“The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool…”

“The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool…”


It is the individual who will save the world through God’s grace. The world as a body is blind and mindless, traveling along aimlessly led by its instinct of greed, and wants, pomp and inordinate desires. It has no sensitivity of what sin it is drowning in. Our Lady wants to save the world, but not the way man thinks.

February 17, 1984

My children, pray! The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize in what sin it is sinking. It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger.”

pilgrim praying in Medjugorje

Pilgrim in Medjugorje praying. There is a profoundness of graces one can receive praying in the woods, vineyards, mountains, and fields of Medjugorje, for Our Lady said: “…I invite you to go into nature because there you will meet God the Creator…” Oct 25, 95. There literally have been millions of conversions in these vineyards, mountains, trails, and woods because Our Lady said there you will meet God the Creator. These souls have, and it has changed their lives.

Not the world’s prayer…your prayer as an individual. Just as all matter is made up by atoms, the focus of Our Lady’s plans is the individual heart, which makes up the family, which makes up the world. You, your conversion, will change the world, first by you changing the direction of your life. Conversion is that process. Our Lady has spoken of conversion in over 100 messages. Many, however, want to convert the world. Many are ready to volunteer and answer the call because everyone else needs conversion. We must say instead, it is me who needs conversion. St. Francis was told to rebuild the church. He eventually came to the understanding it was the Universal Church. St. Francis did not go out finding faults and preaching the iniquities of man. No! St. Francis changed the world by changing himself. He knew the secret to changing the world was to change himself, to become holy, to walk in holiness. It will ripple out, as a small pebble thrown in the center of a pond, to the edge of society, even to those who are not even born as Saint Francis’ life displayed. His holiness is still converting and inspiring souls to change today. In review of the saints and their lives and how they changed society, it is the consequence of changing themselves and loving. You are the atom in your family. If you have no family, your state in life determines your family. It is what makes up the world. The individual is most significant because from it the whole is made. When the individual becomes insignificant, the whole will oppress, will treat the individual insignificantly, will dominate man’s spirit, leading its inhabitants astray. Our Lady said:

July 30, 1987

“…I want to save you and through you (atom of society) to save the world…”

We will never save the world if we can hardly wait to give Our Lady’s message to the next person. The messages’ weight falls upon us in their entirely, individually. Your family does not need you to convert them. They need for you to convert yourself. You will convert them through your conversion, not pious acts or preaching. You cannot leave Medjugorje saying, “I’ve had a conversion experience.” It is not a one time, born again experience. It is a daily event, lasting your whole lifetime.

July 17, 1989

“…Conversion is a process which goes on through your entire life…”


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  1. Michael J. Hebert (Bear)

    CONT:Last weekend provided evidence to Geologists @ GSA 2015 Conference, “Real Science based on NASA Data” What I believe Our Lady hopes we all know before secrets revealed. All amazed! Showed Terri years ago. Eclipses form “Arc in Heavens” along horizon and directly related to major quakes. Pray & ask Holy Mother about this- I see priest again following Easter- Should You Look At This Again? How can I use for the most good ? Much I can share all in Truth regarding it, pray pray pray.

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