mother’s intentions for true peace in our world, Amen!”

T.W., Maryland

We began the annual 9-day fast, on October 11 and ended it yesterday, October 19. Twenty-one years ago, a Friend of Medjugorje first asked people worldwide to join in this fast. Since then, thousands of people across the world have joined in these fasts annually.  This annual 9-day fast has become one of the most anticipated events we do each year.

One of the biggest blessings about this fast, is that a Friend of Medjugorje has enabled people to get outside their comfort zone – to do what they would not normally do and challenge themselves to do this fast.

Here below, are the words that you have told us over the past few weeks about this 9-day fast:

Sept. 22, 2021


“Hello: I will happily fast in this novena together with everyone who does it for Our Lady. Please add my name!!!”

B.S., Mexico

Sept. 23, 2021


“Thank you Caritas. I look forward to the 9 day fast. Bless you so much for all that you do. Please can you send the details and prayers when the time is right and thank you for letting me be part of the fast. It is such an important time and Bless Our Friend of Medjugorje for preparing us with the broadcasts on Radio Wave, the visionaries, the messages and the generosity of so many messages and teachings being available to help us. Thank you and may all people in the world be Blessed if they will accept it. Much Love.”

M.S., United Kingdom

Sept. 23, 2021


“Just a simple thank you for this opportunity again. “

A.B., Massachusetts

Sept. 23, 2021


“Please assign me a day! I am happy to join the fast this year! God bless you all!”

J.K., Nevada

Sept. 25, 2021


“Please add my name to annual bread water fast October 11-19th 2021 so I may cover a day. Thank you so much. Love, peace and prayers to all.”

C.S., Pennsylvania

Sept. 24, 2021


“Dear Community, I have been anticipating this annual fast knowing it should be coming up soon. It is such a blessing to know that we are united in prayer and fasting for our country, for Our Lady’s intentions, for the community’s intentions and for our own special intentions. I think I have been joining you since 2002. I remember fasting while [my daughter] was in the hospital for a week. She had a chest tube and her lung disease was first diagnosed. I know I could have never endured the worry and the pain in watching her suffer, if it had not been for Our Lady and at the time I was part of the bread and water fast. She was in the hospital through Thanksgiving. [My husband] was out of town and he came home to be with us. And even though our family had this hardship, we also had joy! The blessings and the graces we receive through this fast far outweigh anything that might seem hard. We love you and we thank you for all you do for Our Lady and her most precious son, Jesus.”

K.C., Ohio

Sept. 27, 2021


“Looking forward to joining the 9 day fast. Thank you for organising this and all you do.”

M.R., New Zealand

Sept. 28, 2021


“Let’s do this.”

J.B., North Carolina

Sept. 28, 2021


“Please include me in on the fast!”

S.F., Michigan

Sept. 30, 2021


“Calvary greetings to you all. I want to say thank God and thank you for the great things works going on in that part of the world. I will be very pleased if you allocate my own day in the forth coming Bread and Water Fast 2021/2022 in Medjugorje.  Remain blessed and may the Lord protect and guide you.”

E.N., Cameroon

Oct. 5, 2021


“Praised be to Jesus and Mary I wish to enroll for this year’s fasting Novena from 11th October 2021. In Mary, For Mary, With Mary.”

M.M., Uganda

Oct. 6, 2021


“I will do my best to complete this fast from my heart. I have never done a 9 day fast before but the need is great! Please send me my assigned date.”

L.B., North Carolina

Oct. 6, 2021


“Would like to fast , please pray for all family and loved ones so that they save themselves and convert.”

C.B., Malta

Oct. 6, 2021


“It will be difficult, but count me in. Our world is full of demons and we need to do everything possible.”

C.A., Pennsylvania

Oct. 6, 2021


“Thank you for encouraging everyone for this fast again this year.”

R.K., Canada

Oct. 7, 2021


“Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii. We are ready!”

A.M., Hawaii

Oct. 7, 2021


“Dear Caritas family, Please sign me up for the incredible 9 day fast! I am praying for Our Lady’s plans to unfold for the world exactly as she would wish. Please pray I be given the strength, doing it on my own here, as I will be praying for others. With love and prayers.”

K.C., Australia

Oct. 7, 2021


“This is my first fast like this, but I want to do this for Our Mother. I will say the above prayers everyday and pray strength and perseverance for everyone making this fast. With our Mother’s help and the community’s prayer, and that of my Guardian Angel, I will do this. God bless us all.”

