The War Against the Cross



“…Almost everyday I am at the foot of the Cross. My Son carried the Cross. He has suffered on the Cross, and by it, He saved the world. Everyday I pray to my Son to forgive the sins of the world.”

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, Dec. 31, 1981

Father Jozo, the Franciscan pastor of St. James Church in Medjugorje, during the beginning of the apparitions,
said in June, 1990:

“We have now a war going on against the Cross. People refuse any suffering. They refuse to accept that suffering has a meaning. They refuse their Cross. But we shouldn’t be afraid of the Cross. The Cross is healing for us. The Cross of Christ can bring us peace and joy. The Cross of Christ is a protection for us.”

Many today cannot bear their problems and sufferings. They no longer know how. Some turn to alcohol, drugs, or even suicide. Others have no peace, just depression. Everyone has some problem and when one goes before a Crucifix and prays and places all the pains and difficulties upon the Crucifix, suddenly everything changes. Depression leaves, burdens become lighter, and a real desire comes to carry our Crosses.

February 29, 1988

“…give all problems and difficulties to Jesus and pray. Pray, pray, pray! Every evening during this month, pray in front of the Crucifix…”

When praying before the Crucifix, suffering changes. What appears worthless becomes a great treasure to help save yourself and others, and inner peace can come. The violence of the Crucifixion is no longer there, only love and peace.

September 6, 1984

“…pray at the foot of the Crucifix for peace.”

The adage to lift one’s spirit when depressed, “Go out and do something for someone,” can be applied to the Crucifix because when contemplating the passion, all your difficulties start to seem insignificant. Jesus, bearing His Cross, makes ours easier to carry. Our Lady asks us to contemplate the wounds of Jesus. She tells us He wants to give us special gifts from the Cross, perhaps gifts to carry our burdens.

March 20, 1989

“…Contemplate the wounds of Jesus. Pray as much as you can in front of the Crucifix…”

February 20, 1986

“…I am giving you special graces and Jesus is giving you special gifts from the Cross.”

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  1. Thank you for this very timely broadcast, in fact your topics always ring so incredibly “dead on” at my house! Four years ago Our Lady led me to find you and my eyes ears, mind and soul are seeing far and clear for the first time. Our house is divided literally on the TV issue but with prayers and your powerful beautiful teachings of Our Ladys words, I will learn that my nagging will never be the answer. Praying that 2015 will be TV free. God Bless all of you always.

  2. Over 3 years ago I read the book “I See Far.” I stopped watching television. Since that time, my eyes and heart have seen many things which I would have otherwise missed. I spend more time in prayer, reading the Bible and other books. I am still in my daily conversion process and I believe with all my heart everything Our Blessed Mother says to us in her messages.When I share my conviction about television most people say that I am crazy or eccentric. This makes me sad for the beauty they miss.

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