M.E., Oklahoma

Oct. 7, 2021


“I want to do this. Thanks for all you do for us all.”

M.B., Alabama

Oct. 8, 2021


“Thank you for the opportunity to join in the fast. I look forward to the graces of doing this with such a large group of people and knowing that we are holding one another’s prayers up to Mama Mary. God bless!”

K.R., Wisconsin

Oct. 8, 2021


“Hello to everyone at Caritas! It’s hard to believe this time of year is here!!! And boy we have lots to pray and fast for like never before!!! It’s an honour to join everyone in this much needed fast!! Last year was my first year and it still amazes me I actually did all nine days with ease! Looking so forward to reading everyone’s experience this year as there was so much encouragement from everyone!! Please pray for my country Canada!! Love from Canada, Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for us.”

S.Z., Canada

Oct. 8, 2021


“Hi, I am grateful to join in the 9 day fasting and prayers for our country and world, and for the conversion of my wife and I, and our 5 adult and teen children who desperately need faith and conversion to our Lord. I’m also praying for my wife’s healing from Lyme Disease and other problems. May Mary help me to focus in on this and really pray from my heart and keep this fast. God bless all of you! Thank you for all that you do!”


Oct. 8, 2021


“Looking forward to uniting my efforts to those around the world. Que Viva Cristo Rey, and may our Queen’s Army continue to grow!”

S.S., California

Oct. 9, 2021


“This will be my first 9 day fast. I thank you for the chance to pray along with Caritas and to make reparation to Jesus for my own sin, my family’s sins and also for others who don’t know the love of God yet. I pray especially also for an end to abortion any the return of all my children to full communion in their Catholic faith. Amen.”

C.B., Arizona

Oct. 10, 2021


“This is my third time participating in Caritas’ Annual Novena of Fasting on Bread and Water. I am so excited as always. Thank God for the grace and opportunity tone fasting with Our Lady’s Beloved Caritas family.”

R.K., Taiwan

Oct. 11, 2021


“I hail from Fiji found in the South Pacific Region. I came across this message on the 11th. I wish to participate in this fast, please sign me up if it’s still possible.”

J.S., Fiji

Oct. 11, 2021


“Am glad and grateful to God and our Lady to be part of this family and participating in this nine day novena prayer. I thank God for all the prayers answered through this nine day novena of bread and water.”

J.T., Uganda

Oct. 11, 2021


“I wish to join the 9 day fasting and praying I have already started. I wish for Mother Mary to intercede for me, my family and country. I pray for pure heart, success and protection against every evil intentions against me and my family.”

M.C., Lesotho

Oct. 12, 2021


“I am so happy that this period has come where I am part of Mother Mary’s group. It feels very good to join the rest of the people praying for the plans of our Mother. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje and Caritas community for the good work you are doing to spread the messages of our Mother. I am requesting that you assign me a day. This is the second time I join you officially. Other times I did fast but did not request for a day.  Let’s continue to pray for each other. Remember to pray for me and my family I will also do.”

K.F., Uganda

Oct. 12, 2021


“Glad to be part of 9 day fast for transformation and deliverance from the evil one. Blood of Jesus cover us. Mother Mary intercede for us. Amen”

J.O., Uganda

Oct. 13, 2021


“Great is God the Almighty who enabled me to encounter with the notification for the fasting novena 11-19 October. Please grant me a day for me for the coming 2022 fasting. As for this ongoing fasting, I am already engaged since Monday the 11th. Let God bless us all. Amen”

M.G., Tanzania

Oct. 19, 2021


“I signed up for the novena and was assigned a date for next year already, but my husband Keith has participated as well. I was hoping you would assign him a date for his fasting. Thank you and God Bless. Four of my children have participated as well, just not as strictly the entire time, so we are pleased to join their fasting with ours.”

M.W., Alabama

Be sure to share your experience of the 9-day fast below.

11 thoughts on “These Are Your Words About the 9-Day Fast”

  1. City: kampala
    What a joy to discover that you have completed a journey with many others all over the world .,more so a journey you have been purtaking for realising Mother Mary’s work

  2. City: Verona
    State: NJ
    Country: United States
    Today, after reading your comments, I feel like the afternoon workers that Jesus mentioned in one of his Parables,
    I found the fasting a day before the starting day, and I signed up….
    So far two major miracles, my brother and husband started to pray the Rosary, and more peace in the house, my son
    seems to be better too… And I found a new Devotion (to me) to our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Flame of Love, that is just a total connection to the content of the Consecration to Jesus and Virgin Mary that was part of the prayers of Caritas fast.
    Thank you Caritas, Thank you Virgin of Medjugorge. Thank you God Father, God Son and God Holy Spirit.
    Peace and Blessings to all and each of you who read this.

  3. City: Greencastle
    State: PA
    Country: USA
    Over the years I have looked forward to the nine day fasts.. last year I was unable to do it during major surgery recovery, this year i found myself struggling to get my eating back in line with a diet that helps to avoid cancer through several guidelines, one being, no sugar and processed foods. I had struggled since the first cookie 10 months ago . Knowing the fast was occurring, I ask Our Lady to help me get back on track, and I truly felt her help and the unity of all the people fasting . I sense many prayers were answered and Our Lady received much more prayers/fasting to offer to God. Thank you Caritas !!

  4. City: Powder Springs
    State: GA
    Country: USA
    Thank you for organizing this fast all these years. When I first started fasting around 2008, God was doing a lot in my life and I found fasting easy and enjoyable. My kids always told me that I fixed the best meals while I was fasting. I just felt like a better person and got so much more accomplished. Then I went through some years where fasting became hard for me, and a saintly priest told me it was because [ I ]was trying to do the fast. He told me to let Jesus do it for me. How awkward that sounded to me. But, it was a lesson in allowing myself to become totally dependent on God. That by myself, I can do nothing. This year, my fast became a joy for me. It was not hard. I felt like Jesus was with me all week. He pursues me like a lover. It is a joy to sacrifice for a loved one. Yet….it was not me but Him Who lives within. Thank you, Jesus.

  5. City: Ontario
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada
    What a beautiful 9 days it was! Day 2 was tough, but thanks to God’s grace the others were smooth. All my stomach ailments that I recently developed disappeared! Having buttered toast with jam, and boiled eggs on day 10 was the best! LOL To know that people all over the world fasted together is so beautiful, Our Lady must of been so happy! God bless you all!

  6. City: CHANDLER
    State: AZ
    Country: United States

  7. City: BRISTOL
    State: South Gloucestershire
    Country: United Kingdom
    I missed vanilla lattes and apples from our garden the most! But at the same time I felt strangely liberated. I had a lot more free time and saved money. I donated this to charity.

    I had headaches on occasions and felt a bit weary. I tend to be a bit dramatic and thought I might die. Then I realised Our Lady would not let me die if my fast was because of Her.

    I did miss food. There is no denying it. That said I did feel much cleaner and purer inside and my belly all but disappeared!

    Today I have had a latte and eaten some chocolate cake and feel a bit rubbish inside to be honest. Thank goodness it is Friday tomorrow and back to fasting again! 🙂

  8. Dianne MacMillan

    State: NV
    Country: United States
    I have fasted the nine day fast every year with Caritas and prayed for all the intentions. In past years by the third or fourth day I was no longer hungry. So the last few days were not difficult. But this year I felt satan was trying to discourage me from the get go. The feeling of hunger stayed constantly. Recognizing what was was taking place made me more determined, even though it was difficult. The day after the fast when I woke up, prior to eating anything , the feeling of hunger had completely left. 🙂 Thank you Caritas for helping me spiritually with this nine day fast. God Bless you.

  9. City: Sulphur
    State: Louisiana
    Country: USA
    This was my first 9-day Prayer and Fast with Caritas and the all my brothers and sisters throughout the world. I was very blessed to have a day to pray for. It is always a challenge when I say the Fast here at home and the temptations are all around This was a very prayerful and powerful 9 days for me. I pray that my family will share in the enthusiasm to help save souls.
    Thank you a Friend of Medjugorje for being a voice crying in the wilderness. Praise Be Jesus and Mary Always and Forever!

  10. City: Haskell
    State: Nj
    Country: USA
    Thank you so much for being able to fast with all of you guys it felt so good to be on this holy fasting … I am looking forward to sacrifice in the future for our Lady …

  11. Julia Montgomery

    City: Elko New Market
    State: Minnesota
    Country: United States
    This is I think my fifth year of joining you in this fast.
    My mother died in 2014 and I believe she is in purgatory. I have been praying and having Masses said for her that heaven would open and asked God to please let know when Heaven opens for her. My day for this fast is her birthday and I knew this was the day heaven would open. My heart was filled with joy.
    Thank you all for your YES to God. I know you work so hard everyday for souls. Please know I pray for you all.

    J.M., Minnesota

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